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Kumen World History

Beginning History:

Much of the history of the events leading up to the founding - the exodus of the Homeworld and the founding of the Kumen Tech City - has been lost to the records of time, though many citizens believe they are still located in the CoreSector Corporation HQ. Pretty much a lot of the knowledge of the Homeworld is gone, though it is general knowledge that the Great Galactic War, as it is called, led to people to seek colonization in the Delta Quadrant using the Jump Gate. It was thought that after being subjugated for so long and having made enemies of much of the Alpha Quadrant in earlier years, that a fresh start would be good.

The first ships left the Homeworld in 10-620 under the old dating system of the Alpha Quadrant, and 5790 CE (Crytok Empire) under the Delta Quadrant current age, the Kumen Tech City is known to have taken 20 years to complete, with supplies coming back and forth through the then operating Jump Gate. Which needed it's counter part on the other side to fully operate.

Families and various species from the Homeworld came from the Alpha Quadrant over those 20 years and helped populate it. The CoreSector Corporation designed it in a circular motion on the dead world of Kumen that was in a duo orbit around the bright, lush brother planet Geyze. They picked that world since Geyze had many different humanoids and species on it and Kumen was a dead world essentially, believed to have been killed during asteroid bombardment. Or some other crisis.

Either way, it was said they escaped The Great Tragedy and no one remembers what it was, or the people involved. 10 years after the Colony was finished, making it a total of 30 years, they were still getting supplies from the Homeworld, when the Jump Gate fell into such disarray that it stopped operating on 5820 CE (10-650). From then on out, all communication with the Homeworld ceased - some believe there was a crisis with the Jump Gate on the other side, yet there was no proof. The final ship, carrying the CoreSector Corporation President, coming through said it when the Gate was destroyed, said that the entire Alpha Quadrant was destroyed.

The CoreSector Corporation took complete charge of the City at that point and began to lead it from then on, directing it and continuing to build it, dividing it into three vertical sectors and then splitting it into seven sectors, due to the fact that seven other minor Corporations had aided in the creation of the City. From there, the CEO of the CoreSector Corporation began to build their base of operations in the direct center of the city and created a Data Reader, which every citizen was forced to install in their hands. The Data Reader being a device that is installed at birth and is able to scan other people's Data Readers, can scan buildings, call other people's Data Readers for conversations with that person, be used as an ID at check points and used for criminal records, and used as shopping.

Kumen Blossoms:

Over the next 35 years, the city was slowly shaped by the new designs and by the year 5855 CE it was shaped into what is known as the modern day Kumen Tech City. By now, over 60 years had passed since the foundation of the city. There had been three Space Ports constructed and the alien races in the Delta Quadrant were using it, mainly due to it's far out of the way location and being next to Geyze, as well as the fact that it was out of the way of the failing Crytok Empire and didn't really fall under their domain. To make up for the loss of their pets, which had died except for the insanely rich who had managed to keep some animals alive in zoos or through cloning for personal pets, created the race of Faunas, which were fox girls, bunny girls, cat girls, and more. They served as companions, pets, and sometimes partners to lonely people.

Also by now, the Corporations had begun to tinker with Biotect and the concept behind them. The CoreSector Corporation took the leading role in it by this time, though they would not be created for a long time to come. By now, monorails were the main transporation system around the city. They were designed to go throughout the city, one on each level, and even through the Energy Checkpoints where they would be stopped and read by Security. Also by now, the Slums had begun to get the Toxicity from the weather so a huge body of water was made to try to alievate it, at the lower end.

By the year 5890 CE (10-720), Kumen had begun to take a leading role in the small area of the Delta Quadrant it had occupied. Known for their shuttles and ships being of good quality, they had begun to do a small business market. While Geyze was not interested in such, Kumen and Geyze maintained a relationship, with Kumen interested in how their Spirits and Mana worked, and Geyze at least needing some of their supplies since their world could not support Tech. Plus it had become a popular Vacation world for some of the Factions and Kingdoms upon it by now. Around now, Mods were becoming made in increasing volume and Tech-Runners were becoming a concept as well as The Net. Kumen was becoming a popular spot with various aliens due to the fact The Net was not a thing in the Delta Quadrant and what they could offer with it was quite fun for many species, even war like species who would train their warriors. Plus the Red Light District with the open sex drew many species in - and the fact they employed Lilin. They especially developed a relationship and partnership with the Hapian Dynasty, something they would begin to develop with time.

