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Ship Layout:

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Blue Sector: Command/Ship Control

Red Sector: Alien Governments

Brown Sector: Suisen Government Branches/Important Offices

Green Sector: General Public


-Brown Sector-

Suisen Government Branches/Important Offices


The Mid-Ship: The middle of the ship is naturally the largest area, due to the sheer size of the ship. A ship that is many miles in length and width has a large area of space in square miles. The mid-ship covers a lot for both the Brown Sector and the Green Sector. This area of the ship, while vulnerable along the hull areas, is also some of the safest areas due to being nestled in the dead center of the ship as well. This is the heart of the ship as far as the culture and life of the Suisen Empire is concerned - government, society, and everything else. The Brown Sector consists of:


Zone 6: Security Center / Kitsune Udon - The security center has grown considerablely in it's time and takes up an entire deck now, which means that it's actually 5 miles long, but some of this is broken up with behind the scenes hallways/stairways for employee movement (see PAX2). Another large part of it is broken down for the offices of the security officers, the monitoring systems, the defense systems, and the brig. And a good chunk of it is the 'Central Hub'. I shall now proceed to break down the Security Center.


THE CENTRAL HUB: The Central Hub is a large 2 mile area within the Security Center where people teleport from around the Empire, and allied nations that have teleporting rights, into the Hub. There are hundreds upon hundreds of teleporters set up for this, with dozens of cameras and security weapons (hidden) to protect the ship. There is a shield barrier all about the place, and those with nanites (for citizens and allies already given nanites) can pass through dozens of areas set up for returning citizens/allies, immediately after speaking with security guards in these places. This allows for steady movement, and not backing up.

Newcomers, since they do not have nanites, and nanites can only be given on the ship - and cannot be duplicated and replicated, without them being destroyed instantly, have to go into other lines. These can be backed up. Depending on their stay, and how long, the nanites are given timers before they are destroyed, so they cannot be duplicated once the person leaves, and they are sent through other terminals in the barrier. This system is set up so citizens rarely have a waiting time coming back, and people who are arriving to stay have many, many more terminals to go through since they just can't walk through without being buzzed in. While they may have to wait an hour or two at most, this is only during very busy days. This system works well to keep traffic moving well and terrorist attacks down. Plus all faces are filed and if anyone does anything, they are recorded - and citizens who return home are ushered through quickly without having to wait.

Once through the inner hub inside the barrier, there is many more teleporters on the outskirts of the Central Hub, another 100, with cameras always aimed and facing, so that people's initial destinations are logged when they exit to other parts of the ship. The only way out of this area is through the teleporters, or the security officers' security center.

To keep traffic down on those leaving, on the other side of the room, for those wanting to leave the PAX altogether, are 100 teleporters so people can teleport in from around the ship and head to the terminals leading into the barrier without slowing down traffic.

This area takes up the majority of the security force, and the majority of the force under Leyaeh Cridhe.


THE SECURITY CENTER: The security center itself is quite large, taking up about 1 and a half miles itself. This is the brain center of the command center, with several teleporters itself inside it so security officers can get inside it. Only those with specially attuned nanites can get inside the security center through the teleporters or the barriers about it - officers of Leyaeh or Amaterasu, or the Royal Family. Others can be allowed in naturally at any time. There is also a special teleporter that leads into the security center from the Base on Earth that the other team occupies.

The security center has thousands of monitors set up on a few walls and terminals set up so that security can monitor all of the ship, with the monitors set up to monitor each zone for efficency. This allows the officers to zero in where they need to check out. Naturally, not all of PAX can be watched at any given time, since cameras cannot be put everywhere on the ship, so there's millions of blank spots, but the majority of vital areas are covered by the monitors. The Monitor Walls as their called are the eyes and ears of the Security Center and allow the officers to check everything out - when CHIP is at full power he can easily monitor most cameras, but this takes up a large amount of his computing powers, so he typically only checks out a few areas of interest assigned to him.

The terminals and controls of security also control hidden weapons throughout the ship, though there are not as many as one would believe. The ship actually has to morph zones to create most of it's defenses, which means power has to be running through the ship for security to do it's job. If engineering is down, then security is basically at a huge disadvantage. The areas with weapons pre-installed are in key critical areas like the bridge, engineering, and the Towers. The terminals can also change vents/behind the area hallways and close them off. See (PAX2) for more information on those areas. They can also change the Tram systems if need be.

