Arc Zero

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Season 5: Convergence

The Alien Wars 6: Da Capo

Timeline: 10-636.12.24

Session 35: Miyuki's Departure

With the holidays upon them, the teams step down operations and coordinate between themselves for minimal staffing of the various bases; this allows those with families the opportunity to come together and celebrate in typical fashion. Families spend the night reminiscing and having fun; gifts, dancing, drink and flirting between single members abound and plots to get couples together as well.

Erevis’s annual Christmas Party brings everyone together for even more celebration and camaraderie, CHIP even joins in using a robotic pink bunny body for the purpose of dancing with the ladies. Kaleb ends up biting off more than he can chew when he attempts to give Shion a kiss, she responds by pounding him to the floor and leaving him there. Myria is subjected to similar treatment with CHIP, but there’s no kissing or beating, just a really awkward hug with back pats. Warren meanwhile remains to the side watching with Ahrn, informing her that he’s decided to attempt the surgery to save his life. Dek even decides, once drunk, to hit on some of the younger Nue girls.

Deserted Location
Several individuals have cut short their holiday plans to see the progress of Taiga’s work on creating a portal generator to the other reality. The test produces a stable aperture for almost a full minute showing a part of Geyze and spirits floating about, then quakes begin to affect both worlds and the device is shut down; Warren announcing that in a few days they will opt to send volunteers to the other side. Miyuki and Isis confirming that they will travel to the mirror reality.

As the device is prepared to open another gateway Warren goes down the line of volunteers and adjusts people into some order that only he and a couple of others are aware of; Miyuki, Shion, Lumi, Simon and Isis heading up the group before others. Once the portal is opened they slowly make their way through, Isis barely getting through before they reach the 1 minute point and are forced to shut down the device. Before Taiga can restart it Warren ‘accidentaly’ trips and knocks it over, damaging a component and rendering it inoperable; while Taiga cries and frets over the damage.


Timeline: 10-636.12.31

Session 36: 8:00 PM - 10:00 PM (1)

8:00 PM - 8:30 PM

Warren, delaying his brain surgery, gathers a crowd of worried people, from Necia, who has bonded with him to sustain him, to his doctors, like his own daughter Jennifer, and his wife, Arhn. However, he keeps putting it off, claiming barring an emergency, he will be in the surgery room. On the Mobile Base, they detect the Nostradomus heading to Orbit, and give chase. During this, the PAX is gearing up for New Year's Eve, with Erevis overlooking the Earth from orbit. Back at theUnderground Base, right as Warren is about to do his surgery, an emergency call comes in and Warren receives notice that a hostage situation has come in - someone has capture a bunch of Senators. About to handle it himself, Arhn and Jennifer, along with everyone else, talks him down. With Hess not in, Warren sends Hale, Reikana, and Ren out to handle it, standing by to handle communication and try to get in touch with Lorelei's team to help.

8:30 PM - 9:00 PM

Warren sends out the call to the other teams about the Senators, with the Mobile Base picking up on it while they chase the enemy's Nostradomus into the Earths' atmosphere. When they reach the upper levels of space, CHIP of the PAX warns them to identify themselves, since the Mobile Base is unlisted on files for the team's protection - so that they can do what they need to do without anyone knowing who they are. The team identifies who they are and brings CHIP onboard to scan for the Nostradomus, believing the PAX might be the target.

The Underground team arrives at Mega City, with Warren guiding them via their Datapads. As Kane and others set up remotes to check out the Senate Building, which is surrounded by police and the army, snipers attack the drones from inside, while Hale tries to put in a call to president-elect Dias, but they only reach his phone. While Ren, Reikana, Hale, Kane, Luci, and Angela prepare to hack their way into the sewer access, Warren finally prepares to go under into surgery, putting Ben in charge. Jennifer's team, made up of herself, Cuddles, Ethan, and Vodka prepare to surgically remove the turmors in Warren's head, with Necia, temporarily bonded with Warren, supporting him. Lorelei and her team armor up, preparing to head up to Mega City to support the others as requested. Informing the kids to call their parents and use the teleports to go see their parents if they holiday plans, she then leads her team off to their own teleporters. Up on the PAX, Lenneth arrives on the bridge to find some of the crew talking to the Mobile Team. Xanatos discovering that Aya has spawn of her own, while CHIP searches for the cloaked ship, and the two teams interact via communications. However, right as CHIP locates the ship underneath the PAX, a beam of destructive power fires down at Earth.

9:00 PM - 9:30 PM

As EarthGov ships move to intercept the PAX, thinking they fired on Earth, the Mobile Base chases the Nostradomus' signal as it speeds back down to Earth. Havingrecorded the footage of the attack, they hope it will be enough to clear the PAX, but for the time being they fire at the cloaked ship, hoping to nail it blindly and stop it's descent. They force it to appear and return fire as it enters the atmosphere, and Marcus lines up a shot, destroying the ship. However, a golden mineral like substance falls across the atmosphere of the planet.

4 blocks of Mega City burn when Ben, Necia, and Hess arrive, eyeing the carnage. While Necia works on the sewer access, Kane runs across the way to deal with the sniper; during this Lorelei's team arrives and hurries over to join the team. The team teams begin to prepare to split up, with Sunny ending up taking the sniper down as Hess ripples one team up onto the roof, and the other team taking the sewers. As they move out, gold dust like stuff falls from the sky.

On the PAX, Lenneth and the others are grilled by EarthGov about the attack, with Lenneth stating why would she fire on her own Empire. During this nonsense, Jaime and CHIP scan the golden material, discovering it is nanomachines, similiar to the tech that Taiga is working on in regards to the reality. However, the nanomachines are also affecting the PAX and will bring it down if not dealt with, so the group decide to do a blind hyperspace jump to kill the nanomachines on the hull that is disabling the PAX. They jump away from the Earth, leaving it behind.

9:30 PM - 10:00 PM

The two teams, each working either from the top down or the bottom up, begin to clear out Sun V agents systematically and freeing Senators. Eventually they discover a bomb has been set up by Sun V and have to disarm it before it levels the building and the block. With 4 minutes left, they talk to Kane, who says it's based on the design that killed his counter part long ago, so not to touch the red wires. They anaylze and with one minute left, cut the blue wires, disarming it. Once outside, the group is saved from a sniper by Sunny and move to examine the falling nanomachines, Kiseki asking Hope to draw them to her blade, which she does so. On the Mobile Base, Eve, studying the nanomachines on the Mobile Base, states the nanomachines seem to be going into the planet itself, affecting the Earth somehow based on Taiga's reality designs, leading Reese to suspect they have a mole.

In the base, the three doctors eye Warren's brains, knowing it will take all of them to save him.


Timeline: 10-636.12.31

Session 37: 10:00 PM - 12:00 AM (2)

10:00 PM - 11:00 PM

Ethan passes out while working on Warren, leaving Cuddles, Vodka, and Jennifer to continue the work. They manage to stop the hemorraging and other problems for the time being. Meanwhile, the PAX finally exits hyperspace, dead in space from the nanomachines that damaged it. Floating in space, those onboard find themselves in the dark and with no gravity, floating around. Lenneth takes charge and goes with Xanatos to find what power they have with the core no longer working, moving to get back up power to the vital systems before trouble arrives.

