Season 1: Ideals

Season 2: Suspects

Season 3: Dragoons

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Season 5: Realities

Season 6: Seperations

Season 7: Revelations

Season 8: Targets

Season 9: Universes

Season 10: Darkenings

Season 11: Divergences

Season 12: Endings

Season 13: Changes

Season 14: Beginnings

Season 15: Reckonings

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Season 18: Multiverses

Season 19: Differences

Season 20: Plans

Season 21: Finales


Session 79: Campaigns

With the EarthGov election nearing, the PAX Station is somehow posted with posters of Alexander Cran, who is running for election as President of EarthGov, much to the disgust of many on the station, including Cassandra Arakawa, who spends her time ripping down any poster she finds these days. To add to the disgust, General Cran arrives on the station with his daughter, Angela while Ambassador Arhn and Shiva have a meeting, Warren sets up guard outside it to protect the Ambassador. Darien, in charge of the station's operations, meets with Cran as he lands, along with Katrina there due to her being the chief ambassadorial role. Sending Angela to go over the security of the station with the rest, Cran speaks with Chad about his designs and other projects. After giving him two gifts, Cran mysterious says she has an eye on Chad's career before moving on with his tour. When Angela tries to question Darien about how Ariel is - calling her mother - he brushes her off and sends her off until the tour is over. As they leave, Cran comforts his daughter, telling her to look toward the future.


Session 80: Redrum

As the morning shift begins, Cassandra Arakawa is contacted that a murder has taken place down on the colony of Europa and that King Red is being held accountable for it. The reporters below show him in his underwear, smeared in blood, and witnesses put him going to bed with the woman that night. Darien, distressed at another potential disaster, gets Chad Winters, Kio, and Cassandra to head down to the colony to retrieve him. After investigating everything detective style, they find the real killer and bring him to justice, which gets Red off on any political charges despite his immunity.


Session 81: Composed

Warren attends to Arhn, helping her prepare for her big night where she sings in front of others. Knowing she has a beautiful voice, he gives her his complete confidence in her abilities at the concert she's holding that night - performing her own composition in an operaish performance. As they all prepare to attend, Chad offers Zephyr his arm, making himself her escort for the evening, causing the 15 year old Dragoon to blush and feel happiness, their relationship growing closer by the day. Ceres, who has a crush on John and feels like maybe he just used her for sex, is delighted when John shows up to spend the evening with her - though it's clear Katrina strongarmed him into it. After a magical night, where they are touched by Arhn's voice and words, the team returns to the station to their old antics - with Zephyr and Chad once again resuming their prank wars.


Session 82: Reporting

Chaos rains on the PAX Station as the first annual meeting betweel all the PAX worlds begins - with all the races sending in diplomats for this event, and reports flocking all over to get the exclusive. Part of the reporters is the infamous Elayne, and she seems to focus on smearing the PAX's name as usual with her antics. Going around and interviewing everyone and asking questions to get them angry, such as telling Chad many blame him for Venerator's death still, in addition to the trouble with the ambassadors fighting each other, and the team -like the Ridiarium Ambassador attacking Red Fox thinking she was trying to kill him, the team is pushed to their limit. Afterwards, when Elayne runs her report, she twists the words of everyone and shows clip bytes that paint them in a negative light, angering the team even more. Darien, getting drunk, seeks comfort with Ariel, telling her this is like career suicide and it's all falling apart around him.


Session 83: Ariel

Following the Annual Meet and Greet, things have returned to somewhat normality - Red Fox being hired on permenantly and Arhn going back to her planet for vacation being the only things different. At that moment, a Janus vessel approaches and docks, transmitting they have a classified reason for meeting with Ariel. Stepping off the shuttle is Angela and Kane of all people. She announces that Ariel is wanted by EarthGov and shows pictures of a person that looks like Ariel on a rampage, though they have a scar on their face. They quickly determine that it must be Dragoon Alpha Ariel still alive, since Ariel took her place for many years. Ariel and Zephyr travel with the two to confort the renegade Alpha. After a battle, they heavily damage her and it's clear that Alpha Ariel was put together recently and hastily. Her dying words are to question why she was tricked by a General before dying. The only clue left behind is a scrawled \ .


