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Sasha Hapian


Character Info

Name: Sasha Hapian Callsign: Lady Race: Human
Age: 18 DOB: 12/17/5972 CE Birth Planet: Geyze
Eye Color: Red Hair Color: Black Hair Length: Knee
Height: 6'1" Weight: 156 Build: Statuesque
Cup Size: D Moral Center: Neutral Class: Saboteur Mage / Sub-Class: Iron-Blade Summoner



Health: 5 Endurance: 4 Reflexes: 4
Speed: 4 Charisma: 4 Luck: 4
Special: 4 Counter: 5 Combat (Melee): 6
Energy: 4 Stamina: 5 *Willpower: 4
*Perception: 3 *Intelligence: 3 *Mana: 7
*Strength: 7 *Transformation: 2 *Mind: 2
Mod Capacity: 16 Action Points: 13 / Durability: 6 Limit Breakers Capcity: 1 (Maxed)
Elemental Core: Fire Weapon: Low-Level Armor: Low-Level
Level 23 3500 of 4000 until Next Level Legendary Weapon Next[Great Summon, Mod Cap 5 or Mod Po 5, Roullete 2, Choices 1, Unique Mod 1, Unique Mod 2)


Race Specials

1 Circuit Move: The user enforces a weapon to have 1 more Action Point.
3 Circuit Move: The user enforces their body; they can take 3 Durability Hits.

Not available

Not available
Not available
The above specials are used by your Special Stat number. If you have 7 special, then you can spend all 7 points to use your Race's special 7th move, or you can use a few points to weaker moves and lose access to the 7th move. (3 Special gives you a 3 Special Move, then you can do a 3 Special move again to reuse it, or just use 7 one level moves). Stamina restores the Special Stat.



Daemon Ring, Domatrix Outfit (must be equipped to see effects)
Item 1: Dueling Saber A single-edged, curved blade with a basket-hilt Low Level Weapon [1 HP Damage] [+1 action point]
Item 2: Ancient Hapian Empress Battle Wear

Special: Null Magik for 10 Turns+ When Activated

An old battle outfit worn by an empress who went to war, leading the Hapians to victory.

Mid-High* Level Armor [6 Durability]

*Needs maintaince to keep defense points up

Item 3: Potion This lotion will either increase 2 of your stats by 1, or increase your capacity to use more mods by one, or you can use the lotion three times and increase your three of your stats by 3 for a temporary time. Magical Properties
Item 4:    
Item 5: N/A    
Item 6: N/A    
Item 7: N/A    

Mods (23/26)

Body Enhancement Lv. 1 [3]  The Saboteur can increase their leg muscles with minute spells and strength training to double jump with a magik platform at command. [Permenant]
Body Enhancement Lv. 2 [2] The Saboteur can speed dash once and appear behind a target to set up for their attacks.

7 strength, 7 mana, 2 will,

Elemental Weapon Lv. Max [2] The Saboteur is able to enhance their weapons, if they have multiple, especially each fist, with different elemental parts, so that they hit them with different elements at once. This allows them do more damage and conflicting elemental damage. [Damage Increase w/ Normal Strikes, Elemental Damage Increase]
String Wire Trap Lv. Max [2] The Saboteur can use the wire trap to lasso enemies and try to explode them. Unlocks String Wire Trap Limit Break.
Magic Eye Lv. Max Allow you to avoid detection by all magic - of course you can still be seen by the naked eye. Any who use magik to detect you or unnatural means, including non magik, to find you will be unable to do so. [15 Turns+]

Shield Lv. 2 The Saboteur quickly forms stronger shield magik around their body to protect themselves [+3 durability]

Restore Lv. 1

Restores a little bit of health to yourself. (3 HP)




Great Summon 1 (Aska) Lv. 1 Summons your Great Summon for attacks for 10 turns. This is the GM taking control. [10 turns+]
Great Summon 1 (Aska) Lv. 2 Allows you to make a move set with the Great Summon (attack or special) [this mod is always in effect and cannot be removed]
Great Summon 1 (Aska) Lv. Max Allows the Great Summon to last outside battle once per session as a character. Time varies.
(room for one more Great Summon)  