Onboard the Mobile Base, Kaori falls asleep due to the late night and all the excitement, leaving Cassandra in charge. They continue to examine the nanomachines and Eve determines that they are sending out waves that cancel the reality quakes somehow, based off Taiga's technology. Which makes everyone question why the Sun V people would do such a thing. However, before they can land and check out the destroyed blocks in Mega City, they detect a signal that matches the Nostro though it is much smaller, likely a piece of it, or a shuttle from it. Deciding to chase after it, the team flies off after to hunt it down.

Lorelei leads the team to the 4-5 block area that was destroyed, saying she found something interested in it - though it was mostly void of people. The team meets up with Chad Winters at the location, surprisingly, having been snooping around before they got there. Lorelei explains that she and Umi came to save people while the others were dealing with the Senators to discover the area was mostly a business and warehouse district, and discovered a broken crystal gate that she shows to the group. The team believes that Sun V belew this area up to try to destroy the gates. Hess and the others look up on a map and learn the building belonged to a charity group that helps the poor that opened up a year ago, and has sites all over the world. The team prepares to head back and find a way to move the gates to safety.

On the PAX, the team retrieves the large battery and works on hooking them up. The Mobile Base tracks the ship to a Japanese City where it lands - Cassandra orders a ground team to enter it and learn what is going on.

11:00 PM - 12:00 AM

As the teams arrive back at the damaged Presidental Building, they find X berating Dias along with Delano, who literally uses her husband as a tool to shake at him. There they inform Dias on what is going on and X brings in Kitty to help with the situation, even as a few sneak back toward the Gate for some reason. As the teams get ready, Kane telling Dias he should prepare a statement, the groups get ready for what is coming next. On the PAX, the Tsivrixsh notice the helpless PAX and begin to come closer, even as Erevis and Xanatos hook up power to the temporary core that seems to no longer have Drasek. They quickly try to get the ship ready for a battle without having enough power for all the systems.

In the Japanese village, where light snow is falling, the group mostly sticks out like sore thumbs as they arrive, the villagers refusing to answer questions. After refusing to answer questions, they keep an eye on the fool of a tool Marcus since he offends them the most, so when he goes down the stairs in a building he is not welcome, the villagers chase him down, ignoring the others momentarily to tie him up and toss him out into the snow, allowing the others to move about without eyes on them. The other team, meanwhile, returns to the crystal gate to find those that snuck off are being attacked by the boned aliens. Wyrd and Truth trying to hold their own against them. Kitty and the others join the battle and quickly smack them around; during it, Kane notices a cloaked figure and fires on it, the figure blocking with a crystal wall. This leads others to dogpile leap on the person. They unmask the figure, a famfrit like alien who pulls out a crystal and uses it to enter a reality warp, dragging others in with it. As everyone grabs onto the others, the building being sucked in, the yellow nanites activate, stopping the reality hole. However, Hope, fires at the nanomachines, and the quake resumes, causing Dias and Angelos to grab onto X and Hess to save them. Thankfully, more nanitesarrive to save the group. Ren makes sure to bottle some to take back to the base.

Cassandra's team finds a Japanese cyborg studying the map of the nanites, with Stacey sitting there as a machine is attached to her head, doing somthing to her mind. The group shoots the cyborg and grabs Stacey, running and teleporting before they are locked in, finding Marcus waiting. They quickly escape with the ex-vice president. Back in deep space, the PAX and the Tsivrixsh cruiser trade blows when a crystal ship appears and destroys the Tsivrixsh ship in one go, fading away to the confusion of those onboard.

As midnight comes, the two teams in Mega City watch fireworks go off, relaxing and peering up in the sky.


Timeline: 10-637.1.7

Session 38: The City of Broken Angels

Location: L.A.

With Dias the new President, his new Government has begun the process of seeking out a new location for the Executive Building, while Lorelei and her team relaxing at their Karate Kid like complex, each member and the kids relaxing after all the excitement recently. While many enjoy the pool, such as Umi and the two adopted kids, Urr and Cleo, as well as Zephyr, Lorelei works on the broken arch and complete arch problem. The team debates what to do about the arches, made from Centerpoint - from using Progenitor and Dark One tech to deal with the problem of Centerpoint being used in the other side's technology. However, while they debate, a facial alert identifies Miyuki in town not far from them, wandering around with an angry look on her face - the technology made after Kitty returned to alert them in case anyone else from the team that crossed over returned.

When they find her, they find an angry Miyuki marching down the street with eight tails, glaring at people and ignoring the team until they pull over to talk to her. Questioning her, Kasha, Hope, and others consider her to be a fake, despite her answering Ethan's answer correctly - perhaps due to her mannerisms being a bit off. She refuses to meet Lorelei's gaze and answers vaguely, claiming she needs to find a gate to get back to her Isis before something bad happens. They bring her with them back to the base to help her out and check up on her, Lorelei getting Taiga's device to check on patterns.

Upon arriving back at the base, a tidal wave of Nue children arrive, along with Hi, knocking Miyuki flat on her back. After a short one line exchange, even Hi declares Miyuki a monster and declares that it won't be allowed near the children or her house, making Kasha roll her eyes. Only Kellin seems to talk to Miyuki as a person. After the circus, Miyuki declares she is laying down while Hi leaves with the children; Lorelei takes the moment to get Taiga's device, while they debate that Miyuki might be a mirror universe Miyuki, and the implications of what that might mean, and that she might be headed for the Gate, and what her interest is in Lorelei.

Lorelei scans Miyuki, and learns she has reality marker DNA like she does, which Miyuki should not have, as well as the signature from the other side, claiming that is impossible, since Cheryl and Miyuki shouldn't have that - their kids might, since the two were infused with the power, and what is why Lorelei has it, but Cheryl and Miyuki borrowed the power, they weren't born with it. She claims with the Nue kids gone, there is no reason for Miyuki to hold back and they should keep her away from the Gate, not knowing if her "respectfulness" toward Lorelei will be enough. In the mean time, Miyuki knocks out Aschae who is spying on her and foxholes out.

Appearing in the courtyard, Miyuki gently foxfires Kellin out and stuffs him into a box, and prepares to foxhole the Gate away when the Nue children return, approaching Miyuki. As they begin to get swallowed up by the foxfire, Miyuki relunctantly ends it, refusing to swallow them up and the children latch onto their "mother", defeating Miyuki, right as the others arrive, Josephine first. As the others surround her, she gathers the babies and makes a run for it with them, leaping out of the base; however at that moment a flashbang goes off. Shielding the kids eyes, Miyuki takes the brunt of it, putting the babies in Kellin's arms and vanishes, leaving him with crying Nue babies. Lorelei mutters they will have to hide the Gates now.

