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Simon Martz

Nuclear by Mike Oldfield

Character Info

Name: Simon 'Vice' Martz Callsign: Race: Human
Age: 17 DOB: February 2, 5974 Birth Planet: Geyze
Eye Color: Blue Hair Color: White Hair Length: Short
Height: 5'10" Weight: 165 Build: Lean
Cup Size: Moral Center: Good Class: Sabo Mage / Sub-Class: Iron-Blade Summoner



Health: 4 Endurance: 3 Reflexes: 4
Speed: 3 Charisma: 1 Luck: 2
Special: 4 Counter: 2 Combat (Ranged): 7
Energy: 7 Stamina: 7 *Willpower: 7
*Perception: 4 *Intelligence: 1 *Mana: 9
*Strength: 7 *Transformation: 1 *Mind: 4
Mod Capacity: 17 Action Points: 13 / Durability: 2 Limit Breakers Capcity: 1 (Max)
Elemental Core: Water Weapon: Low-Level Armor: Low Level
Level 19 2000 of 2500 until Next Level Roulette 2 Next [8 Mods, Stat or Mod, Clean Up, or Roulette 1]


Race Specials

1 Circuit Move: The user enforces a weapon to have 2 more Action Points

3 Circuit Move: The user enforces their body; they can take 3 Durability Hits.

Not available

Not available
Not available
The above specials are used by your Special Stat number. If you have 7 special, then you can spend all 7 points to use your Race's special 7th move, or you can use a few points to weaker moves and lose access to the 7th move. (3 Special gives you a 3 Special Move, then you can do a 3 Special move again to reuse it, or just use 7 one level moves). Stamina restores the Special Stat.



Item 1: Spear   Low Level Weapon [1 HP Damage] [+1 action point]
Item 2: Standard Uniform Armor A thick leather corset meant to protect the vital organs Low Level Armor [+2 durability]
Item 3:    
Item 4: N/A    
Item 5: N/A    
Item 6: N/A    
Item 7: N/A    

Mods (25/28)

Body Enhancement Lv. 1 [3] The Saboteur can increase their leg muscles with minute spells and strength training to double jump with a magik platform at command. [Permenant]
Body Enhancement Lv. 2 [2] The Saboteur can speed dash once and appear behind a target to set up for their attacks.

9 mana stats spent, 5 Strength, willpower 8

Mana Lv. 1 [3] This upgrades your Mana Stat from 7 to 8 (only if it is 7)
Mana Lv. Max [3] This upgrades your Mana Stat from 8 to 9 (only if it is 8)

Body Reflect Lv. 1 Reflects all attacks back at the enemy. Including spells from Summons. Reflects 2 attacks. This lasts for 5 turns. [5 Turns+]

Stat Inflict Lv. 1 Use poison on 1 target. Unless they have defense or can somehow use Action Points with a move or Stat, they will gain -1 HP every attack move or every 5 moves. [-1 HP every attack move or every 5 Turns+ until healed or 20 turns]

Shield Lv. 1 The Saboteur quickly forms shield magik around their body to protect themselves. +2 durability.

Restore Lv. 1

Restores a little bit of health to yourself. (3 HP)




Elemental Weapon Lv. 1 The Saboteur ignites their weapon, or fists, with an elemental state. Such as igniting their fists on fire. This allows them to do more damage with normal attacks and do elemental damage as well. [Damage Increase w/ Normal Strikes, Elemental Damage]

Willpower Lv. 1 - [3] This upgrades your Willpower Stat from 7 to 8 (only if it is 7)
Willpower Lv. Max - [3] This upgrades your Willpower Stat from 8 to 9 (only if it is 8)

Iron-Spirit Lv1 Allows the Iron-Blade to enhance their body using the Spirits, increasing their power. They become a glowy red hue and can increase the strength of three stats of their choosing by 3 points for 5 turns. [5 turns+]

Iron-Will Lv1 Allows the Iron-Blade to enhance their weapons, changing it's strength up a level, to get the benefits of that level and make it stronger. [5 Turns+, Weapon Level Increase]

Iron-Strike Lv. 1 Allows the Iron-Blade to enhance their body using the Spirits, increasing their power. They become a glowy red hue and can increase the strength of three stats of their choosing by 3 points for 5 turns. [5 turns+]

Great Summon Lv. 1 Summons your Great Summon for attacks for 10 turns. This is the GM taking control. [10 turns+, 2 turns- casting]

Attack Moves

-Immense- [1 stamina restore]
Immerse[Attack] - Covers spear in water, adding extra water damage to the attack. [Water Element damage]
Immerse[Defense] - Uses water-covered spear to strike and cancel another water attack. [Cancel Move]
Immerse[Misc] - Can send water downward away from the spear to ‘spring’ up to a higher place.

-Cleanse- [2 stamina restore]
Cleanse[Attack] - Throws out water ball that, once it hits the enemy, freezes and weakens armor due to it being a ‘snap’ freeze. [Outside Fire elemental users, this will damage half of whatever current armor they have]
Cleanse[Defense] - Throws ball at ally instead doing light cleansing, targeting status abnormalities like poison. [Cleanses most ailments]
Cleanse[Misc] - Water ball can be frozen on the ground making slippery terrain for a fight.

-Haze- [2 stamina restore]
Haze[Attack] - Creates a foggy atmosphere around the enemy, blinding them. [50% blind]
Haze[Defense] - Creates foggy atmosphere around allies, increasing fire resistance. [Adds Fire Element]
Haze[Misc] - Infuses Mage Cure into the fog, lightly healing an ally. [4 HP restore]

-Heat- [1 stamina restore]

-Heat- [1 stamina restore]

-Heat- [1 stamina restore]

Special Moves

Ice Mastery [1 Stamina Restore]
Ice Wall[Defense] - Create a wall of ice to block damage [Ice block, 4 HP]
Hail[Attack] - Creates a Hail storm over an area pelting all below with ice shards. [Ice damage, 5 HP]
Ice Clone[Misc] - Create a replica made out of ice to withstand and distract for at least one attack

Limit Breaks

Demonic Angel




Beliefs and Goals

Beliefs: Simon seeks to gain knowledge and skill so that he can help others do what is right for Geyze. His hope is to find the answers that would allow them to merge the tech of Kumen with the nature and power of the spirits in an ethical way.


Background History

Simon grew up in the Hapian Capital to a family of modest income. Not quite rich, but not quite living paycheck to paycheck. His father worked on spirit tech, but nothing experimental or cutting edge. Mostly it was maintenance on items getting old or worn out. His mother, while mostly being a stay at home mom, also did a lot of work in the community, helping organize many events and help keep the community morale up. Simon gained a lot from his parents; the thirst for knowledge not only in spirit tech but in everything as well as an underlying drive to help his fellow citizens. When the Academy was announced he pushed to get in, wanting to grow into a man that his parents would be proud of. Now he studies and trains to become something more than the average person.



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