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Ship Layout:

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Blue Sector: Command/Ship Control

Red Sector: Alien Governments

Brown Sector: Suisen Government Branches/Important Offices

Green Sector: General Public


-Green Sector-

General Public


The Upper Ship: The upper ship consists of the towers (Blue Sector and Red Sector) and a lot of other things. A large area of the ship, while not quite as large as the Mid-Ship, covers a lot of the fun and games for the General Public. Because a lot of the energy running up to the towers to run the various equipment, it was easy to divert and change the holographic zones to various outrageous things and use the Weather Tower from the Blue Sector to make it more real. The Green Sector Zones in the upper ship consists of:


Zone 4: The Religious Zone - Erevis, wanting to respect every religion of every race that joined, created this zone. A 5 mile long deck, the religious zone is a unique feature in the Suisen Empire. The entire deck has an area devoted to a certain religion - even if a race as multiple religions, then you will find each facet of the religion. All a race has to do is petition for their god to be represented, show that it was a real thing, and then detail how the temples, or church, or building settings, were done, and the building, temple, or church is made a month later.

The religions are grouped by race, so each race can move about and see what each other's various religions are. And the temples are made based on the details given to them. And there's always space to add onto it; if the deck is every filled, Erevis set it up so the deck below them can be expanded into and a major stairway will be built. Each race's area has it's own teleporter as well so you can just jump right to it and Erevis had a monument tablet made at the border of each area, explaining about the various religions so far and the history as given to the Suisen Empire by the race; and it's been set up so each Emperor/ress after her can continue the tradition of adding more tablets as more reace join.

There is a little mountain created in the dead center so one can stand there and behold all the various areas and see everything and how everyone worships. For Erevis' temple, which is near the entrance of the main stairway, you'll find a little tiny temple with a plushie of a kitten.


Zone 12: The Garden - A dome on top of the ship, behind most of the towers, you can see the stars from this 5 square mile beautiful place. The garden is a place maintained by Freyja Mizukaze, who has her own little cottage hidden somewhere in the place if you can find it, and there are teleporters scattered throughout it so you can jump to various places of interest, as the garden is divided up into areas.

The Garden is a place where all the flowers, trees, plants, grasses, and all sorts of things throughout the galaxy are found and planted in this place, and allowed to grow freely, and maintained by Freyja - she nutures and makes sure they live in harmony, like a Poison Ivy, using her Kitsune powers so they don't go wild. When she's not around, CHIP monitors it for her, and if he's offline, the two Billys do it surprisingly.

There are maps all over and you can find just about any area of interest if you're looking for certain plants - some even rare - there's ponds, places where you can even be nude, places for kids to play. The map covers it all, letting you know where you can find what grows where, and what teleporters are located where, with the codes so you know where to jump to and get there quickly. One could literally walk about the Garden for days, despite it being 5 square miles, due to the wild life.

It's also the best place to hide from cameras.


Zone 13: Public Beach / Ski Resort - Sharing their 5 miles deck, these two things are not connected, and each have their own separate teleporters. Splitting up the holographic emittors, one has been converted to a beach/ocean and one has been converted to a snowy mountain with a ski resort.

The public beach/ocean part is always kept at the perfect tempatures for families, with several teleporters available far from the ocean itself. There's a small inn available for people to shower off and stay while there, but one can only stay at the beach for 2 days at most before leaving, since others are allowed to use the beach or have fun. Plus one can't be using the inn/hotels there for free boarding for too long.

The Ski/Resort has several mountains of various sizes - some for kids, some for beginners, intermediates, experts, and other things you would expert for those who like to ski. And there's also a hidden hot spring to have fun in.


Zone 14: Concert Hall - This large place has grown in size year after year due to the popularity of the singers that have come to PAX. Created by Athena Zhenmei 17 years ago when she wanted to sing for the PAX, before the Suisen Empire was even a thing, it has become more and more complex until it has taken up an entire deck itself.

The concert hall now is a place much like this:

One can use the holographic emittors around them to change images, project things, and the seats that fill the area all about the stage, spreading out widely on all sides, can be shifted and moved, and the stage itself can be manipulated in all sorts of ways. The ceiling, walls, and everything can be shifted, expanded, moved, and images can be projected at will due to what has been built in and the holographic zone itself.

The sheer size of the area too allows for just about anything imaginable, making the PAX's Concert Hall the #1 place in the galaxy to perform, and even artists from Earth want to play there now.


Zone 15: Holodeck - Speaking of the holographic zones, this deck and it's 5 miles is devoted to allowing the civilians to do just that. Broken up into large sections, half a mile each, people can pay to step in and enter in whatever they want, and have fun for however long they pay for. Depending on how much they input and power they draw is how much they are charged. Other than that, the area shows what the PAX truly looks like - large empty chambers of metallic walls, though there are barriers up to prevent anyone from getting to the employee staircases and doorways and there are Leyaeh security set up to take payment and program in the coding for the players.



