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Stardate: 10-584.4.10

Session 126: A New Day, A New Threat

Darien's group continues following old leads on Tyler McCabe, using Cassandra under the guise of the White Queen to make a deal with their contacts. The operation winds up in the capture of Ivan and his men. Their mission successful, the group returns home for some grub. Kane informs Darien that he's moved into an apartment and when Darien asks the reason, it's simple, Kane doesn't feel Sera should be around the team. Sera calls him home while attempting to cook, and when Kane arrives, the landlord does as well, informing them that Serena's rent check fell through. Sera investigates and finds that someone who looks like her and even has her DNA withdrew the money, they go to the bank to verify and Serena starts to lose it with the possibility of a new clone walking about.

John begins to launch the Aquarius for space, as police pull up to his dock to totally not arrest him for anything illegal, no sir. He and Dias get the ship ready as Hotaru discovers a stowaway, after interrogating the girl, they find her name is Em and agree to bring her along for the ride! They proceed on their very first mission, to rescue an Erusian girl, who is unconcious, they take her to medical while Dias fumbles about storing the... not so legally obtained booty. John declares himself a Space Pirate.

Stardate: 10-584.4.15

Session 127: The Cold, Hard Facts, Ma'am

With no leads on the theft, Serena remains with Kane, who is called up one morning to attend the first test run of his original project with Janus. Serena comes with him to the Janus base, where for the first time in her life she's treated like an outsider by the guards. They enter the test facility and find Spade, Chad and Eve waiting for them. While Serena wallows in her broken life, the test goes on and Kane is nearly injured when a gunshot reaction from the sim gives far too forceful a feedback. As he turns out alright, all that's left to do is some minor adjustments, and celebrate.

Darien's team follows leads gotten from Ivan's interrogation and heads out to a base in Syberia, where they intend to "deliver" a pacakage of weapons and drugs in order to make some arrests. Things go poorly after the first guards fall however, Xanatos taken down by sniper fire. Due to his critical injuries they hop on the shuttle and fly off, leaving a huge supply of weapons and drugs behind.

With the girl awake, they discover her name is Myria. John sets down on the Dragoon Colony to unload some supplies and even tries to unload Em and Myria on Ariel. However, he winds up allowing them to stay, while Dias practices his almighty Open Pal Chest Grab on Cheryl, ensuring even more brain damage then he already had.

Stardate: 10-584.4.17

Session 128: V.I. Points of Trouble

Ceilidh joins Darien's team as they investigate the manufacturing of Hyper, a steroid like drug that V.I. is using to create super soldiers. Moving in on a supposed manufacturing facility, the group infiltrates and successfully blows it up after discovering Hyper in production. They flee the scene.

The Aquarius stops in an Asteroid Colony to take a rest when John runs into Red, who feverishly hands him a disk and shortly thereafter is killed right before John's eyes. The group runs, Hotaru thinks she spots her ex-pilot, Thomas Garland as they make their way to safety. There's only one thing John knows for sure even as he leaves, heading to get some answers, The Cartel is behind this death.

Stardate: 10-584.4.19

Session 129: Where Art Thou Loyalities, Shiva Sevintes?

While the news reports that Elayne Trenton, known Atlean has escaped custody, the team relaxes as they wait for a new mission. Darien sends the group out to take down victims of VI who have been given Hyper. They move out and use nonlethal measures to take the innocent people down and restrain them till the drugs wear off.

The Aquarius enters Cartel space on a mission to look into the death of Red and what he found on the Cartel before he died. Contacting Shiva, John lands hoping to find answers and gets more then he bargained for, the Cartel denies killing him, Shiva's story that the last they knew he ran off. John, angry at the obvious deception leaves, finding the coldness from Shiva and worse, the fact that Cole supports her to be sickening. He takes off into the stars, and does not get laid.