Session 84: Baltak

Ambassador Sheva, having requested the PAX team to engage in a diplomatic mission for her government in form wear, they arrive at the planet to a lavish party with many exotic things taking place. Even John is at the party, mingling with the crowd. At one point he speaks to Chad about WEAPONS and PROJECTS to see his reaction, and then moves onward, acting drunk. At the part is the various Cartel higher ups, such as Odin and Loki, and they carefully ask the team questions, probing them. It becomes a night of careful dancing, both literal and figuratively, as they play the Cartel game.


Session 85: Classified

While Cassandra Arakawa is getting maintaince, someone begins to access her terminal from an outside source to download her information, much to the surprise of the security team. It begins to showcase her private missions and data to everyone there as well, sending it to every datapad in the area - her assassination missions and more. As Cassandra tries to disconnect her terminal, it explodes on her. They finally are attacked by someone parading as a technician, a person on a mission from long ago she barely remembers - Cassandra being ordered to leave them behind and the man's rage at it. Despite her claims that was not the case, his rage blinds him into action against them. Trying to escape in a shuttle after being foiled, he crashes it into the shuttle bay doors and the shuttle explodes - leaving no signs of survivors behind.


Session 86: Nomads

As they fly down to a desert planet, Chad begins to mock Darien's personal shuttle as a relic, causing the Commodore to become angry and erratic as he flies them through a sandstorm, much to the displeasure of the rest of the team. Arriving at human Cole's planet, a colony under the Cartel, they are tasked with putting down a revolt in a mining operation. Upon questioning them, they learn the miners aren't being paid and track the scandal to the Maigstrate who is fundling the funds instead of giving it to the miners. Case closed.


Session 87: Love

Katrina and Xanatos' relationship remains rocky after incidents of trust between them, with Katrina going as far as to avoid Xanatos after Kio goaded Xanatos into believing Katrina was cheating on him with Chad Winters. As Katrina and Shiva go out to get drunk, avoiding Xanatos trying to lock down the shuttle by using a Cartel shuttle, zephyr ponders why humans seek out such dramatic emotional ways of dealing with things. Meanwhile, Kio and Cassandra begin to start a relationship together, meant to be purely sexual, so they can both find something they are missing. MEanwhile, Katrina gets into a bar fight to release some of her inner John McCormick, having a good time getting a gang of bikers beaten up. She gets thrown in jail with Shiva. Returning home, she finds Xanatos has broken into her room to place flowers and other things. Pissed and confused, Katrina seeks comfort from Shiva. The next day the two finally confront each other and Xanatos tells her she will be the only woman he truly loves until the day he dies, leaving her confused and alone.


Session 88: Dates

While Darien tries to figure out how to ask Ariel out on a date, Katrina remains in a funk after the events with Xanatos. While Darien tries to woo Ariel with Zephyr's help, John and Cassandra have a frank conversation in a bar about her and life and the world in general. After hearing from Darien that he asked Cheryl for permission to date her, in amusement and delightment, Ariel agrees to go to a resturant with Darien. After helping Ariel prepare, Zephyr gives her advice like that sex can lead to babies and other things she's read, then sends her on her way. After a nice dinner, Darien and Ariel both agree they are glad he asked.


Session 89: Narls

A shuttle of unknown origin zooms into the station and comes to a stop in the hanger. Kio is then teleported aboard. It then turns around and flies off. Shiva recognizes the cooardinates as the place her, Arhn, and Warren were kidnapped to long ago. As they jump to the location, they nearly collide with a Tsvirixsh Battlecruiser. It opens fire on them with no warning, also attacking what appears to be relic versions of other races' ships, including Earth, Cartel, Erusian, and more. After some fighting and tactics, Shiva tries to contact the battleship, using their status as PAX to get out of a battle only to be informed the Tsivrixsh Empire now owns this territory and they must leave or be destroyed. As they leave, a Janus Gear zooms in like it's flown by a retard, but they cannot see what happened next. Later, at the station, then are reunited with Kio and the race of Narls who worship him as their leader. Apparantly they dragged him into a conflict to help save themselves. That Kio!


