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With the aftermath of the events in the previous season, the EarthGov Military approaches Chad Winters to ask him to join the military in the Special Ops Division under Zephyr. He accepts.


Erevis, having healed up after the near death experience in the capital, skates along the frozen ice in the park when Xanatos shows up. He explains he turned down Katrina and that he doesn't want to be with her and that she is the one he loves - that he wishes to be with Erevis, which causes Erevis to react harshly and in confusion. Telling him love is dangerous and she doesn't know how to handle the emotions, and begins to play with her hand - a telltale sign of her nervousness and fear, and she fidgets with her scarf. Finally, she runs away from him, leaving Xanatos behind after informing him she is getting on a ship and leaving Earth.

Telling Dias what happened, Xanatos asks for advice; bringing up that she played with the scarf, he makes Xanatos realize that Erevis had been held by her neck while she was molested and tortured by the enemy long ago, and that means she's afraid to open her heart to him. Vowing to stop her before she gets on the ship, Xanatos tries to formulate a plan.


Finding Erevis at the hotel room as she has finished packing her bags, Xanatos asks her what she's so afraid of and Erevis explains the body is the one with the emotions not her, and that she hates it. That she hates it for how it's slowly dying every second, how she can't control her emotions easily and that she's afraid of her own weaknesses. When Xanatos tells her that is the beauty of life, and that he once was told by her that if he wanted something he should take it - and what he wants is her. When he tells her to tell him that she doesn't love him if she wants him go, she attempts physical violence at first, but in the end she collapses to her knees when he keeps getting back up, giving in to him finally. He promises her that he won't betray her trust in him this day. From there, they begin to spend more time together, Erevis braiding her hair, them going out to play with snow, and other things. When Christmas comes they also celebrate it together. There are up and down moments, such as when Angela apologizes to Erevis and whatnot, but slowly time marches on...

Cheryl, for her part, struggles with being pregnant, having Angela help support her with taking care of the baby. She also begins to spend time with Chad and Aya, to try to get used to kids, while juggling her work in rebuilding the military as the Admiral of the Fleet that Angela is building. The months begin to march onward...


Dias and Angela are surprised months later as they run into Zephyr, who is in her mid-twenties now due to the aging code that Chad got from the future Zephyr. More mature and seemingly busy with her work, she's begun to spend less and less time with the team. Angela, pitying her for losing her childhood, watches as Zephyr refers to her as the little sister now and that she hasn't been a child in a long time. After Zephyr leaves, Dias and Angela walk along, enjoying the March weather, and Angela admits to Dias that she likes him. They discuss whether or not Erevis and Xan are having sex yet - at least Dias does, while Angela believes Erevis doesn't consider such things - and it becomes clear that after Angela tells him she doesn't want a one night stand with him, that Dias isn't relationship material. While this goes on, Chad visits Erevis at Erevis' place, where her hair is done up in a Japanese style and she has begun to learn their language, discussing her life and the future, while Warren, now seemingly with more memories of his other self after having researched data and whatnot mysteriously, sees Xanatos. Xanatos, finding his life happy now with Erevis, has been working on his memoirs, which he hands over to Warren to study, while Chad asks if Erevis is content but warns her water goes stale after a while if nothing changes. She surprises Chad by telling him that Xanatos plans to take a job on the PAX3 once construction finishes and she is going with him.



Session 236: O' Child of Mine

Location: Earth

As Zephyr aims her scope at a man in a business suit running for her life, she gets a beep alerting her to the fact Cheryl is in labor. Quickly hurrying to the hospital, she meets up with those still on Earth to witness the birth of the child. And Cheryl's rage at the pain of labor. This leads to flying doctors. During this, news plays of the murder of an assistant of a Senator. Angela seems to find Zephyr's chipper, playful, yet adult attitude confusing like she's on drugs, especially how she pranks Dias into peeking in on the birth so he never looks at women's vaginas the same way again. Afterwards, Warren steps out with the baby, Benjamin Carmichael. As Dias goes in to talk to Cheryl, a male nurse pushes a tray in and walks out; as Angela moves to join her, the room explodes. At the same time, the HoloVid is talking about an explosion at Marcus' apartment complex. Despite Chad trying to push Aya off on Zephyr, she runs out of the hospital quickly. Warren, after handing Ben to Em, moves in with Angela and they find Dias took the blunt of the impact, getting both of them out. Dias is rushed to an ICU room while Cheryl appears fine. Pondering why someone would try to blow up Dias, since the bomb was positioned near him, Chad remembers Xevil's threat six months ago and quickly tells them to find Em, who is alone in the hallway as a male nurse walks up to aim a gun at her. Warren contacts Cassandra over the comm to inform her of the situation as Chad rushes to Em's aid. Taking a shot for the baby in her side, Em throws herself into the nearest room to escape. Throwing a grenade into the room after her, he dives out a window as the others catch up. Rushing in the room, they see Em shielded Ben with her own body and is badly burnt. As Cassandra's people arrive, he tells her about Marcus' location and Zephyr heading for it. Warren and Chad board the shuttle with them and they fly off while doctors work on Em and Angela protects Aya.

Marcus' HoloVid explodes in his face while he's watching it, but Billy saves his life by getting him outside the apartment. Outside, assassins try to blow his head off. Running into an alley with no exit, he is doomed when Zephyr arrives on a motorcycle to save his life. Ordering him on, she drives him out of the line of fire as only a badass can. Above them, the shuttle tracks as a car chases Zephyr and Marcus and Billy. Realizing they're doomed after Cassandra's troopers get them surrounded, they crash and blow up the car, much to Zephyr's surprise as she stops the bike. Scanning quickly, Zephyr announces it was Tsivrixsh lifesignatures.

Holding a meeting, Cassandra, Setsuna, Zephyr, Chad, and Warren discuss Xevil finally stepping up his threat from six months ago. Zephyr promises to get him but for now plans to move Em, Dias, and Marcus into a secure area in the Special Ops division. Chad warns Warren that if Xevil still has any sort of power that his future Emperor counterpart did, things won't be easy.

Location: PAX3

Darien leads Ariel on a tour thorugh the PAX3 hallways, talking about all the latest technology installed. He shows her security, where it's revealed that Xanatos Durran has taken on the role of Chief of Security. He also reveals there's shops on the PAX3, which includes one run by Erevis, called the Omega - a division of stores that Angela has opened up and given to Erevis, perhaps to make up for what she did to her body when Spade was in it. At that moment Katrina walks up with a datapad, handing it over to Xanatos; apparantly the counselor and advisor for the station, she also oversees candidates for positions on the PAX3 and judges their mental states. It's clear there's still some tension between her and Xanatos, such as when Xanatos tells Ariel that Erevis is pretty much good at everything and Katrina retorts "Everything?" referring to sex. With the ambassadors coming in from the various races, including Loki and Shiva for the Cartel, much to Katrina's delight - at least in regards to Shiva. They share a kiss. Elayne for the Atleans, Myria for the Erusians with Theron as her guard, and Shretrav for the Tsivrixsh as well. And Kieran is back for the Vapaads.

Later that day, Darien and Ariel spend time together at Terra's bar while Xanatos visits Erevis in the Omega Store, checking it - and her out since she's in business outfit. It becomes clear she is not the best seller when Myria shows up and she tries to get her to buy a game and knows nothing about it outside it being an 'educational and fun' game. However, using the power of Erevis logic and saying it would be unwise not to buy it, she manages to get a sale. While Loki tries to hit Ariel up for a date, she informs him she plans to leave the station for a short time soon. Katrina and Shiva enter the bar and get their own table, talking and smiling - Shiva shooting Xanatos dark looks - and drinking, while Darien chases down some leads. Checking after a woman, he returns with a smile and talks with Ariel, who informs him she needs to go check on Cheryl for a bit; Darien tells her to take all the time she needs. After a bit, Katrina asks Xanatos how his last few months have been and Xanatos responds with what the catch is since she hates him and that Shiva hates anyone that Katrina hates; angry, Katrina walks off, saying she won't bother trying to be nice again. Before he can follow, Shiva stops him and tells him to get lost before he hurts her more so he returns to Erevis' room.

Telling her about the crazy day as Erevis cuddles and feeds Siawase, who gives him smirks due to the fact he gets to sleep with a nude Erevis, they discuss Xanatos feeling in over his head, with Erevis encouraging him. When he asks why Erevis, who stopped by the bar briefly, didn't stay, she says that she saw him talking to Shiva and Katrina and didn't want to interrupt anything since she senses Katrina doesn't like her. Telling him that she could be with Katrina if he wanted, since she could give him love - Xanatos states that she can can him love, too, if she wanted. Taking her hand, he states that he has told her she doesn't have to be intimate with him right away, that love encompasses more than that, and asks if it's because he is ugly - which Erevis states she was unaware that he was ugly. Telling her that she looks is what attracts humans together, Erevis seems to dislike that answer and gets withdrawn until Xanatos deduces it's because if he likes Erevis' looks, then he also finds Katrina attractive. Finally, getting her out of it, he taunts her into fighting him, saying he can win now that Katrina's memories are lost to her after Wind separated them, trying to push her buttons to help her forget things. It works and she beats him up.


Arriving at Earth to visit Cheryl and her baby, Ariel and Cheryl discuss various things. Apparantly happy at seeing her, Cheryl even smiles and greets her cheerfully. Handing Ben over to Ariel, Ariel rocks the baby and comments how she never got to hold any of her own children. Cheryl tells her that she should have children of her own one day and Ariel agrees that one day she would enjoy that. Cheryl tells her it's an amazing experience as she looks down at the baby. Joined by Zephyr who hugs and greets Ariel, Zephyr chirps she thinks that she's taller than Ariel now, comparing their heights; Ariel seems discontent at seeing Zephyr older at first, but then shows Zephyr who is boss by putting her over her shoulder despite her size. After Angela enters and interrupts, Zephyr moves to the window, ever vigilant, something definitely different about her. During this, back on the PAX3, Erevis and Xanatos get into a spat when Erevis tells him she is getting tired of his untrue stories - this one about losing the scanner she sold him after a turkey incident - and storms out, with Xanatos storming out afterwards.


Session 237: Diplomatic Affairs

Location: Earth

Supreme General Warren Carmichael holds a secret meeting with Generals Cassandra Arakawa and Zephyr and Admiral Cheryl about what Earth plans to do: liberate a planet Altros from Tsivrixsh Occupation. When Cassandra asks if that won't be an act of war, Warren states they do what they are ordered to do, bringing up information on the planet for them to learn, stating that they have a sizeable fleet from Janus now and in one week each of them will come back with estimates on how much resources they will need to take the planet.

While Warren and Cassandra visit Janus to see Red Fox and Angela about the ships and weaponary they need, we also see Marcus and Dias going stir crazy being in Special Ops and under their protection. Chad, after asking if Zephyr plans to see Aya that night - and being told again - whines that she's always working, which Zephyr reminds him that he should be doing too. He states the attackers that vanished in the car accident could have done so in so many ways, he's not sure how they did it. Telling him to begin focusing on how to best protect Em, Marcus, and Dias, she dismisses him and goes back to work, much to his annoyance. Going to see Marcus and Dias, the two seem dismayed that Zephyr herself hasn't come to see them, and Chad snaps that if she hasn't gone to see Aya, why would she come see them? Asking if the two are ready to grow up, he leaves them to take care of more business. Getting a message from a mysterious voice, it orders Chad to a private area and tells him that he has something that belongs to him and if he warns anyone that he's talking to him, he won't get it back; upon looking at his datapad, he sees Aya's babysitter is dead. The voice then orders him to kill his three prisoners, record himself shooting them live, and then Aya will be released. Moving into the bathroom and loading a clip in his gun, he moves into the area where Marcus and Dias are held and shoots them with an energy bolt into their heads. After making him scan them with his datapad, he orders Chad after Em. Entering her room where Pope and Em are talking, he throws a small blade into the nerve cluster on Pope's neck then shoots Em in the forehead. After scanning her, the voice asks if he would mind firing Pope's gun into her forehead now which Chad refuses - the voice says that she isn't dead. Still refusing to shoot her with Pope's gun, the voice says the only way he can convince him is to shoot Zephyr and he is has six minute to do it. Busting in and firing at her head, Zephyr ducks and tackles him into the ops center where a woman is holding Aya's head. Telling her to look away as she shoves her gun under Chad's chin, she pulls the trigger.

Location: PAX3

Darien, after escaping 5 hours of meetings, checks in on Xanatos and finds out Erevis is still not talking to him; Xanatos tries to blame his foot in the mouth syndrome on his brain damage but Darien seems dismissive of it as well. Darien seems antsy with Ariel still not back yet from seeing Cheryl. Meanwhile, Myria is becoming addicted to Omega Cokes sold at the Omega Store that Erevis runs for Angela. Very addicted. Elsewhere, Shiva and Katrina flirt with each other, looking like they're getting closer - sexually - when Xanatos interrupts the moment, to their announce. He explains Darien ordered him to get some counseling. Katrina tells him he's hopeless in her medical opinion and he blames his brain damage for his issues, which Katrina doesn't seem to buy either; she says the problem, if not his work, must be Erevis. During this, Ariel returns and finds Darien talking to a Cartel Shipping Agent, Iceheart, and scheduling lunch for later before he runs over to meet his first officer. She brings up him to date on what happened back on the Earth and the two share notes as they prepare for the diplomatic meeting. Meanwhile, Xanatos confides in Katrina his stress really is with Erevis and that she won't open up to him for a second since she and Katrina split. Katrina touches his mind and helps him sort through his issues, telling him that this will help him deal with his stress that he seems to be unable to do so since his accident. They talk about how Erevis is withdrawn since the rape incident back in Season 6 against the enemy since she threw herself in trying to make ammends and how she hates being human and weak. Discussing things, Katrina tells him they can't fix his brain and he has to make the conscious decision on what he wants in life and that juggling two things, career and Erevis, may be too much. Afterwards, feeling depressed and wanting to run away, Xanatos tells her he wishes things could be like the old days and Katrina says it could be, kissing him on the lips only to be pushed away. Katrina apologizes and walks off.

Location: Earth

All the targets of Chad wake up fine with no discernable damage done to them while Chad sits in a cell. He apparantly stopped their hearts for a minute before they came back. When Dias brags about beating Death, Billy walks in and gives him a cold look before hopping on her husband's lap. After stepping out and seeing Chad, she tells him to go home after he says he wouldn't let this person hurt Aya, which Zephyr replies she knows. When Chad steps by her he tells her that she's changed and Zephyr responds with 'Good'. After he leaves, she punches a dent into the wall.


Xanatos and Erevis patch things up after her apologizes and they share a breakfast together.


Session 238: The Ripple Effect

Location: Earth

Zephyr announces to Dias and Marcus that due to what Chad did, they have pronounced them dead and they're free to go - which if they do anything stupid and bring Xevil down on their heads it's on their own heads - or they can stay at the Special Ops and be safe. When asked if they have to stay in their cells, Zephyr says yes - that they cannot have them running around the facility and at this time there's just nothing they need the two to do. When Marcus says he'll do anything - watch monitors or clean something - Zephyr still tells him no and Marcus calls her out on it, berating her for not helping her friends. She reminds him that she saved his life and locks him back in the room. Grabbing Dias arm she escorts him out of the facility and when Dias says that's uncharatistic of her, she tells him to get used to it, that she's an Alpha Bitch now. Later, after getting a doctor to check on him, he punches the doctor and tries to escape - but finds the door is shut and he can't. Later a guard checks on the doctor and Marcus runs out and escapes. Elsewhere, Chad is visited by a man named Andrew Stryfe who greets him as his neighbor, shaking his hands. After he goes, Chad finds Aya huddled up under a table and tells him that she finds that man's voice scary. Doing some research, he sends a message to the Special Ops that Zephyr's life is in danger from Xevil, but his comm is being jammed. Finding cameras in his apartment, Chad grabs Aya and runs from it.

