June 31st, 2200

Prelude: Black Ice
Back on Earth, Iceheart and Wiendigo have a long talk about things, past and present, and where they are today. Are they growing closer, these two deadly creatures, and if so, for what reasons? A change is coming ... they just don't realize it yet.

Session 71: A Call to Arms
As the Wraiths get use to the bizzare layout of Origin, Death Star uses the disk data he retrieved from the Red Beards to get his plan ready. His plan is to confuse the Tsivrixsh force and pull back from digging into their defenses and do a total 180 - and take back Earth itself. As mixed reactions circle around the room, the general feeling is that it's definitely time to go back home.

Interlude 1: Control Them All
The Tsivrixsh Emperor orders Shretrav to find a way to control the other council members, who are beginning to lose "faith" with the loses the Tsivrixsh Empire has been occurring. Just how will she do that?

July 1st, 2200

Session 72: Homeward Bound
As the Wraiths and the Mavericks load up on weapons and other supplies for their trip to Earth, each person must ground themself in the reality that they're in for a long fight. Ariel worries about Stryfe, wondering if he'll be okay. Death Star assures her he will be fine, then gives her a ring, claiming it's for good luck. Now, with everything ready, the assault group heads for Earth.

Back on Earth, however, things are getting troublesome. As the Resistance members relax, meeting up with a reploid known as Booster, they are attacked by Tsivrixsh forces once again. As they fight, they are attacked by a powerful robot known as Model One. This robot seems to be incredibly powerful and manages to beat the Resistance back. Booster and Siawase team up against the Model One in the end and manage to overpower it. The team then escapes, unaware that Model One is repairing itself...

Interlude 2: Traveling with Thoughts
Death Star watches hyperspace as they travel through Earth, thinking about his relationship with Ariel and wondering if it can go anywhere. However, he's sure of one thing. Not all of them are coming out of this mission alive. But who will make it and who will die?

Session 73: Crash Landing
The Wraiths finally arrive in the Sol system, where they are attacked by the Tsivrixsh battle fleet protecting Earth. They have to fight their way through the battle fleet, racing for Earth. The Wraiths are split into Team A and B, and they both quickly descend to Earth, hoping that one of the groups makes it past the enemy. As the shuttle crash lands, aided by Death Star from being a permanent crash site, the team is once again on Earth - to find it in ruins in the aftermath of the attack on it. There they are forced to journey across the Earth to find whatever hidden item that Death Star claims is there - hidden in the lava ocean, while Sigma and his Mavericks head elsewhere.

The Resistance Members, meanwhile, are ambushed by Model Two and Model Three, stronger versions of Model One, who seem intent on cataloging them and destroying them. As they fight for their lives, they manage to overpower the two robots and destroy them entirely. But just what is going on?

July 2nd, 2200

Interlude 3: Setting the Scene
The Tsivrixsh governor of the planet begins to plan to use the Wraiths to his advantage, vowing to crush them here and now on the backwater planet. Meanwhile, Team B of the Wraiths, consisting of Ripple, Blackjack, Diamondback, Spirit, and Sabre, crash lands on the planet, where Spirit slips into a psionic coma, due to the psi-block around the planet. Team A continues to head for the ocean. And Model One hunts for the Resistance members.

Session 74: Welcome to Earth. Population: 0?
The Resistance members come across a downed spacecraft that looks to be of Earth origin. As they enter the ship, they find a Tsivrixsh patrol inside, investigating, and they are forced to fight their way through the ship to the bridge. When they reach the bridge, they access the files and learn that Death Star and Lord Sigma are on Earth on a mission to reclaim it. But before they can act on the new data, they are attacked by Model One, who crashes through the ship to get to them. It brings the ship crashing down on them and believes they are destroyed, proceeds to leave. The Resistance digs itself out, then hurries in the direction that the Wraiths went, hoping to catch up ... while a powerful storm comes up behind them.

Upon arriving at the ocean, Death Star dives into the lava alone, suspecting he's the only one capable of surviving the tempatures at this point and time. The team is now alone and they travel through the land, coming across the dead and dying. They find a blind little boy, who is almost dead. As the team comforts him in his final moments, seeing that his parents are dead, they are at a loss to do anything for him as he passes on. However, they find another child, a little girl, who is the sister of the boy. Maestro, who finds the entire situation funny, angers the team and is thrown off. However, time is running out as a storm starts coming in...