The Security Center is also home to the Brig, which is a large area itself, due to the population size. The brig has it's own teleporters to keep it separate from the Security Center's main area, so that prisoners can be taken directly there, or directly out. The Brig is a large spacious area with hallway rows with cells on either side into the wall. The rooms are large - 15 meters by 15 meters, with a bed, bathroom facilities, and a sonic shower. There are steel bars to keep the prisoners in as well as an energy field, so if power goes out, the bars can be secondary defense to keep them in.


KITSUNE UDON: The last half mile of the deck, and it's own separate area with it's own teleporter, labeled 6-K on the teleporter buttons, is Kitsune Udon. This is the supernatural headquarters of the ship, and is home to all the supernatural information the PAX has stored up around the galaxy. It is a large area, not only in width, but it is also tall, with two floors.

The bottom floor consists of many things. There's the teleporter for when people come in to KU for emergencies; if the teleporters are down, KU is different than the rest of the deck, as their hallway goes to a major stairway that people are allowed to use, which above them is the Religion Zone (4) and below them is the Medical Deck (7) and Hanger Deck (8). One can keep going to reach even further areas if they choose to walk. So all one has to do is go out the front door, use the hallway and go to the major stairway.

Also on the bottom floor is the lobby aea for people seeking help or grievances with KU; they have set up a receptionist to handle people that come in and can get KU workers most experienced. Also at the front desk is a person who's job is to listen to the Security Center's comms for strange occurances all day, and note anything that might fall into the KU jurisidiction, and call upon the KU worker who can handle it best.

Next on the bottom floor, and this takes up a good portion of it, are the offices. These take up a good half of it at least, and inside the offices vary, depending on the worker - you will find desks, relics, weapons they prefer, etc. Next are the weapon racks, and other supplies they need for cases, so they can be grabbed on the way out. This is kept more toward the back so people who walk in can't just grab it, and is behind the reception desk so that the two working it can keep an eye on people trying to get around them. They're also across from the offices so people can speed out of the office and grab off the racks and shelves.

Upstairs is where the collections and books are kept. The stuff from around the galaxy that the PAX KU has collected over the years. There are shelves and shelves of books, relics, and other items they have discovered. There are also things that the PAX ship has created specifically for KU to hold anything dangerous on a case by case basis in one area, and one part of the upstairs is called the 'Vault' that can hold all sorts of dangerous items that can be stored in it generally, but are too dangerous in general to be laying about haphazardly. The Vault is sealed except when a KU agent enters a code, and is sealed with various charms and seals.

Like the Security Center, KU is different in that it has a teleporter to the base on Earth, too, but their teleporter goes directly to the KU in the base on Earth.


Zone 7: Medical Bay - The medical bay is a huge place - 5 miles long, taking up it's entire deck much like Security. When I say the entire deck, I mean from the hull all the way to the center, this entire area length is medical for this part of the ship. Medical plays a key, crucial part, and located in the middle of the ship like these other parts, it's hard for enemies to tell exactly which deck is it, since zones leap around by priority, not by the traditional numbering.

The medical deck has hundreds of teleporters located all about it to whatever area you need to go. Surgery, heart, brain, general doctor, children, etc. Much like breaking down a zone, the teleporter pad does the same, 7-C for Children in general, or 7CH for heart problems for children, etc. This allows people to quickly reach an area of the medical deck where they need to go. The extensive size of the medical bay, serving the needs of 100,000 people (if the numbers swell that high on the ship) has to be ready for people to be able to go where they need to go when they need to go there. If teleporters are down, major hallways are set up to reach medical from the various other decks, and there's a Tram Station entrance as well, so that people can use the Tram to reach it. See PAX2 for more information on Trams.

While everything is free, and the burden of medical costs is shouldered by the Suisen Empire, there is a part of the hospital called The Athena Ward, which can be reached with the teleporter code 7-AW. This place serves as a soup kitchen, to feed the pour, and to give them free check ups with doctors who have free time - though it's on the deck, it's closed off from the rest of the hospital and documents are not kept, so those who are suspicious, and used to live in Down Below, or have various reasons, can come here. Athena pays for this section out of her own pockets, and has set up a fund to keep paying even if she's missing. This ensures even those who lose their jobs can be fed and looked after.

The part of the hospital most people are used to and where they go automatically when they enter for medical bay without specifiying is the emergency room, where the best doctors work, and the head doctors of the medical bay. This is where the best equipment is kept, unlike most hospitals. The ER is a large area with several teleporters and where family members can wait - there are VIP rooms, small rooms, etc - there's scanning equipment here, surgery equipment here, everything. Even experimental equipment is used in the ER, because this is where those who are hanging onto their lives are typically brought. Here, everything is tried to save a patient, and nothing is left to chance. The doctor's offices are also here, so they can be ready at any time, when they are on duty and have a shift here.