At Janus, one of Angela's scientists informs her the DNA sample she got them a few months back as begun to break down and become unstable. He states the less it's what it was originally meant to be, the more it breaks apart. He informs her there could be genetic mutations within the DNA as well if they wait longer for her to inject the DNA and that all the samples seem to be going the same way; and that they don't understand the ones found at the Manor yet. Without waiting for more tests, she has it injected in her and it changes her body, like giving her smaller breasts. She appears to be 17ish now at most, the blue streak gone, and golden hair. When her datapad beeps, Phaeton's face appears, telling her that those who leap without looking end up regretting it. She heads to Cassandra and Setsuna's house, who have adopted Billy over the last six months - so she responds by greeting her with a kick. Angela tells them what she did and about Phaeton.

Dias and Marcus run into a man who watches them with a creepy smile. Following the man after he walks onward, they are ambushed and manage to avoid an attack. A voice tells Dias that he is impressive as a brother; that Slasher had failed him in so many ways. The man runs his hand through his black hair and flicks his fingers, forming purple flames. He reveals himself as Weapon IV, Ripple. After testing them a bit, he ripples away, promising to come back for a real fight one day. Meanwhile, Chad manages to get in touch with Warren finally who sends him to Zephyr's on sight location, where he shows her the image of the man he looked up and who's voice that scared Aya, thinking Zeph was the next target. Zephyr tells him something clearly doesn't add up as she's fine so far.

Location: PAX3

Darien and Ariel go on a test flight in the ship that Darien has personally built while Erevis and Xanatos enjoy Erevis' day off. Which forces Myria to break into the Omega Store to steal some Omega Coke, much to Theron's dismay. Making her go back he finally decides to steal one for her if she will promise to do work and gets arrested for thieving. While in space, the ship experiences difficulties and breaks down much to Darien's dismay and Ariel's foresight. He informs her that they're spinning out of control wildly and that they will soon lose oxygen, which he needs, but she doesn't. While Darien asks Ariel for a story, teasing her that grandmothers need to know these things, he slowly runs out of air as Ariel grasps for something. He tells her to apologize for Ice for him that he'll miss their little lunch date and Ariel responds with that she has been meaning to talk to him about it; telling Ariel now's the time to talk about such things, she says nothing until he passes out painfully. Xanatos, meanwhile, spends time at the bar with Erevis, stating they need to find new things to do - like kiss - which doesn't go over well and it seems to make things more tense. He goes back on duty with a frown.

Later, an alien ship drops Darien's ship off in the hanger and he looks mad that they called it a piece of junk. Loki walks past with an engine piece, causing Darien to chase him while Xanatos shakes his head. Before Ariel can help him, Erevis grabs Ariel in a hug and states that she was so worried because Xanatos told him that Darien would get them both killed because he was only a little bit better at flying than Xanatos was and that Xanatos wasn't very good.


While Shiva and Katrina try on clothing, playfully goofing around, Shiva tries to pry something out of Katrina's mind with a kiss, which causes the two to make out for a moment before they both trade quips on what the other say that was embarrassing. Shiva takes Katrina to a store to buy new clothes to express herself. Tricking Katrina into trying on a skin tight catgirl outfit, she lures Darien who has Xanatos with him, along with Myria and others, in so they see it when Katrina steps out, then slaps Darien for inviting everyone in to see this. Mumbling how hot it is in there, Xanatos stares as Katrina runs back into the dressing room, embarrassed; Shiva takes no time in telling him how his girlfriend would love to hear that now, causing Xanatos to bump into Erevis as she steps in, confused why everyone is gathered. He asks her if she ever had the desire to wear a catgirl outfit as Katrina steps back out in her normal clothing and quickly leaves. After everyone is gone, Erevis picks up the catgirl ears and puts them on at Xanatos' urging. Stating the rest of the outfit is impractical, she will wear the cat ears part. Shiva goes to apologize to Katrina, saying she only invited Darien over, not everyone else, and the two make up. After Elayne walks up and suggests Xanatos wears it, Erevis puts the cat ears and tail on him and informs him Siawase her cat is cuter. Trying to pretend to be scary like an animal, Erevis states he is 'something at least'. After some man tries to get in her pants due to the slutty outfit, Erevis nearly breaks him until Xanatos runs him off; informing her if she got into a fight, he'd have to arrest her, she jipes back that he'd never be able to restrain her. Walking off with a wink, he tells her he'll see his 'kitten' later, making Erevis jerk and exclaim she's not a kitten.


Location: Earth

While Dias trains Marcus by making him pull him around on a tire, Cheryl asks Chad why they are back in his apartment if someone is assaulting him. Chad tells her he figured she'd rather her place not blow up, which doesn't thrill her, so they begin to get to the meat of it: Chad trying to find any information he can on the Weapons Project. While Chad thinks his target is Em, Dias, Marcus, Zephyr, and Chad, Cheryl disagrees, stating that he seems more interested in Dias and Chad than anything else, since he could have killed Dias in the alley. She also points out that he could have bullied any other employee to try to kill those three, but he picked Chad to see how he'd react, then had the balls to meet him face to face to shake his hand. While Aya and Ben play, with Cheryl smiling at the two, she asks Chad what he thinks Ripple will do next. The answer being? Good question.

Angela comes on Dias and Marcus training and they do not recognize her being a few years younger, but soon all of them are attacked by Tsivrixsh agents. Billy leaps in to save the two, covering Tsiv eyes to blind them from shooting properly. Zephyr, having had them being watched personally, aids them as well. Billy is shot in the back but heals it almost instantly, but only Marcus notices; she forbids him from telling anyone else. She also apparantly eats people now to Marcus' disgust, which hurts her feelings. After the battle Dias is badly injured and Zephyr, hurt as well, takes him to medical, telling Angela she isn't allowed to come, and leaves Marcus behind as well. While Dias recovers in his cell again, Billy rides in a tire making Marcus pull it like Dias did to begin with. Dias quickly escapes and rejoins them.


Session 239: The Balance Between War and Peace

Location: Earth

Warren, Cassandra, Cheryl, and Zephyr hold a meeting about the estimations on taking the planet Altros. He states the flag ship being constructed by Janus will be finished in a few more weeks and then they'll know more on what numbers they will need to take into battle. Cheryl seems to have her doubts after the meeting, asking Cassandra if this is really happening in which she says there's too much prep work gone into it to not do it. Meanwhile, a rocket blows up the resturant Dias and Marcus are in, with the two barely not getting hurt. The people in the resturant are dead thanks to them and Zephyr arrives on scene to chew them out for being in public places and getting people hurt; getting mad the two tell her off, making her walk off in anger. With his meeting done, Warren drops by Chad's place to give him files on Dr. Johnson and his Weapons Project, stating that he wanted to make the perfect killer by weeding out all unnecessary emotions. He points out that Dias may have another personality like Chad's Id or one that match's Weapon III, Slash's, sociopathic personality - and that the fact he is color blind helps him compartimentalize deah by making it black and white, much like when Zephyr takes a kill shot. They both conclude the mysterious Andrew Stryfe may be trying to open up the assassin side of Dias. While talking, Warren is informed that someone is accessing EarthGov files using Angela's old DNA as Seraphna and that not everything has been transcoded over to her new DNA, and he's sent an image of the person doing it - Seraphna. As the information is also sent to Angela and Red Fox, she and Warren both come to the same conclusion: that Phaeton has taken the Angela of the past and likely bonded with her and now that Angela has reverted to human, that leaves only the time displaced Angela as the only Omega. (see Season 11's past timeline divergence). They head down to the lab and find all the remaining DNA samples are gone. Angela declares they need to find 'Zeraphna' and that she finds responsible for her.

Dias and Marcus, meanwhile, find a new base in an abandoned hanger when they are attacked by Tsivrixsh ninjas. After defeating them, Ripple appears before them, congratulating Dias on pushing himself further and further. Telling Dias that he is becoming perfect - and attacking Marcus when he laughs at it with his ripple blade which is capable of covering distance using ripples - Ripple tries to lure Dias toward his ultimate destiny and revenge on Xevil. Dias, claiming he can do it on his own, is challenged by Ripple then and the two begin to battle. About to take them both out, Ripple is driven off by a white haired man and forced to retreat; the man tells Dias and Marcus to send his regards to Cassandra before going.

Location: PAX3

While Erevis is meditating and in a deep state of consciousness, the ambassador Elayne pokes her and gets her finger broken by an instinctual reaction from Erevis. Despite apologizing to Elayne, the ambassador claims that Erevis' apology is hollow and goes to Ariel and Darien to press charges after Erevis psionically shoves her for being called a liar, showing them "Bruises" despite the fact the shove would not have caused them. Contacting Xanatos to put Erevis in the brig until it can be sorted out, Darien seems annoyed after Elayne is gone. Darien and Xanatos arrive at the garden and despite Shiva telling them all she did was shove, they tell Erevis she cannot be that violet - Darien especially. Telling Xanatos she will be not be caged and restrained by anyone, especially for shoving an annoying female, and so she does battle with Xanatos. When vines grab her, she begins to use her hyperspace, injuring her own body, trying to resist the vines around her. This continues until he breaks through her psionic shield and stuns her. Meanwhile, Elayne prepares for a Justicator to come deal with the matter.


Erevis refuses to eat or drink, not speaking as she sits in her cell; as Shiva tries to plead her case to Darien about how Elayne is a bitch and a shove should not constitute this type of treatment, Katrina checks on Xanatos. She tells him to speak with Elayne on the matter if Erevis is going to be saved. While he pleads Elayne's case to the bitchy Elayne, and ends up storming off, Shiva points out Tom Pilot lost his eye to a Vapaad tentacle and didn't press charges, trying to work Darien into a corner. Going to see Elayne, he makes a deal with her using trade agreements and she agrees if Erevis apologizes and Xanatos comes to see her. After talking, he goes to Erevis to ask her to apologize and she refuses to do so, saying she will not lie. When he tells her to do it anyway lest they take her away from her, she states she will not dishonor herself that way, even if Xanatos thinks it's honorable to lie about an apology. Telling her that her so-called honor will get him killed, he walks out of the cell. Darien tells him, after hearing what he has to say, that Erevis will not trade her ideals of honor in a corrupt world of dishonesty, and that even though he doesn't trust her, he respects that. Having led them to Elayne's room, he plays the private conversation between Xanatos and Erevis, proving her first apology was honest. Xanatos quickly gets her out and learns to his horror she is suffering from internal damage from the hyperspace. After some banter that she will stand after he leaves to spite him, he stays the night watching over as she sleeps.

Location: Earth

While Marcus checks on the wounded Dias in the hospital, he meets Steve who wears a gas mask that smiles. Dias quickly escapes.


Location: PAX3

Things return to normal on the PAX again; Erevis meditates while on the job and accidently injures Xanatos when he pokes her nose with his nose. After work, he tricks her into massaging his temples saying his brain damage is acting up, slowly showing her how to be gentle.


Location: Earth

Cheryl and Dias spar to help Dias prepare for his rematch with Ripple when the day comes. However, during it she enters some sort of trance and almost breaks some bones on Dias before Ben cries for food, snapping her out of it. Back at the hospital, Zephyr shakes his head at Dias, wondering out loud how she loves someone so stupid - as a friend.


Session 240: The Darkest Moments

Location: Earth

While Chad trains Dias for his upcoming battle with Ripple, another meeting between the Earth Generals, Warren informs them they will be launching the attack on Altros in two weeks due to Janus being ahead of production schedule; Cassandra makes Setsuna her XO during the mission. Cheryl states she will be meeting with Angela to get a full grasp of the flag ship of the new fleet Janus is making. Meanwhile, at Janus, Angela is contacted by Phaeton who states he's noted she's been looking into his activiates lately - something which Warren ordered her to stop. He tells her to stay out of his way, that she's just a normal girl again like she wanted. As he steps onto a bus, she asks why he didn't just kill her and replace her with Zeraphna, to which she doesn't get a true answer. When Setsuna and Cassandra return home, and being shown nude photos of themselves during sex that Billy took, Billy hands Setsuna an amulet and tells her to wear it on her mission.

Chad and Dias return to the daycare and find Ripple there, his hand on Aya's head who looks unhappy about it. Telling them not to try anything stupid, lest he accidently ripple her head off, Ripple points out that Aya is a weakness to Chad Winters and that perhaps he'll take her off his hands and raise her himself. Telling Dias to surrender himself in exchange for Aya, Ripple makes ihm get into position to knock him out and take him when a shot strikes him and distracts him. Turning around as he brings out his ripple blades, he stares in disbelief at Zeraphna, thinking she's Angela and wondering how it's possible now that Angela is human. As Dias and Ripple battle, Zeraphna makes observations, chiding Chad for not noticing them, as Marcus arrives and shits his pants. Zeraphna aids in the battle, stating Phaeton wants her to have battle experience, as they all attempt to beat Ripple; during this events such as Cheryl seeing her flag ship with Angela, Zephyr hiring Em on for the upcoming mission to help tell which buildings have civilians and hostiles, and Billy teasing Cassandra and Setsuna occur. After Ripple is driven off, medics are brought in to treat a kidney wound on Marcus while Zeraphna silently observes. Chad and Zeraphna agree to work together for the time being to trace the unique warp signature Ripple uses. When Marcus wakes up in the hospital later, Steve is there again, smiling as he adjusts Marcus bed harshly.

Location: PAX3

After a long day of ambassodorial meetings on the PAX, Erevis and Ariel talk and catch up on events, Erevis still a bit angry toward Ambassadors due to Elayne. During this, the Justicator arrives, despite the agreement with Elayne, so Katrina and Darien move to the docking ring to meet him, along with Xanatos and Shiva. Katrina quickly works his charms on her, telling him they expected someone with 8 meters of height and fangs by how Elayne described him, amusing Darce the Justicator. As Ariel enters the docking ring, Erevis spies from the outside to get a feel of things as Darce makes light conversation with those there, stating he 'reads' the situation of guilt. Xanatos, after being informed by Katrina of Erevis spying, convinces her to move to another hanger finally after some begging. Meanwhile, Darien and Ariel show signs of stress in their relationships over Erevis and their opinions on her, both snapping at each other as Darce heads into the station. Erevis suddenly looks uneasy about something when a ship flies out of hyperspace, floating adrift, and when Xanatos touches her he goes flying across the room. It seems to have damage along it that aren't blast attacks. Erevis whispers it's the Dark Ones to Xanatos, as if finally noticing him.