By the year 5930 CE (10-760), the CoreSector Corporation had managed to crack the Biotect problem. Little is known how, though some reports state they had access to older files from the Homeworld and managed to mass produce it. The Biotects are definitely unlike anything seen in sythenetics before and thus were used in all sorts of jobs. Able to have sex and make love, perform as maids and companions, and interact, the more the Marks increased, the more human (or other race) they seemed like. It was one of the crowning achievements of the CoreSector Corporation's moments. However, after the Mark VIII's, the outcry that they might be going too far shut down the Mark IX project three years ago in 5987 CE.

This has led within the last three years, after the outcry, certain Marks of Biotects secondary citizenship and people scooping them up for certain jobs due to their advantage state of emotions and realism, especially the few Mark VIII's that were made. Some speculate that in secret that the experiments continue, especially with how Net-Ron wants to make a Biotect that can use all sorts of magik and summoner powers, though it's been speculated that Biotects can do that anyway.

At first, relations between Kumen and Geyze were fine, and the people of Kumen who wanted to adopt the ways of Geyze and the Spirits flocked there. In fact, many of them would sometimes return to Kumen to try to convert others to the ways of the Spirits. However, by 5920 CE that would begin to change. When the people from Kumen began to discover what Spirit Fossils could accomplish, powering magik attacks to be more powerful, and could be worked with spirit tech as fuel, they quickly began to find ways to adapt it to technology to find ways to be compatible with their colony. And see if they could get a Tech-Runner that could use the spirit fossils, due to the incompatibility.

By 5935 CE, they had begun to discover ways to employ it and make Tech-Runners who ran on Spirit-Tech instead of normal tech, as well as converting their own technology, and make ships that could go further and faster. Learning that the Hapian Capital, and much of their kingdom, ran on such fossil fuel and was their one main ally, they began to request more and more fossil fuel and gave the Hapians whatever they wanted, eager to rebuild fleets and keep Kumen running after losing the Homeworld and much of what they had. The seven Corporations each had their own reasons and soon they began to attempt to set up more mining groups in new locations outside Hapian, and even began to capture spirits if necessary beginning in 5986 CEwhen the Hapians slowed down in what they were willing to give them.

They have begun to make leaps and bounds in certain sectors in how to incorporate the Spirit Fossils and Spirit-Tech and there is even rumors of Biotects who can run on Spirit Fossils and Spirit Tech, though that remains a rumor, since that Mark would be unique in ways unlike any other. And would possibly be more alive. With Kumen being a dead world, many on Kumen are seeing the need to use Spirit Fossils in things, especially as many are taking up Magik and the fact it can make ships faster and more powerful, and Kumen has none.

Recently, in the years leading up to 5990 CE, Kumen has been at the highest points ever, even with the losing the latest Marks of Biotects to secondary citizenship and the Black Market in the Slums being on the rise. Tech-Runners are being employed every day to espionage on each other, and this has been going on for the last 10 years, and has been called the Tech-Runner War. You can read more on that in the Tech-Runner War section. It seems like things might be at the tipping point, as the minor Corporations are poisoned against each other lately, each wanting the others' secrets. Why they are getting so aggressive over the last ten years is any one's guess, but it seems like the CoreSector Corporation is doing nothing about it. With people stating that they are down right stealing secrets and supplies, and many ending up on the streets, the high point might end up to a straight descent crash.

It has become corporate policy to try to steal what you can from others - especially other Corporations. Hence the need for Tech-Runners. This type of attitude lately has been directed toward Geyze, hence the mining operations set up on the planet. The CoreSector Corporation established the mining operations, then turned them over to the Corporations most interested in Spirit Fossils, for them to all "share" the bounty, but none are happy at the arrangement and many have been trying to steal the goods lately, especially as the shuttles arrive on planet. And many Corporations have begun their own plans to steal more Spirits on a grandier scale.

It may come down that one of these Corporations could start a war soon, if not all of them, either with Geyze or each other.

Tech Runner War


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