The ER, or main part of the medical bay, is also used for quick general check ups for people who don't have time to go to the specialized zones. You can go in, do a quick check up, and go if you do not feel like going to a specialized part. Since the best of the best work there, you typically get the best service, under either Dr. Cuddles or Ethan. There's at least 100 rooms in the ER for patients, and that's not counting the specialized rooms for treatments. The waiting area is a huge place, with plenty of bedrooms for people to rest and be comfortable, and they can always go to the Athena Ward to eat while they wait.


Zone 8: Hanger Zone - The hanger zone is a little different and shares a deck with with the Market Plaza from the Blue Zone. The hanger zone covers the entire length of the ship because it is the outer circle of the deck - the complete outer circle. This means the Market Plaza is the inner part of the 5 miles while the Hanger Zone is the outer part of the 5 miles. The Hanger Zone being the outer hull and a little ways inside the ship and covering the 5 mile outer circular length of the ship allows the PAX to divide it up for the various races to each have part of the ship to themselves to dock in peace.

The Hanger Zone in general has barriers so people after they dock cannot go running into the ship - the barriers needing nanties to pass. There are security officers set up in hangers to assign them. People with nanites already can naturally pass. There are also teleporters in each hanger so if you have nanites you can just teleport into the ship where you want, with camears facing the teleporters. If you opt to pass the barriers, you will go through some corridors, but each corridor leads to either 1) the major stairways or 2) the Market Plaza since most newcomers will want to be at the heart of the ship. Since each hanger has teleporters, this allows people with nanites, or getting nanites after being checked out in the security check points in the PUBLIC HANGERS, can move on where they want. For private hangers, after getting docking clearance, security will meet you, and you can get your nanites then, or if you already have it since it's your private hanger and you've been renting it out, you're on your way already.


Zone 8-A - 8-C: Public Hangers - The public hangers are the busiest hangers and where security is tightest. After getting clearance to land, this is where ships that have no alliegance to a government body or do not have the funds for a private hanger dock. This takes up the majority of space in the hangers. There are plenty of barriers sent up and check points for security officers to scan people going through the barriers and to give them nanites, with cameras facing the people coming through; each person is also given a ticket for their space and cameras are aimed at the ship to make sure the ship is not tampered with so the PAX does not have headaches legally.


Zone 8-D: Personal Hangers - This takes up the next chunk up of large space for the hanger zone. People can buy private hanger space so they can park their ships without worries. The fees per month are reasonable depending on how much security they want (this is from Leyaeh's forces) and cameras are aimed at the ships. Barriers are set up to prevent anyone but security and the person's nanite signature from entering the hanger.


Zone 8-E: Iron Paw Hanger - This is where the Iron Paw docks. The third largest sector, the Iron Paw doesn't go inside the PAX, due to the SHEER size, but an extention tube goes between the two ships hangers and connections, sealing it, so the two ships connect. When the PAX leaps into hyperspace, the Iron Paw is then capable of going along with it without troubles. From there, citizens of the Iron Paw, who all have nanites already, can descend from the Iron Paw and enter the PAX, and people who want to go to to the Iron Paw can enter through the hanger. Their hanger leads directly to the Famfrit Area of the Market Plaza near Pio's Hopin' Bar.


Zone 8-F - 8-Z: Delegation Hangers - The remaining hangers are for allies of the Suisen Empire. They are given their own hangers, so their ambassadorial ships can be docked; the hangers are given sovereign rights, but can be scanned for weapons and the ship for weapon signatures. Other than that, the hanger is off limits to illegal searches unless Amaterasu believes there is danger to the ship, or other allies. These hangers are all different, depending on the ambassador's tastes and there are barriers set up so only Amaterasu's security people, herself, royality, and the Ambassador and the ambassador's people can enter the hanger.


Zone 9: Judicial Zone - This deck shares it's 5 miles with Zone 10 and 11 as well. The Judicial Zone is basically the court systems and takes up maybe 1 and a half miles of the deck. Here cases are argued in the courts and lawyers and defendants are brought before the judges and whatnot. The laws that are made, and are constantly being made as the Suisen Empire is a newly made government, are enforced here, and there is one Head Judge that oversees all the laws passed, so if one judge makes a bad call, people can bring it before him to overturn. However, to get to him, since there would be so many cases that would flood him, there are 12 Minor Head Judges that deal with cases as well and only pass on cases of great importance to the Head Judge. The Head Judge can sit on any case he wants or if there's a case that needs filling due to an overload, or something to do with the royal family or friends that other judges can't handle.