Everyone gathers in the hanger to spy on the ship, and Darien seems in disbelief since they destroyed the Homeworld and all the ships there that they found. They all debate what to do, not daring to let the ship near them if there's any Dark Ones onboard, and Darien tries to do a long distance scans of the computers. Kieran the Vapaad begins to mumble incoherantly while Erevis says to destroy it, then Katrina realizes that Vapaads are psionic as well and in danger of the Dark One influence. Erevis psionically flings the Vapaad, grabbing at her own head as Darien locks onto the ship. After failing to take over Erevis, they target Shiva. Finally the ship is destroyed and the hold on the psionics released. Myria arrives to inform Darien only one Dark One was on that vessel, much to the horror of everyone. Erevis even cuddles Siawase for comfort. Also, during this Elayne fucks a Ridiarium.

Afterwards, Xanatos sits at the bar with Ariel and they have an honest talk. Asking Ariel how she felt about him being with Erevis, Ariel tells him she questions his devotion to her. Ariel tells him she believes he's with her out of the need to love someone and be important to someone. After a bit, Xanatos walks off and tells her no wonder Darien gets pissed at her, making Ariel melt a can.


Session 241: Engagements

Location: Sirtia

Arriving at the location of the battle site, Admiral Cheryl and General Cheryl plot the engagement with the Tsivrixh forces on the planet. Launching down to the surface, General Cassandra arrives, along with her second in command and lover, Setsuna, and they begin to take control of the situation with the enemy forces, while Em, SPoC, and Zephyr work on the covert ops side, striking buildings for critical targets and rescuing and capturing key personnel. It's a hard battle for botrh groups, even Cheryl in space with the orbital battle, and Zephyr shows signs of her aggressive side, blowing brains out of Tsivrixsh skulls when they grab Em while Cassandra shows her leadership abilities in a large scale battle on the ground. After encountering a brand new weapon wave that can annihilate anyone that it touches, Cassandra's team manages to win the ground battle finally.

Location: Earth

On Earth, Ripple stabs Marcus in the chest and kills him. Zeraphna fires at him but he steps into a ripple and vanishes, escaping again. The simulation ends as Chad Winters steps out. Commenting this is the 459th time Marcus has died, she says it's a waste of time; since Chad hates odd numbers, he runs them through it again. This time Marcus loses his head.

Location: PAX3

The station prepares to meet a new race that has joined the PAX - the Famfrits. While they wait, obvious tension between Xanatos and Ariel can be noted, while obvious sexual tension between Katrina and Shiva is felt, with Loki hinting the two are going at it at night. Walking down first is what appears to be a young woman, about Zephyr's psychical age when she was 15, maybe slightly older, peering about and blinking - the first introduction of Megumi Zhenmei. Following her is the rest of the Famfrit entourage and it becomes clear she's just a bodyguard/see to their needs type person. Watching them make Megumi do unreasonable things due to her waif like status, and the emotions she's picking up, Katrina attempts to make friends with the young famfrit girl. Watching her meek attitude, but then mixed with bursts of cursing and contempt for the ambassador, the others find her curious - she tries to explain it as being away from civilization for a long time.

As Ariel turns to leave, Megumi in a flash gets in front of her and screams at her to wait. Grabbing her sword, she dances around in fascination as she studies it. After returning it when she's done slashing the air, she goes back to her 'weak' state and claims it's too heavy, despite using it just fine. During all this, Darien and the others learn on the Holovid that Surtia has fallen from Tsivrixsh control into EarthGov hands. Megumi, bored, ignores the news that has thrown the station for a loop and upon learning it's Katrina's birthday, calls her an old lady - which leads Katrina to offering, since she knows Megumi likes to fight, to 'train' in the training room. However, it quickly changes, with Megumi's obsession with Ariel, to her showing up instead. Arriving there, while Darien flirts with the changing Ariel, Megmi interrupts a spar between Theron and Xanatos, and Theron almost reports her until he gets a proper apology out of the begging Megumi - and makes her promise not to attack anyone unless they accept a spar.

Arriving back at the training room, where Erevis at now, Megumi announces the newcomer can begin the match. Ariel and Megumi square off while Erevis steps up with her blank emotionless face and watches intently. Finally fed up when Erevis doesn't begin it, Megumi launches an attack and she and Ariel do battle. Megumi fights a vicious battle with unparralled strength, but runs out of stamina and is defeated by Ariel. Xanatos, who is watching as well, roots for Megumi and annoys Erevis, who picks up on his dislike for Ariel, and she has no problem vocalizing it. After Megumi whines she lost because of her attack on Theron/Xanatos earlier taking up her energy, Erevis flatly informs her that she would have lost anyway to Ariel. Xanatos leaves after being annoyed at Erevis' attitude towards him, so she follows and leaves Megumi in Ariel's care and they discuss his feelings toward Ariel and how she ignored him. The two work through things slowly, with Erevis feeling she is a bad girlfriend, and Xanatos telling her she will get there one day. Teasing Megumi as Ariel finds her a room, Darien pets and gives her candy like she were a kid, making the famfrit bristle in rage.


Katrina and Megumi talk at the ring, with Katrina congratulating her on taking Ariel by surprise. When Shiva shows up, it freaks Megumi out who tries to run off and falls over comically. Running back to Katrina, she hides, peering at Shiva and Elayne poutingly as she peeks around Kat. As Elayne and Shiva spat about Elayne's treatment of Erevis, Katrina moves off with Megumi to help her relax. After hijinks, she grabs Kat's clothes to use her comm to call 'Knight Lady', who is Ariel. Ariel, in the garden, talks with Erevis about kids and other various things. Megumi leaps at Ariel once there but Erevis catches her mentally and sets her down on the ground. Thinking Erevis is Katrina at first, Megumi is shocked to learn the truth. During all this, Shiva remains bitchy to Elayne until the point Elayne brings up, in front of Katrina, if she remembered much of what Erevis knew and how they all had ... relationships with John, causing Shiva to cry and run off and Katrina to shoot her a look before following. Elayne follows and says she finds their relationship wrong due to Shiva's relationship with John and how every culture condemns it. Katrina and Shiva share baffled looks while Elayne continues. Finally, Katrina asks Shiva if they are in a relationship and Shiva shrugs. The two begin to talk, ignoring her, discussing their fling in college and serious relationship talk and what ifs while Elayne stares. After Elayne leaves, the two shrug one more time and go off to change or a dinner date. Running into Darce, Katrina begins to flirt with him as Shiva heads on. During all this, Xanatos and Darien speak on matters and Darien doesn't seem surprised when Xan tells him Iceheart is gay - having known it already. Stating that he enjoyed her for her company, not wanting sex with her, he's simply not interested in pursuing a relationship right now.

After Ariel leaves, Megumi rattles on to the meditating Erevis, who finally opens her eyes and watches the young girl in bafflement. After a strange conversation, she thanks Erevis and runs off to bug Darien to learn more about Ariel. Also, later, Meg gets a job working for Terra - a part time one.


Session 242: Moral Ambiguity

Location: Earth

With all the news on the attack on planet, everyone on Earth is reacting in different ways, with Seraphna, Chad, Marcus, Dias, and Aya (who helps by holding pen lights) debate what to do next about Ripple - and Angela and Red Fox work on running their organization. A break in at Janus occurs and the intruder manages to use unknown technology to rapidly move from area to area before security can reach him. After many failures on Angela's part to stop the intruders, including entire security teams decimated, he teleports something out of her labs into Chad's apartment - bombs. Zera leaps out with Aya, Chad rolls out, and Marcus and Dias hide behind the couch - which is destroying and the two are sent flying out the window. At the Janus base, Angela comes face to face with Ripple. Not interested in Angela or Fox, he exits via a ripple. Sending a medical team to Chad's apartment after learning where the bombs were sent, Angela checks to see what all was taken. As Seraphna, Aya, Marcus, and Dias recover, they eye the apartment building collapse in on itself, with Chad inside. Before any can react, Ripple appears and stabs Marcus in the kidney again. Destroying the arriving medical team, Ripple prepares to kill everyone Dias ever cared about when a car lands on him, thrown by some mysterious white haired man who claims to know 'about death'. He begins to work on Marcus after realigning Dias' spinal cord. As Dias and Ripple battle each other, the white haired man revives Marcus with some powers and lets drop he knows Cassandra from somewhere. Diverting an attack by Dias into Marcus' face, the two are stunned when Zeraphna begins to drive Ripple back instead of watching Aya, only for Ripple to get shot again and again in the leg from behind by an angry Chad Winters. A Janus Shuttle arrives, heavily armed, and fires on Ripple, driving him back through a ripple.

Angela, stepping off the shuttle, eyes the white haired man and realizes who it is - Adam. Who should be dead. After looking ready to kill him, Angela lets it go when Adam says the whole brainwashing thing is water under the bridge. Though she knees him in the crotch first. Afterwards Angela begins to doubt if it's really Adam, causing the smoothtalker to casually say he could always brainwash her again if she wants proof. Zera, watching Angela threatening Adam's crotch with a gun, and Dias and Marcus fighting each other, wonders how they can possiblely defeat Ripple with this group. Finally having enough, Chad shoots Angela's gun out of her hand, though it doesn't cause her to flinch away from Adam, who puts into words "Before I was a vampire; now I'm a vampire with a soul." Despite Angela's dark attitude toward Chad and the others, with them mocking her, she offers to help - Chad tells her that she'd just get in the way now and everyone begins to walk off, leaving Angela and Fox behind.

Location: Sirtia

Arriving at the planet, Supreme General Warren Carmichael meets with the others still on the planet to go over their victory. The natives seem to be in awe of the team, with little girls giving Cassandra flowers of thanks. Warren informs them that they are building a station near the planet to defend it from any attacks by the Tsivrixsh Empire if they attempt to reclaim it, and that Cheryl is bringing a portion of the fleet there to help hold it while they wait on the Janus builders. Warren tells them they'll all be able to go home soon while a garrison is left behind to help as well. When Zephyr asks if they will go to war over this, Warren says it's up to Darien on the PAX3 to help avert the anger of the Tsivrixsh. While Zephyr and SPoC celebrate with Em, toasting her as being what turned their part of the battle in their favor, Setsuna ponders why the amulet that saved her life from the new weapon that eradicated any organic life it touched, is now missing. When the men begin to hit on Em, Pope shows up in his fighter outfit and buys them drinks as a way to leave HIS woman alone.

Location: PAX3

During an ambassadorial meeting, all the diplomats get the full force of Shretrav's rage over the Sirtia incident, especially Darien. When Elayne yawns, though, it turns her rage toward her, asking if she finds the death of 20,000 Tsivrixshs 'boring'; when Elayne doesn't respond, Shretrav is further enraged, goading the ambassador to finally speak saying that in the past the Atleans have suffered under unjust Tsivrixsh actions. Accusing the assembly of being nothing but liars who claim to want to start fresh with peace, then do actions of war, things quickly begin to worsen. Surprisingly, though, when Darien claims that the Sirtians came to Earth for liberation - despite 70 years of Tsivrixsh rule - when Shretrav calls for sanctions to be placed against Earth for it's actions, Elayne seconds it, saying the matter should have been brought before the entire assembly. One by one the races agree that sanctions should be placed against Earth until they leave Sirtia space, except the Vapaads, who remain silent. Bringing the meeting to a close, Darien states he will bring this decision back to his superiors. After it's over, Shiva notes this was nice and unexpected, but Darien says it's justified - even Myria seems sorry for him since he's left holding the bag. He tells the two he does not stand behind what Earth did. Getting a message from an aide sent by Ariel that a new ambassador has arrived, Darien twitches, about to freak out when a demure Megumi, who had to sit in on the meeting as her ambassador's aide, speaks up, asking if this was all for Sirtia, shouldn't they have a say in the matter? Darien agrees, but doubts somehow that Earth plans to lose that planet through any means. Seeming sad, he walks off to greet the new ambassador and pretend this place is meant to be about peace; during all this Holovids talk about how Earth supports the decision behind liberating Sirtia.

While this is going on, a woman named Maria Burton arrives in Xanatos' office. After greeting him in a friendly matter, she shakes his hand and injects a poison into him, saying he can die, her hatred radiating off of her as Xanatos' body begins to get sluggish. Using his comm to try to call for help, he collapses after being unable to form words. She tells him this is for her husband and child and walks out. Xanatos struggles to crawl, inch by inch, out of his office, through pure agony. Megumi, who has been wandering since the meeting, walks over Xanatos, jerking in surprise at seeing him. Panicking, she calls the computer for help which sends Peacemaker to their location. The two get him to medical, with Megumi using her abilities to slow his heart so the poison doesn't spread. Once there, they work on him. Managing to revive him after he dies, Peacemaker saves him.

After being told the name of the attacker, security quickly catches Maria Burton. Asking her when he killed her family, she spits in his face; after ordering her to security, Xanatos listens to her shouts that he should be in the brig due to his being a sick bastard. As he recovers, Erevis arrives, having been called in, and hugs him tightly with worry. Telling her not to worry and that his past is catching up to him, he informs Erevis he believes the woman's family was in the hospital that blew up when he left the materials to revive Erevis there. Telling Peacemaker to make sure Xanatos is fine, she leaves quickly. Worried, Xanatos comms Ariel to ask her to keep an eye on her. During all this, some Tsivrixsh enter Terra's bar and insult the human race for being backstabbers, ensuing a barfight. Afterwards, Shretrav orders them to go to their quarters in disgust. Despite being offered a drink by Megumi, Shretrav declines saying she is not in a socialable mood, leaving the young famfrit sad, but she focuses on her new job under Terra as a waitress.

Arriving at the brig, she finds Erevis standing in front of a cell; inside is the twisted, dead body of Maria Burton. Asking her if she killed Maria, Erevis doesn't respond; Xanatos walks in and stares in shock and horror. When asked how, Erevis shrugs and walks out; stopped by Ariel when she says she did not answer the question, Erevis tells her she did not see the need to answer. When telling her she was the only one in here with a dead woman, Erevis tells the two they have their video cameras and walks out. As Xanatos watches, Ariel follows Erevis, telling her that she trusts her, but Erevis counters that if that was the case, she would not have asked her. The video shows the two talking, Maria quite heatedly, when she suddenly convulses in pain and falls down. Calling in Peace for an autopsy, Xanatos goes through procedure to learn what happened while Ariel follows Erevis and apologizes to her and Erevis says she overreacted in turn. During this, Xanatos reports in to Darien, who is convinced that Erevis did it, and Xanatos says he'll prove him wrong.

Also during the following two weeks, Erevis and Megumi begin to develop a friendship due to Megumi's interest in Ariel. Always following Ariel around, Megumi spends a lot of time talking to the stoic woman, and Erevis finding her energy and youthfulness baffling, goes along with it. This leads to classic events such as the holodeck being used to make a beach and Megumi wanting to play volley ball. This leads to rock, paper, scissors competition between Erevis and Megumi to form teams and other hijinks. It also leads to Erevis and Megumi being on the same team in volleyball and winning. Later, Erevis buys her a meal for being a good girl in winning.


Session 243: The Prophecy of the Progenitors

Location: Earth

Adam trains Marcus harshly, getting him ready for the upcoming battle with Ripple while Chad hands Zeraphna the new scanner to try to counter the ripples and put him at a tiny disadvantage with them. During this Warren informs Cassandra to get her men ready for an upcoming war that's likely coming, giving her a datachip with high profile areas her men might be sent to; Cassandra voices her concern about enraging the Empire, since they are stronger than Earth's forces. He also inform her that Adam appeared on PAX last week, showing her a photo of the three on the PAX - Dias, Marcus, and Adam - who went there on a 'vacation' along with Angela and Red Fox, and to wreck havoic. He tells her that it appears Adam is protecting the two, according to Darien, and that she should look into his return by following 'any explosions'.

