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The Alien Wars 6: Da Capo

Timeline: 10-637.4.14

Session 79: Hostile Takeover (1)

Location: Cheryl's Mansion
It seems the team has been gone 3 days during the Destiny Crisis, so they spend a day recovering before all gathering in the mansion where Lemon feeds them lunch. Friends and family spend some time together relaxing for a change, rarely in the same place at once these days. Lorelei and her team moves back home, with Lorelei bringing the kids back with her, deciding she will set her team back under the base, making Cheryl muse with having the third team back now and the space necessary in the Underground Base. Eventually, Erevis decides to take her family back to the PAX, but when they prepare to use the teleporters, they get an error, as if the servers on the other side do not exist. Gor checks to see if there is anything he can finds that the procols have been changed and the connection servered on the PAX side, meaning the have to go to the PAX.

However, when Lenneth comes out, her face is dark as Chad is watching a newscaster talk about "Empress Erevis" took over the PAX after the former Empress Lenneth tried to kill her family, hence why they went missing, and she has put Godiva into protective custody. Also it seems unknown systems of the PAX have gone online that people were unaware of, leading more weight that this is the true Erevis, since the PAX is now running at near 100%. Lenneth states that only a true Progenitor could use the systems and that lately they could barely keep the systems running. Talking to Vice President Stacey on the comm, they learn the Empress asked them to politely mind their business and that anyone who wished to get off the PAX would be allowed to do so shortly. Soon Godiva is soon seen making a statement, saying that people will be allowed to return soon to the PAX, or go home to the PAX.

They go to the Presidental Building in L.A, a team gathers that plans to take back the PAX from the false Erevis. While there, they see Stacey has Dias dressed up in a suit and acting proper. They contact the false Empress Erevis, who seems amused to see Erevis, talks with President Dias. He asks if he can send envoys to pick up some people, and the Empress mockly jokes why they need to send so many for little old her, but allows it in Hanger 4, dropping the shields in that one location. After ending the transmission, Erevis suggests they send two shuttles in case they run into trouble, and they head out.

Back at the Mansion, Cheryl, along with the others, watch the Holovid as it reports that the three major powers - the Erusians, the Tsivrixsh, and the Cartel - are now making new military treaties and pacts with the Suisen Empire after having drifted away for a while now. Taiga then surprises Cheryl and Marcus with a request - to dig up Darien's body, with the theory that the one that Aya shot might have been a shapeshifter. As Taiga is granted permission, that leaves the question if it is correct, where is the real Darien; Cheryl is then forced to call up Warren, requesting that he come in. However, at that moment, Angelos returns, with a dark look - it seems the Erevis from the future - Elder Erevis - died in her sleep.

Location: The PAX
As the team begins to dock into Hanger 4, they see the PAX is glowing at full power, something they haven't seen in forever, if at all. They meet Cuddles, who states the Empress wants them to disarm or a lock down will occur if they try to enter, though they will allow Cassandra to enter. Cuddles talks with them on the way, clearly not completely trusting the Empress, answering their questions along the way, but the personnel seem to fully trust the Empress. They find Iceheart, Freyja and Alouette since Freyja teleported home earlier, with a watch keeping her from teleporting again, being there. For now though the teams split up, one going to check up on the families, like Eve, with Cuddles leading the way, while the other team goes up to 1B with Erevis, to confront the Empress.

Arriving in 1-B, they see the japanese styled mansion with grass and everything and run into Godiva, who embraces Lenneth. Godiva explains how the Empress showed them the inner workings of the PAX and unlocked how to bring about the systems of it. Before they can learn more, the Empress arrives behind them, making them all turn around in surprise. Strangely, the Empress keeps her distance from Kaori while talking and bantering with Drasek and the others. The Empress states that she will not fight them and that they can leave - she will reopen the teleporters minus their biosignatures so they can be used just like before. Jaime asks why do all this when Xanatos answers - because it is her right as a goddess. The Empress states that she will give Xanatos a gift since Erevis has trouble having children with her progenitor energy getting in the way and palm strikes Erevis, draining all her progenitor energy and taking it from her.

When asked if Erevis will be okay now, it seems she will be okay; however, Jaimie asks about Ao, who seems to be getting sick away from PAX lately. The Empress states she has an hour to bring her here to get depowered as well, because after the time limit she will be cut off as well. Syiean glares as they all walk out, asking the Empress what she is as they all retreat. Back in medical, Cuddles lead Chad to Eve who is not sitting up and reading, apparantly fine now. Ao raids medical for shots and other stuff to keep her body going, Chad informs Eve they are leaving and helps her go. They step out as there is openly open hostile glares.

Back at the Mansion, Taiga works on the bodies of Elder Erevis and Darien. It seems that there are dark particles in Darien's body, meaning that he was indeed a shape shifter and the Elder Erevis' body has been drained of progenitor energy, with a partial print, leading to a heart attack, leading to an early death a year or two sooner.


Timeline: 10-636.4.14

Session 80: Poor Tidings (2)

Location: Cheryl's Mansion
Daiman and Taiga examine Elder Erevis and put away the data on the fingerprint and anything else they can find while Yashna steps up to Cheryl, offering her apologies she cannot do more due to the shapeshifter that is in charge of the Erusian Ascendency right now. They learn that her progenitor energy kept the Elder alive longer and when it was taken, due to her age, it led to her death. Not knowing that Erevis' progenitor energy has been taken from her at that very moment.

Location: The PAX
Chad leads his group out of the medical bay with the crew getting more and more agitated at seeing them, getting verbally abusive as they head for the shuttle. As they reach the shuttle, they find Zephyr standing on top of it, protecting them from the riot that is threatening to form - the security looking barely pressed to keep them back. Chad gets on the shuttle and powers it up while outside things begin to heat up more. Back at 1-B, Erevis is leaning more heavily on Xanatos, clearly strained from the power drain, and Syiean seems to be demanding answers out of Empress. However, Lenneth seems pushed to her limits and is about to attack her when Isis brings a club down on her head, knocking her out and dragging her into the elevator, not giving her sister a second to react. The Empress reveals to Syiean that this is her home from another turn but that in her turn, they lost to Destiny.

As they are going bcak down the elevator, Drasek would spot Athena and her two wives in the shadows about to attack the Empress, but the doors shut, a crystal sword in the panel. Realizing it will take time to get back up there, they try to formulate a plan to reach the 1-B once more. Isis begins to travel through the ship to get the others still on it, warning them to meet them in the hanger, while Erevis prays to Ama, hoping her prayers can reach her wife through the shields. As Drasek and Syiean find their own way back up, Ama appears with Gor, and takes them up to 1-B, while having Gor help get Erevis back to the shuttle. They arrive, with Xanatos and Gor helping Erevis walk, to find a huge group trying to get past security to the shuttle where Chad's group is located. They aim the thrusters at the people while Hope gets her instruments ready and tries to do a moving speech, using her idol status to try to distract them. It seems to work, though oddly one riler melts into the crowd, shape shifting away.

The other team reaches 1-B, where it looks like a mess, the holographic images offline revealing it is a gray room. Athena, Jennifer, and Sammael are battling her, with Athena doing surprisingly good with her speed and manifestation, but the Empress is faster and trying to land a touch so she can steal her progenitor energy. Ama saves Athena at the last second from having her power being taken, setting her down a bit away, but Athena collapses from exhaustion. That is when they realize the Empress has practically been holding back during battling them and hits on Ama, stating she would have enjoyed getting with her in her turn. The Empress had CHIP repair the hologram into a sterile look from the Progenitor homeworld in front of them, stating they can once again go home. Syiean surprisingly decides to stay there with the Empress.