Stardate: 10-584.4.22

Session 130: Cartels, Drugs, and the Women Who Love Them

The Aquarius touches down on a planet, where John meets up with his informant, the amazing Juan. The two talk in private before John goes out to meet another friend, the group meets up with Warren "Wheels" Carmichael, who joins up with them to deal with a certain Shiva. Together they go out to meet Shiva, facing down three Cartel Cruisers, John delivers his ultimatum, Shiva face him in honorable combat or he sends the data that could damage the Cartel out onto the holonet. Shiva relents. John insists she call the other leaders of the Cartel and she continues to refuse, when Warren changes the game. Standing, showing himself completely healed, he injects John with a poison that has no cure once it reaches a certain point, then tosses up a shield between the crew and himself, with Shiva on his side. Warren makes Shiva a new offer, the disk in exchange for a meeting with her equals, and a position of power in the Cartel. As John lays dead, Shiva agrees.

Stardate: 10-584.4.24

Session 131: Shadowy Plans and the Duplicates Behind Them

A fight breaks out in Central Park, Zephyr clashing with what appears to be Serena Cran, but calls herself Zeraphna. The team rushes to the scene as the reports come in, Kane hanging up on a conversation with Seraphna. They arrive to find Zephyr beaten badly, the figure of Serena Cran walking away. However, due to Serena contacting Kane, they're lead to believe there is a double at work. Shortly thereafter, Seraphna answers her apartment door to come face to face with Zeraphna. The two begin to fight, Zera claiming to be the true successor to Alexander Cran and Serena nothing more then waste product. Their fight trashes the entire floor of the apartment complex and just as Serena is about to lose, William Spade shows up to turn the tide. He fights Zera off, and takes the unconcious Serena away to safety, just as Chad Winters arrives. Chad's presence seems to scare Zeraphna off, and she flees.

Warren sits at a Cartel Council meeting and first asks who authorized Red's death, when he finds out who has, he asks them all to resign their positions. Of course, they refuse, when they appear to have no interest in changing for the better, he drops the data on them and gets up to leave. Loki attempts to shoot him in the back when the door blows in and the shot it countered with another, a masked man named Snipe steps in with the crew of the Aquarius and starts to overpower the council. When the name of the assassin, Thomas Garland comes up, Hotaru is shocked, the man her original Alpha Pilot. The crew takes the information and leaves with Warren, Snipe taking off his mask to show his true face, that of John McCormick, alive and well.

Stardate: 10-584.4.24

Session 132: The Winning Hand - The Ace of Spades

Kane convinces Darien's team to look into the disappearance of Serena Cran. After searching her apartment, they are only able to confirm the the double may be an exact clone of Serena. Their search in interrupted when they're called to assist on stopping a VI assault on the Janus Base. Successfully beating VI back, they're thanked by Chad and sent home. When they arrive, they find Chad followed them, wanting to see Darien. Darien is not pleased and especially angry, revealing that Chad had full knowledge of Serena's double and how he didn't warn them about it, which put Zephyr in danger.

Serena awakens in a mindscape, challenged by Spade to wake up and smell the roses, he outlines how Zeraphna is more of a person, more the Serena Cran then she herself is due to her passiveness and her choosing to curl up and suffer rather then fight to change her world. Serena is spurred into action, choosing to stand taller and push for her own identity. Spade challenges her to a fight and she quickly adapts to the mindscape, taking on a dominant and controlling personality unlike anything she's ever experienced before. She defeates Spade and takes charge, awakening in his apartment. Where they revive their relationship.

Stardate: 10-584.4.25

Session 133: Darien and Serena - A Team Up?!

The door opens at Darien's base and Serena Cran stands in the door, finely dressed and ready to kill. Or at least, probably ready to kill. She asks for Darien and waits for him patiently. When he arrives, Serena proposes an alliance, her services and ability to be bait for Zeraphna, as well as a Military Commission for the team, so long as she's allowed to work with them to take down Zera. Darien agrees, and Seraphna makes her new title plain, that of Lady Cran. Darien and Serena head off to Spade's so Spade can verify that she's the real deal.

John stops off at the Dragoon Homeworld to refuel and allow Hotaru some time to visit her mother. The crew has fun together and spends some time relaxing before a Dragoon Alpha turns up shot in the gut by a beam rifle. He warns them that DH Vector is in the area, looking for Ariel. Em, having been left behind, rejoins the crew of the Aquarius as they go out to hunt the Dragoon Hunter.

