Reality Strikers


Previous TAWs

Part I, Act I: (Sessions 1-12, 61-76):

As the PAX spent the year of 10-591 slowly gaining ground in the community, it received diplomats from all the various races, including the Tsivrixsh Empire in the form of Ambassador Kyun. Kyun was the son of Xevil in the multiverse and tried to kill Cheryl. It is unknown if this Kyun is the same, or alike in personality, though he appears to be genuninely wanting to help people.

On Earth, Alexander Cran won the Presidency back, having had lost it during the end of The Alien Wars 4: TEP. Picking Christopher Kane to be his Vice President, the two quickly set to work to bring EarthGov back to order and work on repairing the military fleet that had been lost during the multiple wars. They worked tirelessly, but it was clear that President Tucker had set up groups to try to wrest control of EarthGov through black projects. They attempted to draw Cheryl's team into a trap and in the end President Alexander was killed, with Kane taking his place.

However, an incident occurred where the dead came back to life and a book called the Book of Revelations was stolen from the Classic Reality, detailing events that were to come true for the Prime Reality. Both groups went through great trials and tribulations, but eventually managed to send the dead back to their graves. From there, they began to work on a new problem: riots on Earth were beginning due to the 'mistreatment' of NGDs and people were demanding they be freed. Kane, having picked Darien Starr to be his Vice President, knew that they needed the NGD to protect Earth until the fleet and military forces could be restored enough. Despite asking for only a year of service, tensions began to continue.

A new enemy appeared from the shadows, manipulating events, and began to tear apart Cheryl's team, taking key members and even being able to manipulate Lemon with old General Cran protocols. Kane was seemingly killed in an explosion, though no body was found, and Darien had to take on the role of Presidency and keep EarthGov together, even though it meant allowing the Guardian Colony to split away. Together with Cheryl, they found that someone had taken over the NGD minds with some sort of chemical and were controlling them to attack bases. Finding a cure through Young Zephyr (Leira), they managed to save the NGDs and the infected Guardians. This did nothing to stop the split, however.

On the PAX, a new alien species began to appear, systematically attacking the group. First they sent Dawn through trials and tribulations, stealing his future visions, though in return he got his sister and mother back to life. Iceheart discovered that someone was doing something to the dead spirits on her homeworld colony of Ark, and that they seemingly wanted her, Freyja, Elwyn, and Billy dead. And finally, the alien beings began to target red haired Progenitors, claiming a book told them they must die for their plans to come to fruitration.

The PAX was sent through the grindenr and many changes occurred, including Leyaeh becoming Chief of Security and Athena having to take control of the PAX to save it. Eventually, the team managed to come back together and drive back the attackers, but it's clear this was only the prelude to a much bigger attack. During the conflict, Ambassador Theron discovered something wrong in the Erusian Ascendency and set out to discover what. So far, he has not returned.

Part I, Act II: (Sessions 100, 125-137):

The new enemy began to move it's chess pieces across the board, referred to as The Others. Their agents, one being Leyaeh's boyfriend, made their move and while trying to kill Iko, accidently shot Athena in the eye and the crew was forced to put her into suspended animation to keep her from dying; also they learned that with the time machine tampered with they could not use it to save Athena. With darkness approaching, they create a teleporter connecting Cheryl's base with the PAX to help keep the two teams united. Meeting with Warren Carmichael who was brought back from the dead during the Ark incident by Dawn, along with his sister Fiore, they learn that their enemy has turned Dias against them after having him captured for so long and using his emo against him. With Warren's info and the prophetic dreams many have been having of two men who look like Cran, Cheryl surmises it's some sort of heir project and that's why they are after her so bad - since she can reproduce. Going after this enemy and the Hermes company, they finally defeat Dias and secure Kaleb, with the help of Benjamin Carmichael using a power suit to hide himself. Later they rescue President Kane who is alive after all and defeat hybrid Weapon/Dragoons that have been bred by the new enemy.

While Cheryl does the political tango with General Steel, Peter leads the unit against the new enemies who have traits of old Weapons and Dragoons each. Finally Angelos Cran reveals himself as one of the twin sons created by General Cran and meant to impregnate Cheryl with the ultimate heir. He turns himself in and he leads them to Angelus base, fearing that his brother is beyond hope and that he's been allying with the Others. They destroy the operations and Angelos helps them shut down all the experiments that is left after the base explodes, seemingly killing Angelus. At this point Benjamin reveals himself to everyone but Cheryl, not sure how he is alive but wanting to look into it before burdening with his existence. Due to proof of Steel's compliance with Angelus, he is charged with treason and sentenced to 25 years in prison.