After training some, Chad says they need a plan if they're going to face Ripple again; Zeraphna points out that Ripple said he was going after Dias' girls and Marcus concludes that must mean Zephyr. Chad contacts Cassandra to learn about Zephyr's whereabouts. Once they learn it's Special Ops, they head out,but Cass informs them they logged an attack about 20 minutes ago. Arriving there, they meet with Warren, who tells them someone rippled in and took her in under 5 seconds. Then he aims his gun at Adam, informing Cassandra he found Adam. Before anything else can happen, a ripple occurs and blows up their vehicle and Tsivrixsh agents arrive, firing at them. Cassandra and her forces arrive to aid them, with Cassandra and Adam now face to face. Defeating the Tsivrixsh, Dias screams at them to learn where Zephyr is but they don't seem to know. During this Adam comments he likes Cassandra's new human look, annoying Setsuna who is there - ninja and all. Asking why Adam isn't trying to kill her, Adam tells her that killing her is so two years ago and that it's water under the bridge now. Deciding to head out and find out more about Zephyr, Chad leaves Aya with Cassandra. The groups head off, splitting up into two, hoping to surprise Ripple once and for all.

Location: PAX3

During a special meeting with Darien, Ariel, Myria, Theron, and Shretrav, Shretrav informs them that they have discovered on one of their planets what appears to be Progenitor ruins. She states she is willing to take the four of them to the planet in a joint venture. After she leaves, Darien says the pessimest in him is screaming this is a trap. Darien says he plans to bring Erevis along, wanting big guns when it comes to dealing with Progenitor ruins. He plans to leave Xanatos in charge while they are gone, considering he managed to prove Erevis' innoence during the two week gap. The entire station reacts in fear at the new. Upon learning this, Xanatos is using his being bit on the tongue when he tried to kiss Erevis with it, to play it up to Erevis and get her to do more relationship stuff, despite claims to others he's not pressuring her into that direction. Upon learning Erevis going on the mission with the others, Xanatos immediately tries to ask Darien to go but the datapad zaps him in response. Megumi, panicked at the idea of being on the station alone with Xanatos who has reported her to her ambassador three times, thinking she will be deported if Xanatos is left in charge, begs Katrina to use her comm to talk to Darien and Ariel. After Darien refuses to take her, she tries Ariel, who wonders if she's recoverd from her battle with Dias last week when they visited. Finally, after some begging, Darien gives her 10 seconds to get from the bar to the hanger if she's coming - so Megumi runs for it. Somehow, beyond all reason, the little famfrit makes it in. Back in the bar, Katrina and Shiva tell Xanatos that if he keeps forcing things with Erevis, despite his claims he doesn't want a physical relationship, it will end bad for him.

Location: Tsivrixsh Space

Arriving at the planet, they teleport down to the surface. Megumi sticks to Ariel with an invisible mental cord, which Erevis seems to pick up on. Seeing her watching the two, Megumi declares boldly that she will protect Erevis. Declaring she can protect herself, Erevis finally relents that Megumi's words have logic when she states it never hurts to have a little bit more protection. Arriving a set of big doors in the side of a mountain, made of unknown materials, are opened by Myria as she approaches them. Erevis, hanging back, is obviously uneasy by the location. At that moment, one of the Tsivrixsh soldiers informs Shretrav that a ship is approaching; accusing Darien of breaking their agreement, he informs her that he didn't do anything. Telling Ariel to head into space to protect Shretrav's ship, Darien says the rest of them will go inside the temple and see what is in there lest it fall into the wrong hands. Megumi pouts, saying she said she'd protect Erevis, but Darien pulls her back and has her watch Ariel transform into a large silver dragon with Erevis inside it.

In space, they witness a Tsivrixsh battle cruiser destroying Shretrav's ambassadorial ship. It opens fire on Ariel, causing her and Erevis to do battle. They destroy the bridge, taking it out, when suddenly a beam hits them in the back from nowhere, reverting Ariel into her normal form while both are in space, leaving them helpless. On the surface, the group works their way further into the temple with Myria's aid. Darien is startled that the signatures in this room aren't reading the 15 year signature of the universe, but are instead thousands of years old. Myria reads off a prophecy on the wall: After the Progneitors are long gone, their enemies, the Dark Ones, shall rise up and seed themselves among the various races, appearing to be their loved ones, and will bring about utter chaos by turning one race against another, until the galaxy falls into chaotic accord, and the Dark Ones take over from the ashes. It shows a picture of a shadowy beast with tendrils turning into a humanoid. Along with it is a way to win: Only the powers and seeds left behind by the Progneitors shall bring order and light back to the universe, and repel the dark curse left behind by the enemies of the Progenitors. It shows what appears to be being of light, with energy like beams flying from it's body, turning into a humanoid shape as well. Suddenly realizing what it means, Darien says that they have met these beings before - that Wind and Erevis are Progenitors.

Elsewhere, Ariel wakes up, unable to move or use her abilities. Standing in the darkness is Xevil. Telling her that he's been wanting to speak to her for some time, his voice off for some reason, he pauses long enough to order the temple on the planet destroyed. After hearing from another Tsivrixsh that no lifesigns are left behind, he turns to face her, stepping into the light and revealing dark veins all over his face and neck, which look painful. He tells her that he won't be dying today, after hearing her idle threat of killing him, but promises someone else will.

Location: PAX3

After hours of not being contacted by Darien, who promised Katrina he'd check in every few hours, the others try to tell Katrina she's overreacting and that his comm may be broken. When sarcastically saying lets assume it's just a comm malfuction when they could be walking into a trap, both of them tell her she's being rash. Having enough, Katrina says she's going out there herself to investigate. Xanatos tells her she can't go without permission and Katrina tells him she never needed his damn permission in her life, heading out with Shiva, making plans to steal the shuttle. Xanatos sits in Ops, wondering if Darien put him in charge so he couldn't rush after Erevis. Finally he moves for the hanger.


Session 244: The Wind of Change Part I

Location: Earth

Dias drives insanely and recklessly through traffic and on top of roofs, hoping to lure out Ripple who has taken Zephyr. Angela, watching the newsfeed of the insanity, decides to get involved after all, while Warren and Chad track the trio - Marcus, Dias, and Adam - by helicopper. Driving through a ripple, they crash their car in an unknown location. Ripple then confronts them, hoping to drive Dias to anger by telling him that he played with his woman while he waited on them. He points at a corpse and tells him that she is dead - when Dias claims he's lying, Ripple informs him that her death will bring him one step closer to his true destiny. Gloating at Dias, he tells him to come on and kill him, which sends Dias at him in a rage, intending to do just that. Suddenly, Adam leaps in front of Dias to stop him and his limbs begin to get sliced off due to an invisible trap Ripple sent up with ripples. Ripple, disgusted, tells Dias he is truly unworthy since that would have killed him; meanwhile, Zeraphna using Chad's signatures, picks up on them and heads that way while Angela follows their shuttle. Ripple declares he's finally decided - decided to kill Dias. Dias moves in again and part of his shoulder is sliced off; meanwhile, Adam's limbs are oozing a black fluid instead of blood. Ripple tells Dias goodbye, that he was never worthy like Chad and himself.

Location: PAX3

As Katrina prepares to get going, and unsuccessful in trying to get Terra on the comm to aid her, she's confronted by Xanatos who claims he's going, despite Katrina not wanting him to join her. Finally angry at Katrina's bitchiness, he asks why she's being like this; Katrina informs him that until he thought his girlfriend was in trouble, he was dismissive of her concerns. Finally reaching Terra, she asks her to pilot them on the mission. Xanatos forces his way onboard and Katrina finally dismisses him, telling Shiva to let him do as he wants, no longer caring what he does and that she's tired of trying to reach out and help someone who doesn't care about her. As Kaltar, a vapaad guardian for the ambassador, and Terra arrive, they set off; Xanatos claims he won't talk anymore and Katrina says that's fine, she won't say not to because she's not Erevis. When Xanatos argues she shoots him in the head - on stun. Afterwards, Katrina rakes her hands through her hair, wondering why she's being such a bitch, even if it was Xanatos.

Location: The Progenitor Temple

In the ruins of the temple, the team finds themselves pinned under debris. With Darien, Meg, and Ariel buried completely, Myria holds up what she can for Theron and Shretrav to try to find a way out.

Location: Earth

Kicking up dust, Dias sees hundreds of 2 feet wide ripples all over the warehouse; above them Warren's chopper arrives at the warehouse when Zeraphna announces they are being followed. Below, as Dias works his way through the circles, Chad and Zeraphna each lap down, taking one side of the building. Ripple and the others inside gawk as Dias reaches Ripple, somehow, by getting past all the ripples. As Angela tries to commando her way in with Fox, Ripple opens a ripple under her and has her fall toward a mass of ripples to die; Adam runs through, losing more body and catches her, letting her flip off his hand to safety. Adam cries out realizing his penis is gone then falls over, seemingly dead, while Dias rolls one of his balls toward Ripple who is distracted by the scene. It explodes, sending him through a wall, but he uses a ripple to vanish into; with so many tiny ripples, Zera is unable to lock onto the new one. Appearing under Angela, he grabs her by the throat and uses her as a shield against Fox's shot, but is then shot in the back by Chad. As Angela whimpers, Ripple promises to make it quick, and a bone breaking is heard.

Location: Darien's Shuttle

Katrina and the others arrive at the planet, finding no lifesigns in the debris or on the planet below. She begs for some sort of sign from them if they are alive.

Location: Xevil's Ship

Xevil demands to know the location of the Guardians to Ariel, while holding Erevis tied up before him. As Ariel steadfastedly refuses to tell him, he begins to torture Erevis in front of her, knowing that torturing Ariel would be pointless. Driving a scaple through her hand, Xevil continues to get more sadistic, and more so when Ariel throws insults his way, and begins to drive it through her wrist, commenting how sad Erevis will never sword fight properly again, then drives it into her chest near her heart, having laced it with neurotoxins, which makes it hard for Erevis to breathe. Ripping her eyeball out with the scaple, Xevil grabs her by the throat as she begins to scream to silence her. When Ariel refuses, saying that Xevil just gets off torturing people, he rips off Erevis clothing and jabs her stomach with the scaple as he undresses, promising to violate her in front of Ariel.

Location: Prognitor Temple

Darien and Megumi finally awaken, but Megumi's busting free of her debris causes the strain on the rest to get harder, making Myria tax her abilities to the max. Darien urges them to try to get to his comm quickly before it's too late; Megumi crawls over, forming a strange blade as she does, warning Darien to remain very still. At that moment, the entire mountain groans and begins to collapse, seemingly the end of them all, even as Megumi reaches Darien.


Session 245: The Wind of Change Part II

Location: Earth

Ripple clutches Angela by the throat as he hears bone breaking as Adam's limbs grow back in, cracking and snapping back in place. Chad shoots through Angela's chest and strikes Ripple, which goes through his tactical suit as well, forcing him to drop her. Zeraphna fires at Ripple as Fox goes in for Angela; he redirects some shots, by her's gets him in the throat. Throwing Angela toward the approaching Dias, Ripple brings out his warp blades and sears his own throat to stop the bleeding. Using his warp blades to deflect shots from everyone, Ripple goads Dias that Zephyr died screaming, trying to make him so angry he doesn't think straight. Fox, leaping in, loses her sword arm, but keeps attacking despite this, firing her gun like a mad woman. Fox, refusing to stand down despite what the others said, is dismissed by Marcus, who begins to aim where holes should appear, and actually strikes Ripple, to the chargin of the Weapon. During all this, Warren has Em, who is in his chopper with him, help him by feeling out a hole in the ripples and aims a railgun. Telling Chad to clear the room by comm, Warren fires the railgun and strikes Ripple directly, but the recoil throws him out of the chopper. Ripple, having survived due to his effects, is hurt and pissed. The others fire at him, their shots getting through now and jerking the Weapon's body about; Angela, seeing Warren falling, sends a Beta to catch him. Ripple retreats after vowing to come back for them all. Adam comes out of the shadows with a gagged, angry Zephyr. Everyone rushes over to talk to her, glad to see she's okay. Zephyr studies the injured Angela, unsure what to think of her coming to help. Adam sneaks off during all this and Warren announces, after getting a message on his datapad, that their fleet destroyed a Tsivrixsh shipyard after some of their ships attacked them. They're offically at war. Elsewhere, Billy arrives home eating ice cream and waving at Aya.

Location: Progenitor Temple

Megumi cuts into Darien's thigh, but he hides it, as they have less than a minute until pancake time. Getting the comm out, Megumi is told to yell into it for Katrina. Up on the ship, they receive the transmission and quickly work on teleporting them one by one onto Darien's ship. Once they're on, Darien is shocked to learn Ariel and Erevis are missing, so he uses a tracer he put on Ariel to find them, giving Terra the location to pilot them there. But then her jerks when he picks up on hyperspace energy at the location and tells everyone what they learned about the Progenitors. While they all argue about things, Shretrav announces after getting a message that Earth and the Tsivrixsh Empire are at war.

Location: Xevil's Ship

Pacing around a nude, unconscious Erevis, Xevil rants to Ariel, still not having the information. However, he twists in one knife of details - the black veins is from Origin exposure and it's killing him. Snarking at him, Ariel gets stabbed in the shoulder by the angry Xevil. He reveals why he wants the location - Wind is the one who put the Guardians into hibernation and that since in the future, Emperor Xevil wasn't suffering from exposure, he concludes that reality powers will cure him of the toxic exposure. So he will lure Wind into a trap, kill him, and take his powers. He stabs her in the stomach and suddenly alarms go off. Announcing Wind is there, sensing her dying, Xevil waits with a sneer.

Location: Darien's Ship

Katrina comments she can't remember why but the idea of facing Wind again makes her ill inside, unaware Wind erased her memories of certain people - Junior and himself. Megumi quietly asks Darien which is deadlier - him or Ariel, and despite Darien saying Ariel, Megumi seems to have other thoughts. As they approach the Tsivrixsh cruiser, they see it being knocked around by something. Shretrav informs them that it's one of Xevil's. Darien activates the weapons Angela installed during her visit, saying he owes her one, and goes in guns blazing. Blasting a hole into the hull, he flies into the ship itself, going down the hallways, despite Shretrav saying it's madness. A terrible noise is heard due to their size, but Darien manages to keep going somehow. Blasting his way into the hallways, he works his way lower toward the beacon. Finally coming to a stop, Darien has Katrina stay and guard the ship while they continue on foot. Carrying Megumi upon her request, he leads everyone deep into the belly of the beast.