Session 90: Offers

While Darien and Ariel are out on a date, leaving Cassandra Arakawa in charge, a shuttle approaches, hailing for clearance to land and speak with Xanatos. There he meets Marty, an old colleague from the past. After catching up, he states he's been given captainship of a deep space exploration team and that he needs good pilots, wanting Xanatos to join him. While the two discuss it, Katrina takes out her frustrations on the punching bag, unsure how she feels about Xanatos still and the idea of him taking the job and leaving. As they all consider Xanatos leaving, and the current state of PAX - especially if Cran takes over and shuts it down like he's been gunning to do - each of them wonder what they will do next and go from there. After discussing it, Marty leaves, leaving the team to assume Xanatos accepted the job offer.


Session 91: Comms

With a slow day, the team has fun with the comms are each other's expense, everyone getting on board the secure security line to chat. Even John.


Session 92: Politics

With President Johnson's polls staggering in comparison to General Cran's, the team is flown into Earth in an attempt to try to booster the man's image. However, when they arrive at the scene, the crowd cheers not for them, but for General Cran, Angela, and Kane. As they walk side by side toward the convention, Cran manages to do a barb insult about Ariel not showing up for it, asking if it's beneath her. Dismissing the General's taunt, Darien groans when he notices Elayne the reporter is there to cover the news. While people mingle, Arhn is left alone to her dismay, and Cran approaches, speaking of how politics is another form of war, and since the Erusian Ascendency doesn't give a lot to Earth, she's being snubbed, acting sympathetic. Angela mentions if they shared some technology, it would go along way, which Arhn shoots down. As the proceedings begin, a cameraman shoots Cran in the back, causing him to collapse. When Chad catches the gunman, he claims their leader, John McCormick, will ensure that Janus never takes charge of the government. More insurgents enter and threaten senators. AFter some verbal button pressing, they get the leaders to slip up and make the mistake of revealing they are lying about John. Back at the station, after Cran was rushed off to medical, they listen to Elayne's report stating John McCormick is now leading terrorists, making him a terrorist in the eyes of the people. With the PAX Getting more negative press, the team has to wonder - who tried to kill General Cran and why?


Session 93: Minds

Without much prep time, the team heads to the Planet Erevis to meet with a new race to prepare an alliance, one that no one has heard of before now. Meeting with the locals, they are brought to a feast before any negotations begin, and given clothing to match the jungle climate. While most of the team is reluctant to change into the bikini outfits they are given, Katrina and Shiva eagerly put it on, enjoying themselves. As the group arrives at the table to eat, they notice a painting of a huge monster over the temple, much like a temple in the distance. As they eat, the natives tell them of a god who ruled over the planet long ago - a wise and powerful god who protected the people. They say they are waiting the return of the god, named Erevis. A server accidently cuts KAtrina and apologizes and moves off shamefully. After the meal, Katrina mentions how the natives all have the emotions of one wanting to bone her, but dismisses the team's worry and lays down for bed. After a restless few hours, the team finds Katrina missing and quickly head to the temple where some ritual is taking placing. The Erevis try to stop them from interfering, but are quickly slaughtered by the team when they find Katrina floating in front of a statue of the god Erevis with dark energies flowing into her. The statue breaks after the dark ritual is finished and the team grabs Katrina. As Katrina opens her eyes and examines her body in wonder, Shiva tries to touch her and is repelled across the room. With that, Erevis, reborn in Katrina's body, begins to walk toward the exit, ignoring the team as if they were nothing to her. Erevis delivers the news that Katrina is gone and Katrina's memories are now her own. Xanatos, enraged with grief, refuses to accept it and attacks Erevis, so Erevis unleashes Chad's true personality - Id. Now the group has two threats to contend with.