The Mid-Ship: The middle of the ship is naturally the largest area, due to the sheer size of the ship. A ship that is many miles in length and width has a large area of space in square miles. The mid-ship covers a lot for both the Brown Sector and the Green Sector. This area of the ship, while vulnerable along the hull areas, is also some of the safest areas due to being nestled in the dead center of the ship as well. This is the heart of the ship as far as the culture and life of the Suisen Empire is concerned - government, society, and everything else. The Green Sector consists of:


Zone 16: Market Plaza - Another unusual feature of the ship, the market plaza; sharing the deck with the Hanger Zone from the Brown Sector, it is located in the center of the ship for 5 miles. Here, you will find a long, long strip of shops and resturants and everything else. There has even been talk of using the deck below it for expansion; anyone with money can buy a store. There is a teleporter every 100 meters for people to be able to get closer to their destination and some stores even have teleporters in them if they can afford them, like Pio's Hoppin' Bar.

To allow for more stores, it's two levels, in that like a mall, there's a top level and a bottom level. Some stores take advantage of both levels, like Pio's. And people walk along the outside it, or in the middle. A giant mall, with trees in the middle and benches to sit and rest in. It's a lively place, and even some booths are allowed to be set up with permits. There's a lot of cameras set up due to the theft rate that can occur at times, and this is definitely where Leyaeh's security's bread and butter is located day to day.

The market plaza is a truly wonderous place of culture, where everyone can open a shop if they have a vision and will; the Emperor/ress will even loan them money to do so if they can lay out a plan for what they want to do, and how they will do it, and give them a try for six months with no money down, so they can make a go for it. Once they start turning a profit, then they pay rent.

You can find just about any type store in the market plaza.


Zone 17 - 21: Public Zones - Public Zones are places people sleep in on PAX; they are the home communities. It varies, depending on the community, but it can be very suburbish. A home, with a yard, and a backyard, and a house next door. Other places are more apartment complexes. It depends on the area. Since each zone is 5 miles long, this is a huge area and with so many people, it's a large area. A lot of places are prime places to live and cost more, and people want to live.

The suburb places are the prized areas, and naturally cost more rent wise, the apartment complexes cost less, but all are well maintainenced by the Suisen Empire and kept up, since the hologram runs it and it won't run down. Depending on the neighborhood, if it's not mixed, and people want to live more among their own kind it can be adjusted to look like Gitari or Erusian. There are places like that. You can find an area that will match just about anything - while there's more mixed neighborhoods, there are definitely all Gitari, all Erusian, all Guardian, all Famfrit.

Each area has it's own teleporters so people can arrive in their neighborhood easily.


Zone 22 - 25: Personal Zones - These cost a lot more money, and each take 5 miles as well, but they're broken up into quarter miles per person. You can buy an area, move in, and program it to look like anything you want, a castle in the sky, a skyscraper, etc. since the holograms allow for ANYthing. A personal zone allows a person to customize their own home and has a teleporter that leads directly, tied to their nanites so only they and security and the royal family can enter - and those they allow access to it.

Since it takes up a good amount of power to adjust a personal zone - for example Aya and Dawn have their own personal zone, a beach house - the rent is much higher for a personal zone. But it allows families to stay together and have their own home and they can fit as many of their own into it as they want, and not have to worry about neighbors, and it will look like anything they wish. These are always in high demand.


Zone 26 - 28: Housing for Workers in Training - Created by Erevis, these zones are like Public Zones, but a bit more crowded. They are tall apartment complexes - and while they are not terrible places to live at all, since they holographic and do not degrade, and are sizeable - it is a space thing, since people all over the Empire show up at the PAX for training.

People without money who end up on the ship and will never be able to leave are able to come here and live for 6 months for free, in these places, while they are trained for any job they want. They will have a community and food is brought to the complexes three times a day while they are training. After they get a job, and begin working, then they can move to public zones with their paychecks, or other parts of the Empire.

Orphanages - are also located here, only their place is much nicer. For children without parents, or children escaping abusive parents, there is a building area for them, where they are taught everything they need to know about life, and they are given free tickets to concerts, and visits from idols and everything. It is is this place since the free meals are delivered to these areas, and sometimes parents without jobs can be abusive, and counseling is needed, and if it fails, the children can go to the orphanges and be safe.



Lower Ship: The bottom of the ship, in addition to the huge area that is engineering with all it's mazes of corridors and engines, has an area below all that, a deck that is mostly forgotten since it's a buffer deck. It consists of:


Zone 31: Down Below - Located beneath the engineering deck, down below has no surveilence due to the energy levels of engineeirng, and teleporters that go down there are scarce, with mostly stairs and what not needing to reach it. It's just a series of hallways and stairs and corridors that cover 5 square miles.

The people down here that try to avoid people actually rip out the wall panels and live inside the walls, using the heat of the the engines to keep warm, and have formed communities all over. Being it's just a series of corridors and tunnels and vent shafts, it's a strange world of dampness, no light, and a little scary to enter.

You can never tell what you will find, and it's got a little bit of a criminal under belly to it, though it's been cleared out for the most part, people still flock to it, finding ways to reach it even with teleporters being locked out again and again, so that Erevis has just left the teleporters open if people know the code. Picture the ship in Alien and you have something in mind like this.



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