Athena ponders just retiring and letting Jennifer baby her like she enjoys, but Sammael says they will train harder than ever. Ama states she will need Athena taken to the hanger or else she will need to spank her in front of the Empress, which gets Athena moving quickly. As they go, the Empress watches the image of Ama, promising to one day have the Goddess. They use a mirror and appear in the hanger, surprising everyone there with their sudden appearance. While Xanatos hugs Athena in relief, they all get onto the shuttle but Ao, who demands to know where her daughter went. As Ao tries to stay, Drasek just grabs her and forces her onto the shuttle as it leaves.

Location: The Mansion
Cheryl studies everyone as they return, surprised at how demoralized they seem. Erevis plans to go back to the old home in Tokyo Japan for now, needing to get away from everything. Warren arrives finally, announcing he is just there to be an advisor for the teams, nothing more. That is when Cheryl announces she is planning to step down as the team leader and will be working more as the base commander, seeing to the admiinstrative duties of the place. Apparantly her plan is to break up the command structure into four teams, with Marcus leading one of them and Lorelei leading the fourth one, training the youngest generation of heroes. While things prepare there, with Taiga going to set up a teleporter away from the PAX but to Erevis' Tokyo home, Erevis and her family head out, preparing to go to their old home. Meanwhile, Hess leans that Sen is now Kitty's maid once again and apparantly that duty applies to herself, setting up a meal for her and Kaori to enjoy.

Location: Tokyo, Japan
The old home of Erevis' has been built on over the years, now a mansion on it's own right. Rea helps them move their stuff in, with Megumi depressed on the floor with her lab gone, and Lenneth on the floor beside her due to her Empire gone. Both of them wallowing in depression so much that Lenneth even drinks beer to try to forget the pain, while Athena prepares to train in the dojo. After they are done, Erevis uses her body to tempt Xanatos to following her to the bath to clean up.


Timeline: 10-637.4.21

Session 81: The Runabout of Marcus

Location: The Underground Base
The Base, currently having the underground tunnels expanded and traps disarmed in the lower levels that are rarely used, also has the top two levels remodeled by Cheryl to accomodate the change. With some of the traps being sprung, with Lorelei getting poison on her that is absorbed through the skin, needing Jennifer to treat her as her dragoon healing is having trouble keeping up, Ben muses they might need the reformed Alexander Cran to give them the base layout to help them disarm the traps as they dig lower. As they talk, they see the Gitari are talking about succession once more, which is a bad thing since they know the Empress will not put up with their nonsense unlike Erevis or Lenneth did in the past. They send Hi'Saa to see if anything can be done to avoid their fate, while the team focuses on the base situation.

Cheryl, putting everyone on freak out mode, hugs Marcus and begins to talk to him all cute like, asking him for a biiiig favor, giving him pleading eyes until he agrees - to go see her father and ask for the base layout map. As they lead, Chad seems to think Marcus and Cheryl slept together at some point, which thankfully Cheryl didn't hear, showing signs that Chad's brain might be getting weaker too, in addition to the fact he looks older than other Weapons of his age which don't have gray yet. Marcus' team heads out to Alexandria Corporations immediately, while at the Underground Base, they detect an energy surge and go to investigate it. Kellin, Lisa, and Wyrd find Cole's armor falling out of a locker, as if it were moving. But then a body forms out of the armor and Colephantus is there before their eyes, having somehow come from the TAW3 turn like Katherine, the name the other Katrina has taken.

Location: Alexandria Corporations
Marcus leads Kaori, Reikana, Angela, Ren, Chad, Saf, Cel, Katherine, and Eve arrive, heading up and getting past the secretary with Reikana's fame. They spot the various paintings still up, outlining things to come with the unknown artist, as they head down to see Cran in his labatory in Basement 2. They find Cran arguing about a new drug trial and when he turns back he greets Eve Summers, stating he thought he heard she was alive and is glad to see her again. He draws them a map from memory, and the conversation comes up about perfect memory, which brings up Cran talking about how he keeps things in a filing cabinet in his memory. And that it is like a double edged sword to him sometimes. After handing it over, at first reluctant to talk about it, he tells them that his clone test subjects are failing lately, as if something is happening to them. He gives the data to them when requested and they prepare to go.

They find a woman sitting on the ship despite Cel and Saf talking to each other and she looks just like Angela, despite her hair color being a bit different - Zeraphna. She seems to want to get close to Marcus, recalling things differently than him, like the break up, and Chad moves in to protect Eve instinctively. Decidingly to forcefully join them, Zeraphna joins them on the shuttle back to the Underground Base, where they give the base layout map to Cheryl. They wonder how the armor even got her, since they though it went to the other side, but assume that Katherine being here must have redirected it here. For now, with Jennifer fixing up Lorelei based on the information from Cran, and Marcus telling Zegretta she broke up with him, which she plays off things begin to get normal again.

Until another strange energy reading and they find a naked blue reploid with blue hair. While no one recognizes her, not even Colephantus or Katherine, and she seems to be offline right now and damaged, it is up to Angela to bring her back online. And at this moment Hi'Saa successfully keeps the Gitari in the Suisen, but the Empress has taken a lot of their rights away, making them one of the weaker powers in the Suisen Empire once again. But unknown to all of them, a virus was introduced into the complex, floating and entering their comptuer systems, taking root.

Back in Toyko, Athena and Ako continue to clash, due to being the same person essentially though Athena comes from an alternate future that is much darker, and Ako has grown up in the present with her family together but Athena, her older "sister" in it but always over shadows her. It comes to a head when Athena and Ako cat fight, going at it and destroying a bit until they are broken up when they exhaust each other. They are made to write 10 things they admire/like about each other and soon, when visiting the Underground Base, Kellin invites Ako to join the Training Ops.


Timeline: 10-637.4.28

Session 82: The Lost Generation Returns

Location: The Underground Base
In a flash back to another turn that is not their own, Taltga is with her Kitty and group, discussing what to do about their children about a progenitor shapeshifter that is hunting them. They decide to split the Strikers in their turn and hide their children from the person hunting them down for the time being.

In their turn and world, many people are tired due to the construction down below, while others are hyper like Cole and Ash, who are training together, and others are getting used to being served by maids like Kaori by Sen since she is the girlfriend of Hess. Cheryl has Marcus form up some people until the teams are solidified to check it out, since the lines to Kitty's house are down and they picked up another energy signal at her house, much like with Cole. X and a few others join Marcus as they head out to see if everything is okay at the house, with Kaori definitely coming along, worried about Hess if she is there.

At X's house, Taiga has called for a Striker meeting, with Taltga there, making them eye each other dangerously, and Tora standing back out of the way. As the other Strikers show up, Taiga tries to talk them into reforming the Zodiac club now that they are younger again, much like the old days. As they talk, Marcus' team arrives, talking about readings and check the house out, seeing where it is coming from. They see Taltga matches the variance but isn't recent enough, since she is beginning to match their world, in which they explain that each of their worlds has their own frequency and for example by now Yuki likely matches the frequency of the Mirror Universe after being there for so long. As they question her, they learn that they are likely looking for a progenitor that followed her, and that he was made into a Dark One hybrid, but retains all his powers.

As they search the kitchen, Marcus and Chad are taken out by a white haired version of Drasek from Taltga's turn. He snaps his fingers and as Ash comes in close, is vaporized, leaving only a bit if his circuity for Angela to repair later. They all retreat as the house is destroyed, leaving X, Kitty, and Hess homeless as they barely escape out the windows. He threatens their children and whatnot, and despite him being stronger, they decide to battle him here and now instead of later. They begin to fire energy into him, making him absorb it, which makes him get larger and larger and larger. Hess hits him with bad luck to slow him down, hoping it will give them the opening they need. They fire shots and Sen puts a grenade into his mouth for Kellin to hit, blowing him up, making his energy scatter into the winds; despite the fact it will reform one day.