Stardate: 10-584.4.26

Session 134: Vectoring In On The Answers

Darien begins to review the facts with his team while they adjust to having Seraphna in as a member of the team. During the meeting she suggests that everything they've been experiencing might just be smaller parts to a much bigger plan, or even distractions to keep them occupied while VI makes it's real move. Everyone fervently denies this possibility as everything seems far too significant. Then, Darien is alerted that his base is under attack. The group races to the rescue and VI aims it's guns at the team, mostly towards Seraphna. Zeraphna shows up on scene and focuses on trying to take out Zephyr while a mystery sniper tries to take out Sera, working in perfect coordination with Zera.

The team manages to force Zera to call a retreat with Adam and the mysterious sniper running as well. Sera works to preserve Kane's life while Xanatos seeks out Darien, who made it to his office only to find that the attack was in fact, part of a plan to get back the Origin. Serena's suspicions made plain that while there are many things going on differently from before, VI's goals have never changed.

The Aquarius chases after Vector, following her trail to a ruinous planet. There they are ambushed by Vector, who critically wounds John before they can even react. Ariel and Cheryl begin to fight Vector, Warren moving in to help with Dias. Vector is soon dismembered, overpowered, broken, and killed, not necessarily in that order. Recovering, they manage to save John and begin to wonder what was so special about this world.

Stardate: 10-584.4.25

Session 135: In The Hands of Your Enemy

After recovering, John and his motley crew enter the ancient ruins on the planet and begin to explore. They encounter a shrine devoted to the eight elements, Earth, Wind, Fire, Water, Lightning, Ice, Holy, and Darkness, and beyond they face a large stone guardian. The Dragoons, John, Dias and Em fight valiantly, Warren and Myria staying back, as they defeat tjhe guardian, the ground below them collapses and they fall, leaving Warren and Myria alone.

Darien's team grows strained with Cassandra missing, Darien spending the entire night trying to find her. Xanatos goes to check on him and the two get into a screaming match. It ends when Ceil is able to find a trace on the shuttle, however, the spot needed to be scanned can only be reached by Janus. Seraphna intervenes, making a call and getting them the access needed, finding the location, the group boards a shuttle and rockets to the rescue. Meanwhile, Cassandra is tortured and confronted by Adam, the two talk of their old times and Adam starts leaning towards raping her. The team comes in hard, teleporting a bomb over the base and skydiving down to ground. There, Darien, Seraphna, Setsuna and Ceil shoot their way to Cassandra's cell. Adam teleports away and the team recovers Cassandra, only one problem... there's a bomb in her chest!

Stardate: 10-584.4.25

Session 136: You Can Never Go Home Again, Can You?

Cassandra attempts to remove her brain from her body, stopped by Darien and Ciel who work together on the bomb. As they work, Seraphna is drawn into a figght with Zera once again, which literally begins to bring the factory down on the team and all the soldiers inside. Zeraphna works in sync with a heavily armored Beta unit while Seraphna employs tools outside her normal fighting style to try and outsmart Zera. The fight begins to result in bad injuries as the others make it out and into a shuttle, rising, missles are fired at the base, Seraphna shoots Zera in the leg before leaping out of the explosion herself.

The team returns home, a bomb safely removed from Cassandra, the team still recovering from their wounds. Seraphna leaves quietly, getting in a car with Spade, while Darien leaves for Chad's. There, Darien confronts Chad about his hypocritical bond with Zephyr, how he maintains it while being with another woman, causing Zephyr endless emotional pain. Chad, refusing to believe this, gets into a fist fight with Darien, who impresses on him the fact that Chad is clinging to something that is hurting someone he loves.

On the ruined world, Warren tries to defend Myria who is nearly dropped down the hole by a guardian. Warren saves her and the two are nearly killed in the effort. John and Dias join Cheryl in battling an Guardian while a strange woman tells Ariel and Hotaru that she is not one of a kind, but of a race also called Guardians. Ariel, learning of her people, joins the others, who are injured from runnins with guardians back on the ship and needs time to contemplate her revelations. With that, they head back to Earth.