During all this on the PAX, the team looks into Theron's missing nature and find the Erusian Ascendency has been taken over by the Others and their winged ships. Barely able to rescue anyone before they retreat, and being hit by political spies of Angelus and The Others and viruses running rampant, and barely curing Athena and reviving her, Erevis has to make the fateful decision to destroy hyperspace to slow The Others whose fleet is all powerful. This will slow them down only about 15 years. Erevis doesn't reveal she was responsible and begins to set up a teleporter system to connect all the worlds.

Part I: Interlude I (Sessions 151-161, 200-210, 218-221):

When something happens that causes Cheryl's powers to fluxate and wipe the memories of everyone for a week, they have to work their way through what happened. Xanatos, killed in a terrorist explosion attack via the teleporters, and Kane revealing he has gone insane and wanting to ally with The Others only to be killed by Cheryl's team, making Darien Starr the true President, is only the starts of the problems that have begun. Kane's final act before being taken down was to have Steel cleared of all charges and Steel has gone under ground into the black ops on some assignment the others do not know about. Meanwhile, the galaxy has slowly begun to get more angry toward the PAX.

Cheryl, using her powers, ressurects Angela Bennet and changes the timeline so no one remembers her crimes, not even her, and gives her a second change. Only Chii knows the truth and forbids Cheryl from doing anything like that again. Angelus reveals himself to be alive and allied with The Others toward godhood, and Cheryl becomes pregnant again by Chii after learning Ben is alive.

All this leads to Cheryl trying desperately to track Steel down when she learns he's making a new generation of Dragoons completely loyal to him, taken in vagabonds and homeless people to do it. With a recession brought on with hyperspace down and Darien's position as President weak due to the people of Earth wanting to take the PAX over for it's advanced technology, it's a recipe for a slow disaster. It culminates with a new religion called the Fellowship of Order forming and talking about it's new religion and attacking the PAX in a terrorist attempt to get the technology. Erevis finally has enough and says that with everyone blind to the true threat coming that she is finally shutting the doors and removing everyone from PAX who does not want to become a citizen or does not want to follow the strict guidlines of the PAX, and declares the PAX the Suisen Empire now. Using nanites to keep the peace, they teleport off all the races except the Vapaads and a Tsivrixsh Delegation. A small group of citizens remain now with only about 25,000 on board PAX and CHIP, once again online, monitoring the nanites.

With the PAX now it's on empire and no longer supporting the diplomats like it once did, and the Fellowship of Order getting strength in all the areas of the galaxy, a time of uncertainity fell upon the teams over the following year as various incidents occurred.

8 months later, though, the Suisen Empire found itself growing under Erevis' leadership, while Earth struggled under a recession. With baby Elwyn born and baby Aurica born, new threats emerged as the Order has grown in influence in the Cartel, having taken it over completely during the past 8 months with hyperspace collapsed, and Steel has begun pushing his Dragoon operations forward having been slowly kidnapping people the past 8 months off the streets. Attacks on both teams slowly begin to push them to the brink, but they begin to push back as Cheryl works find what Senator is helping Steel, and President Darien Starr struggles to keep the Presidency together, being forced to publically stand against the Suisen Empire to gain support in a world go mad on Earth due to the recession, ironically brought on by earth standing against Erevis.

As Christmas comes and Cheryl realizes who the mole is and why, they manage to track the Senator and find some mines in South America that were dried out and mined to death 300 years ago, led by General Cran. Cheryl begins to dig into what was going on 300 years ago - why it all seems to go back there. The Nues vanishing and being taken by Cran, Cran's journey to the Famfrit homeworld with Megumi's ancestor, and more. Also during this time the PAX discovers the Others are at the ruins of the Famfrit moon while helping Yasha find her homeworld and find they are manipulating blackholes in the hope to find a way to Earth quicker. They also connect they are trying to push northward to where the homeworld might be and the only way to navigate to the first spot on the 3 possible locations of Yasha's Erusian homeworld is for them to travel through a void in space where no planets or stars are at for one month. Since hyperspace can't be used due to the gravity wells, it will require them to travel at a speed Isis dubs Miyukasha Space since she invented it and for them to go where no one else has been before. And it'll be a long month since they can only use teleporters when they sotp. As both teams work to investigate their cases, the clock begins ticking.

