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Alpha Dragoons, Guardians, and Next-Generation Dragoons:

Excel Stats: Energy, Health, and M/S Defense (1 level up gives you 10 points in each.)

Detriment Stats: Luck, Magik Offense (2 level ups give you 5 points in each.)

Spirit/Mana Pool - 2 Levels Give You 10 Points

Remaining Stats: 1 level up gives you 5 points.

Starting Stats:

Health: 20
Stamina: 10
Strength: 10
Energy: 20
Speed: 10
Reflexes: 10
Perception: 10
Charisma: 10
Mind: 10
Luck: 5
Hand to Hand Combat: 10
Melee Weapons: 10
Ranged Weapons: 10
Magik Offense: You must learn this in your first 25 levels. If you do, it will begin at 5
Magik Defense: 20
Spirit/Mana Pool: You must learn this in your first 25 levels. If you do, it will begin at 100 points

Cap Stats:

Health: 40
Stamina: 20
Strength: 20
Energy: 40
Speed: 20
Reflexes: 20
Perception: 40
Charisma: 20
Mind: 20
Luck: 10
Hand to Hand Combat: 20
Melee Weapons: 20
Ranged Weapons: 20
Magik Offense: 10
Magik Defense: 40


Generic Traits (You can only pick 3):

1) Two extra Stigma than the normal 4.

2) They can either opt to age lock or age with their Bond partner once they have one. If not picked, the GM does what the GM does best.

3) Bonds extends automatically to children of Bond partners.

4) Minor non-ability using regeneration

5) Minor non-ability to inferface with machines (very minor hacking)

6) Random chance to completely restore energy.


#5: 25 levels cost, #6: 30 cost, #7: 35 cost, #8: 40 cost, #9: 45 cost, #10: 50 cost, #11: 55 cost, #12: 60 cost

Stigmatas are used to access the special abilities of the dragoons; they may be given to you through special events in RP, or you can purchase them through the level costs above. Dragoons normally have 4 and the guides below are based on that - 4 Stigmatas needed. Bonding, Armor, Weapon Creation, and Restoration. If more Stigmatas are needed, it will be noted - if you want to another crack at the same things, say to arrange another group of 4 Stigmata in Stigmata Access (align those 4 toward something else), you'll need 4 new ones if that makes sense and to take Stigmata Access again (It'll be listed as Stigmata Access 2). Talk to the GM for more about them. Stigmata Access just focuses their output and can only be done when you have a set of 4. 1 Stigmata is needed for each feat unless otherwise noted.

On a side note, Stigmatas have DNA in them and a dragoon with similiar DNA can perform better with said Stigmata. What this means, I leave to you to work out in your evil heads. But this doesn't mean there isn't compatibility in stigmatas of non-related dragoons. Most dragoons cannot handle more than 12 Stigmata. Period.


Racial Advantages/Disadvantages:

You can decide for mandatory advantages/disadvantages to pick among the choices below or from the Advantage/Disadvantage tab.

Advantage: Exceedingly beautiful. Crafted genetically to look gorgeous this gets them a lot of looks and makes sure they are noticed.

Advantage: Photographic memory.

Disadvantage: EMPs can damage greatly

Disadvantage: Remote hacking can interfere with Stigmata


Dragoon Abilities:

1) Bonding: When a dragoon bonds with someone, they share thoughts, feelings, and power together. They can also come together to form a giant mech, and a giant dragon mech. There are many stages to bonding. This only needs to be learned by the Dragoon and there is tiers. Unlike most abilities where you simply apply levels (you still will spend the normal amount of levels), you must be okayed to reach each level. (1 Stigmata)

Lv. 1: The bond is intiated with someone. Simple thoughts are shared.

Lv. 2: Feelings and location are shared between bond partners. You can access the mech ability.

Lv. 3: Powers can be shared. For one overall ability or skill you can take something from that person's race that your bond partner has learned. You can shape it into your own form though.

Lv. 4: The final level of bonding. You are completely intimate and intune with each other. You can also now begin this process over again with someone else if you meet certain parimeters. This allows you to transfer over stats to your bond partner and vice versa.


2) Dragoon Specialities: This is unique in that it doesn't build in levels like most abilities; this is for enhancements to stats like temporary boosts in speed or strength or unique features to that dragoon, like Cheryl's target feature, or subspace. You got 4 slots, go wild, and the GM will yay or nay it, and the bigger you go, the more energy it will eat up. If you're going to devote your dragoon toward something, like Emeralda with speed, look at Stigma Access instead. (1 Stigmata)


3) Dragoon Armor: Dragoons form their own armor to protect them. While they can wear other armor this is the most uniquely special for them; you can develop it as you see fit each level, deciding which each level should focus on protection wise or stat wise, going for certain things over other things. Speak with the GM about how you want to progress with the armor. This is self-repairing armor typically, but if you don't devote a level to it, it will repair between missions instead of quickly during them. The GM will explain more about the armor when you ask him. Your armor, if you pick this ability, will go to your body armor slot. (1 Stigmata)


4) Stigmata Access: An unusal thing discovered inside dragoons/guardians/NGDs that power their energy and abilities, Stigmatas are what allow for all their super feats. They can be arranged toward certain key features and then pushed further. You need four Stigmata to align to take this, so it can only be done when you have 4, 8, and 12. You can focus your dragoon in these areas for greater power in them:

1) Healing Yourself/Others

2) Weapon Creation

3) Mimicry

4) Technology Intregration

5) Speed or Strength

6) Dragoon Armor

7) Your own ideas

Once you pick, you can focus all four levels into expanding on that feature. It will lessen their influence in the other areas though, so be warned. For example, Vodka would be the first choice and she is terrible at fighting. Emeralda would be Speed, being super fast and only below average at combat.