They follow sizzling holes left behind by some being of energy, and follow Wind into Xevil's inner chamber, finding Ariel bleeding and a half nude Erevis bleeding. Wind returns to his humanoid form. Xevil then takes his sword and stabs Ariel through the heart for a fatal blow, and Wind stumbles to his knees, everyone else staring in horror. Xevil waits for Wind to die, since their lives are tied, but then stares in horror as Wind begins to laugh insanely, talking about how the world is a disease that needs to go; rising to his feet, Wind eyes Xevil and informs him that he is no longer tied to Ariel's life and he erased his sword before it pierced her. The others attack Xevil quickly. Xevil teleports away after knocking Terra away, claiming none of them can stop him, even if he is dying. Wind begins to erase the ship, saying the universe must be cleansed afterall. Wind kills every Tsivrixsh on the ship, then heads for Darien's ship to get Shretrav. Reaching it, Shretrav begins to scream and Darien attacks him in rage; he finally stops his attack, telling them they're all tainted. Wind tells them it was a mistake to stand back and let them take matters into their own hands, that their dance will lead to a war of misery. Terra flies the ship off the Tsivrixsh cruiser and it vanishes behind them, all souls aboard lost. The Vapaad works on healing Erevis as they head back home

Location: PAX3

Later, in an emergency meeting, Darien tells the members that EarthGov and the Tsivrixsh Empire are at war. But then he goes into a serious speech: "However, this station will continue to stand for peace. This is neutral space, despite being an Earth facility, and I say that nothing here will change. We will continue to fight for peace here. Because, if we can't set an example to the galaxy, who will? Every race is safe here. Every race can continue to bridge the gaps here. And I wiill not let the change. War, or not." Exiting the meeting, Darien enters Ariel's room and suddenly pulls her into a passionate kiss, tongue and all. Darien tells her even knowing everything he knows now, he doesn't regret a moment asking her to dance with him so long ago during the first PAX1 meeting, and they hold each other tightly in an embrace. Meanwhile, Erevis is let loose from the energy tank, her wounds mostly healed, but her eye still missing. When Xanatos brushes her hair out of her face, she grips him in a tight hug and begins to cry into his shoulder. He promises he'll never let her go again as they hug each other.

Even later, Megumi helps Katrina work out her aggression in the training room, and the two begin to talk about various things - such as Megumi feeling no better than a dog and Katrina assuring her she is not one. (she's a cat, dig?) Megumi rants about Wind and how his actions made no sense, all she wanted was for him to punish Xevil, not all the others. Megumi declares that Wind isn't evil, just stupid, and Katrina agrees. Megumi declares that just to spite Wind, she'll show she's real, and that even though she's been looking for a place to die, she wants to live long enough to do that. Megumi says she thought Katrina found her annoying and Katrina says, warmly, that Megumi inspires many different types of emotions in her. Katrina offers to buy her a meal and Megumi comments that her and Erevis have many things in common, she thinks - good things. Megumi comments how it's hard to get Erevis to express anything and Katrina agrees she can be like stone. Finally, she asks Katrina for advice about how to get out from under the ambassador's thumb and truly help the team. Katrina tells her she thinks the team would be truly blessed to have her with them and that she only has to believe in herself, due to Meg's fear of her chaos powers leading her to be an enemy one day. Megumi admits she saw in Ariel a chance to die, but doesn't want to hurt her like that anymore; Katrina urges her to find a place to live.


While Erevis hides out in her room with an eyepatch, withdrawn these days and only seeing Xanatos, Katrina encourages Megumi to take control of her life. So she seeks out Ariel, who is being visited by Darien, who is acting like a boy with a school crush. While he talks with her, Erevis eats the food Xanatos brought her, acting demure these days. After asking Ariel on a date, he runs his hands through his short hair, which has been cut from the long style and goatee he had before, and opens the door to face Megumi and Kieran. Moving off with Kieran to talk, he leaves Megumi alone with Ariel. While Darien is led into a secret Vapaad meeting where he meets them outside their encounter suits and learns they are gray aliens, Xanatos and Erevis talk, having tender moments and connecting in ways they hadn't before with Erevis more vulnerable - even calling him by his first name only, a sign of affection. Telling him she is glad he is there with her, she initiates a kiss with him for the first time. After Xanatos prepares to leave to get her more food, Erevis begins to stress out, not wanting him to leave her alone. However, when he jokes about playing eyespye, Erevis tells him he can go get the food after all and lays down with his back to him, covering her face. Megumi tells Ariel she's thinking of servering her ties to the ambassadors but doesn't know what to do next or even if her family is okay, having not spoken to them in years. Afterwards, she confronts Darien and asks what will happen if a disruption occurs; Darien tells her that he will put her down hard even if he does like her, which pleases the young famfrit. After she goes he warns Xanatos to watch her; returning to Erevis, the two seem to have made up, with Erevis calming and comforting him, since he's worried he's been doing a bad job lately.

Megumi tells Katrina her plan and how she'll be brought down and fix everything causing Katrina to slap her, asking her how that's any better than Wind and his actions. Angered at her wanting to find a place to die, Katrina tells her to just go off and die if she doesn't want to accept the hands others offer her; Megumi claims she's always been alone and that her talk with Ariel, which was unhelpful, only proved that more to her. Walking off to finish her last thing before her actions, she goes to Erevis' room. Erevis, afraid to face others, hides her face while Xanatos tells her to go, but Megumi says she has to own up to the words she gave Erevis about protecting her. Erevis finally rises and opens the door, bowing in greeting to her. When Xanatos tells her that Megumi has come to repair her eye, she declines. She shows all the damage is gone except a black line vein on her forehead and the missing eye, saying it will help her not to forget. Megumi freaks out and sobs, running off, leaving Erevis feeling confused and guilty.


After destroying the training room, Megumi seeks out Katrina for counseling; when asked why she hasn't made her move, Megumi tells Katrina she had a change of heart. When asked what caused it, Megumi tells her it was Xanatos. She tells her that she wanted to fix Erevis to make right her commitment to her but that Xanatos changed her mind so she couldn't. After a bit of talking, Megumi admits she wanted to be friends with Ariel but that didn't work, so she's hoping that if she can get Erevis to open up---then maybe Ariel will open up too. Megumi says the problem with it is that Darien has eloped with Ariel and she doesn't approve. After a bit of talking, Katrina tells her she's glad the young woman changed her mind on matters.


Session 246: The Dogs of War

Location: PAX3

Darien and Ariel have a dinner date. Finally. However, almost everyone on the station is also there, spying on the two. Despite interruptions from raging Ridiariums and other things, the two attempt to bond. However, Ops informs Darien of an emergency he needs to come see personally. Katrina notes out the window a half-battered Tsivrixsh Battlecruiser. As he brings people into Ops, he shows that Earth has been winning most of their encounters so far, but they need to get the station on full alert. The damaged ship has 100,000 aboard that will die from radiation poisoning in a few hours if they don't have a safe habor to fix it and to rotate the crew for radiation treatment under Peacemaker. Leaving Ariel and Xanatos in charge in Ops, Darien brings together an emergency ambassador meeting. He tells them he agreed to let them dock and have time for the repairs, but it will take several days even with help - and that they should vote on the matter if they stay or not. He informs them that nothing is guarenteed on how Earth will react; they agree to give aid. After the meeting, Katrina kisses Shiva and tells her she has this bad feeling. As Darien prepares things, and has his comm on perpertual busy so Earth can't send him orders, everyone gets into place.

Location: Tsivrixsh Occupied Homeworld

Cassandra, Setsuna, Zephyr, SPoC, and others battle on the planet to take it from the Tsivrixsh grasp, having been in the grind of war for weeks now. The amulet has even returned to Setsuna's pockets as they fight. Warren, also on the field with Cheryl now that the space above has been secured, announces they have confirmed the Tsivrixsh are using Dark Technology and they have to be stopped at any cost. However, things get grim when Warren informs them that he was just told that PAX is harboring a battle cruiser from the Tsivrixsh that has been responsible for many attacks on their facilities in the fringe areas. Warren tells them they have been ordered to go to the PAX to secure the battleship, espcially if it has Dark Technology; Cassandra points out it's neutral space and how that will look to the galactic world. He tells her that the PAX' contract states it cannot harbor warships during a time of war and they are within their rights to seize it; and that he wants them all there to help talk sense into Darien. Setsuna, as they all prepare to leave within the hour, is left to wonder about the amulet.

Location: Earth

Marcus, Dias, Zeraphna, and Adam kill a bunch of Tsivrixsh ninjas in a club. When Chad steps in, Zera informs him that EarthGov military is planning to move against the PAX to get the battlecruiser. While this is going on, Adam mysterious vanishes. Asking if Zephyr is part of it, Chad nods and learns from Zera that the attack will likely occur in 2 days times. Chad prepares to try to reach Darien, and Zeraphna states she will continue to look for Ripple; Chad sends Marcus and Dias after her. When asked what her plan is after the duo annoys her, Zeraphna informs them she plans to stand out in the open until Ripple attacks; when Marcus asks if they can stand back to back to protect his kidneys, she says no.

At Janus, meanwhile, a break occurs; after an Aliensish moment where the scanners indicate the intruder is 10 meters away, then 0, then -4, Fox turns around and eyes a rope being lowered from the ceiling and cuts it, dropping Billy onto her head. After threatening Fox with a knife - who has a sabre - Billy pulls out a box and stands on it to get better height. After stealing a datapad, Billy announces Phaeton is back in town with a big weapon. After failing to escape due to her height, she pulls out the chart on Ragnarok for Angela to see after being asked how big, then tears it up before she can study it. Leaving them to their devices, Billy scoots out an air vent as Angela calls the threat in on a secure line.

Location: PAX3

Many things are going on in the crisis: they know Warren is coming. So far they have been ignoring EarthGov's hails to turn over the ship. Megumi states she has not been allowed to see her parents despite being missing for a long time and that the Famfrit Ambassadors can't be trusted. She tells Ariel she's quit the job there but has nothing else to do, but wants to join Ariel in kicking Wind's butt. Myria tells Theron they will not get involved if a conflict breaks out and will take no action even if they are fired upon and will not be the first to retreat; she orders Theron to watch what the other diplomats do before they react. Katrina wonders if Darien can truly beat Warren in a battle of wits. Xanatos tells Erevis he's worried to face Warren and the others and that he will fail to defend the station. Asking her to cuddle with him, Erevis does so without complaint and watches him a bit before closing her eyes. As Ariel heads to have a secret meeting with Darien, a mysterious caller informs her that the attack will happen in 2 days and that Zephyr will be part of it. Meeting Darien, she asks why in his texts he wants her off the station and Darien says they know who will be coming to take the PAX3 and he doesn't want her to be forced to take sides in the matter. Ariel tells him that he's staying to do what's important and she has to do the same. Darien thanks her and holds her.


Session 247: Paved With Good Intentions

Location: PAX3

The entire station is on edge, with Darien working hard to redirect traffic from the PAX3, knowing what is coming, and Peacemaker and Elayne on edge working overtime healing the sick Tsivrixsh crew members. A giant Earth battleship arrives - the flagship designed by Angela - and the lights flicker from the immense power of it. Despite being hailed, Darien ignores it, sipping his coffee, letting Xanatos' people get into position and everyone else get ready. Shiva tells Katrina she can't lose another person she cares about and Katrina promises she will be fine. On the next hail, Darien finally answers and comes face to face with Warren Carmichael, and Zephyr, Cheryl, and Cassandra can be seen behind him. Refusing to allow them to board the station to take the ship, Darien ignores Cheryl's pleas they will take the crew in and continue to treat them, stating this is a neutral territory and he will not hand it over; they are free to pursue it after it has left neutral space. Warren says he will forcefully board the station and relieve Darien of command; Darien responds with bring it on. Warren orders Xanatos and Ariel, who are in the Ops with Darien, to take him into custody. They refuse, believing in what PAX can stand for; resigned, Warren says he will give Darien the battle he seems to be so desperately seeking, ending the transmission. Darien informs Xanatos to get ready and to hold the line at any cost - even lethal - because if they lose to their superior forces, peace is over - the other members will tear apart and take Earth with them.

Darien ponders where the attack will come from as he watches a dozen transport ships fly in toward the docking rings, then 5 break off, scattering about the station. Darien realizes Warren is going for engineering after Megumi brings it up and had Xanatos hold the rest of the forces in the hanger while he leads a team to engineering. Setting the station's auto defenses on, and thanking Angela for upgrades she gave during her vacation with Dias and Marcus, he heads out with Ariel and Megumi. As people join into help, orders or not, Darien doesn't send them away, pleased with their willingness to join, from the Vapaads to Terra in the bar. The computer informs them they have lost all sense of information in engineering; meanwhile Xanatos prepares at the hanger. And so a terrible battle begins against both sides, each thinking they are doing what is right. Also curses toward Angela for designing Warren's team with such good armor. Cassandra and Setsuna are in the engineering section, and do battle with Darien's forces head on. Trying to get each other to back off in an interlude after rough fighting, Cassandra says Warren isn't interested in the soldiers, just the ship for fear it has Dark Tech; Darien says illegal searches of ships in neutral space is not allowed. Darien tells her that the Dark Ones could be pretending to be Tsivrixsh, recalling the prophecy. Seeing there will be no compromises, Darien locks Setsuna and Cassandra and their forces between two force fields, and Darien orders Xanatos to get people in front and behind them to keep them caged. Seeing Cassandra planning to use directional explosives to escape, Darien relents on taking their air long enough to knock them out when the computer announces security systems have been compromised. It seems Warren, despite claiming outloud during the battle where the computer would over hear that he wasn't heading to security, did so. Setsuna mumbles at Warren tricking even them and Cassandra quotes: to fool your enemies, fool your friends first.

The battle intensfies on all ends as Cassandra and Setsuna work their way out and Katrina has to try to delay them with Megumi; while Darien and others try to find who is hacking their systems. They reach Xanatos' office and see it explode from a device Warren had set up. Zephyr arrives with security troops at that moment, facing those at the office, including Darien, Xanatos, Erevis, and Ariel, while Katrina and Megumi arrive behind Zephyr and her elite squad. Another terrible battle breaks out, with Zephyr using Chad's pressure points to disable Darien's arm in hand to hand combat. Despite Ariel's pleas, Zephyr says the Tsivrixsh are monsters that have to be destroyed - her hate for what happened to Hotaru still burning. While apologizing to Ariel, Zephyr says she won't lose, not even for her. The two sides fight, with mother and daughter against each other. It rages on as each one goes easy on the other, but not letting up; finally Cassandra and Setsuna arrive with reinforcements. It begins to turn against the PAX team and their ideals of peace and justice.

Cheryl arrives and tags in, fighting Megumi viciously now. Mechs arrive as well to fight against the others, forcing the battle to get bloodier. Suddenly Tsivrixrsh troops rush out claiming they are going to defend the PAX while Zephyr is in a heated arguement with Ariel over morality, and Shretrav follows, ordering them not to interfere in this matter; Zephyr, reacting on instinct, turns and fires, blowing a hole through Shretrav's chest and out her back. Staring at what she's done, as does the others, but then the Tsivrixsh troops aim at the Earth troops, and despite Cassandra's order to stand down, the Earth troops aim back. Erevis suddenly, having been timid most of the battle, reacts, and mentally yanks all the guns away from the enemies on both sides. She then throws up a shield to keep both sides form hurting the other, straining from the effort. Zephyr, still in shock and horror, turns and retreats. As Loki and others try to keep Shretrav alive as Peacemaker arrives, the computer announces that the computer core is being attacked and Erevis mumbles, loopy, about dark energy.

