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Shinobu Ilas

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Character Info

Name: Shinobu Ilas Rank: Daemon Empress Race: Daemon Vampire
Age: 20 DOB: 12/18/5976 CE Birth Planet: Geyze
Eye Color: Reddish Gold Hair Color: White Hair Length: Legs
Height: 5'0" Weight: 100 Build: Slender
Cup Size: C First Appearance: The Duality Wars, Session 50 Generation 1
Partners: Mykel (husband. 25 years old. 8/15/5972 - Dual: 31), Alita Endarr (wife. 26 years old. 5/24/5971 - Dual: 1), Ceilia Endarr (wife. 26 years old. 5/24/5971 - Dual: 1)

Children: Alaric (non-biological son. DOB? TAW6: ?), Lianna (non-biological daughter. DOB? TAW6: ?)

Siblings: Neophyx Ilas (sister. deceased ?. 5/3/5975 - Dual 50, Karen Ilas (sister. 8/1/5977 - Dual: ?)

Parents: The Unnamed Ilas Parents



Abilities: 2 Strength: 7 Speed: 6
Mind: 5 Godhood: 4 Element: Dark

HP: 15 (6)
Weapon: Mystic - 6 HP Damage + (Strength Modifer ÷ 2 = 4(7 bonus)) = 10 HP Damage / Armor - Mystic: 6 HP Protection



Item 1: Bloodsucker Dagger Mystic Blade Primary Weapon
Item 2: Demonic Body Armor Demonic Armor (Mystic) Primary Armor
Item 3: Demoic Dress (Mystic) Secondary Armor
Item 4: Unique Item 2    




[Primary Move] Demonic Eyes: Shinobu can use her vampiric ability to try control an opponent to make them either lower their guard and obey her for a short time.
[Dice Roll: 1) Fail, 2) Success, they obey for a brief moment, 3) Success, they lower guard for an attack]
[Secondary Move] Moonlight: Shinobu produces her own moonlight for a few minutes, increasing her strength and speed during those minutes. Her strength and speed are doubled during this period, but afterward she is left exhausted and open to attack. [Moonlight: Doubles Speed and Strength for 2 Turns]

[Tertiary Move] Bite: Shinobu can bite an ally or an enemy to restore health or stats. This can last as long as she can latch on, but if she latches on too long she runs the risk of turning them into a vampire.
[Bite: Drains Half HP per Turn (until turn less than 5 then it is done in 5s). If Target Hits 0 they go KOed. If drained in KO they go vampire]

[Racial Move] Demonic: Performs the true demonic ability inside the Daemon, unleashing Bloodlust mode and increase your damage output by 2x and speed by 2x (Vampire and Asmos)




Beliefs and Goals



Background History

Shinobu was the middle child of the three children and no one expected her to become the Empress. In fact she her fate was to be used to be married to strength ties to other families, while Karen was allowed to drift free after her near death experience. While Mykel proved to be rather kind, Shinobu was young even by marriage standards and while underage shenigans have been abolished since moving to the Prime Universe, she is tied to Mykel for better or worse. He decided to follow her on her quest on the Royal Team as they look into the Royal bloodlines and the history of the First Ones.

What they might learn could prove to change everything they know about the Spirits and Geyze/Kumen as they know it.


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