September 1st, 2200

Session 110: False
Death Star and Wiendigo are left on Origin as Death Star begins to put into motion his plans, calling in ships from various places. The two spend some time, arguing and bickering with one another over what it will take to win this war. But in the end, one thing is for certain - both of them are going to be in the front lines ready for action. Especially if it means they might get to see the other die.

Session 111: Life Gambles
Blackjack, Diamondback, Ripple, Gray Fox, Kyouki, amd Spirit head to a gambling planet for some relaxation in the deals. However, as the group begins to gamble to their hearts content, they run into trouble with the local government, who is all too happy to arrest them. While it may be vacation, only Blackjack can show everyone just what fun gambling with life can be.

Session 112: There's Something About Elayne
Snipe, Gravedigger, Elayne, Dias, and Emily (who is now located inside of Elayne) head for some vacation on a nice resort planet, with plenty of bathing suits to go around. As the team relaxes, Snipe and Elayne begin to get closer, using this free time to finally explore some of their relationship - but what does Gravedigger think about all this? And when some terrorists attack the resort, Snipe and Dias learn they have a very strange bond that has formed - it seems when Dias used that unknown technology to bring Snipe back, it's implications run deeper than either of them first believed - they can feel each other's pain now!

Session 113: Lunarians Are Really Weird
Slasher lets himself get dragged to Lunarius with Ariel, Cheryl, and Seraphna, as they go back to visit good old Dakota. However, despite his feelings for Cheryl, Slasher might find himself in a hell that's unimaginable. Something so terrible, so horrible, that even he might not come out of it right. What could be so horrible? A Lunarian family reunion.


July 25th, 2200

Session 114: The Maverick Hunters
Meanwhile... Going back a few weeks, back on Earth, "X" and "Zero" lead the Maverick Hunters against the Mavericks that were left on the planet after Sigma was defeated by Garland. However, even though the Mavericks are leaderless and divided, even legendary heroes like X and Zero have to depend on others to help them keep Earth safe. Looks like the old Resistance members have found a new cause with Dominator gone!


August 30th, 2200

Session 115: Cipher Sigma
The Mavericks are losing. However, when Cipher Sigma arrives on Earth, it looks like they have a new leader to bring them to into an era of destruction - at least the destruction of mankind. However, something just doesn't seem quite right about Sigma now ... what effects are there with this hybred of Sigma and Cipher? However, what does the Maverick Excalibur think about all this?


September 1st, 2200

Session 116: The Trap is Sprung!
The Maverick Hunters are busy freeing the Earth, when they are drawn into a trap set up by the nefarious Cipher Sigma! When the Hunters are led into a trap that seems impossible to escape, they find themselves in clutches of Sigma. And Excalibur is looking forward to killing the human Hunters.

Session 117: Battleground: Earth
The Maverick Hunters have been trapped by Cipher Sigma, but they aren't finished yet. Fighting back, the Hunters begin to work on figuring out how to escape Sigma's trap. However, it becomes increasingly obvious to everyone that this Cipher Sigma is nothing like the original Sigma - something has gone horribly wrong and he doesn't seem to have much interest in killing them. Excalibur, deciding he's had enough, betrays Cipher Sigma and decides he's going to wipe everyone out now.

Session 118: Victory in Defeat?
Cipher Sigma finds himself betrayed by Excalibur, and the Maverick Hunters are caught in the middle of the power struggle between the two Mavericks. When Excalibur begins to his countdown to destroying everything, the Hunters and Cipher Sigma much forge an alliance to defeat him. However, not everything is going to work out quite right, and they find that in losing, they gain a lot more. When it's all over and Excalibur has been taken out, Cipher is back to normal. The little bouncing ball heads back into space -- off on a quest to get into even more trouble.


September 7th, 2200

Session 119: A Bold New Direction?
A year has passed since the Special Unit was first assigned to take out the last of the Maverick resistance. A year has passed and everyone has grown so much since they first came together. People have come. People have left. Some of died. Others have retired. Now, the Wraiths get together again and will learn what their next direction is - they will no longer be the "Wraith Hunters". Death Star has ressurected Snipe's idea of an Alliance and plans on putting the plans to use once again. The Alliance will lead the battle against the Tsivrixsh Empire. And where does this leave the team? A strike unit that will help turn the tide of the war by using their expertise - and Snipe is in charge of the unit, while Death Star, Dominator, and Wiendigo run the Alliance operations.