The court rooms and areas are much like EarthGov's and so there's no much to describe. The offices of both the defense and DA lawyers are located in separate areas, and people are free to approach either. The Suisen Empire pays the wages of the lawyers, not the people, so that corruption does not take affect, and winning and losing does not become an issue - but if people are suspected of not defending to the best of their ability there rules in place by the judges to disbar them. By having the Empire pay the lawyers, and not the people, this allows less corruption. While people can approach certain defense attourneys to try to get them to take a case, if they are too busy, the Suisen Empire can assign them - using skill versus the crime. The same with the DA lawyers. Judges are picked based on cases as well.

The holodeck used to make the room uses a 1990s feel to the court rooms, and only changes to give more futuristic video recordings when needed in courtrooms. There are teleporters in the hallways for security officers to arrive to help with cases.


Zone 10: Suisen Government Zone - Further down the deck from the Judicial Buildings, and having it's own teleporter code, this takes up the largest chunk of the deck. These buildings are where the laws are made, and where the various lawmakers constantly work day and night to adjust and tweak the laws. While the Emperor/ress has final says on the laws based on things (See the Suisen Empire tab), these people chosen do the majority of the decisions and stuff that are made for all the planets, the PAX, and trade agreements.

Every race that joins has people chosen and they work in this buildings so the agendas of every race is met. Picked by the Emperor/ress, and so political games aren't played, it's done this way so agendas for that planet is not put ahead of the Empire itself, and the laws passed benefit the whole, but the single planets are never forgotten, and are seen to. If a faminine hits a planet, the lawmakers always see to it. During the crisis with the Erusian people, a lot of help went to them during the war.

The buildings are filled with hundreds of beings of every race, and they all have important voices; the main building, the Senate Building, is where they gather to vote on things. A circular building, everyone calmly discusses the agenda, then votes on things after discussing the pros and cons. Since there are no parties, there typically is no blocking - it's either if you think a law is good or not for the empire as a whole. If the law fails, everyone goes back to their buildings to hammer out a new version until it works. For example, if there was no law on how to deal with child molesters in the Empire, yet a planet that joined originally had one, the people of that planet might think their law was good enough for the empire as a whole (their law might even have been kept on their planet, since the Emperor/ress doesn't throw out every law on a planet that joins). Everyone looks over the law, tweaks it, debates on it, sees how it affects other races who might not have the same values, and then votes on it to see if it'll work on a whole for every race.

Citizens are always welcome to come and petition the buildings with various desires for laws - since there's no 'congressman' or particular planet to really petition, as one Empire, citizens typically come and petition the lawmakers as a whole and are given certain times of a month to be heard, or can use Datapads to send messages and the messages are compiled by assistants and brought fourth at various times. This way the voice of the people are heard.


Zone 11: Diplomatic Office Affairs - The smallest area on the deck, yet it holds a lot of power. Actually a multi-level area, so that the zone goes down into another deck, the level of importance is on the deck with the other zones above. Run by the Chief of Diplomacy, this office handles bringing in new races to the Suisen Empire. While the Emperor/ress deals with people who have joined and allies, sitting in on meetings of trade and debates, and tie-breaking, the Chief of Diplomacy deals with first contacts, and trying to secure new races to even allying with the Suisen Empire.

The office has a cruical role in playing things, and is under the protection of Amaterasu's security. There are several junior diplomatic officers that work with the Chief of Diplomacy, and the main office building is a quarter mile large room with smaller rooms of offices where they work. There's also one major room where all the archieves are kept, mostly in terminals, of all the races encountered, joined - allied - or possible future allies. Every diplomatic assignment is also stored in these terminals. The CoD and his junior officers quite often have to go to other planets for diplomacy, and what not.

The office also has a conference room for meeting with diplomats, a beautiful room with a long table and food serving capabilities. One wall is set up to show them various beautiful paintings of the culture of the Empire.

Below them on the other area are the unseen workers, who go through the various files of all the races, going through all the history, and the thousands of page work, stripping it down to the bare minimal the CoD and junior officers need to know and sending it up to their offices above. There are dozens of workers down there are always going through various potientials and sending up the information - but even stripped down, that's a lot of reading. Condenscending down a culture to summary of dozens of pages is not easy, and it sometimes can be a hundred page read.

The Diplomatic Office Affairs is a strained job, and one that is often forced to go on vacation due to stress.



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