A few blocks away, Miyuki curses having failed a second time, cursing the Princess of Geyze, and the team, and then cursing the children, since she promised she would visit them again.


Timeline: 10-637.1.12

Session 39: Hess' First Trial

For 12 days straight, Vodka and the others have run examines on Stacey to see if anything was done, turning up nothing; apparantly they only wanted to ask about her lineage. Necia volunteers to work with Vodka to map out Stacey's brain to see if what she was hooked up had any mental affects that might bite them on the ass. While they work, Kane pages Hess to look over a new recruit, Saf Alastaf. While Hess assigns Reikana to show Saf around, Ben looks into the main computer and thinks he has found something to investigate, alerting the team. While Stacey is cleared and Dias shows up to make her his new Vice President, Ben informs Hess about three next generation dragoons getting sick and collapsing. Hess orders dragoons on site not to go out until the cause of the sickness and power weakness is determined; Kane researches and learns all there were at an anime convention a week ago. Hess and Ben arrange for a team to go investigate another convention that is being held at the same place, for a different type of anime, causing everyone to dress up in various Sailor Senshi outfits from the 20/21st century. Discovering that Wyrd went to the convention a week ago, the group descends on the convention and spreads out, exploring everything for clues.

Once there and searching out, a trashcan explodes and causes a distraction with the crowd fleeing, and some of the cosplayers attack the group when they begin to intervene getting the convention prize money. Reikana and the others subdue two robbers dressed as Sailor Moon and one of the characters from Kill La Kill. Returning to the base, they contact Wyrd that she and the other three girls were standing in line at a cute animal convention. Getting nothing more out of her, they check the cameras and learn that the three dragoons went to Em's cafe. Hearing on the comm that Em sounds like she has a cold, Hess orders the dragoons to lleave the base and for Em to come in. Vodka and Hess discharge Stacey, who returns with Dias to L.A. to become his Vice President.


Timeline: 10-637.1.16

Session 40: Children of the Next Generation

Lorelei decides to take the Tarehian kids on a field trip, driving the group near a field beside the new Presidental Building. There, Lorelei does a bunch of exercises divided by age to help train the kids to fight better, having Zephyr be their trainer. Evaluating each kid, Lorelei then has test against each other before giving them all full marks.


Timeline: 10-637.1.20

Session 41: Old Times at PAX High

Warren and a few of the original team from TAW4 meet on the PAX to talk with Erevis and the crew, remembering how things used to be before they got so old and kids took over. Each of the people begin to fall back into their old roles, joking and acting like they used to long ago. While hosting a party, Erevis and the others are locked in when the room they are in seals up. A person comes on the intercomm claiming that when most of them came back into the situation, he was overjoyed at a chance to get revenge on them all. The villain claims that Erevis and the others ruined him over a 24 period, giving the team the feeling they should know who this person is. Xanatos attempts to get out through the vent but finds a payload with a picture of the Presidental Ranch and the year 585. The group figures it must be Hodges and plans to get ready for him as they escape the room. The group, once free, work to get rid of the bombs and free CHIP of any hostile AI influences. Getting the bombs to detonat uselessly outside the ship, the Hodges AI is destroyed and vanishes.

The group, led by Warren, returns to the old presidental ranch to see if there is any signs of a real Hodges. They find a secret passage downstairs and discover the dead body of Hodges dug up on a chair, wearing an immaculate suit. They also discover Aya blood samples from the VI days. They find in another hidden room pictures of Chad, Aya, Eve, and the twins, as if there for a reminder of a person. The DNA they find is corrupted markers, perhaps to trick Chad into things Aya is not who she thinks he is. The group decides to clean up and head out.


Timeline: 10-637.1.26

Session 42: Hess' Team v Kaori' Team: Dawn of Justice

With the Dragoon crisis having not peaked yet, Ben has Hess and Kaori combine their teams to work together to deal with the presence of Gateways, with both leaders planning to split up to divide and destroy the Gateways, leaving Ben to watch over them. Hess' group attacks a warehouse, with each of her crew managing to stop the people in it from reaching the lever, systematically stopping them. Kaori's group deals with a cororation that has a gateway inside it, where John and Marcus initiate an attack on it while the others hang out, the group forcing a few of the others into the carnage, taking down guards, civilians and others. Kaori leads them to the basement where Fiona wrenches the door off to fine more of the boned aliens and they try to pull a lever, but they are jumped just barely in time to stop them.

After the teams reunite for a break, it seems Kaori is in the lead by one point, where Vesta claims her team is going to win and Kaori will get Hess' panties. As the two teams banter, Hess flirts back with Kaori, saying the offer to see her panties is always there. While they are talking and Ben is looking for the next target, Ben suddenly is heard being attacked over the communication, so the team teams head to the underground base, wher they find Ben's clothes all torn up. He claims his powers had no effect on an eight tail fox that looked like Miyuki. The team goes to confront her and finds her deleting the data on the Gates locations, and they go and confront her in battle. The battle grows aggressive until they force her out of the mansion, where they soon find the other Miyuki resting, restoring energy and catch up to her, giving them time to question her. She and Kiseki talk and she informs her of some information before trying to escape in a foxhole before the others catch up, since Kiseki was the first one. But when Kiseki attempts to drain the foxhole to stop Miyuki, the duplicate begins to strangle Kiseki in a murderous rage. They begin to try to cut off her tails before Hess puts a charm on her chest and disables her.

There the other Miyuki looks resigned and claims she did try to leave without a true fight and just wanted to get back to her husband and daughter, shocking everyone. They bring her back to the base for now while back at it, Ben seens the NGD rate is rising slowly.


Timeline: 10-637.1.27

Session 43: Fallen Alpha

The sick dragoons begin to come in as the various members of the unit prepare to deal with the crisis in their own ways. Ben decides to get information from Dias' VP so he sends Kaori's team out to L.A. for now instead of Lorelei's. The team debates if they should let Dragoons come along as they arrive, and they mostly agree to stay. Vesta programs a hologram of Hess to come along so she can monitor things from back at the base and join Kaori for now. After witnessing the bromance of Marcus and Dias, and more shenigans, they scan Dias and find his weapon abilities are flared to the extreme levels. As the team gets blood samples and scans, those back at the base debate theories and wonder if maybe they got the information from Stacey's mind when they held her. Eve and Fiona believe that Dias is infected and whatever is in him will try to get out, as well as many of them believe that Lorelei's team is likely infected as well by Wyrd. They debate where they want to search next since they were not expecting it to jump to Weapons.

iIn L.A., Lorelei listens to the message from the other team before musing and nailing Wyrd hard enough to knock her down into the pool, telling them to retrieve her. Lorelei then, acting oddly, grabs Hope and peers up at the rain coming down, drawing some blood from Hope, murming that despite the nanites that Wyrd was infected and wondering if the rain has something to do with it. And it's jumped to the Weapons. The entire team plans to be tested now. At the underground base, Cuddles informs that each time someone is infected, the infection time decreases, going from one month to 3 weeks and do on. Hess wants to be tested next, but as Cuddles prepares, they learn that X was infected in the rain meeting another infected Alpha, Alpha Q. Hess sticks her arm out to get the shot, despite the risk, since they now think the virus is being spread through the rain water.


