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The Alien Wars 6: Da Capo runs on the element system of The Duality Wars mixed with The Alien Wars 4/5. The Spirit's elements have changed somewhat since entering the Prime Universe, becoming a bit more aligned with it while at the same time taking elements of the Duality Wars system. The elements are as follows:

Fire, Wind, Water, Earth, Lightning, Ice as the main elements.

Dark, Holy as the secondary elements


<- Lightning <- Earth -><- Wind <- Ice <- Fire <- Water <- Lightning

Lightning does double damage to Water by striking it. That does not mean it cannot do damage to other elements, but it does more damage to water.

Water does double damage to Fire by dousing it. The same above applies to it.

Fire does double damage to Ice, melting it.

Ice does double damage the Wind, freezing it / slowing it down, making it a blizzard and other stormy elements that work to the Ice's cause.

Wind does double damage to the Earth now, a reverse from before, slowly chipping away at it and eroding it. The Wind and the Earth are rare causes where their elements sometimes switch which is weak to the other.

Earth does double damage to Lightning by resisting or absorbing the blows.


Holy -><- Dark

Holy does double damage to Light and Dark does double damage to Light. They are counter to each other and will always be the opposite to each other. Sometimes they will be able to counter each other and sometimes one will be stronger than the other depending on certain circumstances. Sometimes they will even repel each other's attacks.



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