Session 94: Egos

Id wages a psychological warefare on the team, trying to tear them apart with his words and observations on their personalities as he attacks and battles them. After a long battle, in which the temple is destroyed, they finally manage to subdue Chad and supress the Id personality for now. Returning the fight to Erevis, the long battles continues on, with Xanatos refusing to believe in the possibility of Katrina being gone, speaking of how they met. As the fight goes on Erevis, begins to seem to pull back on death blows, despite her rough talk about destroying them. AS the fight continues onward, Arhn wonders to Warren just what other things are out there between the stars. After Kio taunts Erevis to show them the true power of the god, she begins to crush them all with her sheer psionic force.


Session 95: Dualities

When it seems all is lost and the team is about to be crushed, Erevis begins to weaken and strain, and the force weakens off, her body unable to hold all the power she's trying to unleash. The battle begins anew against the weakened Erevis, and the team continues their words of warefare against her as well as physical. Refusing to yield to them, Erevis is startled when Xanatos pulls her into a kiss. Stiffening and staring wide eyed at Xanatos, she then shoves him away, angered he would dare kiss her, and punches him, more out of surprise than anger. Vowing to put Xanatos out of his misery if he wants it to bad, and getting more gushy words, Erevis sneers at them, though she's clearly trembling, saying that she knows what their attempts are - to weaken her will in the hope that Katrina will resurface. Finally, Erevis attempts to run away, but he tackles her and brings her down, telling her she is his and will not get away. Stating his sorrow is like acid in her throat, so she finally surrenders to the team. Xanatos states clearly his plan is to try to bring Katrina back every day as they take Erevis in. To show a truce has been reached, Erevis repairs the rest of Chad's mind so he can function again. Despite being prisoner, Erevis continues to show much arrogance and down looking upon the group, even as she allows herself to be ordered about. Things end with Darien stating he feels as if he's in the Garden of Gethsemane right now.


Session 96: Foreboding

While Erevis continues to be defiant, making a mess of Xanatos' room and not wearing clothing, Chad has remained in the brig since the incident. Zephyr speaks with him on why he still fears his own hands, and Chad talks about how he remembers and feels everything Id felt during that time. Both Erevis and Xanatos and Chad and Zephyr toss questions about life and nature at each other, probing and seeking things in the other. Later, Warren gets Chad out of the brig to return to normal and tells him he's tired of standing by and doing nothing and he wants answers - that he vowed to protect this place long ago and is going to them. So he arranges for Chad to meet with Spade to get answers next week. And Xanatos, after having Erevis assume the role of Katrina for the time being, gets a startling response when he asks her if she hates him - that she is incapable of hating them all.


Session 97: Secrets Part 1

The scene opens up at night with Warren digging in a cemetary to pull up a grave, then having the casket cracked open to find out what is inside. Flash to the morning. Another day on the PAX - Erevis continues to assume Katrina's duties, using the fresh memories to compile all the work that is needed to be done. Xanatos meanwhile learns from Cassandra that she never processed his request for transfer so many weeks back when Marty showed up, allowing Xanatos to remain on the station to watch over Erevis. While Xanatos searches for answers on Erevis, Erevis herself speaks with Ariel, finding her honor to be of value and her being interesting, seeing traits in her she likes. The two talk about many things, which are the first steps into shaping Erevis' transfer from arrogance to the person the galaxy will need in the future. During all this, Darien informs the team Chad and Zephyr are breaking their old nemesis out of jail - William Spade. Down on Earth, Chad and Zephyr encounter Spade and Angela - Spade agreeing to go with them if Angela does the same. They all take off in a shuttle to escape. Spade announces that he's taking them to the place Chad was born. He informs them Cran fears to tell the two the truth yet because once they learn, everything changes. He tells Chad about the Weapons Project and how Chad is Weapon I - mixed with Cran's DNA and another's. When the PAX shuttle arrives to stop them, he announces to Zephyr and Chad that Ariel will be the doom of them all - and they're serving on the wrong side. He flips open communication with them. Spade tells them about Venerator and Cran and how it always came down to competition between them, in everything - PAX vs. Janus being the latest phase. He then wraps it up by telling them that General Venerator never died and they have given him two pieces of origins already.