Stardate: 10-584.5.25

Session 137: Desperatly Trying to Return to Normal

Darien's team continues on a normal routine, over the past month, not much has come up for them. Serena has begun to wear a ring and drastically changed her appearance, cutting her hair and putting focus on her blue streak. The group gets a call that a bombing has occured in the Presidential building, under Ceres Connor's office. They arrive and find that Ceres is okay, and she informs them that the package that detonated was meant to go to Stella "Red Fox" Aki. Red doesn't know who tried to kill her, but Serena recognizes Tyler McCabe in a crowd and gives chase, as does Darien Starr. Darien runs faster and corners Tyler, and Serena's late arrival distracts him long enough for Tyler to punch Darien and leap down to a lower floor from the roof, he gets away. Darien informs Xan that Tyler is at large when they get home and orders him not to go after Tyler. Xan refuses and is booted off the team, leaving.

Meanwhile, John and Dias chase a bounty on an alien world, when Myria uses the teleporter to steal the bounty herself. John goes to collect and turn in the bounty, and suddenly a pile of steaming waste falls on the client just after they're paid. The man swears to never employ them again and they run. John nearly busts an artery yelling at Myria until he realizes it was a mistake. Forgiving her for now, they head off to the next bounty.

Stardate: 10-584.5.26

Session 138: Thou's Second Chance is Thy Damnation

Darien sends his Angels... and the rest of his team on a mission to break into the luxurious mansion of David Fury. The team heads out and leaves Cassandra and Ceil to do all the work. The mission successful, they return back to take the credit and celebrate, as Darien steps out to go to the hospital, today being the day they take Katrina off life support to finally lay her to rest. The group opts to go with him, following in the car after him, when the highway is attacked by a shuttle. It soon becomes clear what's going on when Darien's bike is the only one targetted. Pulling Darien out of the bloody mess, then move to get him ready to go to the hospital... when it explodes. The team rushes there to see what's happened while Darien is treated on the highway. There they find Erevis back in Katrina's body and a confused Xanatos asking what the hell happened, but everyone seems to already know.

As does Warren Carmichael.

Just earlier, Xanatos Durran made a deal with Tyler McCabe, the ability to restore Erevis for the life of Darien Starr. Using a shuttle, he fires a missle at Darien's bike, while Tyler gives him a cylinder and explains a ritual, claiming it will do just that. Xanatos takes the cylinder to the hospital and goes to Katrina's room. When he tries to explain to Sherry McCormick what it is he plans to do, she kicks him out, thinking him insane, he leaves the canister behind and leaves the hospital moments before the explosion...

Meanwhile, on the Aquarius, John's gang of pirates robs a pirate ship. They battle the crew while acting like scurvey dogs, eventually John and his amazingly overpowered friends take out the pirates and take their booty. John contemplates taking Myria's booty.

Stardate: 10-584.5.26

Session 139: If Only You Could Walk in My Shoes For a Day

During a freak teleporter accident, Em and Dias switch bodies, as do John and Myria. Hijinxs ensue about the ship as they crew explores it's sexuality and has to look outwardly on one another when they have to act in the roles of their bodies for a deal exchange. Before Myria sets things right, Hotaru begins to explore her own sexuality with her crush stuck in Myria's body, she finds she's bisexual. Myria recalibrates the teleporter and sets things right.

Warren makes plain to all what happened, Xanatos leaving the canisters in the hospital, allowing the explosive rebirth of Erevis to destroy the hospital. He hints that Xanatos was the one to injure Darien as well, but Erevis taking Sherry away is too much a distraction for anyone to notice. The group heads after her, as she goes to a crater to try and bury what she has come to understand as her mother. Chad attempts to talk to her but he's slammed with rubble. Chad gets an urgent call and moves to leave as Adam appears and takes Erevis, leaving the team with a small army to fight. With the parting gift of a bomb which damages Serena, Adam gets away, not only with Erevis, but with Zephyr. Serena feels Zephyr vanish from the protocol entirely, and tells the others such. After hearing about another attack on Janus, Serena takes a shuttle there while the team heads back to HQ, where they discuss and plan, with Darien who refuses to rest with his team in danger.

At Janus, Chad learns that Eve has been taken, Albert explains to him and notes Serena turning up, trying to convince him that Spade is a spy bent on ruining Janus for over a month now. Spade moves out to meet Serena and call off Chad's dogs from her. She collapses in his arms and tells him of the other attack, then makes the observation that may not already be apparent, she and Chad seem to have switched roles, Chad is now the one targetted by VI.