Timeline: 6.22.6091

Session 144: Gateway (1)

Location: Near the Uminite Base/Lab
Selena, after letting the team train for a few days to prepare for the upcoming mission, warns the team that once they enter, there will be no time for others to come in and help as the alarms will be raised, so she allows everyone time to back out if they wish to do so now. Everyone seems up for the mission in the hopes they will learn the fates of their parents, so Selena tells them the three options to break into the base, after being interrupted mid-sentence by a pounce from Tenebrae. The team opts for the options of looking like a mix of Aurits and Umites, then proceed toward the lab. Selena and the others talk their way in and proceed to walk toward their labs; however, when it comes time to have their passes verify, to see if their passes match their races, which they do not due to their disguises, Tenebrae uses her spirit powers to tamper with the passes. That, however, cases an eletronic alarm to begin blinking. Selena tells the others to continue onwrd, while she pulls the Uminite off the side, pulling a weapon out.

Now seperated, the team has to find their own way through the Uminite base. They move to the second floor, where they come across a + shaped hallway. Debating which direction to go, they choose to go to the storage area, where Selena and Tenebrae catch back up before they arrive. While Cherie and Ruhi heal Selena, the team finds a few important items like the invisibility cloak that drains their life if they do not resist it, crystal shards, and more. After gathering what they need and learning how to resist the cloak, they use it to sneak up and steal the key from the guards and continue further into the base. There they find a room with a giant crystal gate that is shut off. The gate is more like a huge crystal ring, with the crystal made of a material more pure than anything they have encountered thus far.

As Selena boots up the computer and attempts to read the C'en on the computer, exclaiming she doubts that she can, the small blonde they have been encounter so far tells them not to bother trying since she can read it for them. They turn to find the blonde covered in sweat, having a red head with a collar with her. Cherie, the kind soul that she is, checks the blonde for wounds, though she tells her that she doubts she can heal her, despite there being a read smear on her back and her clothes being torn and dirty. Tenebrae questions her where Vyvy and Shade is at but she snaps that she doesn't have time for that right now, and that is being hunted, and to ask the red head; that despite being collared and supressed. Apparantly the blonde is doing it because "a cat and fox interest her". She explains that despite the spirits representing a threat, she decided to help because Miyuki the legendary asked her. And if they wanted to get to their parents they had to go through the gateway anyway and see for themselves. Lifted through the gateway, Cherry is carried through it with the others. Moments later after they go through, Cherry's twin, the Ariel copy stares in disbelief that her sister is helping them and smashes the Gateway controls.

Cherry leads them through the crystal passages between the worlds, telling them about how she was taught, that Tora, who created Geyze/Kumen was a parasite on the world, since they were created with crystal shards and with all the shards in one place, it meant the other world, the world with what she called the Legendaries she was based on, like Cheryl and Miyuki, was dying. It's why she was made to kill them. (it will later be proven to be partially false, that Cheryl and the other copies are not really copies - see Return to Crystal Kumen) As they are transported all around, upside down and other stuff, they soon reach a gateway, where Cherry says will take them to Centerpoint, but as the group is split up, Ariel sabotages the transport, sending them elsewhere.


Timeline: 6.22.6091

Session 145: Crystal (2)

The group is pelted by crystal shards upon appearing in the crystal dome, with Cherry being hit in the chest crtically and being flipped comically and landing roughly; many of the team rushing over to protect her. Cherie and Cloe are hit and are seperated immediately and then Selena and Bella are hit and slid roughly; Ruhi immediately rushing to protect Cherie as more shards continue to fly at the group. They can hear Ariel's insane laughter as Cherry warns them she is intending to knock them off course. A crack appears in the dome and they have to abandon Selena and Bella for now, hoping the two can find their own way back. As they hurry, Cloe is almost left behind and crushed, but Bix manages to save her just barely in time. They find a hologram of a woman who refuses to allow them access, except for Airym or another unit that has been sent to observe others in this ongoing conflict. They question the unit and figure out the Legendaries are all people who came in contact with the reality power - Wind, Cheryl, etc. and their children while pregnant, Shion, Taiga, Lorelei, etc. Finally, Cherry asks who the second person is that could access the power of the terminal, so they can get back on their quest. The terminal says they do not know their name but says it is based on Miyuki Nue's attribudes and DNA, and that she is a plump kitsune. In order to find their friends who are lost and get to their parents, they ask the terminal to open a gateway to the kitsune's homeworld. The leap through the gateway, carrying Cherry. After they go, the terminal muses, apparantly peering through the plump kitsune's eyes, if she will ever get to see yuri.

Date: 10-637.1.28
Location: Mobile Base

Warren, coming out of temporary retirement, informs Kaori that he wants to revoke her leadership temporarily because Hess went and infected herself the previous night and that he feels that Hess will want Kaori close by her on the Underground Base team; as well as likely making Kaori her temporary CO since Kaori is not a Weapon or Dragoon. The Mobile Team asks Warren that they think they should handle with so many of the team needing to stay out of it, and Warren informs them that Lorelei's team is handling Wyrd, and there is apparantly a thing with Godiva and something to do with her family. So he advises they look into incurssions from the other relaity. He leaves to take Kaori to the underground base; Tabetha pauses and scans her mind on his way out, and she sees it seems to be him. Back at the underground base, Warren drops Kaori off to check on Hess, while Jennifer and Myria work on the virus. The two battle it and do doctor stuff. The two formulate a plan while Hess and Kaori hold each other.

Cherry and the kids appear in the basement of a corporation that sells sex toys and other major things dealing with sex, lingerie, and more. Cherry talks her way past the guards, who think she is still on the C'en side, and once up in the lobby, she informs them how to use the technology on the Prime side. They look up Cheryl on this side and learn about her and her location, injured and on the PAX. The Nues also seem to be on the PAX currently, so the team decides to head there. Nell tries to search for information about Centerpoint, but the computer seems to have nothing on it. However, back on the mobile base, alarms to off alert them about the terms Nell entered all together, likely Centerpoint being the big one. The head in the direction of the sex shop, preparing for who triggered the key word search, and are surprised on who they find there: Sun VI is also there to see who triggered the words. The Sun VI destroys the corporation building then begins to follow a flying car.

The Sun VI mobile base, smaller and sleeker, chases after the erratic flying car, who seems to be driven by a person who acts like a person who has never driven before. Cassandra decides to head them off instead of chasing them, with Reese firing and damaging the base, slowing them down, then firing once more and forcing them to throw up their shields to avoid damage, allowing the car more time to put distance and them time to get ahead. As Seniga drives the car like a mad woman, the base blowing up the woods, the others learn their spirit devices are working her surprising and use it to protect themselves, as they begin to arrive at PAX City. The car goes crashing through the PAX Museum and near the teleporters; they rush and leap into the teleporters, teleporting up seconds before Vesta can grab them. She informs Cassandra of her failure and they inform the PAX, tracking the Sun VI mobile base in the meantime.