Session 98: Secrets Part 2

As they land, Spade sends Chad and Angela inside an old ruined lab alone - stating only they can enter now, even going as far as to say Zephyr's fate is in Ariel's hands, which makes Angela instantly distrust her more, to the annoyance of the team. He points out how Venerator was alone in a hanger when a cargo shuttle crashes into it - which would be odd for the Ambassador of PAX to be in such a place at such a time with cargo - the explosion wipes out the hanger and leaves the body beyond recongition. And his death extends PAX another year when it was on the verge of cancelation, which means Spade would have done them a favor. His successor should have been Katrina McCormick - bright and smart, but easily manipulatable due to lack of leadership skills, but Spade announces that Cran seized the moment to place Spade in charge instead to drag out PAX's remaining year and bring it to an end. Spade then set the team against each other, ensuring they were accomplishing no missions and that the team was failing. But then Venerator was another move ahead them - Inspector Darien Starr was played. Unable to solve the mystery of Venerator's death due to knowing the truth, he lays out all the evidence and allowed the team to conclude who did it - William Spade. Knowing that he was know in check and could no longer play the team against each other - even if he was innocent of the murder charges - Spade decided to confess to it to escape the PAX and become a free agent. After Spade was gone, he continues, Darien Starr somehow knew that Chad was a rogue agent and aided the team in bringing down Id. With Ariel damaged, Spade's new orders were to retrieve Ariel and destroy her due to the threat she represented - which Spade clearly only did half of since he did take the body, but instead fixed her so that Angela could break free of being Cran's tool. By focusing on Ariel, she could work it out of her system all that needed to be fixed and the other Dragoons could rally around Ariel so that she would no longer be a worthwhile tool. But Veneratoe was again a step ahead and gave Ariel the shot due to activate her dormant Alpha Protocol Mother Control that allowed her to control all the Dragoons except Cheryl. Due to Ariel's wiser and more mature nature, her influence on the Alphas was subtle unlike Angela's who control was more akin to taking a hammer to hit the nail, Ariel was more to subtlely getting the hammer to love her enough to do the work itself without realizing it. And Spade announces, when the time is right, Venerator will activate hidden programming in Ariel to seize control of the Alphas. Ariel states not to underestimate her. Continuing, he states they enter a new golden era for PAX with Darien in charge after Warren is kidnapped and Cassandra in charge of security. But after encountering Xevil on the one planet, diplomatic missions seem to stop coming in until the one mission Darien takes them to the Planet Erevis and Katrina dies. And so Spade asks - why go to this unknown planet. Xanatos comes to the conclusion immediately - Venerator wanted him to. When asked what Origin is - Spade says they're not ready to learn it nor does he have the time to fully explain it. Upon hearing all this, Warren goes after Darien.

After Warren beats the crap out of Darien, claiming he killed Katrina, Darien seems taken back and angry at the accusation. Realizing his time is up, Darien pulls his gun back on Warren in a stand off. Claiming he had nothing to do with Erevis, Darien grabs Shiva's hand so she can read his mind for the truth. While Darien knew the truth about Venerator all along and was working for him, he began to become suspicious of the man. Having no idea why the orders to go to the planet came from Venerator, Darien opted to go there to investigate and find out the truth while playing out the part Venerator expected of him. When Shiva busts out crying, asking how he could keep all this secret, Darien wearily tells her that Venerator told him there was a major threat to all life in the galaxy and that it was Darien's job to help Venerator find out what it was so they could stop it together. Darien assumed they would find, on the planet Erevis, another object of power like Xevil was seeking out.