Interlude 4: Incoming Meteors
As unidentified objects crash into the earth's atmosphere, the Tsvirixsh plan to get their troops ready to find and destroy the Resistance and the Wraiths. They order Model One to backtrack and finish the job. And meanwhile, Team B tries to hold on until it can find Team A, hoping they're not too late...

Session 75: The Face-Off Begins!
As the Wraiths and the Resistance fight their way through a raging storm, they encounter each other ... and the results are explosive. As each side battles the other, they try to get the upperhand, until Snipe and Dominator go to throw fatal blows against each other and recognize one another - though moments too late and Dominator stabs Snipe. The two call off the fighting as Snipe is healed by the various medics in the group. But as Iceheart and Ariel go at it, neither wanting to let up, Wiendigo sends a psionic burst at everyone, causing everyone to collapse in agony from it - and thus ending the fight. As the two sides greet each other, Model One shows up and proceeds to battle the group, more powerful than ever. The two teams combine their forces and manage to drive it back, destroying Model One for good. With the battle over, the two sides decide to join forces and meet up at the camp site with the others.

Session 76: The Return
The Wraiths and Resistance members continue to fight their way to the camp site when they are ambushed by a large number of Tsivrixsh forces, intent on destroying them. As the battle wages on and the team is worn down, two saviors show up to save them - two saviors who look just like X and Zero. The two claim to be the real deal, come back to help Earth in it's greatest time. However, can they be trusted? And in this war, can the Wraiths afford to turn down their help?

Session 77: Who Will Lead the Hunters?
X and Zero are back, or so they claim, and the question becomes: do they have the rights to lead the Hunters once again, or has their time come and gone? As the group proceeds, they come across another zombie reploid brought online - and this one is a face from the face. Slash's dead ex, Crystal, is back with a vengeance - and demonstrates it by attacking the group. They manage to subdue her long enough for Dominator to hook up status, attempting to restore Crystal like they did Iceheart. And Snipe begins to run down on power, as if the virus is starting to take it's toll on him. After they bring Crystal back online, everything seems okay, as if they have another old friend back.

Session 78: Savior from the Sky
The group has almost arrived at the campsite, when they are ambushed once again by Tsivrixsh forces, intent on making sure they never arrive alive at their destination. However, after all the other battles, the team is worn down and is unable to hold back the tide - they are losing. Suddenly, an older model Tsivrixsh battleship appears and blasts the enemy soldiers, destroying them. After landing, Death Star emerges, indicating he found what he was looking for - the ship that Shadow Knight hid in the ocean back during War. Booster asks if they can retrieve his orphans, so the team heads back to get them, stopping to pick up the little girl they found earlier.

Interlude 5: United or Divided?
The diverse group is together, but will that make them stronger or weaker for it? Old enemies together. Old friends united. And old problems resurfacing. As they get the orphans on, Death Star talks with Crystal, telling her what happened to Slash and how he killed him. Plus, he learns that Iceheart is back ... and what does that mean to him? And Garland is furious at Wiendigo for showing him up and he wonders just where his place is in things, so he turns to his father, Dominator, for the answers. And Ariel becomes attached to little Katrina, the girl found, and becomes close to Death Star. Also, Team B finally makes it back to the camp after some wild adventures and they quickly get Spirit into medbay for her coma. And Sigma's mavericks arrive. Now everyone is together for the next act in this cyber war...

July 3rd, 2200

Session 79: The Assault Begins
Death Star's plan calls for a three-way attack against the forces of the Tsivrixsh Empire in his bid for control of the planet - and to activate the Paradise program. The three locations are a communication tower, a generator, a brain location for the Paradise program. Death Star's group will take on the brain, X and Zero will lead the assault on the tower, and Sigma's mavericks target the generator.

As Death Star's group attacks the brain program, they are faced with several different obstacles, such as a legion of Tsivrixsh warriors. As the group battles their way to the program, they find themselves literally in it. Now in a cyber world, they are faced with computer programs of past nemesises and other terrors, leading them closer into the computer world, where they find it's collapsing. A system crash is immenient and they are stuck within the cyber world. And their only hope is ... a computer program of Venerator?