The kids run into the others and slowly begin to understand what is going on, and make headway. They offer some aid and medical help, in return for some information. Meanwhile, at the underground base, Ben seems to be having a mental break down, while Hess scribbles on Kaori, and a pager goes off, the PAX trying to get in touch with the team to inform them about the kids.


Timeline: 10-637.1.28

Session 44: Who is Kaori? (3)

Location: L.A
Lorelei's team peers at the results while Wyrd sits in cub form in a sealed room, looking depressed and withdrawn. Lorelei informs them that the virus from Wyrd is different, apparantly through air with her, while Dias' was with touch, likely due to Wyrd's ability. So far it seems the only one infected is Hope, so they have isolated her as well. The team splits up, some remaining to watch the kids and infected, while the rest go to make sure Dias doesn't do anything stupid. Meanwhile, back on the PAX, Zephyr knowing that Hope is infected and Kiseki might be in trouble too, strains to get on the teleporter to go back below, despite the others trying to keep her there - even if being infected might decrease her weakened lifespan even more. Tamara prepares to check the children out, shooing the older people out and teaching the children some new choice words. It also seems Tenebrae is on the ship, the family Godiva was talking about in the previous session, and they got here before they did with Salamander due to Ariel's machinations.

Tamara begins to scan each of the kids, and starts with Ruhi. Being the daughter of Riki and Wolfe, Tamara discovers she is the granddaughter of Cheryl and Miyuki. She also scans the aurit kids, saying they are their version of famrits it seems. Tamara puts the rest of the kids's scans up for them to study, while she moves onto Cherry. While examining her, they see she is made up of crystals, much like the so called spirits, but with a large crystal heart and bones. Likely to keep her heroic spirit here from a previous turn (see future sessions to see what I mean). While examining her body and seeing her cracked heart, part of her shoulder area goes red, and Cherry warns them they need to remove her from the ship, as she knows what they are doing and if she explodes, it can take out a large part of the ship. They manage to take out the crystal with teamwork together, healing the shoulder. Cherry claims she doesn't know who the she is, but she is alerted if things are talked about now and again. And that she wants to use Centerpoint and unite the worlds. (Either it is Destiny using Fate, or Fate using Destiny?) Tenebrae claims she thinks she defeated Ariel in the crystal passages, which allowed her to get here.

Location: Underground Base
Ao arrives in the Underground Base and wakes Hess and Kaori, talking to them through the glass. Informing them about the kids coming through one of the gateways they were hunting down, they apparantly need Kaori to activate a hub to help them save their parents and Miyuki on the other side. As Kaori is preparing to go, Ben arrives with the test results, informing them that Hess apparnantly did not get sick after all, her immune system fighting it off, being a combination of Weapon/Dragoon perhaps. Ben tells Myria to draw some blood before he releases Hess, in the hopes her blood might hold the key to the virus.

Location: PAX
Kaori arrives, proclaiming herself as the so called Chosen One, and each of the kids makes a comment. Ruhi thinking she would be taller, Seniga thinking she would have swords, and LJ begins to state that he thought she would have bigger breasts, which gets him decked. As they begin to go, Godiva shows up and begs Tenebrae not to go, fearing that if she does, something terrible will happen to her. However, Tenebrae presses on, going to find Vyvy for Godiva. Ruhi inqueries about her family, and Erevis shows her a teenage Bigsby before he has crossed over, and promises to one day shove him into a reality gate so that his adventures over there can become fact.

Location: Crystal Pathways
Cherry opens the gateway into the pathways in L.A, where they observe the transport bus driving by with Dias. As they prepare to go in, Hess catches up to travel with Kaori, landing on Selena breast first. It seems, as they step in, they find Selena and Bella waiting for them on crystal blocks in the hub with the Holo Terminal that Kaori needs to activate. It seems, those who know her, the Holoterminal is based on Airym pre-boobs. While Tenebrae hugs and cries on Selena, Hess and Kaori greet each other affectionately, Hess apparantly not wanting Kaori to do this alone. While Selena comforts Tenebrae, Kaori begins to log into the network. It tells the team about what happened 20 years ago and the two people trying to grab the core systems, Tora and the mystery person, and how this unit based on Airym could only hold onto a small part of the system. It sent Kaori, based on Miyuki Nue's data, to be an observer (later to be revealed not to be entirely true, Kaori is based on a true daughter from a previous turn, that data is from the previous Kaori. That is why Kaori is Kaori and not a computer program)

The others seem upset when they learn the program will throw in with the side they think it should based off what it learns from Kaori, since it is weak and does not have a lot of power anymore. Hoping it can influence the outcome of the coming battle. However, since Kaori seems to want to help the children, it does give them information on where the majority of the children's parents are at - a prison island. As she prepars to warp the children, the program does state she will stand with Kaori if she can learn of a third solution, however. As the program makes new weapons and gateways for the children to go home, and one for Hess/Kaori, they are interrupted by Ariel who shows up, proclaiming she will destroy the computer so it cannot help anyone. The team goes on the offensive, battling Ariel immediately. LJ, Tenebrae, Ruhi, KAori and the others overpower Ariel, especially with the help of the shard gun and send Ariel flying to the edge of the hole, hanging over the abyss. LJ's attack, having weaked Ariel, allows Tenebrae to grab ahold of Ariel despite her trying to maul and kill the team. Cherry, despite Tenebrae's attempt to save Ariel, kicks her into the abyss, hoping to be done with her murderous sister.

As the others prepare to go, Kaori has a crisis of self. Despite the avatar's assurance that she grew up as an actual baby, it seems Kaori's faith has been shaken. Tenebrae has Hess record a farewell message, then deparrts, leaving Hess to take Kaori and tell her that she loves her, and that their experience are not pre-destined. And with that, the two share a kiss.


Timeline: 10.637.1.27

Session 45: Next Generation Weapons

Two days ago. While Em and Hale are stuck to their house due to Em being infected, X shows up at the house. Through the bond, Hale would feel Em's fear at seeing X as she approaches the house. Em forms her spear and leaps through the wall into the garage, leaving X and Hale alone. Despite X questioningly asking Hale if this is wise to let Em outside in her state, and that if X really wanted to stop them, X could easily stop Hale, she could. Taking another step, Hale fires a warning stop, causing X to stop and eye him, and as she takes another step he shoots her in the leg. Em then drives the car she got in through the garage door while X stands there in disbelief that Hale would shoot her, mumbling about doing social calls and getting shot. As X steps out into the road watching the car move into the distance, a purple aura surrounds her.