Back at the Underground Base, X has her family move in for the time being until the house is rebuilt, while Cheryl works on finalizing the teams. Tabetha joins Marcus as his second in command, Ben runs the Black Ops Team with Zephyr as his field commander; Taiga will run the Strikers once again to handle unusual and space cases and Lorelei will train the next generations and other Training Ops cases. With the 4 teams ready, they are ready to go forward.


Timeline: During the Destiny Crisis

Session 83: The Tarehian Problem

Location: Unknown
The Tarehian children, having been at home on the base, would suddenly find themselves transported into a desert area, along with Wyrd and Truth; it seems every person that was part of Tareh and has been reborn is now together once more. Some of the children like Valen freak out, while others meditate like Tanan, but others like the girls just gather and muse on their course of action. They decide they need to find the Angel, and feel a source that is similiar to her.

As they move out, they come across a carriage in the desert right as they are beginning to collapse from the heat and thirst. The merchant of the carriage eyes the kids rather creepily and gives them a ride, despite the bad vibes he is giving off, and then are offered liquid to drink; the kids that do drink are soon out like lights. Valen learns that they are drugged from Wyrd, much like a man might give a woman in a club, and Truth muses that he likely plans to sell them into slavery. In a rage, he launches himself at the merchant as he drives, and after a battle between them, sends the driver under the wheels, flattening them. This forces them to have to drive blindly for the nearest city.

As they arrive in Navarro, they would feel a ping from someone that feels like Lorelei but different, and begin to search for her. As they do so, they see an adult version of Valen emerging from the Monster Guild along with a man called Dahok. They then meet adult versions of Rachel, Zeal, and Kaelan. As they walk along, they pass a person that looks like they might be a kid of Kaori and Hess as they track the group to a digging area. Suddenly the dig site is attacked by Harbinger in Kaelan's body and the site of his/her face brings back memories from their "past" lives, despite not having lived them yet. Harbinger locks onto them, declaring them paradoxes and seems to want to know who they are when Jean and Dahok appear to fend Harbinger off. Jean grabs kid Kaelan and states they do not belong here in this place, and that they need to go back - but Harbinger declares they are marked by him and if they can be reborn, he and the gods can be reborn too.

At that moment, the kids find themselves back in the playground as if nothing had happened. Kaelan hugs herselves, feeling as if she has been marked, mumbling not again. Zegretta conforts her as Kaelan fears Harbinger will use it to control her again one day, even as the mark fades away.

Date: 10-636-6.1
Location: Underground Base
The base has been finished with the construction - the floors have been redesigned to accomodate each of the various teams. The top floor is the main floor with all the facilities for each of the teams: Cheryl's command center for when they need her to give out missions or talk to her about base operations, the cafeteria when Lemon makes meals, the armory to get weapons, medical bay, security center, hanger bay, labs and other main facilities, with an elevator that runs down to each of the levels. After that the second floor is Marcus' Special Ops Team floor, then Ben's Black Ops Team, then Taiga's Striker Ops Teams, then finally Lorelei's Training Ops Team for the next generation teams to be trained.

The Tarehian kids currently relax at the facilities with the playground and training courses, getting their bodies and minds better after the incident months ago. Ako tries to get their respect/attention but for the most part is ignored and Sunny just smiles as she stands around, somehow a teacher. Lorelei suggests Kellin take them on a survival training trip and the kids eagerly agree, so the next thing they know, they are off into the woods, with Sunny's orders being to make some traps to keep them on their toes. Kellin then spends the time training them how to hunt, make dwellings, and more. However things go wild when Zegretta decides to try to bring down a wild boar for her dinner, which then brings in more of the children, due to the dangerous nature of the wild boar. It begins to get more and more dangerous, but they seem to manage to bring it down. Around that time, Sunny cheerfully announces she has set up the traps in the forest.

They have to get back to the base - through the traps. They activate dead bears flying at them, explosions that stun Zegretta and leaves her hanging upside down, swinging logs, and more. Oddly though Zegretta goes along behind them collecting all the animals for meat later. When they make it back, Lorelei finds them dirty, muddy, and Ako a bit deaf for a bit. But they seem to have had a good time and got some solid experience.


Timeline: 10-637.6.3

Session 84: Family Man

Location: Underground Base, Level Black Ops
Ben gathers the team, with Kaori and Hess joining the mission from the Striker Ops, to discuss the Compass finding more of the shards on Earth as well as pointing to some in space, which the Strikers will handle. While they are talking, Adeline busts in proclaiming she has solved the problem Kane had asked her to handle on the side, trusting it to her since she is family. Adeline reveals that she learned how Kane and Lemon's daughter, Jenny Chiika Kane, had gone missing; apparantly Cheryl's logs lasted up until the seventh year when they stopped and she should be about Kitty's age if she was still around, but somehow no one remembers her now. Adeline states she had Vodka check Lemon and found that she indeed gave birth, as well as a hidden camera footage on Cran's map that was not on the records to show a "Cheryl" using a time distortation to freeze Jenny, then use a device to mind wipe the mansion as they teleport out.

The group works on methods to counter the time distortion and mind wipe device to prevent anything like that from happening again. Zephyr mentions the hope that Kaori might could help, bringing up the fact she saw Kaori change the color of a shirt the other day, indicating her reality powers are beginning to be developed. They sick Myria on working on the quantum physics for now, and pay attention to Billy to see if they can point them in the right direction while they work on helping Kaori develop a direction for her abilities. Going to Billy's house, they find a rather mundane suburban house with a silly lightning maker in the backyard. Reikana helps them get inside where they find the house looks rather ordinary like any other house you might fight, outside a few rooms having a few quirks, clashing with the idea of what you might think of as Billy. Billy touches Kaori, enhancing her abilities, so that Kaori can find Dark Ones easier now.

Heading back to the Base, they check to see if Myria has finished the Quantum Tracker yet where they move up to the room where Jenny lived in before things were "changed". As they work on the Tracker to get it ready, B34 - now called Bea - stops by and shows off her High School GED as they prepare to go. Adeline gets the location, Europa - a moon of Jupiter. They decide to daisy chain teleporters and head up there.

Location: Europa, Jupita
They find the area rather emptyish, mostly a research moon for scientists to do research away from people; the shielding on the moon tries to make it as close to Earth gravity as it can being so close to Jupiter but there are accidents with it now and again. They use the rover to reach the complex they need and Kaori senses an ambush before it happens, warning them before it occurs. Large medieval dragons attack them, along with a cyclops and a titan. They drive and fight, reaching the complex and smashing through the door into it to escape the Hybrid Monster forms of their enemies, sending Hess flying off the roof into the complex.

They find the complex has a ton of caccoons and other strange, creepy things inside. Kane finds himself almost being sucked into one caccoon and Cel has to hold on and save him from being dragged into it; Katherine notices that the cacoons have a mix of strange creatures from unknown worlds, people and some are empty, likely ready to add to the collection. The team deals with some of the monsters getting lose and work their way out of the creature area into a true research area. Katherine and Adeline begin to work on the terminal, while the rest notice that there are compartments with people inside, cryogenetically frozen. There are so many in there with various names - apparantly in there for diseases.