Part I: Interlude II (Night and Session 250)

After traveling through the void of darkness where there was no light, in order to circumvent the Others, those on the PAX encountered many strange beings and circumstances that tried them. There was supernatural creatures, there was ghosts, aliens, and other beings that tried and pushed them throughout the course of the events, and at the end of it all they came across what appeared to be the the true homeworld of the erusians after all and found it desolute of life, and discovered an ancient being that was designed, perhaps during the Progenitor/Dark One war, that attempted to kill them, feeling out their life force and drawing the unnatural forces to them throughout their journey. Destroying it, they found they had indeed discovered what Yasha Arhnya had been seeking, even if the ancient homeworld was empty of life, it was a treasure trove of information to be dug up and searched. And now they had managed to circle around the Others who were at the black holes in the Famfrit Sector, and could begin the next step of their plans.

Meanwhile, the Tarehian group, arriving at the remains of the destroyed PAX in the future, learned that CHIP had set them up: freeing Chieko, the daughter of Isis and Miyuki with the runes they had discovered, and having her open up the time gate, he took control of Jean, revealing she was not really Lorelei, but a girl he took, Subject 31, and infused with Lorelei's thoughts and abilities when the real Lorelei never returned after being blasted, and infused with Lemon's mind, to follow through with the past group's plans to open the time gate to warn their past selves what happened. Going insane due to damaged programming, CHIP decided to alter the plan a bit and change the past completely with Jean - by doing more than warning the past by using Jean to totally alter it all. The group manages to break Jean free, but not before they get sucked into the past, right as Queen Anora and the goddess Autumn shut CHIP down and are left in control of the ship with Chieko.

Part I, Act III: (Session 251 - 267)

The Order remains a huge problem for the people of Earth, especially cut off from the Suisen Empire now. With them having grown to epic porportions and the economy in the pits, the Order begins a series of terrorist attacks against organizations, including the teleporters, to bring Earth to a standstill, as teleporters are the only way Earth can remain in touch with it's colonies now. During this, they also discover a few of the group from the future, and begin to teach them Basic.

The group is forced to scramble about and deal with all the attacks, going to and fro, learning about a tentative connection to VI as well. While dealing with this, Cheryl also continues to follow up on the Senator Di'jinn lead she discovered during Christmas, when her rainforest sensors go off. Heading to the mines there, the group discover a mysterious green ore being mined, and the head of Ash, looking to be around 300 years old. The group decides the only way they are going to get answers, after investigating, and Cheryl telling them how the mine was active 300 years ago, plus Cran had just come back from Famfrit and begun to raise his empire and plans then, likely beginning his search for immortality back then with clones and looking into using famfrit DNA and other stuff, the group opens a portal to go back to 2014. Due to some strange readings in the mines, they send in Ash and he loses his head to Aschae in the mines with Cran and others.

Withdrawing, the group steals a plane nearby and escapes. Despite the small group with them from the future saying that Aschae shouldn't be like that, having learned Basic by then, the group notes that Aschae definitely seems to be working for Cran now. Heading to Toyko, they observe the kidnapping of past Miyuki and Kasha, the events that lead to them being found in Cran's backyard by Lorelei 300 years in the future. Heading to the KU Bakery, they rest while their parents break into the bakery to look for the kids. With them reunited, Cheryl debates and decides to risk changing the timeline and see if she can rescue the Nue family, as long as they play it by the book without causing a Timeline Diverengence.

Splitting up in the past, half the group meets up with more of the Tarehians who were thrown into the past, and they explain that Aschae somehow got mixed up with Cran, and joined with him to learn everything she could. The other group works on learning about why Midori is working with the Arakawa Foundation. Miyuki tells them Tess Arakawa is a cruel girl, but upon meeting her, they find her to be kind - upon further investigation they learn Tess is a clone to be sacrificed and sometimes is sent to school for the real Tess Arakawa. The clone's real name is Naomi and she will die for Midori and the power of the Arakawa family who is in alliance with her; meanwhile, Aschae joins up with the other group and they head back, with Aschae having information and more power now, she claims. Once both groups are united, they crash the party, and leave Naomi in charge of the Arakawa family, thus leading it to change course into the Arakawa family they know today, and run Midori off, and get the Nues back. They return to the present with Tess Arakawa who's memory has been damaged.