10.637.1.29 - Present Day
Underground Base
After Cuddles okays Hess and Kaori to do whatever they want, having okayed them post Crystal Pathways mission, they plan to spend it together getting closer unless Ben needs them. Ben meanwhile checks Myria's lab with Jennifer, checking over Myria's lab work while Myria has stepped out. What they find is shocking to them. Dias' virus seems to be getting stronger, while Wyrd's virus is getting more contagious. When Myria arrives, they decide to run computer tests to see if Hess' blood can manage to combat it, while Cuddles heads back up to the PAX to handle blood tests with Ariel; during all this, Hess and Kaori spend some time getting closer together in their relationship. Meanwhile, at the L.A Hotel Base, Dias is put into a room next to Wyrd, who in the mean time seems to be regressing and acting more like a wolf cub, chewing on toys and acting like a captured animal. Dias, for his part, wants to be allowed to train and is unhappy being stuck in one room being unallowed to get stronger. Lorelei gets a messsage from her sister Taiga that she wants to show them something in Mega City, so most of them head out to investiga, leaving some of them behind like Ethan to watch them. Hopefully Sunny didn't slip Dias anything in his food that will make things worse.

Location: Mega City
Hale and Em's vehicle breaks down near Mega City 1 day ago; unfortunately the car seems unsalvageable. Before Hale can contact his old contacts, a small mobile base that belongs to Sun VI, the same mobile base that chased the children in the previous arc, decloaks above them and a cyborg woman that looks a lot like Cassandra teleports down before them. Demanding they tell her about Centerpoint, the cyborg woman aims her railgun at them - however, when Hale refuses, the flashback ends with the two engaging in combat.

lorelei's team arrives and finds a few members from the mobile team there as well, such as Chad Winters, Michelle, Reese, etc. Taiga brings up the giant yellow nanites from a while back, holding one up as an example. She claims that there is two functions for the nanites and that she knows one of them. She explains that they go into the ground and counter-act reality quakes with Star Trekish mumbo jumbo. The second function she claims if that she believes there is a code to affect the weather, or if that fails, sprays the area. They begin to formula how to destroy the nanites and Lorelei wonders if the Next Generation Weapons' creation might be part of this, too, due to the timing. The team tries to figure out when they were made, and who ordered them made, but they come up blank.

As they make plans to investigate, Em dashes by at high speeds holding Hale, stammering tired and dirty that she thinks she lost "her", the cyborg with a railgun. As they bring each other up to date, and bring Ben and the others at the base up to date, the communications begin to be jammed. Lorelei's team splits up to search for leads at Stacey's, hoping to learn more about what they learned from Taiga, while Chad, Hale, and the others hold the line while they wait on back up, waiting to see who it is that is coming.

Location: Underground Base
Hess and Kaori wake up, both naked together, they find that X has been sending slighty crazy messages. The first talking about being shot by Hale and that she will no longer try to help Em, and then the second, more deranged message that she is going out west to check on Dias, hearing he's been a bad boy. As they head out, Myria and Jennifer choose to use the cure made from Hess' blood on Virus W, the virus from Wyrd, hoping that it's faster spread rate might make a faster cure. Hoping they made the correct choice over Virus D, the virus from Dias, they successfully begin the creation of the cure, but it will take time. While Hess checks the video and sees that Hale did shoot X, an explosion goes off and communication goes off. Rushing to the site, they see Lev covered in nanites, and is now infected. The team rushes to get hazmat suits on and moves to deal with the problem. As Hess and Kaori head out to find Hale and X, everyone gets into suits; Jennifer unwisely moves to scan Lev, who holds his hands up, acting like he is surrendering, then shoots Jennifer in the head with an evil grin.

Back in L.A. Ethan and Truth try to keep Dias and Wyrd entertained when X suddenly shows up, basically ignoring them as she walks up to Dias. At first she chides him for walking around infected, then breaks open his containment wall. After popping him on the head, she turns, Dias protecting her from a tranq dart. As the two move in, Ethan is caught and he asks Truth to cut his arm off. Complying, Ethan runs away and Wyrd catches the arm like a puppy. As X frees the infected, X gives Truth a chance to escape but she doesn't take it, so she leaves Truth to Dias. After it is over, X opens a ripple, leaving with Dias, Wyrd, and Hope.

Back in Mega City, Hess and Kaori arrive as the Sun VI Cassandra look alike cyborg arrives with her railgun. After insults are traded, the battle begins with vigor; they fight it out and scan her hip weakness as she blows the area around them, sending them scattering and doing potshots on her body. As Hess and Hale begin to do damage, her leg destroyed, the cyborg teleports away in order to survive, and Hess and Hale have it out, wondering why Hale shot her and Em was so afraid. While they argue, Taiga temporarily deactivates the nanites, while Hess tells bother Hale and Em that she doesn't know what to do with them anymore. Hess explains they can't return to the base at the time due to the lockout, and Taiga perks up, and they realize the explosion must have been where she stored the nanites she was researching, which means either Lev did it on purpose, or someone lured him and detonated it. While they are all feeling depressed, XIII contacts them that the kids at Lorelei's are reaching out to them and they get a video feed of Rachael, Valen, and the others poking a bloody Truth on the ground, with Dias, Wyrd, and the others now missing.


Timeline: 10.637.1.29

Session 46: Death of a Next Gen Dragoon

Location: Mobile Base
The team has retired to the Mobile Base after battling the Sun VI cyborg that looks like Cassandra; there they have learned that X dropped off Hope at the PAX Museum with a face mask on, where she was retrieved by the PAX personnel. However, the Underground Base is still under lockdown for the time being. Cassandra has them travel to Cheryl's mansion, hoping to get down into the Underground Base to resolve any situation that may be going on underground at the moment. They find the defense system on lockdown and assuming the Mobile Base is an enemy target, and it ignores Hess' command codes. Their only choice is to try to sneak down into the base despite the defense guns. Em takes the door codes and uses her speed, moving to the hatch in the yard to unlock it and falls through it before she is shot up. With the hatch open, Ash has the team grab onto him and he teleports them into the base. While the team sees to Em, who hurt her ankle a bit, a few of the girls comment on Reno appearing out of nowhere to help Em.

Back at L.A., Lorelei and company arrive at the Presidental Building to meet with Stacey. While Angelos checks on the hotel, Lorelei asks how many of the original Weapons are left. Stacey checks her files and tells them that Caesura is alive, still, as is Virulent. After that, they ask who commissioned the New Generation Weapons. The person who got the ball rolling, it seems, was General Steele, but it was delayed until 20 years ago. Lorelei plans to head out to pick up Ethan and Rea, and find the two original Weapons that Taiga put into protection long ago, leaving Angelos to watch over Truth as she recovers.

Location: Underground Base
While Cassandra, Hess, and the others move through the hallways, the lights are red from the emergency lighting and laughter can be heard throughout the halls, echoing. Eve suggests they find Myria first since she was making a cure for the virus, and Hale occurs; Hess suggests they split up to cover more ground. As they move, the air grows worse in parts, the virus hanging heavily, and they find a bloody handprint trailing along the wall toward the command center. Hess leads a team toward the command center, while Tabetha leads a team toward the labs to check on Myria.