Xanatos, freaking out at the Dark Ones, or their tech, being involved, asks where Darien Starr is at; they learn he's fighting Warren Carmichael in the core. Everyone, even Zephyr, rushes for the engineering core. Cassandra orders the EarthGov troops to follow and to assist the PAX Forces. As they arrive, they see Warren and Darien fighting, Warren punching Darien against the railing; near them a Tsivrixsh soldier is dissolving into dark goo. The two are yelling at each other, with Darien asking if Warren wants Earth to be singled out by the other races and attacked for his actions while Warren states Darien wanted this because he couldn't get at Wind and now the Dark Ones have gotten involved. Radiation levels begin to spike to unsafe levels for those at the core. While the two fight blindly to what's going on around them, the super black wave that can destroy anything by touch launches at the team, forcing them to dodge it. Darien yanks Warren back and are trapped on the other side due to it. Warren and Darien agree they have to stop the core and the device.

Pulling out, Erevis puts up a shield to protect those not trapped inside, when suddenly Zephyr, having taken the vents, drops down by the device and forms her dragoon bustah gun, aiming at it. She then turns and aims at the core, firing, and the resulting explosion knocks everyone back. The psi shield broken, they all slowly recover, the bubble of death no longer building and gone. The radation levels begin to drop and the core damage is at 15% - Zephyr having aimed at the part of the core where the device was at to protect it as best she could. Warren comes out of the smoke dragging a bloodied Darien. He props him against the wall, looking in bad shape himself. When SPoC asks where Zephyr is, Warren informs the group she was in the path of the explosion and dark wave. Hearing that, Cheryl shoves past Warren into the core chamber. Ariel, sparing a look at Darien, follows, along with others. Cassandra and Setsuna stand back and murmur how war is hell; Setsuna corrects her and says this isn't even war, but Cassandra finishes by saying it's still hell.

While they look, Warren heads to secure the station due to the blood price paid; asking Xanatos if they should stop him, when told yes, Erevis breaks his leg. Aiming his gun at Erevis, Warren eyes Xanatos aim his gun at him in return. Ignoring Xanatos' order to stand down, Warren tells him that ship has Dark Tech and he's not willing to let it go and asks if he is even after Zephyr died. The conversation plays out:

<Warren> Stand down, Xanatos. This fighting is over.
<Warren> What you're doing now is pointless.
<Terra> "So you surrender?"
<DeathStar> <Warren> No. You all are finished.
<Elayne> Kieran> "...They are not finished."
<Xanatos> No Warren. You've lost. You lost Zephyr and you'll lose more if you don't stand down.
<DeathStar> <Warren> Then pull the trigger, Xanatos.
<Xanatos> I fight for peace, Warren. I'm tired of being a mindless soldier.
<DeathStar> <Warren> Then pull the trigger. Because this conversation is over

Warren shifts to hobble forward even with a broken leg. Shooting his other leg, Xanatos watches him struggle on anyway. Firing four more shots at key spots, Xanatos finally brings him down. Telling Xanatos he hopes it was worth it, he orders Cassandra to pull their troops back, but informs them they are not leaving the area with Dark Tech still about. In the core, they struggle to find any sign of Zephyr, who's body could have been vaporized or knocked into the abyss of the core room. Megumi tears up for poor Ariel, but keeps helping her and Cheryl and the others in the search. Darien even hurries in after Warren is taken care of. Megumi's ears pick up a noise and SPoc hurries to a location to find a baby. All are baffled at the baby being there, with Cheryl taking her into her arms. While Darien hugs Ariel and apologizes for what happened, Cheryl lets out a startled announcement: the baby is Zephyr. Ariel approaches tentatively as Cheryl rocks the baby, peering at her sister's eyes. When Ariel arrives, she holds out the baby to her, apparantly not caring they were at war a moment ago. Scans confirm it's Zephyr, leaving everyone to wonder how this is possible. Darien theorizes as Ariel leans against him, holding her daughter, that since she can change her age, that the blast might have scrambled her and deaged her - but that leaves the question if anything of Zephyr is left inside.

Suddenly, Wind appears before them in the core. He notes with disgust that this is where the latest disturbance has come from, not surprised to find them all here. He puts his hands in his pockets as he eyes them, saying he should have known it would have been with all of them. Meanwhile, Peacemaker manages to save Shretrav's life, but barely; the Tsivrixsh taking her back to the planet to heal her - leaving her fate a mystery.


Session 248: When I Was a Child, I Thought Like a Child

Location: PAX3

Those in the core face Wind who has just arrived. Sneering at them all fighting amongst each other like dogs, he approaches Ariel and baby Zephyr, commenting that she is filled with Dark One taint now. Reaching out for her, Wind eyes Ariel jerk back protectively. Eyeing them all aim their weapons, Wind floats up saying that he won't reverse the damage then; then comments that there is a Dark One amongst them. He informs them that it suits his purpose, though, at least and for it to pass on a message to it's masters: "I have attained the key and plan to unlock the ancient relic that can remake reality. I'll be going to the place it all began for this universe. I do so hope you'll try to stop me." When Xanatos asks where that is, Wind tells him he shouldn't involve himself in the games of the gods, turns into his energy form, and vanishes in a split second.

Letting out a breath, Darien eyes Warren and states they have to go to Earth and that he has the fastest ship. Warren states they aren't exactly loyal members of EarthGov right now and that he has no reason to trust them, so Darien makes him a deal: He'll turn himself in willingly as long as he doesn't put anyone else in the brig. And in addition to that, he'll let him use one of the runes to fight Wind, since he has one of the keys needed to unlock them, since they all sealed them after the last time. Warren agrees and orders Cassandra to get the ship ready. As they all prepare, and baby Zephyr cries, Cheryl does baby talk to her to calm her.


Location: Earth

Zeraphna has left Marcus and Dias to their own devices during the time jump; finding themselves peeing on each other in boredom when Adam arrives. Realizing Dias has been wearing the same lcothing for the past month, Adam scans it and find a homing beacon on it; he compliments on how evil that is. Suddenly the entire area explodes.

Meanwhile, Angela meets with President Talon, who says they will need a 40% increase of production on her designs. Once out of his office, her look turns into a glare that the secretary takes note of. Meeting with Red Fox outside, the two run into Phaeton in disguise as a repair man. Phaeton notes she should hurry home now and does something on a datapad before walking off toward the President's office's window. Ordering satelites to track his movements, her hand begins to reach for her gun when a figure steps in front of her, telling her she shouldn't do that. They find Zeraphna standing there in a trenchcoat and a hat. She tells Angela she should hurry on for her own good and when Angela states she's not afraid of her, Zera comments that she was never that smart. As her car pulls up, Zeraphna advises her to take it and go. Bored with the banter with the two, she turns her attention to Phaeton as he returns; saying they're done there, Phaeton tells her the angles are all set up, alluding to something. When Fox questions what they're doing as Zeraphna forms a sniper rifle, she announces she's going to shoot the President. When Angela announces she won't let her do that, Phaeton informs them that he's a Dark One. He points out to her all the actions the President has taken: ordering a war when Earth wasn't ready, doing other questionable actions. Shooting him is just their civic duty; when Angela demands proof, Phaeton tells her that the proof will come in the form of the body after he's dead. Phaeton tells them if they doubt him to arrest him and maybe they could politely ask the President for a blood test.

Angela goes for the arrest, aiming her gun at him; Phaeton calmly goes toward the car but Zeraphna, refusing to play along, knocks the gun out of her hands. Fox turns to aim at Zera but Phaeton jabs a tranq dart in her neck, telling her to let the two girls settle it, Fox muttering she should have shot him first. However, a shadow falls over them as Ragnarok shows up and Phaeton states they should have all shot the president first. Confused because Phaeton had it, Phaeton agrees but says he didn't bring it out; then all of them stare in shock as General Cran emerges from the mech. Cran orders her to stop the two and Angela immediately moves to restrain Zeraphna without a second thought. Zeraphna stares in disbelief, asking if she's completely stupid, since Cran is dead. When Angela says he's right there, Zeraphna sneers and elbows her in the gut, forcing Angela back. Cran tells Angela she has to stop the two before they bring Earth down. Having had enough, the two face each other, and Zeraphna declares that's she made up her mind: she's going to kill Angela Bennet.

Meanwhile, Dias, Marcus, and Adam push themselves out of the water, having been blown into the ocean by the explosion. Ripple appears before them, ready to end this matter once and for all between them. As Ripple attacks Dias, Marcus makes up his mind to get involved and to show he's worthy after all, and the three begin to do battle. Adam aids them with advice and the occasional action, but in the end, it comes down to Marcus and Dias against the strongest Weapon thus far. While they battle Ripple, at the same time Zeraphna and Angela do battle, going at each other physically and verbally, each a mirror to the other and not liking what they see. During this, Phaeton tries to convince the slowly recovering Fox she needs to focus on whatever is posing as Cran and stop it from using Ragnarok and to let the two siblings settle matters. Fox refuses, trying to strike Zeraphna whenever she gets close, but Phaeton blocks her, only to be psionically grabbed by the throat by Em, who has arrived on the scene. Holding Phaeton and with Fox recovering, Zeraphna, still battling Angela, sneers that she needs her bodyguard to do anything; Angela calls out to Fox to stay out of it and that Zeraphna is her's, making her other self comment that she has a spine after all. Fox doesn't take the order well. Meanwhile, Phaeton tries to tell Em that he isn't controlling Ragnarok, whatever is posing as Cran is and that he needs to be stopped. When Fox comments it's better that he control Ragnarok then Wind, Phaeton finally gets angry and shouts for her to quit being stupid - that Cran is dead and what does she THINK it possiblely could be. Em, turning to spot Cran, immediately releases Phaeton, putting the pieces together. Trying to choke hold the Cran, they see no effect on him; meanwhile Zeraphna and Angela continue to get brutal, Angela declaring her a fake and Zera saying she'd rather be a fake than be like Angela. Pope arrives on scene with a shotgun to aid Em in fighting what she has dubbed Zombie Cran, declaring they have to aim for the head. Dodging the shotgun blast, Cran leaps up onto Ragnarok in a single jump. Ragnarok suddenly begins to power up even without a Progenitor to control it. Firing a blast down that could vaporize them all, Pope grabs Em and dodges, while Angela grabs Zeraphna and dodges. Fox just dodges on her own. When Angela declares she will never fail again, Zeraphna mocks her by asking why she's listening to dear old dad and Angela puts the pieces together - Cran is a Dark One. Their comms jammed so they can't send out a signal for help, they have to face Ragnarok alone and Phaeton has retreated, leaving them to their fates. Asking Zeraphna if they're done fighting, she tells Angela hardly - but she has to stop Ragnarok for now. When asked how, Zeraphna responds with "moving" as it fires another blast.

Storm clouds gather over head as Dias, Marcus, and Ripple continue their battle. Tearing into the two with his ripples and warp blades, he slowly works them down, but they also get their share of hits in on the Weapon, weakening him over time. Finally defeating Dias while Marcus stands off to one side trying to find some sort of weakness, Ripple turns his attention toward Marcus after he shouts out to face him - to stop him from killing the barely conscious Dias. As thunder crackles above them, Marcus and Ripple do battle, and Marcus holds his own, dodging the attacks most of the time that would have once killed him. Shooting him in the stomach, Marcus enrages the Weapon, who demands to know who he thinks he is - that he could beat a Weapon. Shooting his own ear off as he fires at the Weapon, Marcus is them piledrived in the face by Ripple's knee. It begins to rain as the two continue, getting more vicious with each other. Right as he's about to kill Marcus, Dias rams into him and knocks down through the rooting pier wood to the lower levels. The two eye each other and vow to finish it, leaping down after him.

Tanks explode from the awesome power of Ragnarok. Fox, berating Zeraphna, is grabbed by her, and told she's had enough of her words. Fox shoots her in the chest and Zera shoots her in the leg, causing Angela to shout at them both. Despite Angela saying they need to focus on Ragnarok, the true threat, Zeraphna walks off, having enough of Fox. As Angela chases after her, yelling her name, Zeraphna whirls on her, unleashing true hate at their actions, stating she's tired of Angela and Fox (her judgemental whore) always playing the high and mighty bitches with her. Angela tells her that it's over and Ragnarok needs to be stopped now; Zeraphna comments on Angela getting Fox to agree that, pointing at her bleeding chest. When asked why she isn't healing, Zeraphna states that if Fox bleeds, she will too. Meanwhile, Pope hands Fox a medical kit and tells them he's going to try to find a fighter, running off; Fox grabs Em and dodges Ragnarok's foot as it tries to pancake them. Talking Zeraphna down enough to at least consider fighting with them, Angela asks where Zeraphna's pilot is and learns she doesn't have one because she never needed one. Telling her she needs a pilot, Zeraphna mockingly asks who it could be and Angela picks herself, to Zeraphna's horror. Refusing at first, the two see Em and Fox try to climb Ragnarok against Zeraphna's warning not to and both are shocked, their hearts stopping. The two eye each other and agree to help them, then bond.

The darkness of the lower pier shelters the three from the rain, except with the hole. The battle continues, bloodier than before. The two do a combo after Dias lets himself get stabbed, and they manage to knock Ripple back long enough for Dias to drive his own warp blade back into his side. Adam finally returns, having left with Marcus' wallet to get a special gun which he throws to Marcus. Marcus blasts a hole in the Weapon's chest, leaving him stuttering, and Adam begins to gather dark energy into his hands - like a Dark One. Adam attacks him with the dark energy, making Ripple scream. Killing Ripple and ending his threat, the darkness fades and Adam tells the two they did a good job, his demanor back to normal and friendly. When Dias asks what Adam is he tells them he's a Dark One. Adam tells them he has no reason to fight them and that there's another Dark One at the President's building and that their friends are dying. He walks off, leaving Marcus and Dias to hurry to the rescue.

Reviving Em and Fox, Zeraphna and Angela begin to bond when Ragnarok steps on them, seemingly killing them before Fox and Em. As the two debate how to bring Ragnarok down now, the foot suddenly lifts and a single person rises from the crater, a mixture of Zeraphna and Angela's features. Inside Angela's head, Zeraphna tells her to quit playing around and to take out Cran. As Angela leaps into the air to do battle, Pope arrives in a shuttle, tossing down rocket launchers and other weapons for Em and Fox to use - Fox eager to grab the explosive weapons. Angela flies in at Ragnarok, while Cran who is standing on the shoulder of Ragnarok is shot off by Fox's rocket, landing on the ground. Em and Fox combo him and explode Cran into black goo, which makes Ragnarok weaker as it wrestles with Angela, who has dubbed herself Delta in this form. However, the black goop reforms as Hotaru, taunting Em. A long battle ensues on both fronts, the Dark One using mind games and Ragnarok brute force. Em and Fox finally defeat the Dark One posing as Hotaru and Delta removes Ragnarok's core, leaving it motionless. Adam, Dias, and Marcus arrive on scene in time to see the ending, as well as Chad Winters. Adam watches from the roof quietly. Zeraphna declares they are never doing that again and closes off her circuit to Angela so they can't mind talk; Em offers to be her pilot in the future if she's interested , and leans into Pope's embrace.

Suddenly, Adam lets out a cry and is slammed into the pavement by Wind, who has arrived, saying he hates Dark Ones. The group all turns, weak from battle, to face the creator of their reality.


Session 249: Through A Glass Darkly

Location: The EarthGov Flag Ship

The ship speeds toward Earth, nearing their destination. Cheryl and Cassandra worry over the fact there's a communication blackout on Earth so they have no idea what is going on there. Dropping out of hyperspace in the Sol System, everything seems alright at first glance. Warren orders the pilot to bring them in.