As they work, a Doctor Richards shows up and tries to play off the other room as someone else's project, stating that this is for a medical research for curing people. Adeline tells Kane what number is likely Jenny while the rest of the group keeps an eye on Richards, who claims he is going to leave to report them. Cole seems shocked that they technically do not have a search warrant for this and all that legal stuff. Josephine hits the doctor's head and sends him down easily and Chad asks Adeline to scan him to see if he's human while he checks the computer and downloads information. As Katherine and Kane work on reviving Jenny, the doctor suddenly rises and forms a spiked fist, stabbing through Adeline's chest and hurls her at a tank with all his might. What is most surprising is that with Adeline's Spade DNA, she should have seen it coming with her future vision, but no warning bells went off, meaning that somehow the Hybrids can trick their own brains until the moment they strike.

The doctor damages the valves for the lab to make it begin self-destructing while the team begins to attacking him. Kane finds Adeline with her heart pierced and Lisa helps float her with a shield bed. The team damages the doctor and he goes into a flying creature mode, trying to escape out the base when Josephine stalks him. Katherine revives Jenny while Chad and Zephyr contact Ben, getting them out of their while Josephine drops the doctor in the distance. Back at the base, Adeline is in ICU, hooked up - alive but in critical condition. Her body repairing itself a bit faster than most humans thanks to Spade's DNA. Jenny and Kane finally meet, Jenny a bit shy but at least the three are finally together and it seems she is still seven due to being cyro frozen all this time.


Timeline: 10-637.6.10

Session 85: Child of Darkness

Location: The Striker Floor
The Striker Team is having a laid back down when Taiga busts in on them to state she has a mission for them. Locket, John's daughter, is not there at the moment and Johnny, John's son, have both joined since John lately has begun to show signs of becoming senile and the kids are worried their father will need to be forced to retire soon. Currently, Johnny is the one on duty this time. Taiga leads them to meet with Death Star, who has information on the missing Darien. While he still has the brain wave patterns he was working on when they thought Aya Winters had shot the real Darien, once he learned a fake had been shot in his place, he began to search and found a camera feed of Darien surrounded by people on a remote research base studying black holes in Cartel space. However, not much data can be found on the research station so they will need to go investigate it themselves.

Date: 10-637.6.13
Location: Research Station, Cartel Space
Taking a Striker Shuttle, they arrive in Cartel Space where they see a massive Space Station. Upon arriving, Reikana feels a strange siren call like something is reaching out to her on the station and Gor hacks the computers to get them Employee IDs to help them board the station without having to fight their way in. They all gather customes to look like researchers or other people, though Hess can only find a sexy cat outfit, so Taiga plays off that she is a specimen, putting a leash on her. The Security Chief doesn't seem fooled, but lets them through for the time being, telling them to register themselves to begin work.

Vesta, eager to find her grandfather, wonders how to begin with the massive station. They decide to open a series of ripples in the direction that Reikana feels something, working their way in way in the hopes of finding Darien. The first jump they find a lab full of monkeys that have been enlarged and can spit acid and they take out the scientist in the room after the monkeys alert him toward them. The next jump takes them to a lounge where they find a soda machine with Omega Coke, which Kaori and Hess raid on their way through. The final jump is the one that hits jackpot, at least for Reikana, with a large core like room with a forcefield holding a dark substance inside it. Ako and the others seem wary of it as it looks like a venom symboite and comes from the Black Hole itself. It reaches out to Reikana, making sad faces with it's glob form, so they eventually release it, where it attaches to Reikana immediately, making her powers on par with Noire.

During this, Vesta and a few others had left and discovered where Darien is located, up in the rooms surrounded by a bunch of guards and other big wigs of the station. The group decides to split in two, one will work on destablizing the station so it crashes toward the Black Hole with all the dangerous experiments, while the other group gets Darien out. Taiga's team reaches the engines, where Ako manifests weapons for everyone. The guards and security chief attack them where they have to defend with just the manifested weapons since their weapons were taken, while Gor and Taiga work on sabotaging the engines. Together, they manage to make the engines go offline while the guards are taken out and begin to descend toward the blackhole, where time will begin to slow down. Hess ripples out and grabs the soda machine on the way out.

Vesta's group works their way through the hallways to Darien's room where they find him reading on the bed. Tackling her grandfather, they urge him to hurry out while asking why he is still alive, learning they wanted him for his knowledge to help them with projects. Angelos teleports them to the hanger bay, where he learns that his hyperspace energy has decreases from 100% to 90% due to the fact Elder Erevis is dead now. They hurry to the shuttle, which is loaded down with a soda machine, and begin to fly out, seeing the fact the acid spitting machines are flying out in a shuttle as well.

Date: 10-637.6.15
Angelos approaches Cran and gives his DNA to research how to restore his hyperspace. Also, Zeraphna talks to Hope and there are some holes in her story, refering to events in past missions like she was there, but if one checks past history logs, Zeraphna was not there. There seems to be something off about Zeraphna, though she doesn't seem to be lying. Also around now is when Kaori has gotten the information from the other side about what they learned about Destiny. Also back at the base, Taiga tests Kaori's training and Kaori wins her mock training match, showing how far she's come.


Timeline: 10-637.6.28

Session 86: Viral Problems

Location: Location: The Underground Base
Ben's team goes through Kaori's report about what they learned from the other side, such as what can be done with crystals and the power, as well as setting up various storage units to properly contain them, while Vesta remains a bit out of sorts due to the fact Darien has been ignoring them since returning, remaining in his office and going over mission reports. While they are talking, Ben notices the systems are acting up much like when Cran was using up a ton of system resources, so he sends Cole, Kane, Ash, and Chad up to the main level to check the system mainframe to see what is wrong. Upon arriving they run into Katherine and Kaori, who are having problems with Kaori's gaming systems, indicating that there are problems with eletronics in general.

Ash, after touching the mainframe, fixes it and finds his systems improved by 100%, making those there paranoid, so Kane wants to use someone else's datapad to study the mainframe. Using Cole's datapad, Kane sees there are some strange errors and other things going on, so they decide that Ash should be quarantined for now. Moving him down there, Katherine studies Ash and sees that the Sigma Virus is inside him now, slowly taking over Ash's systems. And will use the mainframe and Kaori's handheld as parts or his body as he grows more powerful, causing Myria to freak out as she comes down to examine Ash.

As Katherine and Cole explain what the Sigma/Maverick Virus is to those from this world, Ash keeps turning off despite Ash's best efforts, while Myria and Kaori begin to face off over the handheld. Ash's body forms tendrils, trying to add the handheld to add it to his body, causing Kaori to try to beat the tendrils and get her handheld back, since she was likely born with it, and is never far from it; likely part of her by Avatar. Cheryl, now down there due to the threat to the base, debates if they need to destroy Ash to save the base - all of Ash if need be - while Myria first saves the handheld, then stabs the hell out of it in front of Kaori. This causes her to go homocidal and try to kill Myria, making Cheryl grab her by the cuff of her neck, while the others debate how to defeat the Sigma Virus, going over what they know about him. As screens of X pop up, they debate who knows more and decide to ask Alouette, and Katherine brings up that Blue's system have some anti-virus systems, so the teams hurry up before Ash is completely taken over; Kane meanwhile makes a quick X bot to distract and bait Sigma.

Katherine, Tabetha, Myria, Kane, and Chad go over Blue's systems, and begin to formulate an anti-virus gun to use, while Ben, Josephine, Cole, and Daiman stop in on Xan, Rea, and Jaimie as they teach Alouette on the current history of the world. Before Freyja can see what is going on, Ben kidnaps Alouette and takes her back to the underground base. Alouette fills them in on how Sigma's weaknesses work, so Cheryl brings in Ash'as wife, Kumiko, while Sigma Ash attacks X. While Sigma Ash is distracted destroying the X Bot, and then Ash begins to reassert himself due to Kumiko, Sigma flees in virus form from Ash and they have Alouette, having a copy power, use Blue's power on the virus and Chad firing the gun, as well as other attacks, to destroy Sigma utterly.

