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Adeline Spade Kane

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Character Info

Name: Adeline Spade Kane Rank: Possible Next Evil Race: Enhanced Human
Age: 13
9 Years on Yggdrasil
DOB: 10-634.6.9 Birth Planet: Earth
Eye Color: Blue going Red Hair Color: Blonde going White Hair Length: Lower Back
Height: 4'9 Weight: 90 Build: Small
Cup Size: B First Appearance: The Alien Wars 6: Session 31 Generation 4
Parents: Christopher Kane (adopted father), Lemon (adopted mother), William Spade (donor father), Mother (Unknown),
Siblings: Wade (twin brother)



Abilities: 2 Strength: 1 Speed: 2
Mind: 5 Godhood: 2 Element: Darkness

HP: 15
Weapon: Legendary - 4 HP Damage + (Strength Modifer ÷ 2 = 1) = 5 HP Damage / Armor - Legendary: 2 HP Protection



Item 1: Mystical Staff A strange branch that Adeline brought back from Yggdrasil. It has been made into a staff. (Legendary) Primary Weapon
Item 2: Glowing Armor Strange Armor that can expand as she grows older. Has strange pieces of branches embedded in it. (Legendary) Primary Armor
Item 3:   Secondary Weapon
Item 4:    




[Primary Move] Psionics: Adeline is able to use her psionics to do what most people can do. Strike the mind and damage them, throw objects, and other stuff. As well as form a brief psionic shield to protect herself.
[Psionics: Mind multipler x 2 = 10 damage]
[Shield: Mind multipler x 2 = 10 Shield / People]

Adeline has begun to push her psionics, mastering her strange staff made from the tree of life. Becoming more in tune with it and seeing more of what is to come has allowed her of what is to come and made her stronger.
[♠ Psionics: Mind multipler x 2 + Godhood multiplier x 2 + 5 Weapon Damage = 19 Damage]
[♠ Shield:
Mind multipler x 2 + Godhood multiplier x 2 = 14 Shield / People]

[Secondary Move] Into the Future: Adeline can see into the future somewhat, and see the outcomes. Having Spade's blood, she can see it better than most people. Unless she is blocked, she can track up to 3 people and battle them, dodging their attacks easily, having a hyperawareness activited.
[Can Dodge 3 People In Battle or Avoid a Sneak Attack]

[Tertiary Move] Blocked For Now: This move has not been revealed, but if it is anything like Spade, you can probably guess.

[Racial Move] Circuits: - Overloading all the special pathways in one's body, they can unlock all their limiters for 3 attacks, doing triple the attacks, even other ability attacks. Leaves them weaked for a few minutes afterward.


Gear Stats

Power: 30 of 100 Energy: 20 of 100 Armor: 30 of 100
Speed: 30 of 100 Weapon Type: Dual Energy Katars Element: Darkness


Beliefs and Goals

Watch over Wade to make sure he grows up. And keep an eye on Kane, Lemon, and Jenny. Other than that, the rest of my thoughts are for me alone.


Background History

William Spade played both sides of good and evil - sometimes he was an ally of the team, other times he was busy corrupting Seraphna (Angela Bennet), leading her astray. It was hard to say if he was just using her, or truly loved her, but in the end, he died for her. A few times, as his powerful psionic abilities allowed him to jump bodies, and even after death he was able to survive by jumping. And he could see a bit into the future, making him a powerful opponent. However, in the end, he was finally defeated and has not been seen for more than than half a century.

Now, though, two clones of him have appeared, a boy and a girl. The boy does not talk much, Wade, and Adeline. While Chad felt they should have been killed, Kane opted to adopt them to see if nuture could change the genetics. Later, Adeline returned the favor by helping Kane get his true daughter back, Jenny (born in summer as well, May 4th) and was 12 years old (making her 1 year older younger than Adeline now). Adeline was nearly killed during the incident, a wound to the heart that she still partially suffers from.

While the two get along alright, it drove Adeline nuts since she was 5 years old at the time and being smarter than Jenny, so she decided to go to Yggdrasil to age herself up to 13. Since then she has helped with the new team, and shown to be a lot smarter. As well has begun to gotten more Spade like traits as well as new ones - reddish eyes and whiteish hair. It is possible it is a flaw in the clone process, or something else.


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