Stardate: 10-584.5.27

Session 140: Quite Possiblely Spaded But Definitely Jaded

Seraphna arrives a little late to a meeting when Darien calls them together. Warren sitting in as Darien shows the group photos of Seraphna meeting Spade at the Janus base. Seraphna tries to explain that she went to help and that Spade called off the guards on her from Janus, but Darien percieves something through that, as Spade is their enemy and declares Sera a traitor, sending her packing from the unit. She claims they're wrong and that there's much more to it, but Darien refuses to hear of it. As they continue the meeting, about infiltrating Janus, Seraphna steps outside and is ambused by Chad.

Chad injects her with a serum and runs for it, claiming he's only doing what he has to do. Seraphna, infuriated and starting to lose it, screams out in her bond before it's cut off. At that moment, Adam makes his presence known, telling Sera that her powers are gone before overpowering her and knocking her out, teleporting away with the girl. Darien's unit, unaware of this, moves in on Janus to see Spade confronting Chad about the event, which quickly becomes a firefight. Unexpectedly, Chad's retreat is cut off by Seraphna, appearing in full force and announcing to everyone that Chad Winters has turned agent for VI.

As the chaos that ensues continues, Seraphna gets herself alone with William Spade and turns coat yet again, revealing at the last moment, as she knocks William out to actually be Zeraphna. Teleporting away with him as well. The team, unaware of the big switch, now is left with more questions then answers, and second thoughts about what Serena Cran's real intentions or mission might be.

John is in for a rough landing as he heads for the Erusian homeworld and decides to teleport a load of gold onto his ship while enterting the atmosphere, not taking into account the weight of gold. Just barely saving the Aquarius, the team heads to Arhn's to rest, discovering she has a whole cache of precious gems just waiting to be unloaded from her hands.

Stardate: 10-584.5.27

Session 141: What is the Value of Loyality and Rare Gems?

Chad awaits Adam at Cran manor, only to find Adam has come without the girls. Claiming he must do VI one last service, he takes Chad to see Eve and Zephyr alive and well, but help captive. He is pitted against Serena, the two siblings given a simple ultimatium, they must fight to the death, if Chad wins, Zephyr lives, if Serena wins, Spade lives. The two set on each other and the fight soon changes from one of skill to sheer primal rage. Serena going berserk as Chad's personality shifts into a deadly alter ego.

Darien's team joins forces with Albert's Janus forces and the two begin an assault on the Janus base. Fighting thier way into the underground lair they constantly overcome waves of VI soldiers as they battle through countless enemies and come at last to two rooms, one containing Erevis, suspended in liquid, and the other with a fighting duo of Serena and Chad. Warren breaks up the fight between the siblings as Xanatos and Darien free Erevis. Adam appears and ups the difficulty, presenting a dominated Zephyr for Warren's group to fight and Erevis madly attempts to kill Xan and Darien. Seraphna meanwhile is led away as Zeraphna taunts her, she chases after her clone for a one on one. Just as Darien reclaims the Origin vials during the struggle, Albert shows up to try and take them.

John sets his ship in an orbital elevator for repairs and moves with his crew to meet Arhn. However, they meet Rylon instead and during their very unhappy exchange, Cartel ships appear and Erus space, a man named Luto having come around to collect a debt Erus owes the Cartel. This doesn't mesh well with John's plans to loot the same cash and discussions begin to occur, Rylon ultimately scaring Luto off.

Stardate: 10-584.5.27

Session 142: Just Rewards, Richly Gains, and Fallen Heroes

While Darien fights to seize control of the Origin, Xanatos has to step up and take down Erevis for her own good. The team meanwhile, is forced to fight a mind controlled Zephyr, dominated by Zera's Alpha Protocol. During the fight, Id surfaces in Chad's mind and becomes a threat in and of himself as well. He however overcomes his own mind and dominates it, regaining control. Serena meanwhile races after Zeraphna, and faces her true weakness, compassion.

Convinced that others hate her, Zeraphna uses Sera's insecurities to give the already stressed and broken woman a true mental breakdown, and while she slowly begins to take influence over the Omega, however, Warren and Chad step into the arena and quickly take down Zera, Seraphna, shattered from her stupor, begins to realize her own failure even as Zeraphna taunts her, leaving Zeraphna for dead, the others begin to leave, Spade, who urged Sera to fight this, looks down on her with disappointment.

