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Qui Sa

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Character Info

Name: Qui Sa Rank: Amazon Qui Race: Nymph
Age: 25 DOB: 6/14/5973 CE Birth Planet: Geyze
Eye Color: Blue Hair Color: Black Hair Length: Hips
Height: 5'5" Weight: 120 Build: Athelic with Curves
Cup Size: C First Appearance: The Duality Wars, Session 3 Generation 1


Siblings: Gwen (brother. 27 years old. 1/3/5970 - Dual: 1)

Parents: Qui Yi (mother. deceased)



Abilities: 2 Strength: 4 Speed: 6
Mind: 5 Godhood: 7 Element: Water

HP: 15 (6)
Weapon: Mystic - 6 HP Damage + (Strength Modifer ÷ 2 = 2) = 8 HP Damage / Armor - Mystic: 6 HP Protection




Item 1: Amazon Dual Knives Mystic Blade Primary Weapon
Item 2: Amazon Body Armor Amazon Armor (Mystic) Primary Armor
Item 3: Amazon Bracers (Mystic) Secondary Armor
Item 4: Unique Item 2    




[Primary Move] Water Combine: Qui teams up with Brooke to slide faster, allowing her to slash her enemies while sliding along on water, making her both harder to hit and attack faster. This also allows her to build up speed to knock over larger enemies than herself. - 2 Turns
[Double Speed]
[Slide Slash: Strength multiplier x 2 + 8 Weapon Damage = 16 Damage (Knock Over if Double Speed)]
[Secondary Move] Amazon Techniques: Qui has learned to block attacks and has the possibility to counter attack.
[Block 1 Attack - 1 in 3 to counter attack]

[Tertiary Move] Water Rain: Qui can bring forth the water in the air and form a giant water bubble, launching it at the enemy like needle or form water rain that pelts them painfully.
[Water Bubble: Godhood multiplier (+3 for 7) x 2 + = 20 Damage + Water Damage]
[Water Rain: Godhood multiplier (+3 for 7) x 2 + = 20 Damage + Water Damage / People]

[Racial Move] Demonic: Performs the true demonic ability inside the Daemon, causeing the water in a person to explode and cause Stun Damage


Brooke Stats

Abilities: 5 Strength: 3 Speed: 2
Mind: 7 Spirithood: 7 Element: Water


Beliefs and Goals

Protect and guide the Amazons, no matter what direction that might be.


Background History

Qui's history is rather complicated, and tied to Gwen's.

Gwen arrived at the Academy under unusual circumstances, and his background has been kept under wraps by the higher ups. It is known by the students there was much controversy in allowing him to enter at first before his skills allowed the higher ups to relent. Despite that it seems the Amazon Tamae has it out for him and even the Legionares want him to a degree. Despite this, Gwen never talks about his past and simply works hard at his studies and training since he arrived.

However, mastering his duality abilities, a startling development arrived when in class - when switching between his class states one day, a Nymph female appeared with no knowledge of Gwen, also calling herself Gwen. After much examination, and the two looking very similiar, it was determined she was indeed a real Nymph, and the two seem unaware. When the male Gwen returned, he seemed to have no knowledge of the other either.

Eventually, it was discovered the other girl was his sister, who was bonded to him to protect her life from assassination. Through a lot of trials, they were able to split the two and Qui, his sister, eventually took the throne and became the new Queen. Gwen was made her right hand, due to his loyality, and given control of his own male and female unit, and given a rise to power and the Amazon women who was derided him was forced to respect him. And he was given a position to make changes.

With Geyze and Kumen now one under an Alliance, Qui continues to aid the Alliance by ruling the Amazon providence. Part of both the Alliance and Royals teams, she is one of the NPCs that helps both.


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