Once back, Cheryl has Erevis read the Tarehians minds - the ones they have so far - and they learn about what is to come so far. At least in as much as the group is willing to share. Seth and others try to hold back much, and if not for Aschae being very open, things might break down more. However, before acting more, Cheryl tells them she must think - so next is Miyuki and Isisi', Kasha and Hi's wedding - all four marrying and each other. After so many long events, it's a joyous event.

Following the wedding, Cheryl takes Chii, Aurica, Lorelei, Jennifer, Amataseru, Iro, Seth and Aschae to the Alternate Reality. Taking her kids with her, Cheryl knows this may take a long time. Shocked due to the time differences between realities being so drastic, she takes note. Because Jean is still missing, Cheryl leads the Tarehians with her to find their Angel. They learn of the Cult of the Angel in London, where a flower girl preaches. Finding a 20 year old something girl who heals the sick and preaches love and equality, the team tries to reach her when Others from the Alt Reality attacks. After many battles, and close calls, they are reunited, and Jean tells them how she arrived in the Alt Reality 5 years ago - and they realize that due to the time difference, that while they arrived in Prime just a few months ago, time ran different for Jean and Umi and Truth.

They found themselves in a lab under Cran manor and accidently freed Miyuki and Kasha 5 years early in Alternate Reality, and they all escaped together in a zombie filled Mega City. They traveled together a bit, then split up. Miyuki and Cheryl even encountered each other early at one point before Cheryl began her full General career mode. After gathering them all, Cheryl tells the Altians about what will happen to Prime in 15 years, and warns them that something similiar might happen to them, and that an alliance of the trinity of realities might be necessary.

Traveling to Classic, they find the remaining Tarhians, and proceed to aid the Classians with their Maverick problems. The battle takes place for the reality itself on land, sea, and space against the Mavericks and Nazis as they throw everything they have against the Hunters and their allies. Senreich gets the Staff of Ra, kills Classic Cheryl, and gets away; but the the group manages to capture Vile. After the battle, Cheryl synchs up the realities to run at the same speed, reversing some of the time a bit when necessary to bring them up to a similiar level.

After the battle, Cheryl begins the meetings for an alliance of realities. They discuss and begin to put pieces together, like Chiere having silver blood like Others, and Garland/Gartareh. But also mentioning how Prime has no real Garland since he opted not to be born into it. Cheryl creates 4 tarot cards, giving 4 to the Classic Reality to use if they are ever attacked, and hands them out after they agree to be their allies. Moving to the Alternate Reality, where they run into the real problems: trying to get more than just Alt's Suisen Empire to agree to the Alliance.

Agreeing they must try to get the PAX3 to join up - Erevis relents to making changes to her Empire for the good of an Alliance, and so they travel there to begin plans for setting it up. However, once there, they are hit by insulting demands from the PAX Delegation toward the Suisen Empire. Darien and his group find President Alexander Cran, who admits that he finds the entire process to be disturbing, since he is for the alliance, and since the group has helped him in the past. He also mentions that Ambassador Shretrav, the Tsivrixsh Ambassador, was replaced two days before the meeting. Warren's team finds her being led off in chains and they take out the guards around her and remove a bomb on her chest. Learning they plan to betray the group and seize Erevis, Cheryl and Jean take control of the situation.

The team splits up to seize control of the PAX3 Station, and together they all work together to capture it, and the ambassadors, after a firefight, as Ao arrives in the Empress' Paw to keep control of the station. With it, the PAX has been disbanded by it's own actions. They even have to protect the ambassadors from a 'rescue team'. After it's over, they realize Erevis has been taken on a ship headed for the Sol System, and if it crosses into it, war will be erupt for all sides, they rush on the Paw to intercept it. They manage to do so, but discover that it was Cartel agents that took her, and they mindwiped her to try to get the information from her mind, leaving her mindless. They use Prime Erevis' mind as a template to restore her to a working order, since she was a vegetable, and decide to slowly work on programs to restore her to do her true Alternate self from there. Warren and Darien's teams have joined those in the Empire, having to choose the role of 'villain' during the effort to save Erevis and the visitors of the Prime Reality during the Coup. Even with Paladin's witness of the truth to what happened, the teams remain in exile, having to choose the one force truely willing to stand up against the Others. Alexander Cran promises to keep working as the President of Earth to make the Alliance work; meanwhile, Cheryl gives the 4 tarot cards to the Suisen Empire and hopes the 3 way Alliance works.


