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Life of Pause

Character Info

Name: Kellin Rank: Future Boy Race: Progenitor / Dragoon
Age: Appeared Age 22 DOB: Unknown Birth Planet: Space

Eye Color: Green

Hair Color: Black Hair Length: Mid-Length
Height: 5'10" Weight: 174 Build: Slender
Cup Size: N/A First Appearance: The Alien Wars 5: Session 1 Generation 2
Partners: Michelle Sullivan (girlfriend. 47 years old. 10-593.9.22 - TAW5: 378)



Parents: Zephyr (possible mother. 65 years old. 10-574.1.1 - TAW4: 58), Drasek (possible father. ETP: 1)


Abilities: 5 Strength: 3 Speed: 5
Mind: 4 Godhood: 7 Element: Water


HP: 15 (3)
Weapon: Mystic - 6 HP Damage + (Strength Modifer ÷ 2 = 1) = 7 HP Damage / Armor - Mystic: 3 HP Protection


Item 1: Pistol Dragoon Generated Weapon (Mystic) Primary Weapon
Item 2: Hyper Form Body Armor New Armor Designed By Taiga (Mystic) Primary Armor
Item 3: Hidden Knives Secondary Weapon
Item 4:  




[Primary Move] ProgenGoon Bustah: Kellin forms a gun just like Zephyr and has to charge it up before firing. But his gun fires hyperspace energy instead.
[Snap: Godhood multipler (+3 for 7) x 2 = 20 damage + Hyperspace Damage]
[Secondary Move] Hyperspace Being: Kellin can shift parts of his body to pure hyperspace. It allows him great speed and strength but it also causes him great pain.
[doubles speed and strength]
[Tertiary Move] Hypersense: Channeling a combination of his heightened dragoon senses and his innate progenitor abilities, he’s able to sense energy fluctuations and pick up on movement within a 30 foot radius.
[Sense Energy and Movement]
[Racial Move] Stigmata: This allows the Dragoon to unleash a special bonded attack with their partner, the Dragoon and the Partner combining not into a dragoon so much but as becoming one being briefly, much like a Ellie and Sylph. The Stigmata power only lasts 2 minutes on the GM's clock and afterwards both are exhausted.


Gear Stats

10 spending points (1)
Power: 50 of 100 Energy: 20 of 100 Armor: 20 of 100
Speed: 50 of 100 Weapon Type: Hand Blasters Element: Water


Beliefs and Goals

Creating stories is all that matters.

To have fun.

Background History

Kellin is mostly an unknown element. He was discovered with an adult Billy and Elwyn at the end of all time. It’s unknown how long he’s lived or who he really is, but he claims to be a child of Zephyr and the progenitor Drasek. His abilities at least back up that claim, but his childlike demeanor seems out of place. After joining up with Erevis’ team on the PAX he mostly spent his time joking around with Athena, for who he obviously had a deep affection. During a mission he was thought to have been lost in an explosion. But 30 years later the same shuttle showed up with Kellin locked in the teleporter system.

Now, with so much having changed, he flips between PAX and Earth going on missions to ‘have fun’ and, once the teams were fully split up he went with Lorelei’s team because he sees something special within her that could be ‘really exciting’.


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