The fight with Zephyr resulted in having to injure Zephyr to near death, and with everyone recovered and the base cleared, everyone returns to the surface where Zephyr begins to die. Serena falls into her shell of self pity as Chad looks on her in blame, while more rational people look on them both as the cause. Warren however, does not have time for the blame game, and continues to try and ressuscitate Zephyr after the medics have given up, a good thing too, because she comes back to life, rushed off to intensive care. The events in the case leave them with many questions, what will the heroes do from here, how can they recover, and who else works for VI? With David Fury, Albert White, and Adam all identified leaders. Who else will cause them trouble?

Stardate: 10-584.6.14

Session 143: Oh Father, Where Art Thou?

Darien leaves his loyal troopers to train under General Steel, who turns out to be a complete asshole and puts them through hell to teach them just how intense combat can really be. Meanwhile, Darien turns up at Cran Manor to inform the Cran children that he's found what seems to be Alexander Cran, alive and well. This slowly seems to bring Serena out of her stupor, starting to experience a personality shift when she learns the root of all her guilt was nothing more then a lie.

The three, Darien, Serena and Chad set out to Manchuria with Erevis in tow, taking a shuttle. When they land, they're ambushed by a rocket which takes out their shuttle, sending the four flying just after they diembark.

John's group encounters Shretrav again, which Arhn on their ship, she wants to see her about a little spy she picked up: Aielin. Of course, the group would never have employed the psychopath so allegations are quickly dropped. However, when Shretrav leaves, with Aielin in her custody, John grows ever more curious about the Tsiv and cloaks the ship, following their battle cruiser.

Stardate: 10-584.6.14

Session 144: We Are Family

Chad, Serena, Darien and Erevis recover from the blast and take cover from fire from VI troopers. Darien passes his gun to Serena, leaving the gun dragoon to do her work, she answers by taking out a rocket, the soldier with the launcher, and another of the four soldiers attacking them as Chad and Darien each take one down. The group then rallies, rushing into the now definately occupied a base, stopping another soldier from destroying documents.

Using them, they find information about a Facility 12, and head there in a truck. When they arrive, they find a passcoded door, the password of "Slasher" lets them in. As they walk in, the floor gives way, sending Sera and Erevis into the darkness. Up above, Slasher comes face to face with a scientist who calls him son, and down below, Serena comes face to face with her father, Alexander Cran.

John uses the teleporter to steal Aielin back onto the Aquarius, just barely escaping the Tsiv. Once in Hyperspace, interrogating Aielin ends up killing the man, as a parasite in him flees the body, showing just why Aielin did such crazy things. THe group spends three days hunting down and stoping the parasite.

Stardate: 10-584.6.14

Session 145: Last One Out Turns Off the Lights

Chad confronts the scientist who created him, and is soon set to fight his brother, Slash. Slash and Slasher clash above while down below, Serena and Cran have a father-daughter conversation, and then begin to try and kill each other. Cran refuses to answer Serena's questions, driving them into a fight, it becomes brutal, Serena without her Omega powers and Cran built into a deadly cyborg.

In the end, Cran warns her about an incoming death blow and Serena, finding a weakness in Cran's body, exploits it, hitting him hard after dodging the blow and disabling him. As she does, systems in Cran begin to attack his heart, to kill him, and Cran reveals that Johnson forced him to fight her, that he challenged her in order to be free. Giving Angela the serum to restore her powers, he imparts his final message to his daughter, Kill Ariel.

Cran reveals that Ariel is the key to the destruction of the entire universe, and that if she is a part of some awakening, everything will end. Sending her on this mission, he dies, Serena carries the body up, where Chad and Darien defeated Slash. The group heads outside to be greeted by Janus shuttles. Erevis warns Darien of Serena's mission and the two run off to warn Ariel while Serena explains things to Chad and Spade, Chad, acting like a child, chides and berates Serena for wanting to confront Ariel.

Spade attempts to get her to go home and walk off, but Serena refuses, calling Chad out for being a hypocrite and just trying to route her, she punches him, and after apologizing for her outburst, leaves with Spade to begin the mission to save the universe. On the Aquarius, the group recuperates while John gets information from Shiva, and the team reports to the Erusian government as to what's really happened.