Once the Alliance was handled, Cheryl and the Tarehians proceeded to use Isis' time bubble machine to go through the 15 years of the future, cloaked, to witness what would happen, so both sides could learn - witnessing the terrible events to come. During the climatic blasts that destroyed the majority of theirselves, the time bubble was damaged temporarily to knock them out of the Trinity Realities into the Multiverse so some of them ended up in Q World, where they had to fight and claw their way through events beyond them, and try to survive ordeals that slowly changed them inside and out. Escaping back to the time bubble, they forgot the world entirely, but memories are still slowly returning to them and changing them. Finishing the tour of the timeline, they barely made it back to their own time with the knowledge of what happened.

Having one last meeting, they discuss how the Lunar Environmental Controls work, so that the Tarehians have a shot at perhaps defeating the gods if they are using it, and Jennifer promises to look into Elven Halfling Insanity using Lucky and Rachael's DNA. Imugem supplies the team with batteries to power up Ulieah AI one last time and Cheryl has volunteers to go through to aid the Tarehians temporarily in setting up, while Erevis prepares the PAX for the upcoming battles to come, especially the Famfrit System. All of them have to hold the memories of what is to come close to their hearts.

Part I, Act IV: (Session 285-300)

Battling the Order at the Famfrit System, the Suisen Fleet is losing ship after ship when they employ Megumi's Dark Matter Weapon into a black hole, sealing all the black holes and wiping out the ships except a few. It looks like it is over when suddenly something goes wrong and a rip forms, and a creature of Darkness is born from it, rushing past them, and then afterwards, the being Gartareh is born, rising up and the Other ships fly to him. He flies up to their ship, observing it, before they pull out.

These Events Cover The Next 15 Years:

Knowing that Darien will have his life targetted, the group uses it to their advantage and using an idea proposed by Miyuki, they kidnap Darien publicly and play the Order against each other, and plant a virus, turning the cells against each other. With the cells tearing apart each other, Angela, acting as the President, calls in the Suisen Empire for aid as the Order's violence against each other escalates, acting "alone" so Darien will not get any flack. Their actions work outstandingly and the Order is crippled and relations with the Suisen Empire is brought back. The Senate is unable to take action against Angela due to her actions and stance for better improvement for soldiers' lives.


Next, they manage to take down VI operatives who was using the Lady White signature, though it's a pyyhric victory, their actions at least put them on hold for many years. They also get off with some of Josephine's family's property. Darien later sets up back door traps so that VI's actions are limited.


Tamara becomes pregnant and she and Erevis are kidnapped. Athena is forced to become the new Empress of the Suisen Empire when Megumi passes on the responsibilities and Ama leaves to search for Erevis, using her powers to transverse the galaxy looking for clues. Getting a lucky break months later, they find Tamara who doesn't remember a lot pregnant with a child that has Dark One DNA in her.


X is captured while helping to train the PAX's Wraith Unit, who are covert units in their war against the Cartella Order that they know took Erevis based on what Tamara does remember. Over the next month, Del and others track down where X is based on Slasher being taken as well and find the two brainwashed, and Kaleb controlling them with his Super Weapon DNA from two parent Weapons. X viciously fights them, despite fighting it as best she can, and in the end they are forced to kill Kaleb to free X, her own son that she rejected years ago. Megumi, meanwhile, is forced to kill Slasher - Chad Winters - who tries once again to rape Zephyr while under the brainwashing powers of Kaleb, using her powers to behead him. Though one has to wonder that he didn't fight harder a sign that, perhaps, he did fight back. Zephyr spends one moment looking down at the man he once was before moving on sadly.

Meanwhile, using the clues and information they found there, they find the planet Erevis has been tortured physically and mentally by Order men, who are known to treat women like sex slaves, only to find Ama there mere moments before them - witnessing her melting them with her powers of the sun. Together, they all go home, and vow that it is time to start forcefully moving more and more ships into Cartel space than just using covert units to stir up trouble. Also during all this, hyperspace lanes have been reopened due to Erevis being tortured and drugged, and now that pandora's box is opened, closing it will be impossible. So Erevis limits it to 52 lanes that they can safely monitor and protect, and which she can 'close' off if need be in times of war.