Stat Inflict Lv. 1 Use poison on 1 target. Unless they have defense or can somehow use Action Points with a move or Stat, they will gain -1 HP every attack move or every 5 moves. [-1 HP every attack move or every 5 Turns+ until healed or 20 turns]

Iron Spirit Lv. 1 Allows the Iron-Blade to enhance their body using the Spirits, increasing their power. They become a glowy red hue and can increase the strength of three stats of their choosing by 3 points for 5 turns. [5 turns+]

Weapon-Buff Lv. 1 This chant allows the Iron-Blade to buff their weapon with an elemental of their choice. [5 turns+]
Weapon-Buff Lv. 2 This chant allows the Iron-Blade to make their weapon have stat-inflictions of their choosing [5 turns+]

Iron Body Lv. 1 Using magik, they enhance their body to make it tough as metal, giving them plus +3 durability and allowing them to take more damage while fighting and casting summons. (+3 durability)

Body Reflect Lv. 1 Reflects all attacks back at the enemy. Including spells from Summons. Reflects 2 attacks. This lasts for 5 turns. [5 Turns+]
Body Reflect Lv. 2 Reflects all attacks back at the enemy. Including spells from Summons. Reflects 2 attacks. This lasts for 10 turns. [10 Turns+]

Elemental Body Lv. 1 The Saboteur adds an element of their choice to any part of their body to give them protection to an attack, or an enviromental hazzard. (Fire Protection, Wind Protection, Water Protection, Earth Protection)

Attack Moves

East Wind [1 stamina restore]
Attack - Sasha can perform a slash that cuts both flesh and steel [9 HP]
Defense - Sasha can block a melee or ranged attack with her blade [Gives Sasha the parry bonus, making her opponent use 2 Action Points to her 1 Counter Point]
Misc - Sasha can slash through a physical barrier, doing +2 durability damage [+2 Durability Damage]

West Wind [3 stamina restore]
Attack - Sasha thrusts at an opponent's weak point, inflicting damage that is not reduced by armor [9 HP damage, despite armor durability]
Defense - Sasha can redirect a physical attack at an adjacent opponent [Rebound Damage at other enemy]
Misc - Sasha can stab at an opponent's joints, reducing their mobility [-3 Speed Stat]

Special Moves

Rune Soldier [1 Stamina Restore]
Sasha can channel [Stat Inflict] through her mainhand weapon, applying the effect on a successful hit
- Attack and cast as a single action
- Only usable if a Stat Inflict mod can still be used
- On a miss, the mod use is still lost
Sasha can conjure a spirit copy of her mainhand weapon, dual wielding both weapons proficiently [3 Turns+]
Sasha can temporarily enhance her strength [+2 strength / 3 Turn+]

Spell Dancer [1 stamina restore]
Sasha can bolster the effect of a healing (+1 extra HP) OR protective effect (+1 extra durability) cast on her [Gains +3 HP or +3 Durability when recovery spell cast on her - must be activated at same time]
Sasha can set a single-use teleport anchor that she can return to [Teleport Anchor-One Way]
Sasha can temporarily enhance her mana [+2 mana / 3 Turns+]

Limit Breakers

Spring Wire Trap
Lv. 1: The Saboteur quickly gathers a large amount of spring wire, spins it rapidly then throws it around the target, so if they dare move, they will denotate a large amount of explosive damage. 25 HP Damage, 20 ACT

Beliefs and Goals

Despite giving an impression of being detached and serious-minded, Sasha is actually socially-awkward and a secret romantic. Her world-view has been shaped primarily by tales of love and gallantry, and she tries to live in accordance to this. Unfortunately, her mother's influence has done some damage, and Sasha can be opportunistic.


Background History

Sasha Hapian was born in the estate of her mother, the exiled Grand Duchess Lucera Hapian. Duchess Lucera was both domineering and volatile, trying to realize her own ambitions by shaping those of her daughter.

Having little contact with children her own age and suffering under her mother's hand, Sasha found solace in the estate library. She attached to tales of gallantry and romance, though actually identifying more strongly with gallant knights rather than delicate princesses. It fueled a lifelong tomboyish-streak in her, even as she became a beautiful young woman. More importantly though, it drove her to learn the art of both sword and spell, which opened an escape from sharing her mother's exile and to the Academy.



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