Session 80: System Crash
Back in the real world, Ariel, Garland, and Status work on keeping the computer from crashing with their fellow teammates inside. However, things are looking bleak for them. Also, they have to stop the Tsivrixsh from getting access to the computer and ending their friends' lives early. Venerator, meanwhile, leads Death Star, Dominator, Gravedigger, Snipe, Dias, and the others through the computer files of their past adventures, including the death of Venerator, UO, and other terrible events they faced. In the end, the team manages to reboot the computer system, readying it for when they impliment the Paradise program. Now they just have to find where the activation switch is.

Session 81: The Tower of Babel
X, Zero, Booster, Diamondback, Wiendigo, Iceheart, and Ripple prepare to take out the communication tower under the control of the Tsivrixsh. However, as they progress, they find themselves in dire need of communication skills - especially when language gets mixed up and no one can understand each other. This forces the team to have to work together like never before. In the end, they manage to overcome the odds and succeed.

Session 82: He Who Controls the CyberNet
Sigma's Mavericks prepare to take on the generator, but the evil Maverick Lord has more than just a few tricks up his sleeve - his ultimate goal is to take control of the CyberNet himself, use the Paradise program to create the perfect Maverick world, and rule it for eternity. And he won't let humans or the Hunters stop him in anyway. But, just how does he plan on pulling this off?

Session 83: The Dawn of Independence
The team rests after their attacks, reserving their strengths for the next day, when they will finally take back Earth. However, when Maestro shows back up, he begins to push the team's buttons, preaching that they are no better than any other common dictator who has marched through there. When the team gets angry, Wiendigo shoves his face into the fire, melting it completely off. Instead of being angry, Maestro begins to laugh, as if his point is proven, then summons a Tsivrixsh battle gear, fighting the group. Wiendigo and Dias and Cipher take Maestro on and defeat him finally, bringing the traitor ot his knees. Instead of killing him, they opt to arrest Maestro for his crimes. Despite this setback, the team is ready for the final act in the cyber war.

July 4th, 2200

Session 84: "This Station is Fully Operational"
Death Star and Garland surmise that the location of the Paradise is in space and the only way to get there safely is to use a base to teleport there. However, the Tsivrixsh have set a trap for the group and once they are there, they are ambushed, having to fight their way through the Tsivrixsh forces. And to make matters worse, the station in space is armed and ready - and fires a blast at the earth, attempting to wipe the team out. The group barely manages to escape, but now it's obvious - it's time to get up there, one way or another, and win back Earth.

Session 85: Gates of Paradise
The Wraiths fight their way up to the space station where the Paradise program is being kept. However, once they land, the Governor of the planet sends everything he has after them, forcing Crystal to sacrifice her life permanently to buy the team time they need to advance onward. As the Wraiths fight their way, they come across the Governor finally and manage to kill him, while Death Star and Sigma proceed onward to activate the Paradise program. However, Sigma pulls a doublecross and traps DS in the device that will start the program, and launches it into hyperspace. Death Star cannot escape without stopping the Paradise program, so he's forced to say his goodbyes to his friend and his loved ones, like Ariel, as the device detonates and sends him hurling through hyperspace - however, no one can survive direct contact with hyperspace.

Angered by this, Garland Hianule steps up for round 2 with Sigma, and the two titans clash for control of the Paradise program. At first, it seems as if Sigma is going to defeat Garland, but at the end, Garland begins to push back and defeats Sigma, then crushes the Sigma virus. The team returns to the Earth where they find it has been restroed with the simulator. X and Zero decide to stay on Earth and battle the remaining Mavericks, while the rest of the group decide to return to Origin to continue the fight against the Tsivrixsh Empire.

However, Garland and Ariel feel the loss of Death Star. No one can survive direct contact with hyperspace. Can they?

Session 86: Who Reigns Now?
Death Star is gone, having been launched into hyperspace. And now a leadership vacuum has to be filled. Snipe is naturally the next one in line, but decides he can't do it alone, so he calls for Dominator and Wiendigo to join him in a joint-leadership effort, in the hopes they can help lead the team to victory. The team finally docks with Fury, where they are reunited with old friends, such as Seraphna and Elayne. And Spirit comes out of her coma after the psi-block fell.

Session 87: Back to Origin
The team makes the last leg of their journey back home, tired and weak after all the fighting. Plus they are feeling the losses of their teammates being gone. The cyber war is over, but the effects of it are far from finished. When Ripple and Spirit head off for some TLC time, that leaves the team down some people. Of course, with Em out of Spirit's body, this makes things interesting - but what, exactly, is Em?