However, not everyone will be making the new journey with Snipe - Ripple and Spirit announce they are heading back to Earth to raise a family. Tired of the constant fighting, the two wish the others the best of luck, but realize they want to live their lives in peace now. And when a mysterious person called Wing shows up, with strange weapons called the Gospels and the Emerald Sword, Death Star demands to know who he is. It seems that ... Garland is back, having escaped his exhile to the other realities. Having aged greatly, Garland is no longer the same man he was before. Just how has he changed?

And when Snipe begins to train his fighters for a new level of operation, everyone begins to see just how much they have to learn - especially when they fail and Snipe ends up "dead". Having failed the simulator, the team realizes they have a long way to go if they're going to be ready to fight the Tsivrixsh Empire once again. Also, Eve continues to work with her mech, gaining more experience with it as time goes on.


September 14th, 2200

Session 120: One and Not the Same
When Airier returns, having not been killed so long ago, things begin to heat up - just what is Airier? A Death Star clone like he claims? Death Star doesn't seem to think so - and he's ready to go to any lengths to prove it. Even if it means he has to beat Airier down with his bare hands. But Death Star begins to make his own startling discoveries - he seems to have transformed into something beyond a reploid, and something not quite organic. Just what is he becoming? And just how has Garland and Death Star's relationship changed, now that Garland is older than DS is?

Also, Slasher and Seraphna begin to enter a new level of competition with one another for master inventor status. Just who is going to be the greatest mechanic for the team and the Alliance? Slasher seems to think it'll be his Gears while Seraphna's crew plans on showing him the might of Lunarian technology. However, Death Star and Slasher enter a secret plan to build the ultimate ship.


September 17th, 2200

Session 121: The Final Tests
Snipe continues to work with his team, trying to get them to improve before they have more serious cases to deal with. Time is running out of them, so they continue to push themselves harder and harder. And Slasher works hard on how to combine Lunarian/Tsivrixsh/Human technology together to form the ultimate ship. Also, Death Star, Dominator, and Garland leave to work on bringing the Alliance to a more stablized playing field - and to prepare to engage the Tsivrixsh forces.


October 2nd, 2200

Session 122: Dropzone
Snipe's team: Dias, Scott, Velocity, Fera, Gray Fox, and Gravedigger are waiting to drop into a hot zone. They spend the time talking, since they have little to do before they arrive, and reflect on how they got there - information being brought to them from Red's gang about a mysterious crash site of some sort that perhaps ties into something Earth related. Dias and Snipe begin to realize their bond is growing even stronger than before and that Snipe's virus has begin to become worse.

Session 123: Deepthroat
The group arrives at the crash site, investigating it, when they discover they are near the ruins of Talon's mansion. Though he's been long dead, it seems some of his operations haven't been quite shut down yet and someone new is picking them up. If what the Red Beard's said is true, this could spell trouble for the newly formed Alliance. However, they aren't the only ones there, as a bunch of Tsivrixshs are also searching the area. As they fight their way through, the mansion begins to collapse and a voice warns them to escape and evidence points to President Spade being the one who is behind it. The team barely makes it out and they have to wonder - just who was the person that warned them out? And has Spade somehow escaped his vegetable state?


October 3rd, 2200

Session 124: Investigations
Back at Origin, Snipe and the others try to figure out just what is going on. Who has begun to operation Talon's trade routes? Ruling out the Tsivrixshs, the group decides to find out if Spade has somehow awaken from his coma. As they leave Origin, Eve and Sera's crew continue to train with their mechs, working on pushing themselves further and further for when the war with the Tsivrixsh Empire becomes even hotter than it is now.

When Snipe's gang reaches the planet, they find that Spade is still in his coma like state, but a group of people are trying to get his body. As the team fights the mysterious enemy, they put Spade's body on a shuttle and fly off. The team quickly get on their shuttle and fire at the enemy shuttle, destroying it and seemingly taking out Spade. Now it seems their investigation has hit a dead end.


October 6th, 2200

Session 125: Survival Instinct
When Snipe, Elayne, Velocity, Gray Fox, and Kyo'Yokuo go to a mountain for some skiing, in order to relax some, they find that their vacation has quickly become a test for survival when an snowslide occurs. As they rush to their shuttle, the avalanche knocks the shuttle off the edge of the mountain, with them in it, and buries them under snow.

Back at Origin, Kyouki returns, greeted by Sarlen and Eve. The confused ex-Wraith has finally made her way back to the team, wanting to become part of it again. But something isn't quite right - after the reality crisis, it seems as if there is someone else with her - someone called Hotaru? Also, Death Star and Garland return from the Alliance, back to see how the operations on the station are going. While Chip, Origin's computer, argues with some other members of the team, Death Star and Garland are brought up to speed by Seraphna. Death Star, Garland, and Kyouki decide to check on the others.

