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Cherry Bennet

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Character Info

Name: Cherry Bennet Rank: Alternate Turn Cheryl Race: Dark One Dragoon
Age: 141 DOB: 10-573.3.23 Birth Planet: Earth

Eye Color: Red

Hair Color: White (Adult) / Blonde (Child) Hair Length: Mid Back
Height: 5'3" (Adult) / 4'1 (Child) Weight: 110 / 80 Build: Waif
Cup Size: C+ First Appearance: The Duality Wars: Session 138 Generation 1


Siblings: Alternate Turn Ariel (sister - deceased)

Parents: Angela Bennet (adopted mother. 75 years old. 10-563.10.5 - TAW4: 1), Mi'Na (Adopted mother. 136 years old. 10-503.2.11 - TAW5: 218)



Abilities: 3 Strength: 7 Speed: 6
Mind: 1 Godhood: 7 Element: Dark


HP: 15 (7)
Weapon: Transcendant - 8 HP Damage + (Strength Modifer ÷ 2 = 4 (7 bonus)) = 12 HP Damage / Armor - Transcendant/Mystic: 7 HP Protection


Item 1: Dark Energy Tendrils (Transcendant) Primary Weapon
Item 2: Dark One Body Suit (Transcendant) Primary Armor
Item 3: Dark Sword (Transcendant) Secondary Weapon
Item 4: Modified Gauntlets (Mystic)  




[Primary Move] Dark Nature: Cherry taps into Dark One nature in 3 levels.
[Level 1 - Loli Cherry: Double Stats]
[Level 2 - Adult Cherry: Dark Orb Blast. Godhood multipler (+3 for 7) x 2 = 20 damage + Dark Damage / People]

Cherry goes into Dark One form and can lose all sense of reason, with her stats doubling and will possibly attack allies as well as enemies, with a dice roll per turn while in this mode. If it hits 1 out of 4, the allies will be hit by the orb attack instead. The double stats will last for 3 turns before she loses it and will drop into loli form and will be unable to use Dark Nature again, only able to rely on Dark Warp or Dark Strength.
[Level 3 - Dark One Form: Double Stats + Orb = 40 Damage + Dark Damage / People]

[Secondary Move] Dark Warp: Cherry can form a dark warp and teleport people. It also allows her to snatch people with tendrils from a long distance and drag them to her, dragging them into her warp, allowing her a 1 in 2 chance to drag them safely into a warp.

[Tertiary Move] Dark Strength: Cherry can tap into her strength and speed to do attacks. She has two special moves - a quick devastating attack with her weapon and a hulk blow with her fists.
[Dark Speed: Speed multipler x 2 + 8 Weapon = 20 damage]
[Dark Hulk Blow: Godhood multipler (+3 for 7) x 2 = 20 damage]

[Racial Move] Stigmata: This allows the Dragoon to unleash a special bonded attack with their partner, the Dragoon and the Partner combining not into a dragoon so much but as becoming one being briefly, much like a Ellie and Sylph. The Stigmata power only lasts 2 minutes on the GM's clock and afterwards both are exhausted.


???? Stats

Abilities: Strength: Speed:
Mind: Spirithood: 7 Element:


???? Stats

Abilities: Strength: Speed:
Mind: Spirithood: 7 Element:


???? Stats

Abilities: Strength: Speed:
Mind: Spirithood: 7 Element:



Beliefs and Goals

Stick close to Marcus to help protect him. Reasons [redacted]


Background History

Cherry - real name Cheryl Cran - was born in one of the previous 99 turns before this one. Getting ahold of an adult Dark One who crashlanded, compared to the team encountering them much later, he decided to combine the power of the Dark One with a Dragoon - this result was Cherry. However, he realized his mistake when if he allowed Cherry to age to adulthood, she would be uncontrollable and would be a danger to everyone, including himself, so he put an age lock, keeping her at 12. During this point, she looked like a mini Cheryl - blonde hair and everything, it was impossible to tell them apart.

Allowing her to only access her adult form for an hour at a time without going full Dark One, this was Cherry's life for the next 40 years in that turn. She was Cran's tool for that period, doing whatever dirty deed needed done and was kept in check with the limiters on her. However, when the Destiny incident happened earlier for them, they failed and it seemed that was the end of Cherry's story. Until Erevis' son used the damaged Centerpoint to bring a few 'heroes' from various turns into the Mirror Universe at various points. Samson ended up with Erica's team and Cherry ended up with the C'en, becoming one of them.

There, unlike most of the upper ecchelon C'en tools who had been brought back to protect Jamie, Cherry retained herself, perhaps due to her Dark One nature. Over the next 100 years in that strange future, she aided Miyuki and Isis, as well as the future kids to help stop the strange future, and when the future was changed, she remained with them, figuring everything was over when the past was changed. Until the heroes returned to deal with Yggdrasil and Samson explained to her his plan to bring back their original turns using the tree.

At first going along with it, Cherry in the end decided to allow the heroes to go after Samson, having no real fond feelings for her turn. When Samson was beaten and everyone went to their respective turns, Cherry was dragged to the Prime Universe, her signature being more in line with them. There, she found a place with Angela Bennet and Mi'Na, but also found herself curious about Marcus, deciding to help him out in some missions.

However, eventually, the second Yggdrasil incident occurred, and those from the other turns began to fade away, and Cherry had to struggle to stay alive. Despite this, everyone fought to keep her out of Destiny's hands, who wanted her to be the heart of the tree. Moved by their struggles, and Denise's sacrifice, Cherry used the last of her energy to help them scale the tree faster as she faded away, figuring this was the end of her life. Until Marcus used a shard, in a 1 in 2 chance, to bring her back.

Either due to the shard's nature, or due to his bravery, Cherry has stuck to Marcus every since. She spent a year and a half training with Billy, this turn's Dark One, found as a child that allowed her to be a more pacify Dark One, and has finally overcome her limiters to remain in adult form for a week, only needing to return to her child form for brief periods. Though the cost is she needs to keep her emotions at a stable level. She immediately returned to Marcus and joined his unit, staying close to him.

Cherry is a bit different than Cheryl in that she is a little shorter, 3 inches so, her skin is tanned and she has red eyes. She is also a bit bustier. When in adult form, she has whiteish hair, while in child form she has the typical blonde hair that Cheryl does, though the red eyes remain. When she goes into her Dark One form, she is larger and bigger than even Billy, her DNA a combination of Dragoon and Dark Ones, but who knows if she can control it now.


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