5) Primary Energy Weapon Creation: This allows you to create your primary weapon for your Dragoon and will fill your Primary Weapon slot. This is the unique weapon for the dragoon and it's look and ability is based on your own ideas. The GM will yay or nay it - Cheryl is a whip user, Zephyr a gun user, etc. Note while I talk about damage output this is not considered a skill, that's later. Stigmatas are used for this; if you align yours toward weapon creation, your levels well be different below in a good way; if you went another route they may be a bit higher energy output wise. (1 Stigmata)

Lv. 1: This is for tier 3 type blasts with the weapon. It will do damage equivalent for this damage output. Bond partner's can learn this if the dragoon maxes out all four levels of the bond and agrees to allow them access to this. Energy Used: 10

Lv. 2: This is for tier 6 type blasts with the weapon. It will do damage equivalent for this damage output. Bond partner's can learn this if the dragoon maxes out all four levels of the bond and agrees to allow them access to this. Energy Used: 15

Lv. 3: This is for tier 9 type blasts with the weapon. It will do damage equivalent for this damage output. Bond partner's can learn this if the dragoon maxes out all four levels of the bond and agrees to allow them access to this. Energy Used: 20 (Disadvantage if Taken: Sometimes stamina will drain more rapidly when refilling Energy)

Lv. 4: This is for tier 12 type blasts with the weapon. It will do damage equivalent for this damage output. Energy Used: 25 (Disadvantage 1: Sometimes the weapon will fizzle out and will need to reform, costing the full energy usage again. Disadvantage 2: If your Stigmata is messed with frequency wise, your weapons can be jammed. Disadvantage 3: Sometimes, despite using Lv. 4, your attacks are Tier 3)


6) Restoration: The Stigmatas allow Dragoons to restore damage taken. This skill is for 4 Stigmatas. This allows them to mend their flesh over time. If you focused your Stigmata Access on this, you will find the levels slightly different; again, if you focused on something more combat oriented, they may cost a bit more below. The GM will tell you. (1 Stigmata)

Lv. 1: This allows mild restoration of damage, restoring outside damage, closing bleeding wounds so one does not bleed out. This restore Health lost and is a slow process. Energy: 25

Lv. 2: The process is much quicker for outside wounds. Health loss is restored faster and bleeding wound time is cut in half. It also dulls pain. Energy: 35

Lv. 3: This begins to work on internal damage done to the user, fixing organs and other wounds before they become too fatal. This is tricky work and takes some time, forcing the user to pause in combat until it's done. Energy: 50 (Disadvantage if Taken: Sometimes Stamina is wiped out)

Lv. 4: (This is only taken if you focused your Stigmata on healing. Otherwise the GM will work with you for something between Lv. 3 and this Lv. 4. Or you can wait until you get 4 more Stigmata to get this and slightly change the Restoration Levels.) If a limb is torn off, the Stigmatas will work to restore it, drawing upon everything you have to regrow your limb - quite painfully unfortunately. Energy: 75 (Disadvantage 1: You pass out. Disadvantage 2: Sometimes limbs will not reattach right and will need a healer to correct. Disadvantage 3: Your health is halved until after battle)


7) Dragon Mech I: The ultimate ability of the dragoon most would argue, the dragon mech is argueablely the most powerful form the dragoon can take and can only be accessed one of two ways. Having a pilot with a Lv. 4 bond or having 12 Stigmata.

Lv. 1: This allows the dragoon to transform into your basic mech with the weapon they use as a dragoon. Energy: 25

Lv. 2: The dragoon is able to shift basic shapes, while remainly roughly the same size and change weapons so the pilot can form weapons to their liking. The pilot is also able to control the dragoon at this point now so they can split duties of attacking and movement between themselves. Energy: 35

Lv. 3: The dragoon is able to fly now in the standard mech form and do double the damage output. Their more fluid and agile and nimble and the pilot and dragoon are more synched with their attack duties, able to switch control at will from attack/movement/etc. They can also transmit thoughts privately to others instead of talking outloud. They are able to travel in space from here on out. Energy: 55 (Disdavantage if Taken: EMPs can disable the mech)

Lv. 4: The dragoon is able to turn into the mighty dragon mech form and fly about like a real metal dragon, breathing fire and other things dragons of lore can do. Including eating things. And people. Yum yum. Energy: 70 (Disadvantage 1: Sometimes life threatening wounds will immediately revert the dragoon back to it's normal humanoid form. Disadvantage 2: If the Stigmatas are hit by the right frequency, the dragoon will demorph back to it's normal form. Disadvantage 3: If the dragoon takes too much damage, stamina is drained a steady rate until it hits 0 and it deforms.)


Dragoon Skills:

1) Primary Energy Attack: This is tied into the weapon creator; while the creator is how strong the weapon over all is the damage ratio, this is what sort of strikes and attacks your weapon can do. You should think carefully about this one as each level builds up on damage and capabilities. These attacks will transfer over to the Dragoon Mech as well and be allowed to be used by it as long as the mech is using the same weapon as the Dragoon uses.




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