Em goes along with Hess toward the command center so she can keep in touch with Hale in case there is an emergency. As they near the command center, they find Ren is locked up in there since she is partially a dragoon. Marcus frees her by getting the chair freed that was blocking the door, and Hess and company move inside. As they enter the actual command center, Ren explaining that Lev went insane and attacked them, they find Jennifer slumped inside, her head bloodied and laying over the master computer. As Hess boots the systems back online, Lev shows up and begins to fire his rocket launcher at point blank range, but Reno roundhouses, Ash cuts it half, and Hess ripples it, causing massive damage to Lev. He attempts to pull out duel saber, and Ash and Reno subdue him while Jennifer blows his leg off. During the fight Hess removes the lockdown and restores the base. As it comes online, they see all the signatures and lifesigns, and see Vodka is near death, and they all rush to see what happened.

Rewinding a bit to the other team, Eve, Hale, and Chad, along with the others, reach the medical area but the gasey air worse here. The area catches on fire, which they shield against and move to find Myria's lab barricaded. They convince Myria to let them in through mind talk and once inside, a makeshift bomb that Lev set up goes off, damaging some of the suits a bit - mainly Eve and Reese. While Eve panics at the sight of blood, Reese panics at the idea of being infected. Myria informs them she has created a weaponized cure to stop more people from catching the virus but she is still working on the cure for those already infected. As lockdown is lifted, the team is able to contact each other and they learn that Vodka is on the verge of death. They find Vodka impaled to the wall with a gun, the gun actually shoved through her into the wall. Despite Myria's warning, pulling Vodka off the wall flatlines the Next Generation Dragoon within seconds. Jennifer, Myria, Chad, Ori and Fiona, manage to jumpstart Vodka's heart and bring her back to the land of the living.

That night, Ben informs that with the Cure-W, now passed around in the base and in the atmopshere, they are all innoculated and Dias, X, and Wyrd can no longer infect more people. He seems to think, optimistically, that once the next level of the cure is created, the crisis will be over and the crisis will over end. As they talk, Lorelei busts in all cheerfully, with two purple haired weapons and a child with purple hair, claiming she is bearing gifts. Caesura and Virulent.


Timeline: 10-637.2.1

Session 47: Side Mission

Location: The PAX
Lenneth deals with petitions and boycotts from Senators demanding that Suisen Empire government be moved to a new location after another power outtage occurs, leaving parts of the ship without power for several hour. She explains that the damage they suffered a while back is causing the issues and that they are having to use batteries, and that a while back Drasek volunteered to power the Core, but the extra damage is now piling up and they need to find a new source of power. Erevis and Xanatos, along with Tel and Iko, go down to engineering where Core One is located and Erevis decides to inside Core One to take a look around, having Robb power down the engines temporarily. Ao shows up with Angelos, tied up, claiming he can be their reserve, stating they can tie him up and toss him in until Elder dies. The others, including Xanatos, shoot the idea down, so Ao sighs. Erevis discovers a gate like hole in the engines, and they wonder what might have caused it. Pulling herself out, Erevis decides they need to investigate it, figuring it is the cause of the energy leakage.

Back on Earth, Ben sets up suvilence on Kitty's house in case X tries to contact Kitty. Not pleased at the spying equipment, Chad and Kitty go at it when the comm link rings and Shre'trav contacts Kitty, telling her that she is now back on this side, too, having returned from the Mirror Universe like Kitty. Telling Kitty that she desperately needs help, Kitty says she will send Hess and Shre'trav thanks her. As Hess and her team head up to the PAX, on the PAX, Erevis prepares to move into the unknown hole, wearing her armor and holding the rune blade. The drone shows a world falling apart and a hyperspace being in it. Sammuel and Erevis step through and are seen falling through and landing near the energy being, where they both stop moving, laying there as if in a peaceful trance. The others now have to get three people out it seems.

Hess team arrives on the PAX's upper roooms, where Shre'trav is using one of Yashna's rooms. Shre'trav explains her backstory, how she worked for the Tsivrixsh government and how the Emperor seemed to be a good leader. During that time she was doing research missions and was sucked into a reality quake in space with Erusian and Tsivrixsh ships and hence over time became a united captain, and had a daughter, and so on. But upon returning, the Emperor was different, colder, like the old Tsiv leaders of the past, and now he has her granddaughter/daughter and is using her as a bargaining chip to rejoining the Empire and work for him. Shre'trav plans to take them out there and distract them while the team rescues the woman. Back in engineering, Erevis and Sammuel find themselves in a londonish world where they in a skitlike scene. They come across Drasek there and while trying to snap him out of it, without getting sucked into it themselves, the others manage to bring the two out of it without falling into the gate. Once all three are out, Ao comically states now that is free they should throw him back in to power Core One.

Location: Planet KO35
Landing on a planet barely more than an asteroid, with some greenry. A platform up ahead is filled with 10 Tsivrixsh soldiers and one captive female Tsivrixsh that is collared, so the team waits while Shre'trev presents herself to them, surrending herself and getting cuffed while Kre'trav is freed and shoved face first into the ground, left behind. The team ambushes the warriors and they get the two to the ship and prepare to get out of there quickly. The Warrior then leaps on the shuttle and begins to smash the window. The team works together to ripple him and take him out as they leap into hyperspace, escaping. Arriving back at the PAX, the tem wonders why Emporer Kyun has changed so much but Shre'trav plans to investigate it and learn more and promises to keep the team in the loop. Unknown to all of them, Kre'tra in the other room wobbles to a terminal and taps a button, informing some mysterious person in the Tsivrixsh Empire that she has reunited with her mother successfully and when they send her sword, to be sure to give her orders as well.


Weapons Arc Conclusion
Sessions 48 - 51 and Duality Session 150

Timeline: 10-637.2.15

Session 52: The Old Gang Is Back

Location: Underground Base
The older team members sit around on the upper levels, talking and joking, and making plans about their plans for the future. The younger generation members are doing the same on their level, with Ben having been setting up his command center and having bought a lot of cars to have access to the car tunnel to Mega City.

Date: 10-637.2.16
Cheryl holds a meeting with her team, writing on a board their main concerns from herself and the others currently such as : Sun VI, the prophecies found on Ariel, the reality quakes, and the Tsivrixsh. Afterward, Cheryl zooms in on a desert base that is not a legit base on their records, believing it to be a Sun VI base. She gives Team B a chance to hit it, with Team A providing back up, and find out what is inside it. Necia works with them to hack into the base to get the data from a distance before they begin to storm inside the base, while Cheryl leads her team in, doing a quick and powerful sweep, taking down any resistance. Inside, they find work on clones and other data, and surprisingly, they find two clones that are dying, having been worked over - an Aya clone and Eve clone, more enhacned and than the previous ones. Dying before they can learn anything, they are now left wondering why Sun VI is now trying to find clones, or make them.