Location: Earth

The group stares in horror as Wind stands on a damaged Adam, stating he ate a soul recently - referring to Ripple. When asked how many Dark Ones were on the planet, Wind tells Angela "a few". As Wind forms an eraser ball, Angela tells Fox that isn't Adam before them, that Adam is dead - which Adam responds he is, in fact, Adam; when a Dark One uses the soul to take their appearance and form, they become that person. While Wind lets him yap to the others, filling them in on how Dark Ones work - any dead person's soul can be used to a Dark One - and that killing that Dark One does not damage their soul. He also tells Angela and Zeraphna that the Dark Ones will be coming for them, due to a prophecy that states to twins that share one soul with two bodies. When only Marcus thinks Adam should be saved, Adam smiles coldly and states they have taught him everything he needs to know; blasting Wind through a building, he rises as Chad and others attack him. As Angela states Adam is a Dark One and should die because of that, Adam points out that while he may be evil, not all of them are "good" either. He then tells Angela that she and the others will someone who has saved her life several times just because they deem them evil and that's why his people will win. When Fox declares Adam her enemy, he agrees then warns the twins once more that they will bring great change, probably for the worst. Turning his back to the team, he tells them to get it over with if they want; all of them but Marcus and Dias shoot him in the back again and again.

Finally, a hyperspace blast strikes Adam down after they shoot chunks of his body off, Wind stating he's glad they finally know where they stand. A tiny hand emerges from the crater left by Wind, then grows into Adam's hand as he pulls himself out. Chad shoots him in the head and knocks him back in. Finally, Billy emerges from the crater, panting. She spreads her arms, asking them why they don't finish what they started as they stare in shock. They finally put together, some faster than others, that Billy was Adam. She tells them they should finish the job; they were willing to kill Adam who tried to help them, killing a 4 year old should be no different. When Marcus stands in front of Billy, saying they'll have to kill him to get her, she hugs his leg and tells him thank you before she's teleported out.

Darien's shuttle finally lands nearby. Megumi comically runs outside and is blinded by the sunlight, flailing about trying to find Wind. Wind proudly tells those that came with Darien what they did about Billy, to Cassandra and Setsuna's and Darien's anger. When Darien learns he rails on the other team for siding with Wind, since Wind seems to think there's hope for them now after witnessing what he did. Darien and Chad leave on a shuttle to get the runes, leaving the others behind with Wind while Megumi blindly looks for him. When Wind states his plans to destroy the universe and remake it without Dark Ones, Megumi tells him that he didn't make her; agreeing with her, he forms an eraser ball, musing that the Dark Ones might have made the Famfrits. Before he can act, a big spidery ship appears above them. A Dark One tendril flies down and impales Wind a moment later while he's distracted.

Erevis jerks her gaze toward Warren as Wind destroys the Dark Ship. The others begin to wonder if perhaps it's not Talon that's the Dark One, but Warren as he states they're the best option to destroy Wind at this particular time. He begins to pulls out weapons, firing at Wind as he runs to avoid his attacks, Wind moving into hyperspace mode. Blowing up the shuttle, Wind goes after Warren, even as Erevis begins to attack Wind. More Dark Ships appear to join the battle as well. The team runs, grabbing Warren, as the ships fire down at the area. As dust is kicked up after the team is knocked back, Warren asks if Wind is dead or not. Wind mutters about damn Progenitors after the dust clears and Wind returns to his normal form. Thanking them for leading the Dark Ones there - sarcastically - he zips away as Warren states they'll need the runes. Also, having survived the blast, is Ragnarok. They begin to debate using it, stating Erevis could use it if they put the core in; most saying no, like Erevis, others like Angela and Zera considering it. Warren uses his comm; when Ariel tries, she finds her's being jammed. He tells them even if the core isn't strong enough to beat Wind, it might let them reach him, so Angela and Zeraphna reinstall it.

Using the Ragnarok to go where it all began, and Warren giving Megumi her first pair of shades, the team heads to where Ariel and Wind crash landed so many years ago. Surrounded by Dark debris, Wind sees them, turning into hyperspace mode and zooming in at Ragnarok. They get into an epic battle with Wind but after taking damage, Ragnarok begins to ignore Angela's commands and battles Wind itself. When the team gets the chance, they all dive out of the damaged, crazy Ragnarok. However, Angela still inside hacks Ragnarok so it stops attacking, giving Wind the moment he needs to strike the core; Zeraphna leaps off with Angela as it explodes. Finally pissed, Wind returns to his human form, declaring it over and strikes his hand into the ground, causing the area to shake. Pieces of crystal rise up from the ground, and Wind declares he has found Centerpoint. He tells them what it is - an ancient relic made by the ancients to create and remake realities. The crystals fly out of sight and all over space a particular sector is reading strange hyperspace readings. When they declare they will never let him reach it, Wind tells them right now the Dark Ones and every other race in the galaxy will know Centerpoint's location and if they beat him, one of them will take it over - and questions if they can truly beat every race in existence's greed. Waving his hand, Wind freezes everyone in place but Cassandra, Fox, Terra, and Megumi.

Moving over and kissing Wind, he moves to go when a fire attack strikes him, allowing everyone to move again. Throwing out the runes to everyone, including the Rune Blade to Ariel, they converge on Wind. After being heavily damaged, Wind throws all his energy into an attack to knock them back and actually flees. Darien waves his hand to stop everyone, knowing they can't stop him, and that every race in existence will be at Centerpoint in two days time. So he plans to pull the PAX2 out of the mothballs and use the Light Engine to jump directly there, giving them two days to prepare. Erevis warns Centerpoint will increase his powers once they're on it. Angela points out Xevil will be heading for it too. Megumi, moving over to Erevis, tells her she's picked her to do her a favor - that out of everyone she's considered, only Erevis could fulfill it. Telling her she was looking for a place to die, she's decided she wants to live now - even if it's just to piss Wind off, so she needs Erevis to stop her if she berserks or does something stupid. They agree to watch over each other. Angela, asking if Zeraphna plans to come along, says no - she has to make sure if Talon is a Dark One or not or everything they're doing at Centerpoint will be meaningless.

Several hours later, while Darien and Ariel enjoy a romantic dinner, Cassandra and Setsuna return home to find all of Billy's toys gone, with only a note remaining: Note: I had fun. Yours forever evilly, Billy. With a knife in a heart drawn. Also, Megumi and Erevis spend time together, with Megumi surprised to know that Erevis can sense who she is by her unique feel, and Megumi tells her she smells of the earth and that she likes that. Darien tells Ariel about the original TAW Trilogy and how Wind took his place in life and everyone came to love him, not Death Star, but in the end, he realized, Wind was right then. Even if part of him still resents him. He promises to try to break the cycle of hate with Wind, for Ariel's sake. Also, Angela takes the time to visit Aya and Ben (With Cheryl's blessings). Megumi and Erevis meanwhile both promise to rely on each other if they lose themselves and become a danger, each helping the other to find their way back. When asked about Xanatos, Erevis confesses she fears she will not see him again after this is all over and that she doesn't want to see him hurt anymore than he has been. Darien takes Ariel to a hotel room and they make love for the first time since they've met, so long ago. Megumi and Erevis continue to bond each finding a deeper level connection with the other in their words and feelings and actions. Megumi tells her to: "The only thing that deviates from that is how many moments you're allowed to experience, so... Enjoy them, Erevis. Anything you want to do, wish to see, need to experience. Count down the days fulfilling them, one by one." Angela, after being booted out by Chad, encounters Phaeton, who gives her a device, telling her Talon might not be the higher up doing the string pulling on the recent war and that she should jab that into Warren after the Centerpoint incident to see if he is a Dark One or not. Phaeton points out that Warren did blow his brains out a year ago; when Angela counters this one came from the past, Phaeton tells her that if he killed her, wouldn't Zeraphna still be able to operate even though they had Angela's soul? Angela muses on the two bodies, one soul prophecy. After Megumi and Erevis drink a lot, Megumi asks Erevis if she can sleep with her. Erevis agrees to allow her to do so. As Erevis studies Dias, and brushes her hair back, she now has two dark lines on her forehead. After a bit, Dias gets the two a taxi back home.


Xanatos finally awakens from being bitchslapped into KO by Wind and find Erevis in bed with Megumi, both fast asleep, with a discarded kimono on the floor though Erevis is in a t-shirt, and Megumi draped along her waist and being cuddled like a cat. When Dias speaks up behind him in a robe, saying he slept there last night as well, Xanatos gets mad, jumping to conclusions. When Dias claims they had sex together - Erevis and Megumi - and has a tape to prove it, Xanatos punches at him and Erevis closes the door due to the noise. More misunderstandings occur, with Xanatos getting twitchier. Finally, as Erevis and Megumi take a bath together and Xanatos storms off for air, pissed off thinking the worst, when Ariel arrives for a visit. The three talk as Megumi and Erevis bathe. Erevis battles the tail. When the two comment that leaving the eye missing is twisted as a reminder of Xevil, Erevis becomes withdrawn. Ariel apologizes through the mark and tells her she should fix it for physical reasons if not psychological and Erevis runs a finger along it thoughtfully. After Megumi falls asleep, the two have a serious talk about what happened. As they talk, she brushes her hair, revealing three large black veins. Erevis admits that part of her wants to take a long rest after beating Wind, that she feels out of place in this world - content in it, yes, but out of place and unsure if she can take that final step into happiness. The two hug, despite the depressing news of Erevis feeling lost.

Xanatos returns two hours later and the two talk about the misunderstanding and other things. When she asks about Xanatos being jealous of Ariel and Darien, Erevis begins to undress, saying she wants to make him happy; but Xanatos stops her, saying it should be for love, not to make him happy. When she asks if she could only find happiness in death, Xanatos says he would accept that, even if it made him sad, causing her to kiss him again and ask again if he wants to copulate. Asking her if the time with him has ever made him happy, Erevis replies she is content and that she misses his voice when he is gone. The two finally have sex after all this time. Twice.


Session 250: All Good Things

Location: Earth

Everyone prepares to gather at the meeting place Darien setforth while President Talon gives a speech about staying clear of the battle zone several sectors of space away where EarthGov and Tsivrixsh forces are slugging it out. The group talks as they wait, various tender moments passing by that can only be read in log or it'd take forever to write this like the other summaries. Without warning, they are teleported onto the PAX2 where they find Darien wearing black armor with blue stripes. They find the PAX2 is severely understaffed and Darien admits it's not battle ready and mostly there for being a shield to get them to Centerpoint. He passes out the main runes and minor runes to everyone on the team, trying to balance out strengths and weaknesses. As they all prepare to go forth without Chad and Dias, who did not show, the team gets a transmission from Warren, Cheryl, and Katrina. Warren informs them they have begun engaging Tsivrixsh forces about an hour ago, with Cheryl stating they seem desperate to get to Centerpoint. Katrina reveals, from the PAX3, that the Tsivrixsh have offically pulled out of PAX along with the Ridiariums, who have joined their war effort offically. The plan is set in motion: Warren and Cheryl will work with the fleet to keep the Tsivrixsh back while Katrina tries to keep the peace together on PAX3, allowing Darien's team time to get in close to Centerpoint. However, before they can act, Warren and Cheryl inform them the Dark Fleet has arrived as well. As the three end the transmission, Darien gives a famous speech, and it's off to war.

Location: Outside Centerpoint; In Space

The PAX2 light jumps into the middle of a battle between Earth forces, Tsivrixsh and Ridiarium forces, and Dark One Forces, all fighting to try to reach Centerpoint. In the chaos, as ships attack them, Warren sends them a plot trajectory to take through the battlefield. As they fly it, ships attack, heavily damaging the PAX as the inch closer and closer to Centerpoint. After having to blast out sections of the ship into space from damage, Terra, piloting the ship, agrees to activate the Warren Alpha Protocol that turns the PAX2's engines about and transforms it into an out of control speed ship through space. Dodging through many attacks, she finally fails half-way to Centerpoint, so they abandon ship, Darien hitting the auto repair sequences in the vain hope the PAX2 survives the war. They use one of Darien's personalized shuttles and escape, leaving the PAX2's crew to try to get it out of the warzone.

Flying through space, Dark Mechs fire death rays at them that Cassandra and Setsuna remember all to well, and Darien works hard to avoid being vaporized. After losing the wing when Xanatos grabs the controls and jerks one way to Darien's the other, Darien hits boosters and tries to outrun the fighting. After using Angela's mysterious green button and becoming a projectile, they get stuck inside a Dark Ship, where Dark Creatures begin to chew on the outside; hitting it again, they begin to shake free, but one creature damages a circuit that knocks Darien backwards, forcing Terra to take the controls. Darien gives Setsuna her psi amp to do her green light, red light attacks to stop Dark Ones and they break free, flying through space again.

After Terra dodges multiple attacks, she and Darien switch places again only to have an armored Tsivrixsh shuttle fly up beside them and Xevil speak. He rams their shuttle and damages it, causing them to begin to go down. Flying out of control toward the giant crystal ball that surrounds Centerpoint, Darien, seeing no openings, uses Angela's green light button, blasting it as they zoom in and everyone blacks out.

Location: Outer Centerpoint

They awaken in the shuttle laying on crystals. Finding themselves on the outer crystal wall that circles the inner structure, they take a path inward toward the center. A Dark Ship soon busts through the outer wall and they have to battle it along their crystal path. After dispatching the first wave, they hurry on, lest they waste their energy on minor enemies.

Location: Inner Crystal Centerpoint

Upon reaching the inner crystal circle world, they find a world of crystal of varying heights and sizes, with a crystal building in the center. Working their way along the vast landscape, the team soon encounters Xevil's ship as it busts through the Inner Crystal wall. It begins to fire one hit kill beams at the group, especially Ariel and Erevis. Using the runes on the ship, they damage it enough after a battle that it crashes into a crystal wall and explodes, far from the team and below. Suddenly, Centerpoint begins to glow as it's powered up. As they get closer to the central building, dozens of crystal men rise up from the ground and begin to battle the team to slow them down. Despite their best attacks, the men reform, so the team runs for the central building while firing and striking them. Once they reach the building, the crystal men vanish

Location: Crystal Center Building

Once there, the crystals here are a rainbow of colors, as if this is the life source of the world, complete with melodies. The building itself is almost like a corporate building with the many levels. By now Erevis has four dark veins on her forehead. Angela, asking Erevis to step forward, watches as the door scans Erevis and detects her Progenitor lifeforce, opening up for her. Suddenly almost losing her head, the team jerks Erevis down in time to see a slightly older, more mature Ariel standing there. The TAW1-TAW3 Ariel, reimagined by Wind. The team does battle with her, knowing she has to be the last defense before Wind. After a long battle, they manage to defeat her, with Ariel stabbing her Classic self. Once defeated, her energy runs through Ariel's sword and her armor changes into Classic Ariel's armor, and a crystal sword in her free hand. With nothing left between them and Wind, they enter the inner chamber

Location: Inner Chamber

Finding Wind pressed against crystal machines that are sucking his energy out into the floor below with a circle like area at the center of the circular room. Wind steps away, in humanoid form, and tells them the multiverse is being recreated. After a brief debate with Wind, stating their universe is worth saving, darkness and all, Wind considers, then says he will give them the chance to save their universe by fighting them - if they can beat him, and prove their universe is worth saving, he will relent to their will. He challenges them to see who's beliefs are stronger - his or theirs. And he says he will not use his erasing power.