Grey Fox bombs the shuttle and then melts the snow, helping the others out of it and up to the top, where they find they have a long climb ahead. Grey Fox intends to go alone, despite Snipe's orders that they stay together. When GF begins to move off, anyway, Snipe fires at his leg, which causes a battle to break out between the two. As they knock each other around in the snow, the two shoot each other and collapse in the snow. As the others patch them up, their fight survival continues as they try to reach the second shuttle that wasn't hit by the avalance - but is on top of the mountain. With the cold element injuring Snipe, plus aggrevating his virus, their chances of reaching the top begin to seem very slim. Especially when Snipe is hit by a secondary avalanche while saving Elayne and drops out of sight.

Meanwhile, Death Star, Gravedigger, Garland, and Kyouki arrive at the planet when their shuttle is drained of energy and crashes on the mountain. They are forced to get off the shuttle before it plummets over the edge and now have to work their way up the mountain to the second Wraith shuttle that is still operational. However, when Garland's flight ability is weakened, they find themselves having to climb their way to the top.

As both teams arrive at the top, they find that they aren't quite alone on this mountain. When Snipe rejoins them, everyone will have to get past bears and other nasties to reach the shuttle. In the end, this will be one vacation no one forgets - especially when Gray Fox has to make a sacrifice for the team to survive.


October 8th, 2200

Session 126: Inner Discoveries in the Midst of Gokous and Catgons
In the following days of the disasterious vacation, the Wraiths find themselves slippping further away from each other, despite Death Star's recent efforts to breathe fresh life into them. As Snipe digs himself further into the mystery of Spade and Talon's Trade Empires, Death Star and Airier's relation becomes even more jagged. Also Death Star leaves with the other Alliance members, leaving Garland behind to take care of his newborn daughter...who has troubles of her own. Also, Velocity lets it be clear, after Elayne's collapse, that he thinks very low of how Snipe is handling her. Snipe buries himself into the past of Elayne, despite the trouble given to him by Kyouki and Velocity. And Hotaru and Em get new bodies for their displaced spirits. As things begin to break down once more for the Wraiths, some inner discoveries will be made. Perhaps they can bond the rapidly falling apart team.


October 13th, 2200

Session 127: Dealings
When the Deepthroat agent who warned them about Talon's operations and Spade contacts Snipe again, the two strike a deal. "Deepthroat" wants a chip recovered and in return, he'll tell Snipe what he needs to know about the Talon operations. When he orders Garland out, the tension between the two building once again, he begins to gather his people - Dias, Gravedigger, and Fera. However, when crazy Fera tries to fly the shuttle, Eve leaps in after them. The group works together to retrieve the old chip that is needed, and in the end, thanks to Eve, come out on top. Especially when Dias masters his Dark Heart powers fully, giving Eve a hug and thanking her for bringing this side out in him.


October 17th, 2200

Session 128: Conspiracies
Garland and Snipe continue to degrade in their relationship toward one another, as Snipe ups the ante and takes away Garland's training room, turning it into a strip joint on him, and evicting the old Hunter. When the informant shows up and takes the chip, he crushes it and then gives the team the data they need to find out who is running the Talon operation. However, the team digs further into it and learns that the chip was an old CorSec weapon chip of some sort. The question becomes - just how is CorSec tied into this? Deciding to take no chances, Death Star agrees to come back from the Alliance and aid the team out, but tells Snipe to bring along Slasher and Garland, since they both have CorSec experience. The team heads out to investigate it, but a mission goes bad when they inflitrate a building of people and innocent people die. In the end, Snipe takes full responsibility for his failure and Garland is left to wonder just who is pulling everyone's strings.


October 21st, 2200

Session 129: The Waltz
While Death Star, Dominator, and Wiendigo reflect on the recent Alliance victories, they continue to work their way back to Origin. But, back on Origin, Snipe comes up with a plan to gain more information on what is happening. The team decided to go to a party being held by some of Talon's old connections, so they all dress up and move out, trying to discover what exactly is going on - who is trying to ressurect the old trade routes of Talon and how does this tie into a man wanting a 22 year old CorSec weapon chip? However, the party is crashed by someone who seems to know the team is there and the enemy activites a black hole to get rid of them forever. While the team fights trying to be sucked in, Garland uses his Emerald Sword to keep everyone in place, while Dias turns into Dark Heart. DH grabs the orb producing the black hole, then launches himself at the blackhole, throwing the orb inside it, then enters the blackhole himself. The blackhole is canceled out and DH emerged, alive and well. But once they arrive back at Origin, they find someone attacked the station and kidnapped Katrina - who's only link to anyone is Death Star and Ariel.