The next day, Katherine and the others debate if they should wake Blue, who's systems have gone green suddenly. After a vote, Katherine hits the button, waking her up.


Timeline: 10-637.7.1

Session 87: The Family of Winters

Location: Cheryl's Mansion
Two of the teams are having a pool party to relax after the Sigma incident - the Special Ops and Black Ops. While many of them are enjoying the nice hot rays of the sun and cool waves, Blue and Cole converse about the turn - or world - they left behind. Angela and Zeraphna, also, seem to be talking, with some visible tension in the air, as Zeraphna lathers Angela up with sun lotion, and Zera goes over how well Angela appears to be doing for herself, despite her past deeds and sins. This leads to how things once again do not seem to add up, such as Zerapna claiming to be there when Angela got shot in the head, and others blamed her for it since she is part twin, part clone.

While Blue and Cole set up a date to talk and see what they know, Angela touches Zeraphna to share what memories she has, and Zeraphna seems to feel ill, likely realizing things do not add up to her. She hurries out of the pool area past Chad and Evette who are talking about Evette not being used to crowded areas, and Kane and Adeline - who is now out at the hospital. Marcus ends up following Zeraphna, leaving Marcus in charge of lifeguard duties, who immediately tries to order Kaori into doing things, going to check on Zeraphna, and she brushes Marcus off, saying she is just going to check on her petition to join is doing okay.

The Black Ops' team datapads beep, so they excuse themselves from the pool party, heading down to their level. Ben tells the gathered team that Vodka alerted them to something dealing with Chad, bringing up some of the details dealing with Chad lately. Apparantly Chad has been growing weaker in power and the fact he is looking older than he should be - graying in hair and his power not as strong in comparison to other Weapons of his age - is likely due to the fact over the years, something was introduced into his system and it's been compromising his systems. She has been using his blood prior to the event to work up a cure in the mean time, but has also discovered something concerning - in the Cartel system, someone is selling Chad's blood, a clone of Chad, and a clone of Aya. Ben believes it ties to the Sun VI events earlier in the year, due to the fact they kept running into clones of Aya and Eve, but the major revelation is after doing some digging into the codes used, they believe this is really a member or leader of VI that they somehow missed.

They believe that Sun VI was likely an organization created to distract, or a branch off of VI, while the true VI worked. The timeline matches about the time the mansion was destroyed for the codes to be reactivated. Eve, having decided to join the group since Aya is busy with Evette and Fiona, joins the group to plan to go to this Cartel system. They gather their tools and set out immediately.

Date: 10-637.7.4
The team dresses up in fancy dresses and suits - and we get to see a rare event of Kaori wearing a sexy black outfit. Also it seems her hair color these days has gone back to being black, which is her natural hair color, and Eve and Kaori strike up a natural friendship. Eve offers Chad her arm but he ignores her completely as they head down to the Cartel building where dozens of rooms have objects being bid on, but none seem to have the black market type Chad items they want. Cole has taken his armor off since it's been clunking badly, and Ben has been forced to remove his scar, but otherwise the group seems to blend in well as they step into the main room with their fake IDs from Necia. As they search, they briefly see Loki and Shiva in the area before they discover a room being used that is not on the room list that seems to have special IDs.

Eve and Kaori provide distractions - comically by accussing the guards of sleeping with them and stealing their virginities - allowing the group to inside, where they find the blood samples and clones being sold off. The team does a bidding war with Cole boredly bidding and accidently winning the blood sample for 2 million. However, once the clones come up, a mysterious bidder threatens to throw it all into disarray by outbidding everyone and then asking where the source is located. They draw the fox masked bidder off the team draws Eve and Kaori back inside and move to find out what has happened, locating the auctioneer contacting someone and unmasking Dawn.

The team quickly dispatches the guards and auctioneer, where they rescue the child Chad clone and Aya clone, and find an Underground Base comm, encyrpted - being used to contact someone. Dawn decides to bring the two clones back home to Aya, figuring it will make her happier than sending them to orphanages, though right now the kids look mostly blank, likely not having been taught anything and are blank slates. Eve for her part wonders if they have mole, or if someone is stealing and selling equipment from the base.


Timeline: 10-637.7.10

Session 88: Angela and Zeraphna

Location: Underground Base, Floor Special Ops
After several weeks’worth of testing to get Marcus up to snuff as the Special Ops Leader they finally get a call from President Dias to come to Los Angeles for a critical mission. Suspecting that this will be nothing more that “Bro-Time”, the team begrudgingly heads out; they’re astounded to find that the critical mission is a Battle Royale Charity Monster Mashup with a small group of willing members of the Spec. Ops Team. Dias along with John, Tabetha, Marcus and Kaori engage the giant monsters and after a bit are victorious; that is until Stacey arrives and drags Dias off to do presidential work, leaving the team to head back to base and clean up.

When they return they’re briefed by Cheryl on the abrupt departure of Zeraphna who may be looking for a way to return to her ‘turn’. Figuring that if she’s trying to go back Zeraphna will likely look for one of the other clones from a different turn, the team gears up and heads to the Nue household where the Loli-Cherry is staying. As they wade through a sea of fluffballs and consider adopting, Hi’Saa discovers that Cherry is missing and goes into over-protective hysterics.

After leaving Hi’Saa and the Nue house, the team follows a couple of leads to the old Mega-City Presidential building. With a large dose of sympathy from Angela, Marcus and SPoC who understand Zeraphna’s plight she’s finally talked down from doing anything dangerous with Crystals or trying to return to her turn since they’ve all been closed off by Destiny. Leaving Cherry with the team Zeraphna leaves on a Beta-Unit saying she still needs some time to think. Upon their arrival back at base, Cheryl hands them signed permission for a day off in Los Angeles so they can participate in the next round of Dias’ Battle Royale...this time with Ultimate Weapon X and her son Kaleb.

Also during this, Cherry agrees to stay with Angela while being on the base, where Angela begins to work on her Dark One blocks, and Zegretta and Kaelan get closer much like in the past.


Timeline: 10-637.7.15

Session 89: I Want To Play A Game

Location: Strikers Floor
It is a super hot day in the summer and most of the team is laying around miserible, making it look like the AC isn't working well on their floor deep in the Underground Base, and many on the team are either miserible or having short fuses - such as Locket and Johnny wrestling each other for bread. Reikana suggests they go to the beach, which gets most of the team excited to go outside, so Taiga relents, as long as they investigate a case while they are outside, bringing up a popular VR game that is leading to deaths. Explaining how the game works sending signals to their datapads with data and they wear eye pieces to see the aliens, the game is called The Alien Wars, with the game being fairly popular with over a million players all over Earth. The team changes to their swim wear and downloads the VR game to head out, Kaori, Si, and Angelos joining them.

Location: Mega City
They run into Orihime along the way, who doesn't have her eyepiece/datapad on her, since she is on fox form, so when they follow their eye piece to the next spawn site, which has a large crow of 100 people, Orihime remains completely lost. For the others though, as the timer hits 0, they see a giant alien monster appear before them with 5 health bars, and weapons and armor appear on themselves. A mix of guns, swords, and healing items depending on their classes. Starting at level 1 compared to the other players, they battle the monster and at least being at better shape than most players due to being in the military, they do fairly well, chipping away at the monster until they beat it. After it ends, they all level up to Level 3 and gain new armor and weapons, but also none of the 100 players were killed in the encounter.