Back on the planet, Chad and Angela continue through the ruins of the lab to discover the truth only meant for them. Doors encoded to their genetic codes let them inside the inner chambers. There, Chad finds diagrams of himself as Weapon I. Spade challenges Ariel to combat to ensue she never becomes a tool of Venerator's. To protect Zephyr from interfering like Spade claims she will do, Ariel makes her get on the shuttle with the protocol. Angela can feel the battle overhead through her bond with Kane, warning Chad of it. As they continue, they find Weapon II - Dias below as well. After freeing him, they find a powerful young man in a deep sleep. Chad grabs him and announces they are leaving with him. As Ariel and Spade battle, she seemingly gets the upper hand after clearing her mind when the military arrives. Spade tells Chad and Angela to take the anti-toxins when they arrive for them to hurry out of there, leaping into a shuttle and escaping.

On the station, Warren is finally talked down from killing Darien; after Cole is about to put Darien in the brig, to prevent him from running, Darien states flatly he has no intentions of running. Being let go, Darien walks off from the others to brood.


Session 99: Votes

Somehow a leak goes out about what occured with Darien and the manipulations of PAX and all the races of PAX have begun to hit Earth and PAX with a hailstorm of anger and retorts on their actions. And, as if adding insult to the injury, today is the election day. Arhn speaks with one of the people back home, stating that the humans are fools who have unleashed something on the galaxy that should have been left buried - no doubt speaking of Erevis herself. With the PAX no doubt in danger of death any day now, Arhn plans to pursue avenues with the Cartel to begin something more ambitions that the humans failed to do. Meanwhile, Darien - in a state of wreck and not shaving - speaks with Ariel finally. He admits to her that he knew some of the events as Spade said. He proceeds to tell her everything he knows. MEanwhile, Cran holds a public conference, confessing the true nature of PAX is as they heard but he cannot go into great details due to matters of classification. On Europa colony below, Xanatos searches for Erevis who has snuck off, only to find her comforting a small child that was crying, unaware Xanatos is watching her. Afterwards, she takes the child's hand and leads him to the shopping district, so Xanatos trails her to see her reunite the child with it's mother. Xanatos then speaks to her and tells her he was afraid she had decided to leave. When Erevis asks if that is because he was afraid he could not find a way to restore Katrina, he says it is partially that, but also would miss bantering with her, much to Erevis' surprise. Xanatos also shows fear for her that she will be pulled toward Origin, whatever it may be. As they continue to talk, Xanatos asks if Erevis is mean toward him due to Katrina's resentment and Erevis reveals Katrina never resented him, but loved him.

Ariel finally reunites with Zephyr after having had to take time to get back to the station; Zephyr immediately goes from blank to happy and hugs, begging her not to leave her again, showing signs of a co-depencency. Ariel asks Zephyr to try to find something that can take her out without killing her in the event that Venerator tries something. Arhn, meanwhile, plans to try to bring back the ancient race once more. On the holovid, as Cran is shaking hands of voters, a gunshot is heard and he falls over with an apparant head wound. Adam contacts Cassandra later - Adam being the man she left behind on the mission long ago - alive and well. He tells her that he was behind the shooting of Cran. Offering her a position with him and Venerator, telling her that PAX is going down, he states she should just join the winning side. Turning him down, she informs the others that Venerator wanted Cran out of the way for the final phase of his plan. At that moment, the polls finish and the winner is announced as...


Session 100: Endgame

Darien holds a simple food gathering party in the meeting hall for everyone. As he makes a toast in the sad atmosphere, he goes into what PAX stood for - and how he believes that peace can still be achieved. Somehow. We flashback to four days earlier. Cran has been announced the new President of EarthGov. Darien announces to the remaining races of PAX that the PAX is shutting down at the end of the year due to lack of renewal by EarthGov. Shiva appeals to the remaining races to create a new PAX outside Earth jurisdiction. The other races reject her offer and end communications. After they are all gone, Shiva and Arhn tell Ariel their plan to create a unified political front against the coming darkness.