Timeline: 10-637.2.20

Session 53: The New Kids On The Block

Location: Underground Base
Ben wants Hess to have her team investigate a signature that is like the old Reality Gates that were destroyed shortly after Yuki and Kaori went through back in the Weapon Arc, telling her that Lorelei's team has been checking out the old Reality Gates but checking up nothing so far. While going there, they meet their latest teammate, Weapon XVII - Celeritas. After the team greets and gets to know each other, while driving then flying out to European City, they find a warehouse that is in ruins inside. As they investigate, they find a naked fox girl among the pile of crystal shards that was once the Crystal Gate to the other side, causing Hess to push the others aside and rush over to her side. As Hess covers up Kaori, as it turns out to be here, Ren feels like there is something different about her that she can't quite put her finger on.

As Hess helps Kaori recover and awaken, Ben warns them an enemy shuttle is on the way to recover whoever it is they found. Grabbing Kaori, Hess runs for the shuttle car, a strange sound pierces their heads and the hobos nearby have their eyes turn red - before they can even act, Ash teleport stabs them with his spear, set on stun at least. The hobos seem unaffected to the attacks, lumbering with their bodies numb after them, the signal seeming to come from the sky, so they book it to the shuttle car. They do the better part of valor and get out of there, escaping back to their base.

Back at the base, Hess breast hugs Kaori, glad she is alive and back at their reality, while Ethan treats her and others like An'Mi for the loud sound the team encountered at the warehouse. Ben states that the anaylsis seems to be that they were using a machine on the shuttle to take over people's minds to make them enter a type of rage mode, and he believes it is an unmanned shuttle, but dangerous. He unlocks some Gears for the team to use to hunt down the shuttle before it gets near a heavily populated area, which could be disasterous. Working together, they manage to bring down the shuttle and save the day, setting Sun VI back once more.


Timeline: 10.636.2.27

Session 54: Lorelei's L.A Digs

Location: L.A.
At Lorelei's Hotel Base, she listens to Kaori and Hess' story of what happened in the last mission intently, inviting them to join her team whenever they want to come out and enjoy the sun. They all decide to head out to check on President Dias and make sure everything is going well post Weapon/Dragoon Crisis - on the way there telling them about the new Weapon recruit from Chad's, giving her the nickname Celery. As they begin to arrive, they see a huge arena built in the sky with gravity machines, with banners declaring the first Universal Tournament. They learn as they enter that Stacey is in a tizzy at the name of the operation - DIAS, Dias Intergalactic Alliance of Superheroes. Apparantly the tournament is to find more galactic superheroes to bring them close together. Most of the team is exasperated, though some like Kellin seem to be looking forward to when the event takes place. While there, a mission comes up, a police compound is being hit, so the team heads out to investigate it.

As they arrive at the compound, learning the police were drawn away beforehand by a false call, then had their compound sieged and taken over, they find a heavily armed force inside. Having Gor hack and work on camera, they hit the ones outside attacking the cops, while many of them work to sneak inside and rescue them, when the ones inside begin to fire explosives. Having Gor control the door controls, they make a kill box and take out the cop killers inside, saving the day. After the smoke clears, they find that they seem to have been hired by Sun VI to get at the police data, seeing they were after knock off cyborg conversion data and other stuff they could have helped the organization, once again shutting down an operation by them.


Timeline: 10-637.3.1

Session 55: Four Remain

Location: Underground Base
Cheryl calls a meeting of the three teams where Ben brings up the faces of the remaining Sun VI cyborgs that are still alive after doing battle with them so far - one is a Japanese cyborg beauty, another is a white skinned cyborg and the other two still not known to them so far. Discussing Adam, the other prototype model outside Cassandra, she believes they these current ones are based on them, but made later, having learned that Cass and Adam were "made" by Venerator and Cran by a shell military division called Aero Dynamics. Apparnatly it was a company made for shuttles and other equipment in regards to pilots, to help them resist crashes better and survive, enter Cassandra. After the two's death, the project went to Steele's division, where they believe after HIS death it fell into Sun VI's hands. Cheryl believes there is a pattern with them, looking into the Aya and Eve clone situation, which are Enhanced Humans, messing with the Dragoon/Weapons, which are enhanced beings, and looking for cyborg parts for their bodies. For now, she wants them to track down Sunny, since she might be a tie to Sun VI, having been doing mercenary work for them.

Lorelei decides to use Umi to track Sunny's scent and to find Sunny, back at L.A, and use the van to track her whereever she might be now. Despite the kids sneaking into the van, they drive out to deserted police station where the trail ends. As they begin to enter, they find the entire police station is rigged with traps and have to find - work - their way in past the various traps Sunny has left behind for anybody that is after her. After getting through them they find a second floor hatch, where they find a living are where Sunny was likely at but she seems to have escaped before they arrived. Finding pictures of the team, where each of them have smiley faces drawn over their faces - Truth having an insanely large smiley face and Kellin the only one with a frowny face - but they at least find what they are looking for there. Apparantly Sunny kept dirty on her bosses, a report on the cyborgs where their new powerful bodies were damaging their bodies slowly, killing them, and they needed either new bodies or repairs to survive. Moving on, they decide to head out. Cheryl back at the Underground Base prepares to send her team out to a health clinic that also helps cyborgs, hoping to nail the Sun VI leaders once and for all.


Timeline: 10-637.3.1

Session 56: Rising Sun

Location: One of the Clinics
The Originals Team gathers in a snowy area where the specialized clinic is located, gathering to spy on it incase there target is there. They fly a drone in with supplies into the medical facility and attach a camera to the wall to see who enters, with Cheryl taking note of the high profile members of the facilities, such as Senators. At the other clinic, the younger team grows impatient just spying and they decide to grow more proactive, having Saf, who is a cyborg, act like she is having problems with her cyborg body, An'Mi placing a device to shock her, and they carry her in - having some of the more scary members stay behind (X and Narok). The group basically cries/guilt/bullies the attendant at the medical facility's door and are led inside; An'Mi scans their computers once inside while Kaori stalls. She gets matches of their two targets, but outside, one of their targets, the white skinned cyborg, lands and runs right into Ren and the others who went inside, even as Hess warns Cheryl.

Cheryl's team reads over the data hit they got from Hess' team, learning the name of the two cyborgs as they debate what to do now that the other team has encountered the white skinned cyborg - one Lt. Valeria White - the other being Haruhi. As Cheryl's team hurries to back up Hess' team, Lt. White begins to battle Ren's group inside the medical facility, trying to stop them immediately now that she has spotted them. Before she can react, Hess' group outside blindside her and she has to deal with a pincher attack, she begins to lose the fight so White activates her cyborg body, increasing her speed and other limiters. As Cheryl's team arrives, White seems to be bleeding from the ears and acting more like a raging beast, the brain damage her cyborg body causes sped up as she attacks them, and now having Cheryl's team joining in - Zephyr and Hope bustahing them from a distance and tanks like Narok slamming her, X takes off her teleporter arm so she can't escape. Lorelei's team somehow drives up in a van, having missed the fun as White is subdued and defeated.

Back at the Underground Base, White has been put in the brig, while the team recovers after the battle. Lev does an eval on Narok, having seemly recovered from his incident, and things seem to be looking up after the blow to Sun VI once again.