Stardate: 10-584.6.16

Session 146: This Is the Part Everything Goes to Hell

The crew of the Aquarius finishes reporting to Erus when they encounter a number of strange thigns, first is a world which appears ancient but is only three years old, and before they can investigate that, they find the second thing: tears in Hyperspace. With reality coming down around them, the team heads to Earth to warn the others that reality itself is collapsing.

Chad attempts to talk to Zephyr, who tells him to go to hell, while Darien briefs his people on the mission in Manchuria. In a cafe, Warren has taken Ariel out to lunch when Serena approaches them and sits with them. Questioning Ariel about strange things, Seraphna attempts to get her to remember something, when the entire planet shakes. With Armaggedon day here at last, Serena tells Ariel about her companion, about how them coming together will end everything. Warren decides to take Ariel to safety, Serena stating her purpose to stop Ariel, but not stopping them.

As they get into the car, shots ring out, Warren is shot and he urges Ariel to go. Ariel tries to drive off just as a rocket zooms in, the explosion seems to take out Warren. As Ariel tries to get away, Janus cars crash into hers and men move out to take her. Serena rushes to Warren's aid, and finds a gun under her chin.

Stardate: 10-584.6.16

Session 147: Dying To Learn the Truth; Living To Deny the Lie

Serena becomes part of negotiations as Warren holds her ransom to get Spade to back off. Serena makes several breaks for it, but Warren holds true, in the end, Spade lets Ariel go. Warren leaves Serena behind has he himself heads off. Serena and Spade agree to continue to work independant from each other, as her actions have made her in ways, an ally. Serena contacts Warren and warns him that taking Ariel to Darien may be fatal if Darien learns of her involvement in Origin.

The team gathers in Darien's base, Warren treating his wound. Ceres Connor steps in to oversee the end of the world while the group works. Finally they gather together, learning of Origin, Ceres attemtps to talk them into destroying it, however, the group is firm in believing it is not the reason for the troubles. As they talk to Ariel to try and see what she knows, Darien takes Origin, injecting it into himself.

The Aquarius enters to Sol System to see that even hear, the universe tears itself apart. After a quick scan, they learn the problem originated 11 years ago, when Ariel was first found. At that moment, VI troopers, with Setsuna in tow, begin to make their way to an old Janus facility in Mega City.

Stardate: 10-584.6.16

Session 148: The Alphas and the Omegas

The Tisvrixsh begin to surround Earth, having similar ideas as to what's happening. Ceres gets orders from the President to ensure that Ariel remains alive, and at this, Ceres becomes suspicous, she reveals to the others that the President has been on watch for some time. Warren, getting a bead on VI's search, brings the team out, and against Ceres' warning, takes Ariel with him. As they move out, Janus surrounds them, demanding Ariel's head. John comes down in the Aquarius to turn the tide, but even he is soon overwhelmed when a Gear joins the fight. Then Seraphna shows up, blasting the mecha apart and standing with the team, turning Betas Janus sends after them back on the Janus troopers.

After beating back Spade's forces, the group splits up, some to take Ariel to safety, some to seek out the companion. Just as they're boarding the Aquarius or taking off, while Sera and John argue about John's abuse of the poor starship, Ariel hears a voice pop up next to her. She turns to behold Avalon, who is here to complete his mission, her death.

Stardate: 10-584.6.16

Session 149: It's The End of the World As We Know It

The Aquarius is hit in route, as Tsivrixsh ships move into the atmosphere around Mega City. John attempts to outrun them, fainting and dodging, and just when things look grim, the Thunderclaw, Elayne's ship, appears and attacks. Forcing the Tsiv to back off, Elayne clears the way for the Aquarius, allowing it to move on. The Aquarius lands at the facility containing the companion and everyone disembarks.

Here they run into Xevil, armored and ready for battle. The team gangs up and begins to fight him, Xevil, who madly rants that he will tear them apart, kill them as he once did before, something no one seems to understand, puts up a strong battle. Some of the others, Seraphna mainly, notice VI moving on in the confusion and moves to stop them. John holds Xevil still and orders Elayne to fire, the Thunderclaw firing high powered lasers and missles into the two.