As they begin to move on, a special encounter pops up for them and a few others, but most of the players do not seem to notice it, moving onward, so the team goes to investigate it. They find the marker in a deserted park area with 8 other players, and when it hits 0, a Dark Ridiarum rises up with a Level of 35 compared to the previous enemy being a Lv. 15. Taiga notes that this enemy is a real one their parents encoutnered in war with the Dark Ones and it immediately begins to attack. One strike nearly kills Taiga until Gor cleric heals her while Reikana gets her out of there, and when it's HP drops to 3 bars, it begins to do a spinning attack, going around like a tornado to try to instant kill people.

As 3 players are hit and stop moving, their life bars at 0, Kaori leaps into the air and stabs into it's head while Johnny is flung back as he tries to attack head on. Taiga leaps over as the spin dies down and stabs it's eye, dropping a lot of it's HP, finding it's weak point, calling it out to the others, before being thrown and rolled for damage. Kaori and Reikana stab the eye, doing crit damage while Si checks Taiga, who is coughing up blood. Angelos and Miji move in and strike the other eye, doing a combind attack with Kaori and Reikana, and then Si fires in to help out, and drops the Dark Ridiarum before it does it's super attack. It does, and they all level up to 10, gaining new loot.

Taiga has Gor trace who used the VR signal to input the enemy while Angelos and Si start up the players hearts and call ambulances. Getting the signal - at the beach - they head there to face with the hacker/mastermind who is doing this. Carrying Taiga there, they arrive at the beach, seeing it is super crowded with people, they have Gor seek out the hacker. While the team enjoys the beach for a moment, he finds her, and she uses any VR program on a datapad, even if it isn't the game's, and unleashes untold aliens and Xevils and more, attacking the beach goers. Taiga sends Gor after the hacker to shut the program down while the team battles them one more time to give him time. Together, they buy him enough time, with Reikana battling Xevil, who wields a beach umbrella to battle her, Progenitors trying to drown Kaori, who fights back, and Ridiarums against the other, but he manages to shut the program down in time. In the end, she is dragged off by authorties without even listening to her reason - something about being fired for wanting to use their old case files to spice up the game - and the team enjoys the beach.

Location: Underground Base
After Adeline and Jenny finishing working on their cute cat program togther, which was designed to work throughout the base so the cat can go from room to room, and showing it to Lemon, thrilling their mother, John kidnaps Chad and Kane and takes them to Whooters. There, the three men hang out together, John getting Chad to open up a bit since the man hangs out all along and does lonely spy stuff, and suggests they do a ski trip when winter comes up. After getting both men agree, John sets into motion plans for the three families to go together on a ski vacation.

Date: 7.19.5992
Cheryl gives Marcus permission to go out to L.A. to check on Zeraphna to see if she is a threat, so Cherry travels with him. They arrive and Cherry has them check a Whooters there, where they find that Zeraphna does work there indeed. After going to the manager's house, they find her and Marcus uses Dias a bargaining chip to get her to return. Going to get ice cream, they run into Necia, where Cherry and Necia tug on each other's cheeks and make a bit of a scene, embarrassing Marcus, before heading back with Zeraphna. Who claims she plans to keep to herself and not bother Marcus.


Timeline: 10-637.7.20

Session 90: Inner Workings of Cassandra

Location: Underground Base
Another scorching day as Marcus works on his floor, when Rea arrives to hand over his transfer papers to join the team. However, Cheryl steps in to interrupt, stating something important has come up - apparantly Lt. Valeria White's trial has begun and she plans to point a finger at Cassandra for excess force for killing her comrades. They are ordered to go and pick White up and deliver her to her trial, making sure nothing goes wrong; Marcus okays Rea's transfer and they head out, arriving at the jail in Mega City. Cherry drives them, finding the experience thrilling and leaving many of the team dizzy and/or sick as they step out of the van. Pulling Sunny out of the trunk, Cherry unties her, apparantly having brought her along on a whim - and a mailman. The team quickly lets the mail man go and sends him on his way.

As they step in, Valeria White eyeing Cassandra with hate, an unexpected surprise arrives - Lev returns and announces he's been paid to be White's lawyer. Talking silently with White, he convinces her he's better than some stupid public defender and the team finds this very suspicious, considering that whoever paid Lev did so with a large amount of credits. Mem narrows her eyes, suspicous of Lev, since the last time they met him he wasn't a lawyer but he just states he did it for fun. So the team follows them to the courtroom to see how it turns out.

At the court room, they are joined by Darien, who sits behind them observing everything, much to Vesta's surprise. When Marcus asks if Lev used to work for them, Darien informs him that yes he did, and no he did not hire Lev to be White's lawyer. He also states that the encoded datapad they found is likely Lev's, pointing the finger at Lev. Lev begins to call up character witnesses, then calls up White, questioning her on why she did what she did with Sun VI - trying to save their lives and find a way to reverse their own upcoming deaths when she states that Cassandra popped her friends' heads off. He also brings up her friends trying to stop the incrusions from the other side and wave their world.

However when Mem begins to sneak around, Lev uses the distraction to attack the character of the unit, throwing down documents he took/copied from the team when he was on it, and putting it in as evidence, stating the unit needs oversight that they do not have currently as a black ops team. Apparantly not caring if he's being legally proper, he uses it to smear them in front of everyone, while Darien sneaks out. While Lev sits down, Marcus comes over to question him and Lev states he was never part of Sun VI - they were hired hands. And that with the original VI back, they are needed once again. During all this, back at the jail, Lev gave Sunny an offer to come back, and during all this she has been putting something under her seat, no one noticing.

After finishing stating who they worked for, Lev shoots into the ceiling, causing chaos and stampeding, as the court room clears out. Pulling out a detonator, he states he will send our all the information he gathered back in the day if they get too close. Sunny, rejoining Lev and leaving the team, walks out with him as Mem tracks the two with her abilities. However, Vesta notices that Sunny left behind a bomb and the team barely gets out in time as it goes off, blowing the room up and injuring them a bit. Darien rejoins, apologizing for missing them as they got by and Mem follows Lev on Marcus' order. She tracks him and loses track of Lev in a burger joint where he teleports out, but she gains the knowledge Lev likes burger joints.

Back at the Underground Base, Vodka announces bad news to Kane - Adeline has been growing weaker due to the clone virus that has been cropping up lately, but it seems like it has gone into overtime. With her weakened heart, she has a few days at most. She also notes they need to seperate the other clones and test them, to see how far this virus has gotten.


Timeline: 10-637.7.24

Session 91: The Clone Problem

Location: The Underground Base, Top Floor
Cheryl has the Special and Black Ops gathered to discuss Vodka's findings on the problems the Clones have been facing recently with growing ill and getting sicker, and Cheryl announces that it is Vodka's belief that a virus is attacking them, speeding up Clone Degradation. She demonstrates by showing a healthy brain and showing how if a person, using Cran as an example, continually cloned parts, such as their brain, you would begin to get X's forming each time; the virus is acting much like repeatedly cloning and getting the same results. And it seems that even cloned parts is not exempt from the virus, making many in the team uneasy, such as Angela, though Chii and Mem tease them with their high regenative abilities. Suggesting they bring in Cran due to his expertise with cloning, for better or worse, Mem and Angelos volunteer to make the call for the team. On the screen, one can tell that Cran is in bad shape, with skin falling off and sploches, but he agrees to aid them, even with Angelos hitting on him. A group is sent to pick him up, while the others remain in the base to work with Vodka and Megumi.