Events on the Ancient Erusian Homeworld begin to restore it to it's original state after Gitari archelogists activate an ancient device, and the group is caught up in, some of them even deaging somewhat, like Cheryl to a 16 year old state. They manage to keep it from blowing up and taking out the moons the Erusians live on currently, the planet restored to it's old Erusian state.


The group has been taking more and more of the Cartella Order planets, and finally make their move on Jarivan, a restort homeworld, to gather information and strike a blow to the Order's credit resources, since the resort is open to all and the least Order of all their planets, since they cannot be as sadistic there if they want tourists. While there, they manage to foul up a NGD virus program that the Cartel created long ago when Earth/Cartella was almost at war, capture Naone Cridhe back, and learn of a plan to capture Tabetha for her brain, and notes of her and Dr. Wily like tendancies.


The major events of Monster World occur, a huge turning point for most of The Alien Wars 5. Almost all of the major super natural forces vanish from the galaxy, and things begin to go seriously wrong. The shrines on the PAX are bombed, Ama is taken, Aurica vanishes, and a planet appears and eclipses the sun. All the supernatural beings in the world appear on one planet under Su's control, and for 3 days a month they appear on it - and when the planet causes an eclipse, watch out. Racing to the planet to try to stop it, they learn Miyuki is under his control, and Aurica has grown up into a woman herself under his control, and he's kidnapped Ama, and having sex with all three, much to Cheryl's horror. A prisoner herself after crashing onto the planet, Cheryl is forced to join forces with Dek, while Isis and Hi have to fight for Isis' soul, and the two teams deal with the aftermath of a damaged PAX and getting on the planet, fighting wiht supernatural forces, and gods under Su's control. Finally they weaken him, and get everyone off the planet before it fades away and out of synch of the reality for the month.

The aftermath has Cheryl resigning as General and giving leadership of the unit to Peter, even with Aurica returning to a little girl and her virginity being restore, deciding her being part of the unit is too dangerous and she has to watch out for her family. Originally planning to move away completely, Miyuki talks her into moving the base and hiding her home, so that is done - the base is relocated into Siberian mountains and Cheryl hides their home in the lower levels, with holograms making it seem like it's outside, and the only way into the base is with teleporters hidden around the world.


Winning the election, Darien is President for his second term. And now with Peter running the unit, the group has to decide things. Learning that Gartareh - or at least that is what they call him based on his future name - has been watching events, like the Eclipse, they find him near a battle with the Cartel Order worlds and bring him to talk. Ama and little Iro manage to get him to open up, learning his name is Lia, and that he is fighting the 'Darkness'. Realizing he is like a child, and not some monster yet, he asks questions about why they approach things with violence here, yet chide it there, and finally leaves, accepting gifts from Iro and promises that he will consider things they said and watch how they handle things in the future. They also promise to help him stop the Darkness. On his way out, he heals Naone of her insanity.


Going to Cartella, the group gets a Resistance together under Loki, and battles Lord Kaleroy's 4 Horsemen (Generals). While not there directly, Lord Kaleroy's men are well trained and have a lot of tactics and abilities, managing to almost destroy the group with illusions and trickery. Using Ako and Iko who were accidently brought along, they open a jump gate into the PAX engineering and attack, injuring Isis gravely, and begin to set up a bomb to destroy the PAX, while the group has to fight a two way war. It ends, barely, in favor of the group, taking back engineering, and destroying the enemy encampements on Cartella, having to fly up a bomb into the atmopshere to blow up to save the city. The group leaves Cartella in the hands of the Resistance, a fire ignited in them to take back the rest of the city from the Order, a battle that will take months, but is plausible now, and once it's over and the Order people are boxed in, they put them on a planet far away from a hyperspace lane with non-Order volunteers, so that over generations the Order mentality can be wiped out through breeding and non-violence, hoping Lia can see and learn from it.