While Ariel and Avalon begin to clash, the others stand around watching, not allowed to interfere. They discuss Sera's alignment, Ceres commenting on their dellusions as they start to claim they weren't just saved by Seraphna, a complete lie. As their attentions lapse, they fail to notice Spade creeping up on them, until he misses his first shot. Avalon rushes his fight with Ariel while Hotaru takes out Spade's guards, the team gets him to stand down finally, he declares his intent to do it their way, saying Serena was right about it.

The smoke clears, Xevil and John continue thier fight, Dias intervenes, becoming a thorn in Xevil's side. As the three battle, up above the chamber holding the compaion is slowly opened, the group, arriving too late, take out the VI members only in time to see the 5th lock disengage and the door open. In the distance, Erevis begins to freak out, warning them all that HE is coming.

What steps out of the vault is a creature made of hyperspace, it darts away from them, ignoring them, and appears by Ariel, slamming everyone close to her out of the way, he takes her in his arms. Then vanishes.

Stardate: 10-584.6.16

Session 150: The Origin of Heroes

The groups stagger to meet one another, pounded and tired, they gather to try and figure out what the creature is, an what it really wants. On a rooftop in the city, the creature takes solid form as it deposits Ariel on the roof. It looks like Darien, and comments that it plans to destroy the reality to remove the corruption inside it.

As both groups talk, one thing becomes apparent, they need a plan to get rid of the creautre without killing it, for it could kill Ariel. Before they can move however, the creature does, it tells Ariel it can make her remember, then vanishes. Reappearing in Eve's lab, the creature grabs Origin, and kills Eve.

Meanwhile, the group hatches two plans, to deal with the Tsivrixsh World Killer above which plans to wipte out Earth to stop the creature, and to deal with the creature itself. Chad is sent off to start putting together a trap while the others move in to keep the creature busy. Seraphna and Spade ready to unleash a beam powerful enough to match Hyperspace.

Xanatos pilots the Aquarius through the atmosphere, dodging blasts, he brings the ship around for the main cannons of the world killer. Closing his eyes, she aims the ship and smashes it into the cannon, destroying it entirely. As does the Aquarius, then Xanatos.

The rest of the team moves into positions. Spade promises to marry Serena if they get through this alive. Darien rides up to the roof on a Motorcycle, clashing wityh the creature, whom he calls Wind, the two face off, DS and Wind, face to face once more. DS ends his ruse and an attack shuttle lifts them off the roof, it's then that Seraphna and Hotaru, in Gear form, fire beams for the roof, when the smoke clears, Wind eyes them in rage, zeroing in on Seraphna, he flies right for her.

UNable to outrun him, Serena and Spade unlock the Third Form, shifting from the powerful Dragon into... a humanoid, faery like form, with wings, and super speed, she forms and energy blade and the two begin to fight. Backed by Hotaru, the two seem to be winning when Wind suddenly powers up, he overwhelms Sera and sends her flying, the Thunderclaw attempts to intervene and his cut in half, spinning out to crash, and Hotaryu, ignoring Sera's urges to run is nearly killed, Wind bursting through her, frying her insides.

The rampage continues, the group trading blows, Wind fascinated by the new generation of heroes even as they keep failing to bring him down. Serena and Spade seperate, leaving Serena to heal as Spade moves to rejoin the others. Together the team slowly lures the godlike enemy along. Forming an idea, the group leads Wind to an old lab, choosing to use an unfinished engine to exile the monster. As Serena makes her way there to help Chad build it, Spade steps in as the one to distract Wind and buy the others time.

Using Ariel as bait, Chad builds the engine, and Serena's efforts are only redoubled as she feels Spade's head severed by Wind. Feeling her fiance die, she redoubles her efforts rather then collapses, and the others, primarily Cassandra, Kane, Ceil and Darien, work to lure him down, keeping him at bay while directing him.

Soon he enters the lab for Ariel, and there the Cran siblings activate the Light Engine for the very first time, a tear in reality opens, and the team works to push him in, but all seems to fail, then Darien slams his body into Wind, and the two are pulled into the vortex together. The smoke clears once more, Wind is gone, as is Darien, the list of the dead piles up, and the injured are gathered to recuperate. The hyperspace around Earth stabilizes, the world saved, but with heavy costs to the team.

*summaries done by Seraphna