October 24th, 2200

Session 130: Facility 130 - Enter CorSec?!
Death Star, Snipe, and Slasher look over Slasher's files on CorSec, trying to determine why a lowkey base like Facility 130 seems to be so important to everyone. Just why is CorSec, who has been shut down for 22 years, trying to re-establish Talon's trade route? Time is running out and they have to figure it out quickly. Also, Origin's forces, hurt in the fight to protect Origin, are trying to repair themselves for the next encounter. However, Eve is in Med Bay, injured while protecting Origin. As the others prepare to head to Facility 130, Ariel and Cheryl arrive again, after hearing about what happened to Katrina. And there's nothing quite like the anger of Ariel.

Death Star and Ariel awkwardly meet up with each other again, having not seen each other since the reality crisis occurred. But they both have one thing to unite them now - to retrieve Katrina. So the team heads to Facility 130. The team arrives and they fight their way past the base's old defense systems and arrive inside it, where they discover something they never thought they would - The Ultimate Weapon project. The project that created Slasher and Dias. However, to everyone's surprise, they find a third project that Slasher and Dias didn't know about - a Project Genesis, the third part of the Weapons Project. And Project Genesis seems to be missing. The team is confronted by a scientist who claims he worked on Slasher and the Weapons Project, stating that the new leader of a new CorSec will use Project Genesis for his own means. And they learn that Talon's organizaton is nothing but a tool to refund CorSec so that it can expand and reclaim Earth once again, plus all of Earth's assets.

The scientist is killed by a commando unit led by a man in black, who says that with the team there, things will begin to get interesting. But when a computer sparks and makes a gunshot sound, the commando unit thinks they are under attack and lift up their weapons to retaliate.

Session 131: Black Ops
The team fights agaisnt the Black Ops. As Garland, Death Star, Dominator, Slasher, Dias, Snipe, and Kyo fight against the special forces, they have to get out of facility 130 and escape to their shuttle, because time is running out to stop CorSec. However, the leader of the Black Ops is extremely good at what he does and his men are unified - but the question is why are the Black Ops there destroying CorSec personnel? Even after they escape and prepare to shut down CorSec for good, they still can't answer that one.


October 28th, 2200

Session 132: Hidden Weapons
While Garland begins his plans for a new cafe in the background, even he is ready to end the threat of CorSec for good. The team prepares to unite for one major assault against the CorSec base in space, which seems to be constructed of parts from the Hell prison and the Ultimate Weapon space station. But when they arrive on the station, after fighting their way through a thick series of defenses, they find Project Genesis waiting on them. Slasher and Genesis begin to fight each other, determined to see who is the ultimate weapon in the project - and Slasher manages to defeat the Genesis project by slamming it into a generator and blowing it up. Now that the welcome committee is down, the others have a lot of work to do.

Session 133: Mysteries Revealed
After defeating Genesis and taking over the hanger, reinforcements come and a new team, still led by Death Star and now Snipe, heads into the Asteroid Base to reach the core. But Grey Fox, who seems to have joined CorSec after almost being killed back in Session 125, uses every cheesy and worn out trick in the book, with some extras, to stump the Wraiths. But as they fight their way in, being seperated slowly, the team runs into the Black Ops again --- and Paladin's definitely leading it. As Paladin and Wiendigo battle it, the rest of the team make a mad run until they reach their informant...who turns out to Spade, only posing as their informant friend, like he did back on the station. Spade had them all set up this entire time. He sics Genesis on them and they once again must rely on one another to beat it. After winning, they unlock the express elevator back to the hanger.

Session 134: Final Retribution
The team switches members once again and tackles the core. However, their dividing level as hit an all new high after last session. Death Star seems hellbent on retreiving Katrina, even at the risk of everyone's lives, while Snipe is beginning to stand against him and siding with Garland, which ends with Garland slugging him. The team's breaking point is at it's max as it finally beats Grey Fox and reaches Spade, who begins to play mind game after mind game on them, revealing the improved final version of Hyper. And he kills the entire ATLAN race in one stroke to prove his power. But as he fires his cannon, Sarlen and Eve attempt to stop it --- Sarlen sacrificing his life in order to do so. Elayne then taps into hidden powers and manages to stun Spade long enough for Death Star to change places with her. As the team breaks the shields, Cran shows - being the true informant - with Katrina. And finally, Paladin comes up and delivers the final blow to Spade, blowing his heart out. As the asteroid base explodes, Paladin saves Death Star and the two mend their relationship after all these years. And, also, Cran seems to have escaped during the mess. Is he friend or foe now?