They travel to Alexanderia Corporation's basement, where they find Cran is working on dozens of clones of Angelos, lifting a few eyebrows. Cran lets them know his research has revealed that the virus was manfuctured and if one tinkeres with it will adapt quickly, with vicious results, as well as the possibility as jumping to non-cloned humans. Cran suggests bringing in those who can use abilities, such as Kitsune, Weapon Virulent, and so on to try to weaken the virus to a more basic state for the group to learn more about it, Cran believing that whoever manufactured it would have put a failsafe on the virus to shut it off. As they talk, they spot Darien having joined them and looking over the data, with Mem and Vesta watching him as the rest of the team scrambles to find those that they need.

While Zephyr is picking up Megumi in Tokyo, Sen frantically announces that Tora has collapsed and is in critical state, making those present realize that clone virus has hit Tora, who is like a super clone version of Taiga Zhenmei. As X and Erevis do CPR to keep Tora alive, they notice the virus is eating away at Tora, making X wonder just what the virus is. Back at the Underground Base Kane observes Vodka and the others watching over Adeline and Wade, who are growing weaker from the virus. Marcus team, who dropped by to deliver Cran and his data before moving on to find the healers, have left Chad to help go over it when Zephyr and the others arrive with Tora's body, who died enroute, delivering Megumi to help out. Kaori is tasked to be Cran's assistant to do an autopsy of Tora, much to her chargin.

Down in Mexico, they find Caduceus in a male stripper paradise, enjoying his paradise. After bantering with them and wondering why Jennifer can't do the job, he pinches Cassandra's ass and agrees to join them. They next find Virulent and her sister in a nice suburb, with Caesura and her kid. Seeing Caduceus naked nearly makes her puke ans as they enter the shuttle, McBurger is bombed right in front of them. Darien warns Macus it is likely a diversion but he goes after them, leaving Cole to warp the others back to the Base.

Back at the Underground Base, as Kaori and Cran work, they discover in the virus in Tora's body the word V.I. Cran seems to hide his emotions that VI is behind a lot of this, but continues to work. As Adeline flatlines and begins to crash, they use Ako to manifest and help Vodka as she shocks her systems back to normal, keeping Adeline alive while help arrives. The team wonders if they could learn more about this if they catch Lev and Sunny, noting that Mem tracked Lev and Sunny to a burger joint, but it is likely a different one than the one destroyed - the name Lev went to being called Good Burger.

As Caduceus, Virulent, and the others arrive, the team gives Cheryl an update on the situation. Kane notes there doesn't seem to be any bases left on Earth, making them wonder if VI is on Earth, or off site, espcially after the clones were being sold in Cartel Space. Or if this is all fake. As they debate, Cran arrives with an anti-virus, needing someone to test it on. Many wonder why Cran doesn't test it on himself, but he points out if the anti-virus fails and worsens, he will be out of condition to help with another, and Kane refuses to test it on Adeline until he knows it works. They decide to test it on Tora's body finally to see how it works and as they wait, Marcus' team arrives covered in ketchup and mustard, having walked into an explosive ambush. When the virus begins to work, they quickly move to begin inject the others.

As the others move off, Cran injects himself, having kept an injector and he opens up an offer to reopen Janus as a military advisor once, clicking yet.


Timeline: 10-637.8.1

Session 92: Tokyo Jungle

Location: Location: Tokyo
It is another typical day at the Zhenmei residence; Erevis has been training the past few months since she has last her progenitor powers, basically turning into a human and losing all her extra powers and needing to get into shape. She is now developing muscles for the first time ever, getting some speed to back up the knowledge she knows and a white streak is now in her hair, ala Rogue in X-men, since she now ages like humans, showing her age. Megumi is working on the clone materials and what was provided with Mem, known as Memory they have learned from Cherry from her turn and Cran as her actual name, due to her ability actually dealing with memory much like Cheryl does and Mem is Cheryl's half-sister, though it is believed Mem has the ability to manipulate memory of her targets.

While they all work - Athena and Erevis sparring kung-fu style, breaking windows and causing chaos; Lenneth seeing if there is a way she can due to get the PAX back and failing, causing her to drink with Drasek; Xanatos and Megumi talking about the cloning process and if Megumi fails, how Tora's clone body will suffer a painful fate as it degrades and melts away, an earth quake of sorts hits. The group sees giant plants growing all over Tokyo proper, almost even reaching the suburbs where they live almost, so they decide to contact the Underground Base while a few of them go to investigate.

At the Underground Base, Zephyr and Ako gather the group to inform them what they learned from Erevis about the giant plants engulfing Tokyo and turning it into a jungle like state. Mal suggests they send Gitari in to eat the plants, so Ben comms to airlift some gitari in to see if it slows the spread of the plants, while the team debates what caused the creation of them. Ben muses and brings up what Aya and Eve were working on, mentioning that there was a report of them working on plants in their lab. Since Cheryl knows more, he sends a team up to the main floor to talk to her, while another team heads to Tokyo to help Erevis' family with the current crisis with weaponry.

In Tokyo, Erevis, Luci, Ako, Hope, Sammael, Athena, Jennifer, Kaori, Kellin, Cel, Jaime, and Xanatos begin to head out, though sparks already fly between Ako and Athena, who have always had problems between the two, with Ako and Athena close to each other again the sparks begin to fly again as Athena wears a cute magical girl outfit, with even Hope complaining the magical girl thing is her's since Ren gave it to her, and Ako likes to wear metal/punk stuff. When Kellin compliments Athena, and Ako likes Kellin, her tail begins to puff up, annoyed. They soon the gitari being air dropped but even as they eat as quickly as they can, the plants seem to grow back even faster, the gitari soon vanishing in areas, though it does begin to make the jungle wither back. After coming to a wall of plant flowers and vines that try to ensare and pull them in, they work together to burn/cut it away, with Kaori shuddering at the idea of plant tentacles as they continue on.

Back at the Underground Base, Chad has no response from Eve or Aya on the datapads as they reach Cheryl's office. Zephyr, Chad, Josephine, Reese, and Mal discuss with Cheryl about what Eve and Aya were workig on in her lab, with Cole soon joining them in the meeting after leaving Katherine's workshop to try to fix his body's noise level. Learning that Eve wanted to grow rare plants, as well as being given some skin samples of Yggdrasil, Eve attempted to bring the rare plants back to life as well as learn defenses to Yggdrasil. Going over video feeds, they see a tall darked haired man visited Eve, who seemed a bit out of it, take a few of her plants and leave - but the video feed shows no sign of a break in so it had to be someone on the base. Since they never face the camera, they don't know who it was, and the rare plant properties show that the plants induce a phermone that control men and some females.

Cole does a search to see who fits the profile on the men in the meantime, coming up with a few - Chad, if the hair is a bit off in the video, Kane if the height might be a bit askewed and color off, Darien matches fairly well, Leruste maybe if the hair was off, John if he dyed his hair, and Kellin matches as well. Leaving quite a few candidates. Chad has a tracker on Eve, learning she is Toyko, and after getting in touch with Aya, the team is armed and heads out to Tokyo to find where she is located in the large city.

Back in Tokyo, Erevis has been leading the group toward what she feels is a powerful entity/mind that might be behind the cause of all this and they find a mall overrun by the plants, molesting the mall's anime statue. Cutting into the mall, they find it overrun and some of the vines are all over people, controlling them with the plants on them, making them move around and to stuff with phermones. At this point Ako snaps at Athena's magical girl act after she makes a flower joke at Kaori and Kellin and the two begin to roll and fight, clawing at each other until Hope breaks them up. Kaori mourns the video games being ruined by the plants as they escape the mall, and have to deal with a plant sending pheromones toward them. Since it can control men and women who likes girls, Athena shoves Cel toward the cloud so it buys the rest of the team to get by, since iit is mostly made up of men and lesbian/bi women.