Five years pass and Lorelei and Aurica lead the children of the heroes to the Erusian Ascendency homeworld, not the Ancient Erusian Homeworld, to find their parents. There, they begin to slowly learn what happened to them - that the battle between Lia and the Darkness - and misunderstandings - lost them five years with their parents. It's a dark battle and crippling misunderstandings, but in the end Lia comes to understand his mistakes, and the Others linear focus, so he sacrifices himself not only restore the Erusian Ascendency Homeworld back to how it was before the Order terraforming, but helps the Darkness, now called Nanashi by putting a little of his essence in him, escape. They also learn the Tsivrixsh attacked them because it looked like their parents killed a group of commandos, so they escape with the commandos from the planet, and help them get home. If that will be enough for Emperor Kyun or not remains to be seen, but Ambassador Shretrav and the Commando promises they will try to make peace.

Parent and child reunite and the Darkness is now in the body of a girl. Can they teach it? Lia has put his faith in them, and the Others are out there, and will make a move if they fail.


Part II, Act I: (Session 326-340)

The aftermath of the war with the Order and Others, and the 5 year gap for many of the key heroes, is continued to be felt after their return and as they try to fit into their daily lives with their family and friends and work. Cheryl and Darien spend all their millions on Asteroid C to begin a Reality Strikers team and while the construction begins, Cheryl takes her family through the realities for 3 years their time, only two weeks Prime time, to learn what is going on, and they return wiser, so when Asteroid C goes operational, they have an idea of what is going on, and Asteroid C can recruit the cream of the crop, leaving Peter to hold down the fort with the remaining team.

During this, it's clear a conspiracy is going in the EarthGov politics by someone to uncover what Cheryl did 15 years ago with Angela as they leak information to Tess Arakawa, her running mate, and the outer colonies who were already abused as far as taxes and strip mining to make ships during the war, is about to be strip mined even more so to refill the fleet lost during the Other War that EarthGov participated in to help their ally, the Suisen Empire. The outer colonies, not having voting rights that the EarthGov states do, begin to rebel and pull out under Angela's watch, causing the inner states to grow angry and demand action. During all this, Taiga, having gained insight powers through her own reality powers, begins to form the Zodiac, a group of 13 kids that will have to battle a newly risen Arcana of teenagers, and other threats, that will defeat the adults across the realities. They are tested several times by the Arcana, their first being on the colony where the new Arcana puts them in a dream like state to crush their minds by having them die, but they succeed and warn the adults of the attack and capture two of them alive, Butterfly and Mute, eventually making allies of them when they learn they were forced to become Arcana members.

Erevis meanwhile begins to reassert her control as Empress, discovering Athena captured on the medieval world that rotates amongst the realities thanks to Ama and Miyuki and Ariel. She also brings the Cartel into the fold as allies after saving Loki and helping to rebuild the Cartel after their devastating loss under the Order, and during this they rescue an experimented on Arhn who had been held by remnants of the Darkness for 17 years, thanks to a tip by Cheryl based on information on the other reality's Arhn. Cheryl and Warren took her to join Asteroid C to recover. However, the biggest shock comes in the form of Megumi suddenly announce she is no longer happy in the marriage, leading to Erevis "breaking up" with Ama and Megumi to try to reconnect the three after Ama becomes upset and hurt and unwilling to be with Megumi after having everything thrown in her face by the latter. In the end, it fails and Megumi ends things permenantly while Ama goes on a 5 month mission in another reality (5 days Prime time), breaking Erevis' heart for good.

Eventually, it comes out that Angela was brought back to life and Cheryl changed everyone's memories across all reality to do it when a tribunal is brought up when Tess brings up charges against her, unaware she is being used as a pawn, following incidents with corrupt Gitari sexual aides. Before they can sentence Angela, Cheryl shows up and takes full blame for everything, stating how Angela had no part in it and so she is found guilty, and since she has this power, the council announces that a seal barrier like General Cran contructed to hold Wind in TAW4 will be made to hold her, but Zephyr arrives to bust her out in disguise, and Cheryl retreats back to Asteroid C, a wanted fugitive, and Angela has to stand against her if she wants to have a chance to win. In the end, they learn Steel set it up, brought back by someone who found his body and gave him the information, and after a battle at his base where he tries to get Angela found guilty, he is defeated in time, and Tess and Angela rig the election so they put Tess as President and Angela her VP, much to the anger of the Senate, making enemies of them, since they spit in the face of the election process.

It is at this point the offical break up occurs and Ama goes on her mission for Cheryl, who is a fugitive, and when she returns, Erevis and her make up, and remarry.


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