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Character Info

Name: Kaylin Rank: Unlucky 7 Race: Biotect (Mark VII - Aurit)
Age: 9 / Appeared Age: 18 DOB: 5985.3.17 Birth Planet: Kumen

Eye Color: Green

Hair Color: Red Hair Length: Shoulder
Height: 5'8" Weight: 115 Build: Lean
Cup Size: C First Appearance: The Duality Wars: Session 48 Generation 1
Partners: Denise (mate/wife. Dual - 24 as Linda. 27 as Denise)

Children: Paprika (daughter - 5 years old. 6.30.5992 - TAW6: No Offical Session)

Siblings: N/A

Parents: Kumen Corporations



3 sepnding
Abilities: 5 Strength: 7 Speed: 3
Mind: 1 Godhood: 1 Element: Wind

HP: 15 (3)
Weapon: Mystic - 6 HP Damage + (Strength Modifer ÷ 2 = 4(7 bonus)) = 10 HP Damage / Armor - Mystic: 3 HP Protection



Item 1: Vibranium Rifle Untested Metalic High Calibur Rifle (Mystic) Primary Weapon
Item 2: Vibranium Armor Untested Metalic Form Fitting Armor w/ 3 camo uses (Mystic) Primary Armor
Item 3: High-Spec SMG Earth Made (Mystic quality) Secondary Weapon
Item 4: Unique Item 2    




[Primary Move] Assault Mode: Kaylin's Aurit features and Cybernetics are tuned up beyond normal limits while in combat, allowing her to track targets easily, calculate shots instantaneously and fire shots into the smallest openings of her target.
[works on small fry, but for medium level to get smallest openings dice roll of 1 of 2, or boss levels 1 of 3]
[Secondary Move] Juggernaut Mode: Kaylin overcharges the cybernetic servos within her and taps in the Wind element to create: 1) a field around herself and others to block damge or 2) drastically decrease the damage that she alone receives from two attacks [Juggy 1: Godhood multipler x 2 = 2 Shield]
[Juggy 2: Godhood multipler x 2 = 2 Shield / People]

[Tertiary Move] Gun Master: Kaylin transforms the weapons in her possession into a large Dragoon Buster equivalent cannon which she fires at one target for massive damage, doing so drains Kaylin of her capability to link with and modify her weapons for a short time .
[Gun Master : Strength multipler (+3 for 7) x 2 + 10 Weapon Damage = 30 damage]

[Racial Move] Download: Biotect, especially Mark Xs, are almost human, they still are linked to computerized parts. This allows them to download and upload information more rapidly than humans, and work with comptuers much faster. You can skip one OG by analyzing the situation, or download part of your conscious onto a computer to NetRun.


Gear Stats

Power: 40 of 100 Energy: 30 of 100 Armor: 50 of 100
Speed: 20 of 100 Weapon Type: Beam Cannons (Ballistic to be added) Element: Wind


Beliefs and Goals

I'll do whatever it takes to protect my friends and family, I won't lose any of them ever again; but I can't get swept away by the emotions that I'm still learning to identify and control. Live life to the fullest with Denise, Paprika and hopefully Shion in the future.


Background History

Kaylin is a Mark 7 Biotect, her assignment aboard the Aquarius was an apparent Public Relations move on behalf of its Corporate sponsors as part of the security detail; her specialization in reconnaisance/observation and sniping. The Corporations decided that the best way to silence the Bio-Synthetic Rights movement was to place a Mark 7 on the ship, give it the opportunity to interact and learn on its own, to express its individuality; or so they have stated publibly.

Kaylin is un-naturally quiet, even amongst the members of the security team, spending her time alone and studying various weapon schematics earning her the cognomen of "gunny" or "gun-freak". When part of the crew vanished during the initial warp from Kumen space, Kaylin was promoted to oversee the Ships Armory and Firing Range, a suitable task for someone with her apparent obsession. Since then she has turned a back room inside the armory into her own personal quarters, never far from the weapons she loves, never having to leave except for the necessities. The remaining members of the security team have learned that the Range is closed on specific days so that she can go through the inventory, field strip, clean and have her own range time with some of the largest guns that can be safely fired on the ship.

Since the launch of the Aquarius Kaylin has slowly come out of her solitary shell and started interacting with the crew, getting to know them outside an official capacity. With this exposure it became apparent that Kaylin was lacking in certain aspects of her personality programming; she could experience emotions and sensations however her responses were extremely limited. Through Gors curiosity the need for additional programming became apparent, and over the course of several months he worked to create an all-inclusive software patch for Kaylin that would allow her to experience things in the same ways as others. Having become a sort of ‘adopted little sister’ to Cookie, Kaylin has sought her advice a great deal in understanding new situations; the new software opening up a great deal of new and embarrassing opportunities for questions and interactions.

During the Holiday season of 5990CE Kaylin showed the largest step forward in her development; becoming interested in others in personal and intimate fashions, and in the months since it has blossomed. While Kaylin is currently engaged in a relationship with a fellow Aquarius crew member, it seems open to the inclusion of one other; Kaylin’s sights set on an interest she has had since Christmas…Shion Nue. The only problem is the distance between them and perhaps even Shion’s Mothers.

During the fight against Destiny on the Yggdrasil Kaylin exhibited what she believes is the reason for Miyuki's disapproval, when she encountered for the first time real anger at the knowledge that Denise had been killed. Seeming lost in her anger, Kaylin was barely able to keep from killing Airell once he had been defeated. When Denise was brought back by Kaori, the two immediately found a house on Earth in hopes of staying out of future danger, but with Denise returning to her kitchen on the Aquarius Kaylin may have to find something close to their new home to keep herself busy.


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