Events jump back to 12.1. Most of the station has been moved out and power is being conserved with low power and other non-essential systems being shut off. They all gather for the meal Darien prepared to celebrate and reflect on their time together on the PAX. As they eat, Warren informs Arhn he's turning in his resignation after this is over, knowing he has more duty left here. After a bit, Erevis gets bored and leave, and Warren steps out as well. The Vapaad ambassador floats after Erevis, so Xanatos stalks him. The Vapaad then proceeds to attack Erevis before she can enter her room. More appear and attack her, and Erevis calls them honorless as she does battle. Shiva, sensing the battle, rushes in and demands they stop, causing Erevis to hesitate at seeing her. Fox and Cole move to back her up, even as the Vapaads try to push them away. To Erevis surprise, they all side with her, even if it means breaking up treaties with the race. After the Vapaads state they will continue to watch despite ending agreements, Erevis announces she will leave tomorrow so people cannot fight over her. Once inside the room, she hugs herself and sits, feeling uneasy by the emotions of anger outside. Shiva goes in to talk to her while the Vapaads are run off by an angry Darien. Xanatos and Shiva both tell Erevis they owe her more than they have - since she has not done anything to provoke reactions in others unless provoked, and both offer her friendship with no strings attached, Xanatos saying even if she isn't Katrina, she is worthy of it. During all this, Zephyr and Ariel continue to work on figuring out a way to help Ariel not fall under Venerator's control.


As Darien, Arhn, and Shiva wrap up the last bit it of treaties, Erevis packs her suitcase, taking time to pack a toybear Katrina liked into it. Xanatos requests to accompany her to strengthen their friendship, and Erevis allows it. As Fox goes to investigate the supply shuttle with some food to last them, the delivery man keeps the shuttle ramp closed and his back to her, whistling a jaunty tune. Finally, when Xanatos enters, he realizes the man is none other than --- John McCormick. John then goes to visit Katrina, so Xanatos sends Erevis a warning to her, sending her into a panic. He informs her the motherlode of all shit is coming and leads her to the security room where the power guardes are going off the scale. Zephyr, in the hanger, suddenly senses something and rips the ramp open to find Chad Winters, Spade, Kane, and Angela inside it. She quickly crushes Chad in a hug while John explains to the others in security that Venerator is on the station this very minute. After a moment contemplation, Erevis decides the Janitor must be Venerator, as he is the only worker left on the station. Despite Angela's pleads that Zephyr leave the station, she insists on remaining behind to protect Ariel. Chad quickly joins her and they spread out to find Venerator. Erevis, against her better judgement and feeling dishonorable, continues to play the role of Katrina around John to spare him pain in this delicate situation.

As the battle breaks out against Adam to begin with, then Venerator, the team is pushed to their limits as Venerator attempts to drive Erevis insane and use Ariel. Both these tactics fail and in the end they manage to bring the mad General to an end with Erevis' help, who puts herself on the line to save her new friends. But with PAX heavily damaged it begins to fall toward the colony, and the impact will destroy it all. Zephyr knocks Ariel out and stays behind to destroy the reactor while Darien gets her out of the station in time. It explodes in the air and harmlessly rains down on the colony in small pieces. However, one large piece manages to survive and fall toward the colony. Spade sets it up so they are ejected from the shuttle into deep space to form it, a risky manuever for all three, but as the two are sent out, Spade is saved by Chad and Fox. Angela and Kane form their dragoon form and manage to take it out with less than 10 seconds to spare. Afterwards, Warren's shuttle arrives with Zephyr, alive and well to the relief of all. To their surprise, though, the reason Zephyr survived was that Venerator, in his last act of redemption, sacrifices his life by destroying the reactor and pushing Zephyr out to the shuttle with Warren to save him. In the end, Venerator did right and left the future in their hands, and one day, they will have to deal with the remaining pieces of Origin coming together.

With PAX over and Europa saved, the team splinters to go into their own destinies. Darien plans to form his own investigation unit with Erevis, Xanatos, Cassandra, and others. Chad and Angela go with their father, Cran, to begin his presidency. Arhn, Kio, Cole, and others decide to head back to Erusian Ascendency, and Ariel and Zephyr decide to take Dias, who is like a newborn still in learning things, to the newly formed Dragoon Colony. Only time will tell what lays in wait.

*summaries by Death Star