Arriving outside, they meet up with the other team as their shuttle lands and both teams realize their target is inside a large video game building infested with plants. The split up into teams, with one team being a distracting team and the other team focusing on getting to where Eve might be located on the second floor. After Xanatos is molested in the butt by a door, they reach the stairwell where Athena and Ako team up, touching each other and they use their powers to synch up, flaming up and leap up the stairwell past the vines up to floor 22. Josephine and Chad clear the rest with weedkiller bombs while Kellin does the same as Ako and Athena, hyperspace leaping upward with Sammael and Jennifer.

Reaching the 22nd floor, they find Eve is covered in plants and vines, a lot like TGC Eve, and is able to control them and men now. Not really noticing the team, she seems to be talking to the plants out in Tokyo while Chad tries to talk her down, being unsuccessful as he brings up Aya. A plant monster leaps up from the floor, making a hole from the lobby up to their floor and unstablizing the area, bringing up the distracting team with it, with Hope and the others clinging on for dear life. Zephyr, caught and grabbed, is freed by Hope and Kellin, grabs a cyro grande from Josephine and forms her guns and shoves it into it's mouths, firing and taking the monster out at the same time Erevis and Xanatos slash and do mini explosions, making the monster plummet down. During this Chad finally talks sense into Eve, who at first notes Aya no longer needs her but for some reason relents and agrees to come back home. As Kellin dragoon bustahs the plant and destroys the cells, Kaori saves the video game plans so the video game company can survive and Eve returns Tokyo to normal - well with some damage.

Back home, Ako and Athena muse on the compliments Kellin gives them on their combo attack, despite not planning to team up again, and wonder if they should get along again. While at the Underground Base, Cole's data is complied though he suspects Darien above all, making Necia and Vesta tch. And Chad sees that Eve's strength, stamina and power has increased, along with her other plant powers which have been become permenant.


Timeline: 10-637.8.3

Session 93: V.I (1)

Location: Underground Base
With concern over who may have been the culprit behind Eve's 'plant frenzy' the females of the teams have gathered with Cheryl to discuss the potential perpetrators. With Marcus being the first to be checked due to his access on the base, the ladies give several jabs to Marcus over his brain scan 'dead areas' being due to drinking and fighting beside Dias...who they all suspect has a completely black scan. Taking the moment to teach Kaori about a few Reality Power tricks she used to use, Cheryl eventually directs the investigation towards Darien and Chad. Pulling up a security camera, they're astounded to see the two men together; Darien handing off an envelope to Chad.

When Darien arrives to get questioned he starts off by noting several theories that could explain the entire situation with Eve in Tokyo. As he speaks, Cheryl and the others discuss his brain scan and a significant difference from a past one, changes to his deductive and strategy centers. When Darien leaves and there's debate of who to call next, Darien heads down to the garage for a vehicle with Kaori coming up quietly to test another of her Reality Powers behind him. The test fails and Darien seems to lose part of himself that he refers to as a program. Saf, Cel and others spring into action to bring 'Darien' down and after a bit of a struggle they succeed but not before the AI in the body flees into the Holonet with Necia in pursuit. The robotic Darien carried off to check over as plans are made to bring Death Star in perhaps revive the real Darien.

The AI gains a new body in Mega City but Necia is able to fry its networking capability so it can't jump again. As they wait for Darien to wake up, they take stock of things and realize that the AI is actually a remnant of V.I. that was modeled off of Venerator himself. Kane and others begin to work on ways of stopping the AI and whatever body it is hosted in, hoping that this is the last that they have to deal with Venerator's legacy. It is revealed that Spade's brain was taken during the chaos.


Timeline: 10-637.8.4

Session 94: Venerator Intelligence (2)

Location: Underground Base
Cheryl gathers various people from the four teams to help deal with the Venerator issue that has become present, especially keeping Zephyr's family close in case Venerator targers them now that they know Zephyr is related to Venerator. Cran, brought in due to his connection to Venerator, brings up the Clone Virus a while back and mentions that he has learned more, believing that Sun VI likely spread the virus for V.I, spreading the nanomachines with the clone virus, covering the entire planet at that time when they were stopping the reality quakes, killing two birds at one time, as well as mess with the Dragoons and Weapons, likely to knock them out of the V.I's way. Stating while dormant, he believes the virus was made to take out heavy hitters, then use the remaining clones as a network of sorts, and could reactivated at any time.

While they work and discuss things, Megumi works on recloning Tora using techniques from Mem's abilities, making a perfect re-clone without any memory loss or damage. As they debate what to do, with the cloned people/cloned parts of people would turn into Venerator, even in comas, they wonder how they could beat it and note the only way to really beat it is to stop the main V.I and destroy the full virus. While they talk, Adeline overhears Chad talking about putting a kill switch in each clone and knowing how Chad can go behind the backs of the others, grabs Wade and begins to sneak out of the place, despite not being fully healed, deciding to evade the team. As the team gathers the clones to prepare the cyro chambers, deciding that freezing them will stop the virus, they realize that Adeline and Wade have escaped before they could hear that plan, but Adeline has managed to evade the cameras it seems as they search the base and outside it. Josephine runs mission control on the base for Cheryl to help find them for Kane, with Ren helping Cran, becoming strangely close to him recently, and Kaori deciding to strick around, while the rest of the team searches for the V.I.

Location: Mega City
Cheryl, Cassandra, Zephyr, Kellin, Si, Chad, Ako, Cel, Angela, and Luci examine the docks where a large power source was detected a few hours ago. There they find older model mechs with weaker firepower, but their armor is much stronger than the current models. While exploring, they find the V.I who pulls Zephyr in, recognizing her DNA, using her as a shield against the various attacks against it. After several attacks and freeing Zephyr, it flees from their firepower, trying to evade them where it walks into Cassandra's fire; somehow though, using Spade's power it evades the shot, seeing into the future. Angela warns them about the power, so they work together to try to overload the precog ability, attacking together to overload the ability to see into the future to defeat him.

Location: Underground Base
Adeline reaches the road and tries to get a person to pick them up while Kane and the others drive out there to check the roads. Cran borrows some blood from Kaori while they are working and they have Tora brought to test the nanites on her. While Cran, Kaori, Daiman, Spoc, Ren, Tabetha, and Jennifer work on Tora in the medical lab, Adeline and Wade find a truck and drive it down the road when Kane, Lemon and Rea catch up in their own vehicle, chasing after them. Finally stopping their car, and being chided, Adeline explains she knows how Chade is and pulled tracers off their bodies already that Chad planted and put it back on him - on his balls.

While working, Tora begins to suddenly turn into Venerator before them. While Myria beats Tora with a wrench, Cran injects himself with the nanites incase he turns into a Venerator. At that moment at the warehouse, the other Venerator is destroyed in the fire that it was run into as Cran injects the Tora/Venerator. Tora begins to transform back into herself but her DNA, overwritten by Venerator's, is only partially herself and is put into a cryo due to her state. Kane gives Adeline and Wade the cure and the team plans to shoot the cure into the atmosphere, hoping to cure any clue before they turn into potiential Venerators.

After this, Megumi begins to work on restoring Tora in her spare time and Cran at this point has the DNA of Tora, Angelos, Kaori, and Cheryl.


Duality Arc

Prelude: 94 - 96, 196 - 197
Main Story: 98 - 100, 198 - 200