And so begins a long epic battle against the creator of the universe, for the fate of all reality. Wind begins in his humanoid form, battling them hand to hand. Not using their runes in this battle, it becomes a test of brute strength. After they manage to overpower him a few times, he moves to the next phase and begins to use swords that aren't made of hyperspace, attacking them with his best combat preference. Another long battle results, with the team trying to hit him even with his super speed; Megumi and Wind lock blades several times over the course of this phase. Erevis and Xanatos both agree, after watching, that Wind is not even going all out taking it easy on them so far, when Terra asks if they should use the runes. After being impressed with their strength, he pulls the Dark Rune out of Centerpoint and it flies onto him. He begins to attack them with dark powers, pushing their limit harder. When they question if Wind is the source of corruption he informs them they are wrong; the runes themselves come from Centerpoint. He tells them this is an uncorrpted Dark Rune from Centerpoint, not like the one the Dark Ones had. Megumi and Wind and the others fight again, while Ariel heals a wound Erevis got despite the fact Erevis points out he's weak to Holy right now. Finally torn apart by Megumi's attack, Wind heals himself and makes the Dark Rune vanish, pleased at their progress.

Acknowleding their strength, Wind declares they will fight for real as he spreads his arms, transforming into his energy form. Darien authorizes use of the runes on him and a long battle begins, due to the power of hyperspace. Using a few beams, he mostly focuses on hand to hand combat again, making people dodge him. After a bit, he moves to forming two hyperspace blades, attacking them with renewed vigor. After a short, but bloodied battle, Wind teleports back and forms all the runes around him, sucking them into himself; while the team still has their own runes, it seems Wind has another set inside him. He begins to switch elemenets, using that element to unleash it's attacks on the group. They quickly learn they have to use the opposite element to the one he's using to damage him. Another grueling battle ensures, with the team slowly weakening and tiring, putting their all into their strikes. After a long battle, where each use their elements and prounce him, ending with Megumi and Wind hyper dodging and attacking until her fire hits him. Wind leaps back, turning into his humanoid form and forming six energy wings and flying up. Starting to do area attack moves, the group is forced on the defensive until they are finally able to put forth an offensive. Eventually, Megumi puts her final energy into a strike that knocks him down and lets the others converge on him, and the area bleeds into pure white.

Landing on his knees, Wind pants before them, defeated and looking ill, as if he's not formed correctly. Wind tells Darien his life is his to take and Darien walks up, as if to do it, but then lowers his sabre, deciding to let go of his hate and telling Wind that he went easy on them. When Fox asks why Wind went easy, Wind holds his arm in pain and tells her: who am I to kill heroes? Wind tells them his sin was that he could not let go of the past and that all things must end, even good ones. Telling them he is dying, and that only they can stop Centerpoint, Wind explains to them what they must do - and that it will not be easy. The only thing that can stop it is to destroy the core controls with the Rune Blade with all runes inside it. But since it was not designed with a self-destruct in mind, whoever stabs it will be destroyed instantly along with Centerpoint. With his final act, he hands Erevis a green orb and touches her face, removing the veins of corruption from Origin. He touches Darien next and does the same. Telling Erevis she should let go of the past and let the child fix her eye, Wind collapses. Unlocking the way, they all say goodbye to him and move to the center circle as Wind erases himself.

Location: Central Elevator

Riding the elevator down toward the Multiverse Generator Core below, most of the team is wounded, some heavily like Xanatos and Angela and Megumi, and most are low on energy after using the runes extensively, and they have run out of healing items. Thankfully, all enemies are apparantly dead now. It lowers them down into a crystal abyss where they recover and talk about certain things, like Xanatos not approving of lesbians. Cassandra and Setsuna, and many others, shoot daggers into Xanatos, much to Marcus' delight

Location: The Core

The lift arrives at the core finally, a giant area made of red crystals. A hallway leads them forward toward a circular area where the core lies. Stepping into the area, they see it hovers over an abyss, with no noticeable walls or anything. The core extend down from the building above into the center of the area; and all around them they can see portals of hundreds of worlds being created. When they talk about who will destroy it, Xevil chides them on destroying such a wonderful device, stepping out between them and the core; the surprising part is his face is completely healed. As they prepare to defeat him, Xevil tells them they've made one critical mistake: while Wind erasing himself destroying the majority of the reality power, he pumped a good amount down here into the core to activate it and Xevil has laid claim to it being first. Everything, he declares, is now his. Making portals of other realities, dozens of Xevils begin to step out of them. While Erevis, still afraid of Xevil, freezes up, Xanatos stands in front of her to protect her, and the others do battle with the Xevils, trying not to be overwhelmed. The team quickly finds themselves out numbered, with Xevils piling on them; during this Megumi staggers to her feet as if possessed, attacking with her teeth like a berserker as crystal armor forms about her. Darien watches her attack friend and foe alike seemingly. While Xanatos tries to get Erevis to fight back, Darien is injured gravely by a Xevil, the fight slowly turning against them as it is endless. Finally, Erevis focuses her energies and begins to throw Xevils off by the dozens.

As Megumi's attacks grow worse for them, Erevis psionically yanks her along to her. She faces Megumi, planning to keep her pledge to her. Erevis uses all her power to hold the girl as Megumi struggles to break free; all around them the others continue to fight the legion of Xevil. Finally grabbing her in a hug, her skin bright red from the hyperspace usage, Erevis holds the wounded Megumi; the young famfrit woman finally collapses. However, a black energy bolt suddenly hits Xevil meanwhile, which makes all the other Xevils twitch and shudder. Grabbing a device, he hits a button, then Xevil crushes it, vowing to make them all pay. The souls of all the Xevils are yanked out and dragged into the corner, where Billy is standing, in a cute little black dress and ribbon in her black hair. She cursties to the team, then rises, eyeing them with glowing violet eyes, saying hello to them all.

Walking to the core, she places a dark barrier around it, telling them she's there to stop them. Angela declares that's she leading the Dark One's interest here. Billy says yes, after their last encounter she decided to be where she belonged - that a puppet cannot fight it's puppeteer after all. When Marcus asks why she is doing this, she tells him after their last encounter, she's decided the group is no better. That as she was judged for being a Dark One, she now judges them all based on one human - Angela. Angela tells them all she's their enemy now and must be defeated, to the anger of many of the others, despite Billy saying she's right. Billy tells them it's simple: her life force is powering the barrier around it. To get to it, they must kill her. Or leave. Billy tells them they'll be there soon, so they should begin.

Telling them they should all stop arguing amonst themselves, she makes it easy for them and crushes a dark gem into a sword that's too big for her. Crushing the other gem she turns into an 18 year old woman. She tells them she will make the first move so their hands will be bloodless, and swings her swords sending a dark arc at Angela who dodges and fires back. She goads the team, telling them lies to turn them against her so it will make it easier for them. Many do not attack, but Angela does vigorously, and Megumi as well. Soon Xanatos joins as Billy keeps goading them, ignoring or missing attacks that are directed about her mothers, Cass and Sets. Slowly they inflict wounds. During the fight, as she bleeds, she purposely never looks at Cassandra, Setsuna, or Marcus. Setsuna grabs Billy, taking a swing from her, and demands she stop it, on the verge of tears; Billy blasts her into Cassandra.

Billy stands up and says she'll end it for Setsuna and four orbs appear on the platform, stating she'll show them how evil she is. Marcus finally aims at her, still shaking, and Billy tells him he'll never save the universe like that and to use what she taught him. She unleashes a new wave of attacks, telling them they should have never taken her off that planet. When Marcus drops his hand and says he can't do it, he believes in her, Billy wavers a moment. Cassandra steps up beside Marcus and Billy yells that they are idiots, she can kill them in one strike. Angela finally realizes she's wrong as the orbs vanish and Billy falls to her knees, muttering they're all stupid and she doesn't care, which they disagree. Dropping her sword, she tells them they should have killed her when they had the chance. When Cassandra asks why they would do that, Billy asks her if she really believes they would let their puppet go; she begins to twitch like on some strings. Begging them to kill her, they don't and she transforms into a Dark One.

Megumi stares, realizing Billy is like herself, looking for a place to die to remain herself until the end. The Dark One begins to attack the group with no mercy, drawing power from all the realities. When the others think Billy is lost, Erevis, straining to hold the Dark One mentally, tells them she feels Billy in there, trapped. They battle to weaken the shell around Billy and soon, with a monkey Megumi, break the gem that appears, reverting Billy to her normal four year old self. They cradle the weak Billy who mutters in childish defiance she's still evil, which they all accept.

Even with the fights over, one thing remains - who will die to save their reality? One by one they place their runes into the Rune Blade. Many argue why they should be the one to do it. Finally, Ariel and Darien decide to do it together, holding each other. The others begin to go after the decision is made, heading for the elevator lift to get to safe distance. The idea of Ariel dying, though, distresses Erevis, who clutches at her heart as she's led away by Xanatos. The sound of Dark Ships can be heard approaching as they get to the lift. Finally, they all get on and take the lift up, leaving Darien and Ariel behind.

Once on top, Dark Creatures attack, forcing them to clear a path to safety. Below in the Core, Darien and Ariel are also attacked, forcing them to fight to make sure they even live long enough to stab the core. As the others escape, they don't notice Fox taking the elevator back down. She knocks out Darien who is already weak. Telling Ariel to get Darien and get out of there, that she can defend the position until it's time, Ariel nods to her and does so, leaving Fox behind with the Rune Blade, who kills legions of Dark Ones as she waits

Location: Shuttle

The team finally makes it to the shuttle after fighting their way through Dark Ships and Creatures. Erevis, strapping in, pauses, telling them that Ariel is approaching their destination, even as Dark Ships aim at their shuttle. As a tendril aims at both the shuttle and another at Fox in the Core, Ariel has to leap for the shuttle ramp, landing inside just in time for Xanatos dodge with the shuttle. Fox pauses only a moment then stabs the core. All around them, Centerpoint begins to explode and fall apart; the damaged engines straining to get them going. Soon it stops flying outward, it too weak to escape the gravity of Centerpoint. Erevis tells him his only chance is to turn around and fly into the center of Centerpoint and use the gravity to slingshot out, which means riding down through a path of falling crystals. Xanatos nods and attempts it.

Xanatos has to fly through a minefield of crystals that could potientially destroy them, weaving in and out of the raining debris, going faster and faster as he picks up speed. Hitting some and slowly damaging the shuttle, Xanatos slowly begins to reach his zone and get better. Finally they escape into clear space. Warren comes on the comm and eyes Warren, declaring pigs can fly. He then informs them they have a problem: A Planet Killer from Xevil's fleet is almost at Earth and there's no ships there to defend it, due to the warzone commitment at where Centerpoint stood. Xanatos guesses part of Warren's plan - to use the PAX2's Light Engine to reach Earth, but Warren says the PAX2 is nearly destroyed and might not be enough on it's own. Xanatos tells him it'll have to do so Warren has him head there where people are trying to repair it so they can talk more.

Location: PAX2

As they land the shuttle, they find Cheryl waiting. When asked for medics, Cheryl tells them the ship is nearly deserted and that Warren is still with the main fleet fighting. She also informs them it might not even survive another Light Jump and that's she all the crew that's left. Cheryl tells them that with no weapons or anything else, after the Jump, they'll have to manually aim the PAX2 at the Planet Killer, then all of them get the hell of the ship. Most remain at the shuttles due to their wounds, while Cheryl, Xanatos, Ariel, and Erevis make their way to the bridge to help direct it while Angela heads to the engines.

Bypassing safety precautions and other things, they ignore the alarms as they force the PAX2 to jump. Angela heads to the shuttles and sits, having wired some controls to her datapad in the event of an emergency. Despite an explosion, the PAX2 jumps and they appear in the Sol System. Cheryl tells Ariel and Erevis to get down to the shuttle, that she and Xanatos can handle it from here. As Xanatos works on moving it manually, the ship shuddering, Cheryl sits at the controls. Erevis tells Xanatos she'll be waiting for him and returns with Ariel; the Planet Killer slowly comes into view as it aims at Earth. Cheryl tells Xanatos to get them in as close as they can so they can coast it as she works on the self-destruct program.

However as they get close, the Planet Killer fires a shot and strikes the PAX2, damaging it and making areas shut down. Xanatos and Cheryl recover on the bridge and Cheryl curses; she tells him the computer is fried and she can't make it countdown or self-destruct now. Cheryl and Xanatos eye each other, since that means they have to fly it in and crash it manually now. Xanatos tells her to go; when Cheryl hesitates, he tells her she has a kid and that he isn't a coward. Cheryl thanks him from the bottom of her heart and runs back to the hanger after giving him her comm. Xanatos uses it to talk to Erevis as the Planet Killer takes aim at Earth, getting them in close. Due to the hanger being closed off from the damage done by the attack, Cheryl busts in through a vent and lands in the hanger, moving into the shuttle. Erevis holds the comm, shaking with emotion, and tells him for the first time she loves him, with complete honesty in her voice. Falling to her knees, Erevis lets her long hair hide her pained expression as the Planet Killer begins to glow, and cries. Terra flies them out as the PAX2 slams into the Planet Killer, both being destroyed.

They all sit there, stunned by the losses that day, as the sky lights up in a brilliant light, then fades to normal.


Location: PAX3

Katrina stands before the PAX Council and tells them that Earth will be withdrawing from the PAX Alliance, and turning it over to the council to run now. She tells them she hopes they will all keep it safe until the war is over and that she hopes, one day, her people will be smart enough to return to it. Katrina and Shiva speak as military crews depart on shuttles, with Katrina deciding to go with Shiva. Cheryl holds the baby Zephyr, rocking her as she talks with Ariel about the future - she decides maybe she'll focus more on family as she takes Zephyr from Cheryl, laughing as Megumi wakes up finally from a week of sleep. Cheryl comments she plans to go home to Ben and how Warren has been depressed upon hearing the news of Xanatos' death. During this, Warren walks up to Erevis and gives her Xanatos' book of memoirs, saying he'd want her to have it. Darien, meanwhile, preps his shuttle for one last flight with Ariel before he serves time for a few months, eyeing the stars and thanking Fox. Megumi seeks out Erevis and finds her in Xanatos' security office, holding the book, having been crying; the two share a meaningful look and she asks Megumi if she would mind healing her eye. Megumi agrees, hugging her and apologizing for failing to make sure Erevis came back unhurt - referring to the loss of Xanatos. During this Angela asks Warren if he is a Dark One, which he snorts and replies not last he checked. Angela, who sent in the shot to be tested, gets the results -it was 100% lethal. It seems Phaeton died shortly after the Ragnarok incident - in his car. Which means the Phaeton that gave Angela the shot was a Dark One. Angela sighs, noting that the real Phaeton was right - Dark Ones are amongst them. She tells Warren that she plans to seek out Zeraphna now and see if she can find out who she is inside by being near her. Despite many offers, Megumi opts to stay with Erevis for now, with the promise Ariel will come back soon to check on them. After Ariel returns to Darien, he proposes to her and she accepts. And he promises her: "Baby, I can't predict the future, but it'll be an adventure. One we'll take together."

*summaries done by Death Star